How To Accessorize Wedding Dress – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

One of the most common questions i get asked once a bride says yes to the dress is how should. I accessorize this dress stay tuned to hear my advice on the most important accessories to wear and what to. Consider leaving behind hi my name is nari and i am the wedding fashion expert and author of the best-selling. Book im getting married and have nothing to wear my goal on a daily basis is to touch lives and.

Help women look and feel confident on one of the most important days of their life i have helped thousands. Of brides find their dream dress and now im here to help you find yours welcome to the wedding fashion. Expert video series join me weekly as i unveil a new wedding fashion secret for your big day keep in. Mind that accessorizing can make or break the overall vision of you each item of accessory is incorporated with your. Gown such as a veil headpiece belt earrings or bracelets must always complement the overall look creating a well balanced.

Vision and elevating your presence to the next level however it is also imperative that the accessories do not become. The main focal point and dominate the look by drawing attention to themselves and therefore away from you the right. Time to start accessorizing is once youve found your dress some people believe you should accessorize with every single dress. You try on i dont recommend you do that primarily because youll spend too much time and energy accessorizing a. Dress that is not a dress you will consider wearing down the aisle think of your bridal gown as a.

Canvas its the core foundation of the whole wedding day look once we identify the gown that you absolutely love. From there we begin the process of creating magic with one accessory piece at a time in my opinion accessorizing. Is one of the most fun elements of shopping for your wedding dress its the icing on the cake its. What everything starts to come fully together and because accessorizing to perfection requires flawless alignment with your overall vision its. Imperative that the accessory pieces are carefully selected with the help of a to transform your vision into reality my.

Key accessory that i always go to first is a veil you wont know if a veil is your thing. Until you try it on i strongly recommend you try one and see how you feel the number one thing. Brides tell me after their wedding is that they wish they wore a veil they regret not wearing a veil. Because once they see their wedding photos they miss out on that extra level of drama so accessory number one. Veil accessory number two earrings earrings are a big part of your look as a rule of thumb remember that.

Any accessory item you incorporate with sparkling crystals will draw light so choosing just the right amount of accent sparkle. Color and architectural design is key the earring shape and crystals draw light to your face and eyes with the. Earring its not the time to aim for understated and minimalistic pieces i used to be a ballet dancer so. Everything wed wear on stage would be really prominent big you want to go a little bit out of your. Comfort zone here because in a photo and in person a small earring from a distance will not be visible.

Accessory number three i recommend a headpiece of some kind whether it be a brooch a headband just something in. The hair you want to bring the eye level up to you and the earring and the headpiece do just. That i recommend no necklace a bare neck is the way to go however in many situations you may have. An heirloom piece from your grandmother or a gift from loved ones if this is the case choose your accessories. Carefully to create balance with the overall look the headpiece is really an extension of your dress so it should.

Reflect the theme and compliment the vibe and mood youre going for for example if youve chosen a ball gown. A crown may be a stunning combination and dont hesitate to go princess or queen status its always best to. Create your look with confidence and not play it safe your stylist will be a great attribute in helping you. Choose the headpiece that conveys the look youre going for the reason i recommend a bear neck is because for. Any other formal occasion you typically dont wear a headpiece bail and carry a bouquet the necklace is being traded.

Out for a headpiece or veil or both the fourth and last accessory i recommend is a bracelet i love. A bracelet for your wedding day look because when you cut the cake and drink champagne its a beautiful detail. To have especially for your photos the bracelet should go on your right wrist even if you happen to be. Left-handed because you wear your wedding ring on the left hand i like the opposite to balance that you have. Your ring on the left hand and the bracelet on your right wrist that to me is the perfect accessorizing.

Look for your wedding day for more great tips tune in to my weekly wedding fashion expert video series subscribe. Today and share it with another bride-to-be thanks for watching you.

Method 2 – 10 Tips For Accessorizing Your Wedding Gown! | Former Bridal Consultant

Hey guys so today im going to be doing one of my most requested bridal video topics and that is. Tips for accessorizing your bridal gown so for those who dont know me hi my name is haley seeger i. Have been a youtuber since 2008 i make a lot of amazon content i also am an influencer on amazon. Live if you guys want to follow me on amazon to get notified of when i go live i will.

Have the link down below also used to work in the bridal industry for over seven years so hence why. Im here making advice content for you guys like to share a bit of what i learned if you guys. Are not ready to subscribe make sure to do that and turn notifications on also if youre not following me. On instagram my hands will be right here itll also be linked down below so this is a video topic. That i really had to think about how i wanted to do this because every bridal gown is so different.

And the ways in which you style that gown can be so different theres theres a million and one combinations. And like yadda yadda so me being like if you have a lace stress you should really do this like. To me if you ever see a video or something thats like that um of course theres general rules of. Thumb right everyones dress is going to be so different so me giving blanket statements like that in this format. On youtube to me is not helpful and i think its actually going to be really misleading and i dont.

Like when people like to pretend like the rules of bridal are so cut and dry and when i get. Comments of people being like oh i think brides should do this i always like to be like okay thats. Your preference thats your opinion because i cannot stress enough how much bridal remy is playing with his new toy. Uh so if you guys hear a ball spinning thats why i cannot stress how much of bridal is preference. Like people like to pretend bridal is like no white pants after labor day and theres like literally nothing in.

Bridal thats like that there are some things that are like very yes and no um based on like what. Can and cannot be done and stuff like that but almost everything else is like a gray area i was. Gonna write down stuff that could apply to just any accessorizing situation stuff you should know some of these things. Again and i always like to say this arent going to apply to every bride like theyre just not going. To you know what im saying like ill sometimes say something people will be like well i didnt do that.

In my wedding and again im speaking on the whole im speaking of in seven years these are the general. Themes that i saw repeated i have written down 10 like quick and dirty tips facts on accessorizing gowns in. General things that you should know or might want to know if you are starting the process of choosing the. Accessories for your bridal gown um or if youre just generally curious because thats cool too all right guys before. We begin here is a word from the sponsor of this video so the sponsor of this video is one.

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To call it a lot of brides who think they want a necklace once they see their gown on with. A necklace they realize that a lot of times its really really pretty and really simple to keep this bear. Right here a lot of times a necklace can end up competing with a neckline even if its a strapless. It can really end up competing it has to be like a darn good necklace because it can really become. A focal point even if its just dependent um so again a lot of times brides will be like oh.

Well im gonna need a necklace to fill this space or whatever and then they see it and theyre like. Oh never mind never never mind um and then they end up going like i would say 90 of brides. End up going for like a bigger earring like when im saying bigger i mean even something like this length. Um and and no necklace dont be so tied to a necklace because a lot of times brides would be. So tied to a necklace and theyd see three or four on and theyd be like this is not working.

Maybe i need to see more necklaces and then theyd kind of come to the realization where theyd be like. Actually no never mind i dont want one sometimes like when necklaces would work theyd work really really well but. Be mindful of that neckline making sure things arent competing and thats again where a bridal stylist bridal consultant will. Be able to help you this is also really similar a lot of brides think they want to wear shapewear. And again 90 of brides will bring their shapewear in that theyve bought somewhere into the store to try on.

With their gown and then theyll try it on with their gown and realize they dont want to wear it. Because remy is so cute with his little toy i cant im not even gonna stop him because its just. So cute and he like rarely acts like a cat so whenever he doesnt like go for it but then. They see it with their gown and they dont like it because it either adds too many layers they get. Hot or c most commonly you can somehow see the shapewear under the gown okay which i know youre like.

How first of all if you have like a crepey dress or even a lace dress that has any sort. Of sheerness to it a lot of times youll be able to see the box or short line or the. Low back line or right where it pulls up underneath your bust because odds are right if you want to. Wear shapewear youre probably you probably have a more fitted gown um and so again fitted gowns arent necessarily conducive. To shapewear because sometimes you can see right through it so when i first started working in bridal um in.

Like 2011-ish gowns were a lot different back then and they were like um the construction was a lot like. Heartier like more like they were even in like the early 2000s you guys know what i mean like like. 2000s like corsety like boning that type of stuff and people could get away with it more now the dresses. Are just lighter more ethereal and a lot of times they just dont work and i had a i had. A bride actually dm me a picture the other day of her gown and shes like hey i tried to.

Put shapewear underneath it but you can see it through the back and shes like do you have any suggestions. For what i should do and i was like i really dont have other suggestions for shapewear i sent her. Spanx makes a thong that has like a tummy control panel but even then sometimes youll be able to see. The seam of where the thong meets the tummy control panel its like you know its a trade-off sometimes its. Really hard to wear shapewear under your dress it just doesnt work sometimes the way people think so make sure.

You you know are comfortable and happy with yourself in the dress without relying on the idea of potentially wearing. Shapewear because a lot of times it does not end up working thats not to say all the time um. Trust me i used to sell course its like crazy and stuff like that um but as the dresses got. Different more different looking and more ethereal um it just didnt work like it used to number three is shoes. I got a lot of shoe questions so please keep in mind when youre choosing your shoe a lot of.

People have this idea that they will get their dress altered right like theyll wear their heels heels or whatever. Shoe get their dress altered to that height and then for the reception theyre gonna change into flip-flops or flats. Or sneakers or whatever please keep in mind that your dress is being altered to the height that you are. In heels okay so the second you take off that four inch heel and go into flats you now have. Three and a half to four inches of extra train dragging or um you know skirt dragging in front of.

You that you didnt have there before so a lot of people have that idea to do that and that. Was something we spent a lot of time always dispelling a lot of people what they would do though is. Theyd go like theyd have like a really cool like four inch louboutin for the ceremony or whatever and theyd. Have like a four inch like platform flip-flop like something up there or whatever um for the reception but as. Long as the heel height is the same youre fine but again the second you mess with that heel height.

And you bring the hes on a scratcher um and you bring the hem closer to the floor or down. On the floor um again youre gonna be tripping and stuff like that tip number four also goes along with. Shoes im a big proponent as someone who worked in bridal um and this isnt everybody that worked in bridal. But this is definitely me i like a shorter hem i like being able to see shoes as i walk. Um i dont like to have to think about me walking i dont want that to be something im fixated.

On on a day of a formal event especially a wedding so for me i always opt for a shorter. Hem if you are like me and again if you want to air on the shorter side they say like. They say that the hem should just kiss the floor i like a solid half an inch above the floor. I just dont want to work i dont want to worry about it i also dont want the photos of. Like me like picking up my dress something that generally irks me is like id see brides and theyd be.

Carrying around their dress all night like whats the point of getting an altar you know what im saying so. Im airing on this out of caution im going high i want to see those shoes you know what im. Saying yeah so but your shoes will show so a lot of people are like whats the point will my. Shoes even show can i just wear a sneaker first of all you can do whatever you want ill always. Say that to you guys you can do whatever you want but they will show they will show in some.

Photos like there will be angles that they will show in um so choose something that youre happy with aesthetically. But also comfortable in um also keep in mind you might want to break in your shoes before your wedding. Day had a lot of brides that would wear them around the house and stuff like that wear them on. Hardwood floor um you know thats like the ultimate test of breaking shoes tip number five is most brides end. Up wearing silver jewelry a lot of brides can get caught up if their engagement ring is rose gold or.

Gold but a lot of times they do end up wearing silver jewelry because of the embellishments on the gown. Most embellishments are still very much silver on dresses so try not to get too caught up about matching it. To your ring or anything like that because for the rest of your life you will be you know potentially. Mismatching any other jewelry you wear to the ring so dont get too caught up on it its amazing how. Much it doesnt matter um in terms of like the general picture of things um but but yeah that was.

A quick little tip is silver jewelry is is pretty much the standard and youll see that if youre just. Shopping on websites or at bridal stores youll youll notice that most accessories are silver tip number six is to. Push yourself a little bit with accessorizing you kind of have to think of a wedding or you know your. Bridal look if youre going for like the full shebang you kind of have to think of it as like. Stage makeup you know what i mean not actually your makeup but think of the entire thing as stage makeup.

Right like you know how youre being seen from far away most of the time on in a broadway play. Which is why they go so heavy-handed with makeup and and clothing and things like that because basically you know. You have to read your outfit your look has to read from like you know 30 feet um so its. Not quite that extreme for bridal but again youre being photographed so much so kicking it up a notch going. A little bit more than you would normally do isnt always a bad thing be comfortable like feel confident what.

Youre wearing but dont be afraid to push your limits a little bit because again it is going to be. Likely the most photographed day of your life me over accessorizing is the is is my ultimate like fear its. What i ultimately try to avoid um so this can kind of seem like counter you know productive to that. Sentiment that i have but like i said a lot of brides arent jewelry people and so just even putting. Like an earring on thats even this size sometimes is too much but again i do encourage you to just.

Try and look at yourself in general scope okay tip number seven preference preference preference preference bridal is entirely preference. I will say this so many times veils are not required veils are not required if you are feeling pressure. To wear a veil you can do whatever you want to do ultimately a lot of people do end up. Wearing veils a lot of people who say they dont want to wear veils end up seeing a veil on. Or like oh i want to fail now okay my next tip is a lot of people think like oh.

Im just gonna borrow my friends veil for my wedding or something like that um now now there are so. Many shades of white and ivory a lot of times the bulk of the time the friends veil the sisters. Veil the moms veil dont end up working because hey if its old its going to age and the color. Is going to oxidize a ton and its just not going to match and then b again theres so many. Shades of white and ivory the odds of it looking good together are pretty slim sometimes ive seen it where.

The sister someone has a veil thats like nail on head amazing with the gown but a lot of times. It doesnt happen so just dont bank on that and again a lot of times it has to do with. The motif of the lace thats on the veil matching the motif of the lace thats on the dress or. Lack thereof or the color is not matching but yeah a lot of times it doesnt work the one thing. I will say though about accessories in general i know they are expensive and again veils passing down veils doesnt.

Always work but its its kind of a cool thought to think that your headpiece your earrings those are things. You can pass down one day whether it is to you know a future daughter-in-law or a future daughter or. A cousin or a sister that stuff that might work better than like a veil um so i think its. Cool and i think thats one of the cool things about being able to splurge on accessories is it does. Have that heirloom quality tip number nine is if you can bring your hair accessories to your hair trial or.

Something really similar maybe your accessories arent in yet but if you can bring something similar it makes all the. Difference um its really helpful to your hair stylist to be able to kind of like construct around it okay. And the last tip is kind of going off of what i said before white ivory off-white creams theres so. Many different colors in bridal nowadays and obviously theres blue theres pink having white or ivory shoes that arent the. Exact or complementary color to whatever your dress is can sometimes really throw things which is why sometimes its even.

Better to do like a silver shoe or a fun color shoe and stuff like that because one of my. Biggest things coming out of bridal that i noticed is im so sensitive to if those whites dont match if. That like my walls are cream and that is stark white im like it freaks me out because of like. Bridal um so just know that thats very much a thing is the competing colors and stuff like that um. So which is why like i said sometimes i just recommend going for like rose gold shoes silver shoe you.

Know fun blue shoe for your something blue um instead of stressing about matching the exact hue you know what. I mean that is it for this bridal tips video guys i hope you all enjoyed thank you so much. For watching please comment subscribe bye guys.

Method 3 – How To Accessorize A Wedding Dress

Today were looking at the same wedding dress in two different colors to different body types with lots of different. Accessories my name is vanessa and i am the owners of the mt bridal wear bridal boutique located in phoenix. Arizona and i have a you mean with me today and were so excited to show you how we are. Going to personalize and accessorize our dress everybody this is getting so i have dress anika by little more i.

Have the blush i mean the ivory over blush on and has over nude so her dress is a little. Bit more pink not a lot but i think when you see them next to each other you can see. The difference in the colors a little bit more obvious and now we are going to go and accessorize so. The first accessory that we both added to our dresses is a really pretty felt so i decided to choose. About that has a combination of pearls and rhinestones what we love about belts is that once you put it.

On its just a tiny little focal point in accessories as a dress and it accentuates your waist so you. Need on the other hand win with something a little bit more bold she chose a rose gold belt so. As a combination of silver rhinestones and rose gold and what we love about that is that its a bold. Pop of color that accentuates her waist and the soft color in the blush of her dress okay so i. Add it on a head piece right here that clips in just in the hair have rhinestones pearls and the.

Flower to match the dress so what im going for is more of a bow type of accessories because the. Dress is a very not plain but more you know down size to me so i just wanted to pop. Out a little more robin s it has im going for something a little bit more simple a little bit. More feminine im not going for the bold look that you mean is rockin so i added on the very. Small simple flower crown and im going to add okay so i actually decided to add on cap sleeves to.

This dress so we hear a lot of times that braids arent really comfortable with the strapless look and i. Love cap sleeves for many reasons one i think theyre ultra feminine theyre so romantic so dreamy and these here. Have flowers on them that i believe match the dress really well i chose to wear them off the shoulder. Just because i am going for that soft romantic feminine look and these are actually cup sleeves that we have. In store we have lots of different varieties i just think that these complimented the dress really well youre getting.

Value out of this video dont forget to hit that like button down below so theres a common misconception that. If you are wearing a flower crown you can to also rock a veil girl come on i chose to. Pair this with a very short its a fingertip link veil and it has pearls to match the pearl belt. That i added to the dress so again im going for a very altra feminine super romantic janines veil on. The other hand is very dramatic wouldnt show you the back its a very its a cathedral-length so let me.

Go ahead and turn around and so with your nã®mes dress we paired it with a long cathedral veil the. Veil is made out of really soft tulle to match the soft tulle on the dress and what we love. About this is one how dramatic it is and then to the trim around the veil has the same waist. Flowers that the dress has on the bodice and it slightly trickles down the skirt it looks very dramatic it. Makes a very bold statement as shes walking down the aisle plus imagine the beautiful photos that shes gonna get.

On her wedding day i believe weve shown you lots of different ways that you can personalize this gown the. Best accessory has to be pockets and again so this is dress anika from the more we just wanted to. Show you the ways that we wanted to accessorize this dress and make it very personal to us and we. Have lots of different accessories and we can always help brys accessorize and make the dress very unique and out. Of your own exactly if you want to keep watching more content like this check out this video right over.


Method 4 – How To Accessorize A Wedding Dress

Hi im jenna dunn at walkers eternity bridal and prom in provo utah id like to talk to you a. Little bit about accessorizing for your wedding dress here i have mannequins that each are containing a different accessory that. Complement the style of wedding dress on this mannequin i have chosen this necklace to fit this particular dress because. It contains pearls and crystals which pull from the detail and embellishment within this gown on the next dress .

Conclusion – How To Accessorize Wedding Dress

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