How To Accessorize – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Accessorize Your Outfit | Accessories 101

Whats up homies its your homegrown natalie today i will be teaching you how to accessorize basically an accessories 101. If you want to see the full extent of the accessories i talk about in this video then please click. On my accessory collection video but if you want to learn how to style them then keep on watching i. Feel like weve all been there you have an idea for an outfit you put it together and youre like.

It doesnt look that great maybe what could have helped it were some accessories so for me accessories definitely elevate. A look no matter which type of accessory it can always elevate that look for accessories you either want it. To be the last thing to complete a look or the first thing you pick out to base the whole. Look from our first accessory is a scarf first up for your hair you can wear it as a headband. You could tie it simply around your ponytail or make a little bow to get a more romantic look you.

Can also try out this scarf milkmaid braid look that i created click the cards over here here i dont. Know to watch the full tutorial you can also use it as a necktie when your outfit looks a little. Bit boring or if youre showing a lot of skin and you want to lessen that exposed area the longer. Your neck is obviously the more fabric you could really pile on but even me someone with a short and. Thicky thick neck i could still wear a scarf so you just gotta try things out my rule of thumb.

When wearing this is if youre gonna wear bold and big earrings then wear the neck scarf as a choker. For more simple and danger earrings then you could bring it to the front this way its not like both. Items are competing against each other we get two earrings earrings my favorite i have a bunch of different styles. So let me just give you a quick rundown of how i wear them for the most part for silver. Earrings i wear these when i want an outfit to look more edgy and cool and for gold earrings or.

Just gold jewelry in general i dont know this is probably because of the style of gold jewelry that i. Actually own but it makes me want to pair it with more of a cuter romantic feminine type of look. Which brings me to our sponsor of todays video ana luisa thank you so much for sponsoring todays video if. Youre looking for unique and cute jewelry then look no further anna louisa is a jewelry brand company that offers. You unique and high quality pieces starting from 39 bucks now i know theres some of you like 39 bucks.

World that is not cheap but but homies they give you tarnish-free long-lasting pieces with items being either sterling silver. Or 14k gold plated and because they believe in their products so much they also give you a year warranty. A year warranty for jewelry thats pretty big they also make their jewelry in limited batches ensuring the highest production. Standard while also eliminating excessive waste did i also forget to mention that theres no middleman theres no markup so. It is just fair pricing all around with anna luiza so i recently got these super cute hoops at first.

I was scared that this wasnt gonna fit my thicky thick earlobes but we good also i finally have an. Ear cuff oh my god im so excited ive been wanting to get some additional piercings to make use of. This land that i have here so im just happy to have this ear cuff because now it kind of. Just fills that void for me and i think this looks really really cool so annalisa is currently having their. Biggest sale of the year for you as orders you can buy one get one forty percent off and a.

Free travel case on orders that are over 150 bucks for my international homies im one of them it is. A buy one get one forty percent off situation this holiday sale is running through to december 26th so if. Youre trying to get a gift for someone you love that could be your mom your pops your sibling your. Boyfriend your girlfriend and that can most definitely mean even you then check out annalisa to get your hands on. The perfect little treat even if you dont think its your style because at first i didnt think so i.

Was like im not about that like dainty like cutesy stuff but when you really look at their site trust. Me youre gonna find something that you love all right back to the video to me gold and silver earrings. Are used to compliment or finish an outfit when dealing with colorful bold or big earrings yes you can do. The same thing complementing something but to me they more so serve as driving a story or statement youre trying. To make with your outfit so for colorful earrings i wear them when i want to have more fun with.

The look it makes you really happy and i think it makes others happy as well because theyre like oh. My god you have strawberries on your ears and im like i know my favorite way of wearing earrings is. Doing my double hoop earring situation whether it be a double hoop or pairing it with an earring with a. Hoop i think this looks really fresh lastly pom-poms not every look calls for a pom-pom earring but every pom-pom. Earring is a look so whats most important here is dealing with the size normally i go for either an.

Exposed neckline or a top that isnt too busy at the neckline area but theres always exceptions one of my. Favorite outfit combos has to be this look and yes theres so much going on and yes i did have. A hard time turning my head but i didnt really care because ultimately i just felt really cool in it. And thats the most important thing to me i think with pompoms and i guess just earrings in general the. Size of it is something you take into consideration if lets say you have more of a shorter neck if.

You have a longer neck i think you could definitely get away with more things but that does not mean. For my short neck people my short and thicky thick neck people that does not mean we cannot also wear. Some big long jewelry if youre gonna feel comfortable enough in just wearing it then just do it boo now. We get to some necklaces its always about highlighting that exposed area or dressing up a plain shirt like a. Turtleneck my absolute favorite thing is to stack my necklaces actually my necklaces right now are from animal pizza too.

Yeah even as someone who doesnt have the longest or thinnest neck using up all of that exposed neckline can. Really elongate it my go-tos are more thinner in danger necklaces this way my short neck and neckline doesnt look. Too stuffy hats my second favorite accessory im wearing one right now hats in general can really take an elephant. From like meh to like oh okay i see it i see i see the outfit coming together ive definitely. Had a lot of those moments first up wide burn hats these hats give me more of a witchy feel.

Or desert vibes like what people wear at festivals meanwhile when we get to the newsboy cap or what i. Like to call it the selena have you watched the netflix series what are your thoughts let me know lets. Lets have a little side discussion about selena the series for these type of hats finding one that suits your. Face can take a couple tries but just remember that there are different ways of wearing this hat you can. Have the little poof in the front poof in the back i especially like wearing them for the winter time.

Because that cat part just really helps in averting them slaps you get from the wind during the winter time. You know which ones im talking about lastly berets my favorite type of hat for me berets just instantly elevate. My look whether it was because i was missing something with my outfit and i want to make it the. Statement piece or i just want to look more put together its super versatile and theres a bunch of different. Ways to wear them side flip down back slanted poof to the side front down full on flat front poof.

Im just making these names up as i go okay sorry but yeah theres a bunch of different ways my. Personal favorite as you can see is the slanted poof to the side i think that just fits my face. The best when you got a greasy or bad hair day just pop one on aint nobody gonna tell as. Someone who has a greasy ass scalp yeah just pop one on i curl the rest of my hair and. People like oh my god your hair looks so nice im like thanks and theyre like hey can i try.

Your hat youre like no its okay girl um ill get you another one but i really really love berets. So if you guys want me to go into a full explanation of how to style them and anything else. With braids let me know um in the comments down below ill make a video on them okay we get. Two hair clips i get mine from daiso or the express bus terminal and ive also diyd some of them. To simply put it i wear these either because i think my hair looks boring my outfit looks boring or.

I really want to be colorful and fun hair clips also helped in letting me appreciate my natural hair color. Because its so dark so anything i put on it just like pops watch me dye my hair tomorrow no. Im kidding could not handle it we get to a game changer the belt oh the belt the belt the. Belt this can sometimes really be the missing piece to an outfit i mean i feel like ive said that. With every type of accessory but this one really can also it helps when youre wearing bottoms that are too.

Loose on you or if youre wearing something thats boxy and oversized and you want to snatch in that waist. Put on a belt man it can also break up an outfit lets say if youre wearing a jumpsuit or. A monochromatic look and lastly you can even break up your height if thats what you need clearly i do. Not generally thicker belts are great to wear for jeans or pulling in thicker fabrics together and thinner belts for. Dresses and skirts but dont take this as a royal just take it as a suggestion ive actually recently acquired.

A chain strap and im putting this under the belt category its just some cool extra little hardware to add. Into any outfit now we get to rings my hands are stubby so i actually dont really wear rings all. That much and theyre very small so i dont do any of like the stacked ring look because then i. Wont be able to physically close my hands currently all my rings have actually been gifted to me by my. Mom so i wear them mostly because like hey you know i know she bought this with love i dont.

Have any type of rule i just wear all of them i just create a mismatched whole thing of rings. Our last accessory are bags but im sorry im not going to be that much of a help because when. You need to carry your camera lenses your charger extra batteries make a bag every single time that you go. Out girl i just say in the backpack im saying this one backpack it has seen some if im not. Filming or one feel fancy then i do gravitate towards this little 90s style bag it just makes me feel.

Really cute and like chic and sophisticated when i get to wear that bag out i feel really happy because. Im just like just have my phone thats it so that is it for this video homies thank you so. Much for spending your day with me hope this has helped you in any way please let me know which. Type of accessory youre most excited to try out oh and once again thank you to analisa for sponsoring todays. Video please go ahead and check out their holiday sale i am so sure youre going to find something that.

Youre going to love so ill catch you guys the next one please be safe out there if youre going. Outside you already know to wear a mask i should put that as the next accessories honestly because we all. Gotta wear them and yes i mean we all have to wear them take care homies ill see you guys. In the next one ciao.

Method 2 – How To Wear Accessories Like A Pro | By Erin Elizabeth

Hey guys hows it going todays video we are going to be discussing accessories basically i just want to cover. How you can accessorize your outfits and enhance them now i decided the best way to go about this video. Would be by picking out three different outfits and then showing you how i would accessorize these outfits so as. Always this is based on my personal style and the items that i have in my own closet so i.

Will be giving suggestions on how you could try to incorporate your own style into them or enhance them in. Other ways as well because you guys know my style is very simple and minimal and neutral as well i. Dont have a lot of color in my wardrobe so that being said um just take that in mind while. Im styling the outfits when youre getting ready in the morning accessories should be the last thing that you pick. Out for your outfit so you should have the base of your outfit ready and good to go and then.

The very last thing youre gonna do is pull together all of your accessories because you really want them to. Enhance your look rather than compete with your look or overwhelm your look so there is a very fine line. Of too many accessories i think and yeah you really just wanted to enhance your look overall and not be. Too much so in my personal opinion when it comes to accessories less is more but at the end of. The day do you and wear what youre comfortable with i wanted to do like a more casual outfit semi-casual.

And then something a little dressier so you can get an idea of how i would style one of each. From each category so my neighbor is just really loudly vacuuming right now so if you hear anything in the. Background thats probably what that is um yeah so starting off with the more casual outfit i decided to go. With jeans and a white button-up blouse because i figure thats probably something everybody has in their wardrobe or you. Have something similar happening so i have my white button-up blouse here i also have a pair of ripped boyfriend.

Denim that i thought i would just show you how i would accessorize an outfit like this because you really. Could totally play around with this and dress it up if you wanted to or just keep it super casual. But i am going to keep this one super casual just for just for todays little experiment so with an. Outfit like this the first thing that im going to do is tuck in the blouse i want to add. A little bit of shape to my body and just have something a little more interesting happening because when its.

Just hanging out i dont know i just find its not as flattering so the first thing im doing is. Tucking in the top now even when the top is tucked in i still find this outfit to be a. Little basic and a little bland we definitely need to amp it up a little bit so the next piece. That im going to add is a belt this is the perfect outfit to add a belt to and as. You can see once i put the belt on it really just does pull the look together a little bit.

More than it was before it makes it look a little bit more finished i guess if you will i. Decided to go with a brown belt um just my personal preference for today you could easily rock it with. A black belt or any belt that you have so i chose to go with the brown belt here and. Then the next thing im gonna do is roll up the sleeves on this outfit i think that adds just. A really fun vibe to the outfit it brings it down a notch more makes it a little more laid.

Back so the sleeves im going to roll up a little bit and then im going to add a watch. To my arm i think that this is a perfect outfit to add a watch to or just something on. Your wrist especially with the rolled up sleeves it just adds that something extra to it next um i dont. Like buttoning up my button-ups the whole way as im sure most of you dont so im gonna add a. Really delicate necklace i think because it does have a collar i dont really want to add a bigger necklace.

So im going to go with just a very small necklace that i have and since i have the brown. Belt and some gold tones happening im just going to pick a small gold necklace that i have to just. Subtly accent that next up i wanted to do something with my hair i decided to pick out a scarf. I love scarves and theyre such a fun accessory so im going to add a scarf to my hair and. I just have this one here its got like navy blue and red and beiges in it but any scarf.

You had if you want to add more color to your outfit you could totally do that as well so. Im going to tie that into my hair just to give it also something extra and bring all the colors. Together i like how the colors and the scarf sort of blend nicely with the rest of the outfit for. A handbag you could easily rock a handbag that would be the statement of your whole look so if you. Have something really colorful or a fun print or texture or whatever you could toss that on and wear that.

As a handbag and that would really be the statement of your outfit but im personally just gonna go with. My white straw bag and i find that just blends really well with the outfit its not too overpowering like. I said i do like my outfits to be a bit more neutral so i decided to go for a. Bag like this you could easily throw in a statement bag just to bring your outfit up a notch or. Add some color for shoes for this look i am just going to be wearing a nude sandal that i.

Have for a look like this because the denim and the white top are very light in color i think. Going with a darker shoe can sometimes look a little bit off which is why i went for a nude. Shoe i think it just blends a little bit more seamlessly so for a look like this i personally wouldnt. Choose a black shoe or something like that i think it would just stand out way too much and not. Blend as nicely with the outfit but you could toss on you know some pumps if you wanted to dress.

It up a little bit maybe you have some gray colored pumps or maybe even a red pump if you. Wanted to add a pop of color so you could really play around with your shoe but like i said. I personally would avoid a very dark color like a black but even a nice navy blue might go nicely. And depending on the color of your jeans so that pretty much sums up the first outfit and how i. Would accessorize it so you can see based on what i started with just the top and the pants versus.

What i ended with how much accessories can really change up your look and you could really really play around. With a look like this like i said you could toss on some pumps and dress it up a little. Bit throw on some color whatever you want to do yeah you just want to make sure that your accessories. Are enhancing your look outfit number two is more semi-cash if you will so i have these shorts here which. Have a subtle print on them theyre higher waisted and they have a tie around the waist which goes into.

A bow which is a nice statement on its own for an outfit like this because the shorts are kind. Of a statement piece because they have that bow happening and i dont really want to go overboard with my. Accessories because of that and i dont really want to overshadow that situation happening so i decided to just go. With a necklace so this is even a little bit bold for my style because usually i dont wear statement. Um jewelry that often i like more delicate jewelry but for the sake of this video and just showing you.

Guys what you can do so you could easily add a statement necklace to an outfit like this and that. Can really enhance it as well so i have this necklace here i got this from forever 21 a few. Years ago so i decided to toss on the necklace i thought it went really well with the neckline of. The cami and it just went really nicely together since i am wearing navy blues and white its more of. A cooler toned outfit which is why i thought the silver necklace would go well with it and complement it.

Other than that im not going to add too many extra accessories i will wear maybe a stud earring nothing. Crazy because i dont want it to compete with the necklace usually my rule of thumb is if youre going. To go with a statement necklace maybe keep your earrings to a minimum or if youre going to go with. A statement earring keep your necklace to a minimum so its kind of one or the other but you know. Do you thats like i said thats my personal rule of thumb so yeah thats basically all i did for.

That outfit like i said i didnt want things competing too much with the shorts because they are sort of. A statement on their own and i do love the waistline and the bow that they have now for the. Shoe i picked out my strappy sandals that i have they just have a low little block heel so they. Are super comfortable i just find theyre nice theyre cute and they sort of dress up the look a little. Bit more as well but you could wear some pumps or maybe even a higher heel sandal whatever youre comfortable.

In and these sandals that i have here are almost like a gray blue color so i did think they. Went well with the outfit since im more on the cool tones with that outfit for the handbag on that. Look im gonna go with my straw bag again just because i like how the white makes the cami pop. A little bit from underneath the blazer i would also pair it with a brown bag but the only brown. Bags or new bags that i have have a lot of gold buckles and chains on them and i find.

If im wearing a silver necklace i feel like that doesnt go as well which is why i opted for. The white bag on to the third outfit my fancy pants outfit i have this dress here which i got. From zara a couple of years ago absolutely love it love it love it love it it is black and. Lace anything black and lacy im obsessed so this outfit um yeah usually i just wear this dress to nicer. Occasions that i have to attend for an outfit like this so this dress has a higher neckline which means.

Im probably not gonna wear a necklace with it um that being because the neckline is sort of a statement. On this dress and i do not want to distract from that that being said im gonna go with a. Statement earring because i can and why the heck not so i have these earring cuffs which i got from. Topshop i believe they are so cool i feel like such a badass when i wear them so theres two. So you just pop them on each ear and theyre a really really pretty ear cuff and i feel like.

It adds sort of an edgier vibe to the dress as well so i would pop on some statement earrings. With a dress like this you dont have to wear an ear cuff with a dress like this if you. Had some cool dangly earrings or whatever you have that would work as well i just think a statement earring. Would really work well with this because it does have the higher neckline because the dress is black i also. Want to add a little bit of color but like i mentioned i dont have a lot of color in.

My wardrobe so im going to do that with a lipstick im going gonna pop on a lipstick that is. Nice and bright and is gonna pull my look together a little bit make it a little bit fancier give. It that boldness lipstick always makes an outfit look a little bit more dressed up so i decided to go. With a red lipstick but i mean any color would work because everything goes with black then for my handbag. I wanted to pair it with my nude handbag so i actually picked this handbag up in thailand i freaking.

Love it i think it is so dang cute i decided to pair the nude with the black because i. Thought it gave a nice contrast to the outfit rather than going with all black like i probably would have. Now if you have some fun colored clutches or some fun printed clutches i would totally recommend wearing that with. An outfit like this as well say you had a red clutch or maybe i dont know a leopard print. Clutch you could totally rock that with a black dress because that just adds some print and some fun to.

Your outfit i dont really have any fun colored handbags or anything like that so the nude is what im. Going with for this outfit and it still does add that contrast to the black for my shoe i paired. This outfit off with my black sandals that i have here so i actually thrifted these sandals i think theyre. So freaking cute and they just have a tiny little block heel as well you guys know i personally dont. Like wearing heels but if you like wearing heels this is the perfect outfit to rock your heels with you.

Know maybe if you went with a more neutral bag or a black bag you could add a fun colored. Shoe to this look or if you decided to go with a printed clutch or a fun colored clutch then. Maybe just keep your shoe as a black pump i wanted just a black shoe just to blend seamlessly in. With the dress so yeah that pretty much sums up the accessories video i thought it would just be easier. To show you how i would accessorize a couple of different outfits and if you guys have any questions or.

You want some advice or anything make sure you leave that in the comments below im always happy to respond. And i will try to give you the best advice that i can and you guys have amazing advice as. Well so make sure youre leaving that in the comments as well and i will see you guys in my. Next one bye.

Method 3 – How To Accessorize Any Outfit

Kelly beaver who well big sunglasses jackets jewelry scrunchies those are all super trendy things right now and when you. Combine them all together i feel like if you have the right amount of stuff it makes allo hey friends. Welcome back to my channel so todays video were gonna be talking about accessorizing and i want to get into. More of like styling videos and stuff like that because super into fashion and i want to put more fashioning.

Content out there for you guys i just wanted to mention that this video is in collaboration with ana luiza. Which is a jewelry company they sell super affordable jewelry that is going to be good quality and lasts a. Very long time so all the stuff i have is gold-plated i love them i wear them all the time. And you guys have probably heard of them before because ive worked with them in the past but i just. Want to mention them because were going to be using some of their stuff to style my outfit so im.

Just going to start out with a basic outfit here so its just a black tank top and some denim. Shorts honestly nothing crazy were not going to get into shoes today because i could honestly spend a entire video. On shoes alone these are just some small accessories that you can use to kind of spice up your outfits. Lets start out with the jewelry because i used to never wear jewelry and i feel like now if i. Dont have it i feel like my outfits not whole so i just got these new earrings that im obsessed.

With i actually have these little ones here that ive had for a while now i wear them every single. Day my two cartilage piercings i think theyre perfect for that and i just got these little baby ones kind. Of like how dainty these ones are on the lobe has a second hole piercing so i got these ones. Recently here down below and then i also got these ones which i think are so cool and i usually. Wear like a hoop or something like that but i saw these ones and im like hey i need those.

So they look like this let me just put them in real quick this ones kind of like a chain. Look and it dangles down like that and i still feel like it gives a cool vibe but like you. Could also glam it up i feel like its very cool and i really like i think its fun so. Right then and there i already feel like i look more put together with these earrings i would probably wear. My hair pulled back or something so that i can.

Conclusion – How To Accessorize

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