How To Acclimate Cats – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Introduce Cats

Theres a huge myth that cats are solitary animals they dont like the company of other animals thats not true. I believe that all cats should be with other cats the way they are in nature but how do you. Do it how do you get cats to get together thats what were gonna do today cat to cat introductions. Now lets get catified and what is that beautiful people it is your cat daddy jackson galaxy here today were.

Gonna talk about the introduction of cats cat to cat introductions back in the early nineties when i would go. Into shelters and id be like well tell me how i should introduce a cat to a cat its so. Many times i would hear its cool man you just put them in a room together theyll work it out. Guess what they will not work it out no theyll work out who will wind up losing an eyeball and. Who will wind up losing a claw and the other ones eyeball and theyll work out whos gonna wind up.

On top of the fridge for the next month and a half the first thing that i would tell you. To do whenever doing introductions is make sure that your existing cat is already on a meal time in terms. Of preparation the biggest thing is no free feeding that means that youre putting your existing cat on a meal. Plan they get fed x number of times a day twice a day three times a day is fine just. Make sure that youre sticking with it get your cat on a schedule that includes playtime they already know that.

When you wake up in the morning somethings gonna happen when you come home from work somethings gonna happen you. Cant sync up meal times right around that neck of the woods and youre almost there step two would be. Basecamp thats the place where your new cats gonna hang out thats their zone their base camp the whole notion. Of basecamp is that you have a place that might not be home at first but it becomes home and. For cats becoming home is a lot about scent being able to get their scent into things is really important.

Theres objects that i call scent soakers which are you know like this little fuzzy beast right here that have. To get their body on to roll around in and every time they walk up to it they smell themselves. Same thing with the bed the same thing with blankets the same thing with litter boxes clearly all that stuff. Goes into their base camp you take your cat your new best buddy cat bring them straight into base camp. I dont want these two cats out of any eye contact and the contact contact no nothing until i tell.

You but right now im telling you not to cat goes into base camp thats their place to be for. The next who knows could be less than a week could be more than a week you have to know. The cat that youre working with in order to get that together in the meantime i dont want that cat. Living in there 24/7 for weeks on end thats not fair to the new cat and in a way its. Not fair to the old cat as well because lets say for instance that base camp is your bedroom youre.

Now roping up one of the most important territories in the entire world from your existing cat not cool they. Will let you know when theyre ready to start moving out of base camp theyre gonna let you know that. Theyre sort of got their nose at the door theyre wondering what the heck is behind the door and if. They let you know that within three hours start the site-swapping if it takes a few days for them to. Acclimate do that site swapping is swapping the different sites and you do that without an ever laying site on.

One another which is to say for instance your cats roaming around the world you take your cat put them. In the bathroom take the new cat let them out into the house take your cat put them in the. Bedroom no eye contact no contact contact nothing you are calling these shots for the first however long right we. Are never letting these cats work it out because as we have talked about before they aint gonna do it. Another really important part of prepping for a new arrival is catifying for a new cat catification is pretty much.

A key to every little aspect of the things i talk about i mean if youve watched my show before. Youre probably tired of me saying you have to let your cat explore the vertical world by allowing them to. Get away from each other when they finally get to each other one can get high one can get low. One can get away while the other ones like hey well what are you all about if you have just. The floor for them to compete over its probably not going to end well someones gonna wind up in a.

Corner someones gonna wind up getting ambushed this way make sure that things are number one out in the open. And – there are places to escape the worst thing that you can possibly do with getting two cats together. Is have a litter box in a corner have a litter box in a place where theres no getting away. From each other and having one litter box i dont know my attempts i got to tell you guys one. Cat two litter boxes two cats three litter boxes etc etc etc i know you hate doing that but believe.

Me what youre going to not have happen by having these extra litter boxes youre gonna thank so the next. Thing were gonna talk about is the bulk of the introduction concept that is the other side of the door. Feeding ritual you started right you havent given your cats any visual access to each other at all why would. You start now you wouldnt but what you do want to do is start creating a positive association and that. Positive association is food if the only time your cat smell food they smell each other and the only time.

Your cats smell each other they smell food thats a positive association right there thats why i had you get. Into the mealtime vibe thats why were having both cats eating meals now were gonna go in the opposite side. Of a door and then youre gonna give your cats personal space and then slowly with every meal youre gonna. Do this their goal is basically that theyre gonna walk up to their bowls theyre gonna eat theyre gonna walk. Away no hissing no growling no shenanigans no great amounts of fears that they wont eat at all walk up.

Eat walk away youre gonna determine that challenge line that place where your cats are really comfortable on one side. Of the line and really not on the other every single day one paw over one paw over like they. Dont even know whats going on but theyre getting closer theyre getting closer this is key dont rush it dont. Go too slow every day a little bit of challenge but every day it happens every meal it happens these. Cats shouldnt come into contact with food without having some kind of contact with the other one of course by.

That i dont mean visual i just mean contact okay so the next step after weve been doing this between. The door feeding ritual youre gonna get to the point where youve gotten the cats i dont know foot and. A half on either side of the door youre gonna have about this much space theres the door theyre your. Cats youre getting to the point where theyre walking up there eating hey i know you i smell you youre. Probably a good thing because you represent and im gonna even walk away then youre ready for visual access the.

Next step you will access so the best way to introduce cats – cats once you get that visual access. Thing going is a screen door you think its a big deal its actually not that big a deal taking. A door off its hinges and putting a screen door on there is real i can do it ive done. It you have no i cant even like make ramen without setting the house on fire and i have put. A screen door up before i am not kidding you so if i can do it you can do it.

But theres other ways of doing it theres baby gates there are pet gates and peppy extended me about four. Feet high now as long as your cats dont jump the pet game then youre okay you can use that. As well the idea is you want to create a new safe visual way for them to introduce one another. Youre gonna go back youre gonna do the same damn thing with the feeding this time they can see each. Other i love using blankets that you can drape over for instance the pet cape and slowly raise the curtain.

As time goes on just as you gradually did this now youre gonna gradually do that while you do this. Does it sound like a lot of steps yeah it is but this is the whole lifetime of these cats. Moving forward i like doing it this way take it or leave it you can actually speed it up slow. It down do whatever you want im giving you the basics here because its always worked for me always now. We are ready for the final step in your cats introductions i call it eat play love so eat play.

Love is just an exercise that i do where basically were taking all the things that cats love and were. Putting it into one little exercise theyd love to eat they love to play that love to love the idea. Is that when they finally come to each other when we finally remove that barrier between them and were usually. Doing it around dinnertime right but what were gonna do is were gonna give them an activity as they come. Into the room the worst thing that you can do when having cats work it out is give them nothing.

To do because then that other cat is something to do is messing with them become something to do being. Offended at their presence is something to do becoming territorial is something to do leave one of the cats into. The room with a toy or the promise of treats or whatever it is whatever turns that cat on the. Most and then have the other cat in the other part of the room youre already doing something with them. Either again treats toys laser pointer youre getting them to move in the opposite direction of the cat that is.

Coming into the room if theyre coming in theyve got nothing to do that stare down that thing what are. You huh i dont know if i like you why are you staring at me stare down turns into a. Throw down it happens constantly dont let to stare down happen if your cats get to that point while youre. Doing the play with them that they lose interest in the toy and they do that stare down bye-bye its. Over if eat play love only the last five minutes the first time two minutes three minutes crime got it.

Ended on a high note dont let it devolve into mayhem because then you got to step it back separate. The cats do it again tomorrow just stay on the horse you know what im saying make sure that just. Because theres an argument even a fight even if they chase one another break it up tomorrow youre gonna get. Back on the horse and do it again because the more you avoid getting back on that horse the more. That that last memory for your cats is gonna stay there and thats how theyre gonna remember each other after.

All this time of you creating positive associations youre gonna leave it with a negative you dont want to do. This the last thing that i want to mention is this as we go forward after your cats have met. After you become sort of a happy family i want you to bear in mind what a happy family is. Everyone thinks that their cats after they meet are going to snuggle up like kittens littermates on the couch and. Go to sleep in each others arms come on we have to realize that were dealing with cats here who.

Need to sort of prove that the other one is beneficial for their life and not a threat to their. Life before things can start happening so just remember having those cats tolerate one another thats the promised land for. The first little while did you have these cats let them get to know each other create positive after positive. After positive then theyll become friends i dont want you to get scared off i just want you to be. Ready for things having this process down will make sure that youre minimizing any fracas iz any kerfuffles there you.

Have it introductions between cat to cat to make for harmony in your home keep tuning in and also dont. Forget to subscribe to this here feed until the next time i see you and you see me all light. And all love and all mojo to you yeah.

Method 2 – How To Introduce Cats (Successfully)! The Tried-And-True Steps That Worked For Puppy & Alfred 😻

Oh my gosh babys first steps hey guys its jasmine and that was puppy and elfrid and i feel like. It has been forever since i filmed one of these for you guys because it kind of has its been. Like a month so happy 2020 todays video im so excited to finally bring you guys if youre new here. My two cats are puppy and alfred and alfred is fairly new to the family his one-year adoptive ursery was.

Just last week and ever since ive introduced alfred on the channel you guys have been asking how i went. About introducing him to the household and really how i introduced him and puppy especially considering they have such a. Good relationship with each other as youve seen in tons and tons of videos that ive posted of them playing. And just peacefully cohabitating and grooming each other and all of the good lovey kidding brother things and im excited. To share the process that i took in introducing them with you guys because i would have to say that.

It went pretty successfully not only do they get along great now but the process went by fairly quickly in. Their case it does require patience and time and so i finally went through all of my footage and all. Of the notes that i took way back when about a year ago when going through this process and compiled. It for you guys to come up with the four phases of introducing your cats and the teeny disclaimer the. Footage that youre gonna see was from shortly after i moved into a new house and so thats why it.

Looked a little bit messy in the background and by the way along with most of the stuff that youll. Find on the cat stuff video playlists here on youtube which is also at cat lady fitness comm slash videos. The information in this video is also going to be a part of my upcoming book for cat ladys and. Pet lords and anybody who to learn some tidbits guidance and advice on how to have the healthiest happiest house. Lion that you can initially it was just going to be about raw cat food but i decided to make.

It just like a really fulfilling book that can help you guys with all kinds of stuff all according to. My experience and research and all that but nevertheless i hope you guys do end up finding it very valuable. Because im having a pretty good time putting it together for you so stay tuned for that and before we. Get into it by the way if you are new here welcome if you like things having to do with. Cat stuff especially kitty nutrition and raw cat food or information like whats in todays video or even things for.

Humans like stress management tips and recipes and workouts and honestly whatever else i feel like posting then join the. Cat lady fitness family and click that subscribe button below or if youre watching this on facebook then you can. Always like our page or follow our page cat lady fitness all right guys before we get into it lets. Just get any potential interruptions out of the way and suggest that if youtube wants to put an ad in. This video please do so right about now so here is the process that i took in introducing hubby and.

Alfred and if you want to learn more about them definitely check out the cat stuff playlist but puppy is. My established cat he is now 11 years old and ive had him for about five years in alfred i. Rescued from the humane society about a year ago and alfred is now about six years old so the number. One thing that you want to do before you bring your new cat home is to designate a room ideally. Or an area that you can shut off to be that cats home base for me i used a spare.

Bedroom that i actually used as an office and you want to make sure that you put in the essentials. For the new cat before he or she gets there so you want to include a litter box filled with. Your litter of choice you want to make sure that you have a food and water bowl excessive in that. Room and you also want to set it up with some kind of bedding or a cat bed or even. You know a couple little cardboard boxes a couple of new toys and this is really the only preparation step.

Before getting into the four phases and again im calling them phases and not giving them a designated length of. Time because it is so individual for some people this entire process from phase 1 to phase 4 might take. A week or two like it did in our case for other people your cats may take up to a. Couple of months to go through all of the phases so when you go to pick up your new cat. Make sure that you are bringing them in in a closed carrier ideally with a blanket or a towel covering.

The front gate part of it and anywhere where you can get visual contact with your new cat and when. You bring your new kitty inside her home you want to go straight into their designated room and you want. To shut the door you dont want your established cat to have any kind of visual contact more than likely. Your new cat is going to be meowing from inside the carrier which will get your established cat curious right. Away but make sure there is no visual contact you walk in your front door straight into the designated room.

Shut that door and thats when you can let your new cat out of the carrier this is when what. I call phase one the scent and safety phase begins and why is it called scent and safety phase because. That is what this phase is based off of the scent of each cat and getting used to each others. Scents and getting used to each other since on you as kind of the the mutual love ii being as. Well as providing and ensuring that feeling of safety both in the new cat whos in a completely new environment.

And also for your established cat who may mean that reassurance that everythings okay this is just a new weird. Transition / addition to their life so sentence safety are key in phase 1 during this phase you want to. Make sure that youre spending enough time with both cat and what i would do with alfred and puppy is. I would make sure to come into the room and spend an ample amount of time with alfred joo would. Give him the love that he wanted because he is a super cuddly lovey affectionate cat and then immediately go.

Out into the living room or the rest of the house and make sure that i pet and loved on. Puppy that i gave him a couple of treats and especially made sure that he got close enough to me. To where he can smell alfreds scent and vice versa and for example i made sure to get puppy a. New toy that he loved its this purple purring furry cat toy and ill make sure to link everything i. Talked about in the description below because most things i got off of amazon i would also do scent swapping.

In items so for example i would leave a towel in the room with alfred that he would lay on. Or sleep on or i would even rub it all over him and then i would bring it out to. Puppys areas and again vice versa i would bring one of puppys blankets or rub an old t-shirt all over. Puppy and then id bring it into the room even though in all honesty puppys scent was all over the. Room and its because he has free rein of the house now the key here is to keep that door.

Shut to the room there should be no visual contact in phase one but when you know to transition to. Phase two is basically navigated by your established cat when puppy was getting closer and closer to the door when. He seemed more comfortable when he started to sniff by the door sometimes they would kneel which me each other. From either sides of the door and again this is without any visual contact the temperament of your new cat. Is really mainly going to be curious it might be a little bit scared depending on their personality and you.

Know the experience are coming from but its more of a curious temperament whereas your established cat is i would. Say more skeptical so when you notice that that skepticism from your established cat kind of seems to transition into. More of a relaxed kind of curiosity as they approach the door i say that that might be a good. Time to then move on to transitioning to phase two and remember you dont want to rush it but there. Are some ways to what help the process move along more smoothly for example you can bring treats closer and.

Closer to the door for either cat if you feel like theyre kind of holding back and seem a little. Fearful you can lure them with treats until they get closer and closer to where theyre both right at each. Side of the door ideally thats where you want to move on is when theyre both right up against the. Door or at least feel comfortable and getting that close to the door and another suggestion ive heard is to. Put their food plates closer and closer to the door so that they can associate this happy amazing mealtime with.

Whatever is on the other side of the door and with the scent of the creature thats on the other. Side of the door this i feel like might work well for the new cat because this is a completely. New environment where they are going to eat wherever you put the food bowl but it wasnt that successful in. Our case because puppy has a designated eating spot that was in the kitchen on the other side of the. House so for me to try and move his food dish during mealtimes that much of a distance and should.

That difference of a place didnt seem to work in his case he just didnt really find any interest in. It it was a little bit too big of a shift in a change but even despite that we still. Were really really successful as youll see now the very last step to phase 1 would be site swapping and. For this you still dont want the cats to visually see each other but you want to exactly what it. Sounds like put your established cat in the new cats designated room with the door shut and allow the new.

Cat to come out into the rest of the house and explore and a lot of this is super duper. Helpful if you have two people or if you have a friend or a partner who can help you with. This process but its absolutely possible to do on your own what i did was i took alfred inch in. The bathroom and shut the door and then my friend took puppy into designated room for else shut the door. And when he had the door shut he told me i just opened the bathroom door and i let alfred.

Down and let him kind of explore and we did this for maybe about 5-10 minutes before puppy again were. Going by the established cat for most of this puppy was ready to you know after he sniffed around and. Kind of hopefully fed his curiosity in alfreds room puppy just started kind of like scratching at the door to. Get out because we all know cats dont like shut doors in general but it did allow us five to. Ten minutes to do this site swabbing so to transition into phase two once both cats were close enough to.

The door and felt comfortable getting close to the door and were meowing at each other and even pawing at. Each other under the door i cracked the door open just barely to where they barely barely had any visual. Contact with one another and i cant remember if i feeling that if i did ill put it in right. About here but i barely opened the door and let them kind of get a many-many peek at each other. And ive since learned that alfred is very vocal he meows everything he kneels to himself he meows – i.

Dont know ghosts that i cannot see but puppy is a very silent cat so his reaction is typically just. Staring into alfred in this case and i believe that he did after first seeing him for for a few. Seconds let out a little hiss and walk away and when that happens thats when you just want to shut. The door and again youre letting your established cat kind of navigate the pace at which things go so you. Can try that again and this even transitional part can last a couple of days but you kind of want.

To crack that door open until they really start sniffing until maybe even if there is a tiny little hiss. Its a while before it happens and thats when i felt comfortable to move on to what i call phase. Two which is the visual contact phase so you are going to need a couple of things for this phase. And in my case i used a baby gate that i borrowed from somebody that i knew and its just. A regular old bed sheet or you can use a thin blanket or a large towel so it point the.

Door is open to the new cats designated room and the rest of the house or wherever the established cat. Is and you want to put your baby gate up against the door make sure that its stable then its. Not going to fall over and then you want to drape your sheet or whatever youre using over it completely. To where it covers the entire gate so theres still no visual contact at this point now from here you. Want to very very slowly lift that she inch by inch to then start the visual contact between the two.

Cats between this gate and again you can positively affirm whats happening by incorporating treats by incorporating maybe a favorite. Toy by putting it closer to the gate if your cats are hesitant to get close to that gate but. Ill put a clip in here of the very first time that puppy and alfred saw each other and about. How high the sheet was lifted and the reaction so you can see what a typical reaction maybe so this. Was pretty much what i expected and i ended up keeping the sheet up as you can see for the.

Rest of the day and in our case again all four phases seemed to progress pretty quickly because im leave. I was in this phase with the sheet and the baby gate for maybe one or two days total and. It started this phase on day two or three and you can see again you want to go by your. Cats body language and you can see that puppy would feel safe enough to sit and rest near the gate. With his back to the gate and he seemed super relaxed he didnt seem tense at all so this was.

A really really good sign same thing with alfred theyre both relaxed theyre both not anxious theyre both not super. Skeptical basically they both seemed very very comfortable and along with that had some curiosity especially when they were provoked. A little bit which is what leads us into phase three but before that i want to mention that this. Would also be a good time if you wanted to implement some pheromone plugins like a fella way or i. Think thats how you pronounce it but they also have amazon brand pheromone plugins for cats that can be really.

Really helpful they might help to just naturally inherently ease any tension or stress that your cat may feel mainly. The established cat i would think its no fragrance no odor no scent we cant tell that that theyre plugged. In at all but for cats these pheromone plugins release something into the air and that is supposed to mimic. The chemicals from a cats and mother when theyre nursing apparently theyre very very helpful if your cat is aggressive. Or in cases of multiple cats theyre even good at calming cats down to where they dont fight if theyre.

Susceptible to not getting along so i think its a good idea to have some plugged in and ready to. Go when youre in this visual contact phase and to kind of keep them around the house and keep them. Plugged in for a good three months which i think most of them come with like a three month fill. Pack anyway because they run out after a month so thats what i did honestly im not too sure what. It contributed but it definitely couldnt hurt as a potential buffer in order to help the process so then as.

Conclusion – How To Acclimate Cats

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