How To Accessorize A Bedroom Dresser – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accessorize a bedroom dresser, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accessorize a bedroom dresser,

Method 1 – How To Style A Bedroom Dresser With Vignette Decorating Ideas

Today i will walk you through how to style a bedroom dresser and then show you how those same principles. Apply to multiple different looks welcome back to our youtube channel if you are new here i am carla from. Vintage hip decor and today we are going to have some fun learning how to style a dresser i have. Gathered lots of decor here behind me because i want to style several different looks for you so that you.

Can have lots of inspiration and get fresh ideas of how you can apply all of these principles in your. Own home were going to start by styling this tall dresser in my bedroom but i also am going to. Show you how this applies to a medium sized dresser and then a long dresser and the very first step. To restyling anything is always going to be to clear it all off next you are going to shop your. Own home for decor so that you have things to style on your dresser but go around your home and.

Find a core of varying sizes and shapes and heights textures and materials you want to grab a couple more. Things that you think you might need maybe around 10 to 12 items so that you have options while youre. Styling and then put it all somewhere nearby so that you can access it while youre styling your dresser so. There are a couple categories that you can consider while youre going around your home to try and find decor. To use on your dresser try and include some sort of greenery like a plant or some faux greenery grab.

Some picture frames or artwork books are also great for layering and adding height try and grab some decorative pieces. That are a little bit smaller and then some decor pieces that are a little bit bigger as well and. That can include things like lamps and then also try and grab a couple trays because these are really great. For layering you can also grab a couple practical things to style your dresser with like jewelry or perfume or. Cosmetics this is how my dresser is normally styled i get ready here every day so i like to keep.

These things close by but still style them in a pretty way so using all of the decor that you. Have gathered up we are going to be creating vignettes on our dressers so vignette is just a fancy way. Of saying that we are going to be grouping items that work well together there are so many different ways. To do this and there is so much room for creativity and were gonna walk through exactly how to do. It and remember that there are always exceptions to the rules everybody has different tastes so just play around with.

This until you find something that you like the beautiful thing about styling decor is that it is so easy. To just change it up if you arent happy with it so when were creating our vignettes we are going. To aim mostly to do odd numbers so one item three items five items or seven items how many items. You use really depends on the size of your dresser and what kind of look you like and again you. Can use an even number of things as well its just whatever looks best this is how you create a.

Vignette you start with your biggest items first so depending on the size of your dresser grab one or two. Items and lets get styling it doesnt matter what you start with it can be a lamp a big plant. Or a glass jar with greenery in it it could be artwork or it could be a vase type situation. So you just start somewhere just put your big pieces up next pick out something that is a little bit. More medium in size and style it next to your big decor i picked something with greenery since neither of.

My bigger items had any greenery so next do another medium thing a small thing or you could pick out. A tray or a book something for layering something that is a different height than what you have going on. Already so far i have the piece of artwork with the two pieces layered right in front of it so. Im now going to go on the other side of the piece of artwork with my other item its also. Similar in color to something that i used before but it isnt exactly the same and the shape and everything.

Is different so it works well together during this whole process youre just going to step back and assess how. Does it look what is lacking does it need more height or something bigger something smaller just play around with. What you think try a couple different things and see how it looks next im going to start layering in. Some smaller decor pieces i really like what i have so far but im going to add a book for. A little bit of height again stepping back to look at it and assess i saw that i kind of.

Have a little bit of a hole over here so im going to layer in a smaller piece of decor. Over here as well to kind of finish that off i really like what i have so far but i. Actually feel like this painting is not holding up to all of the decor i put down in front of. It so im going to scoot it down a little bit and add another piece of artwork layered behind so. That its more substantial i chose a frame that was a little bit of a different height so its layered.

But its wider so that it stands up and is substantial with all of the decor that i chose like. I mentioned before there are hundreds of ways to style vignettes and its going to depend completely on your taste. How much decor you like if you like more minimalistic look if you like lots of decor this is just. One way of styling this dresser i quickly want to run through styling it a couple different ways so we. Can see these same principles applied to different looks for the first look i started by bringing in this large.

Gold frame and this glass jar with greenery as my large items and then i added a medium piece of. Decor followed by two smaller pieces of decor to create a trio vignette next i added a big book under. The glass jar for height then after stepping back i decided to switch around the placement of the small decor. To have the medium piece sit on the outside to finish off the look next i started by bringing in. This tobacco basket as my big item along with this large plant then i added a couple of books and.

Tried a medium-sized piece of decor on top of the books i decided it looked too full next to the. Big white pot so i switched it out for these skinny candlesticks and slid it all down to the other. Side of the dresser i played around with the arrangement until i liked it then i decided to try a. Different potted plant i liked the new plant but its height was too similar to the basket so i turn. It on its side to create two varied heights and that finalized our second look for the third and final.

Look on this dresser i started with this painting then added a medium-sized crock and a large plant then i. Added this brass watering can and tried this little creamer but i didnt like the white next to the white. Pot so i tried a different piece of white decor on the other side and decided that this side could. Also use some greenery then i brought in a book to ground the watering can a bit and then rearrange. The right side to have the largest item on the outside again just like i did in the first look.

So now that weve mastered a vignette and how to style a tall dresser lets see how this applies to. A more medium-sized dresser so when styling a tall dresser i tend to center all of the decor on the. Dresser since its a smaller surface but with a medium-sized dresser you have a lot more room to spread things. Out and do things on either side of the top of the dresser this first look is actually how my. Dresser is always styled with a large vignette of seven items on one side balanced by one big item on.

The other side with a gap in between them but lets clear all this off so we can style a. Couple different looks on this dresser and see how the principles we learned apply a very simple look that you. Can create is just one big plant making a beautiful statement this is perfect if you like the look of. Less decor next we are going to style two separate vignettes on either side of the dresser top with a. Gap in the middle since this dresser has a bigger top we can spread out the vignettes and leave some.

Intentional blank space you can also center your decor like we did earlier on the tall dresser for this look. I started with the glass jar with the greenery and put it on top of a book then i brought. In a couple medium sized pieces to style next to that i brought in this white piece but the color. Blended too much i tried it on the other side but it was too big so i brought in this. Smaller white piece then to finalize this look i rearranged the decor until it had more variety and didnt look.

So symmetrical for the final look on this dresser we will style the decor across the whole top of the. Piece i brought in a large piece of decor to anchor the end on the other side i brought in. A medium sized piece then grab some books to stack under it to create a different height than the watering. Can then i arranged it all to make the different sizes and shapes work together this look is for those. Of you who have lots of decor that you would love to display so again to recap you can do.

One big item to make a statement two vignettes on either side with a gap all of your decor centered. In the middle a large vignette on one side balanced by one big item on the other side with a. Gap or style decor across the whole top of the dresser all of these same principles translate to a long. Dresser but now you can use larger scale items since you have more room i styled two looks for you. On this dresser the first one consisted of all the decor centered in the middle while the second look featured.

Two vignettes style on either side like we did with the medium dresser but of course you can also style. A long dresser in a simple yet impactful way you can do a large vignette on one side balanced by. A big item on the other or you can style the decor across the whole top two just to name. A few there are of course dozens of different ways to do it but i hope these examples spark some. Inspiration for you we curated a whole pinterest board just for you with lots more beautiful inspiration pictures on how.

You can style a dresser and thatll be linked for you down in the description but as always i want. To thank you so much for watching and i hope that this inspired you to see your own home in. A new light welcome back to our youtube channel this is how you create a vignette i can feel the. Hair just start with a nice clean flesh flesh we curated a pinterest board just for you that is all. Style dressers so you can click over there to get even more inspiration.

Method 2 – How To Style A Nightstand | Bedroom Decorating Ideas | How To Style A Beds

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Method 3 – Ivey Homes | Diy Designing | Bedroom Dresser

Hi im robin sullivan design consultant for ib homes today were beginning our first series in the diy designing and. Were going to cover how to accessorize a bedroom dresser as you can see what were working with today is. A basic dresser and a mirror now i started out with this dresser and by itself it looks like a. Square box just rest with some white paint nothing special and when im accessorize a dresser i like to avoid.

Having everything matching you know i know today you go in to the furniture stores and they want to sell. You the matching mirror to the dresser we dont have to go in that direction as you can see here. I paired this dresser with a little bit dressier mirror that has scalloped corners and the finish on it is. More of a pewter silver finish and it has a little bit of brown in it i dont know if. You can tell from from this video so to pull the mirror and the dresser together i opted to go.

With a vase and this is a textured base and as you can see it has more of a cream. Finish to it which really complements the dresser finish the stems in it have a wood and then a white. Floral stem which the wood complements the wood in the top of the dresser with the white petals to compliment. The paint on the body of the dresser so you have a couple of options if youre if you like. Things to look symmetrical you could do two of these one on each side i tend to like a variety.

Of accessories so i opted to do two candle holders now these candleholders are not the same height theyre staggered. In height which to me creates a little bit of interest now they count it their glass they almost give. You the appearance that theyre mercury glass and they bring out the hues in the mirror which helps to tie. The mirror and the dresser together so if you like clean look and not you know some people think if. You put too much accessory too many accessories on it make it a little cluttered well you could stop right.

There and you still have a nice look and your accessories have tied your mirror in with your dresser but. Id like to take it a step further so ive got a bronze tray which also pulls out the brown. The bronze trade is very functional because the first thing i do when i come home from work i like. To take my jewelry off and light in my dresser now if you dont care for that then you can. Always have your perfume decanters i selected the mercury glass perfume decanters and they have a floral design on them.

Which also helps to tie every feature that ive applied on this vignette this concludes our first uri deciding video. So please be on the lookout for our next i be dy designing video in the near future.

Method 4 – Dresser Decor Bedroom

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Method 5 – How-To Series – Styling A Bedroom Dresser.

Today im going to talk you through how to style a bedroom dresser so its a good opportunity to have. A play around with the styling in here there are quite a few different things that we can address but. Today im going to show you how to style a dresser in a bit more of a romantic glamorous thing. So were starting with an empty canvas right here and start by adding lamp so lance for a really beautiful.

Way of adding some mood lighting to your bedroom especially at night you can sort of have your lamp on. In your room before you come to bed so that its the last way that you can turn off before. You go to sleep i like to introduce the set of books so again i really love books and theyre. A really great decorating tool on top of the books id like to add a piece of our white court. So this is one of our white fourth serving boards i guess the beauty of these pieces is that they.

Are quite versatile its how you use them so if youre you know looking for something a bit more glamorous. We can sort of cheese and all those sorts of things but i love that you can actually use it. In a bedroom in replacement of a tray or something like that so im gonna pop that on top of. The book there on top of the courts piece you can add things like bottles of perfume like ive got. Here a bottle of room spray also on the tray again because we like to have a little collection on.

Top of this weve just got some decorative elements like this little indian rose water bottle and then because i. Always like things in threes ive a little trinket bowl the next thing i would introduce bars of flowers so. Its always really nice to have flowers or foliage or something living in the bedroom so this beautiful set of. Flowers its again adding a little bit of height to that side of the dresser and also the colors of. These roses is in that soft pink which ties back a little bit to a ports port and also keeping.

That color quite neutral im going to add another book this time im going to position the book with the. Pages forward rather than having this spine and you know competing with this pile of books here so again in. Neutral palette just keeping that over here and on top of the book all this plays a candle so its. Always nice to have the candle burning and shes sort of spending a bit of time in bed reading and. All of that sort of being its beautiful fragrance to fill the air and then you do need somewhere to.

Keep these glasses especially if you are reading in bed at night and and you need to put them down. Somewhere and so if they can become part of the de port then it works in as well ties in. Nicely so well just pop them there and again its nice that they actually tying with our color thing then. Im so that the basics of setting or dressing and a bedroom dresser and i hope you picked up.

Conclusion – How To Accessorize A Bedroom Dresser

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