How To Acclimate Fish – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to acclimate fish,

Method 1 – Acclimating New Fish Into Your Aquarium, The Ultimate Guide To Your First Aquarium Part 7

Hey folks is java katietravels comm bringing you episode 7 of the ultimate guide to your first aquarium in todays. Episode were going to talk all about bringing that new guy home and acclimating him into your new aquarium so. Youre gonna want to stick around it seems like a pretty simple thing right i mean youre just putting a. New fish in the tank its not a big deal well it can actually be pretty stressful for the fish.

Especially if they just spent an entire day on an airplane in a bag in a dark box so we. Want to make this process very simple and very stress-free for the fish and thats what were going to talk. About today if you look around online youre gonna find a lot of articles thatll probably scare you to death. Theyll have you believing that theres a certain way you have to do this and if you dont your official. Are absolutely going to die and its ridiculous this is a pretty simple process folks ive been doing it the.

Way im gonna show you for about 23 years and i can honestly say i have never had a fish. Die as soon as i put them in the tank so keep it simple keep it stress-free on the fish. Let me show you the way i like to do it and youll see its really not that big of. A deal when you get your fish to your house whether theyve been shipped to you or you just brought. Them home from the pet store the first thing that youre gonna want to do is float the bag in.

Your aquarium this allows the water in the bag to get to the same temperature as the water in your. Tank if theres a big difference in temperature theres the possibility of severely shocking your fish floating the bag lets. The water in the bag balance out with the temperature in your tank very slowly the safest bet is to. Float the bag for 20 maybe 30 minutes just to be sure once the temperature in the bag is the. Same as the temperature in your tank its time to get the little guy in his new home this is.

A very simple process you dont need to open the bag and slowly drip the water from your aquarium into. It to let the tank water blend with the water in your bag all this does is prolong this process. And lets face it the fish wants to get out of that bag all you need to do is grab. A bucket and a large fish net lay the net over your bucket if you have a big fish net. It should be able to lay nicely right there on the top of your bucket then youll cut open the.

Top of the bag with a pair of scissors or knife and dump the water through the net to where. It will catch the fish in the net this is gonna put the nasty fish store water in the bucket. But the fish will be caught by the net and now you can slowly take your fish net hold the. Fish turn the net over and place the fish in the tank notice i said slowly naturally you might want. To panic and get the fish in the tank in a matter of split seconds well just imagine all the.

Things that could possibly go wrong because you panicked relax take your time and get the fish in the tank. In one piece so there you have it i hope that this has helped you to understand that acclimating your. New fish shouldnt be all that big of a deal its not a process that should take hours and hours. And you can do it without completely stressing your fish out like i said ive been doing this for decades. This way and ive never lost the fish doing it so i hope that youve enjoyed this video if you.

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Different its called horror in king george check it out i think youll enjoy it and maybe you want to. Hear about all of the myths that are going on in the fish keeping community well check that video out. Right there and ill go over my top five fishkeeping myths so thank you so much for watching this and. I look forward to talking to you again next week.

Method 2 – How To Properly Acclimate New Fish

Hey guys its jenny welcome back to solid gold in todays video i want to talk a little bit about. What is the proper way to acclimate a new fish and add a new fish to your aquarium and most. Importantly why its the proper way a lot of times when youre buying a new fish online its going to. Be shipped to you either by fedex or ups which means its going to be in the shipping bag a.

Lot longer than a fish would be in a bag for if you just bought it from your local pet. Store and drove it home so the way the acclimated fish has been shipped to you may be a little. Bit different than you might think so heres the proper way to ask them mate a new fish first of. All you want to make sure that your home when your fish alive or at least you maybe you work. Close by and youre watching the tracking closely so you know right when your fish is delivered and you can.

Leave work on a lunch break say for example and go home and make sure youre there right away when. The fish gets there you do not want the fish box sitting out in the sun or maybe its a. Little bit of a chilly day and its a fish that doesnt like to get cold and the box gets. Cold you really really dont want that to happen so you want to make sure youre there right when the. Fish is delivered when you do get the fish you want to open the box and take out the unopened.

Fish bag obviously make sure the fish are live and look like theyre in good condition if for some reason. Theyre not in good condition or they may be arrived dead youre going to want to take a picture of. The fish inside the unopened shipping bag to show the seller a lot of times the seller will have a. Live arrival guarantee only because they cant be held responsible for the way that you ask the mate is a. Fish or anything that happened to the fish after it arrived to you take a picture of the fish inside.

The shipping bag if you notice theres anything wrong with it when it arrived then what you want to do. Is leave the bank unopened and float it in your aquarium or pond for about 10 to 20 minutes just. To make sure that the temperature matches to minimize stress remember to keep the aquarium lights off during this process. And personally i actually like to keep the aquarium lights off for the first about 24 hours of a new. Fish being with me once the bag is most floating in your aquarium for about 10 to 20 minutes you.

Can then open it but remember once you open the bag youre going to want to take the fish out. As quickly as possible so when youre ready to transfer the fish open the bag and take the fish out. Either with your hands or a net personally for me i like to use my hands with my goldfish especially. With bigger goldfish because they tend to have really big flowy delicate fins and i find it can be a. Lot more precise and gentle if i use my hands as opposed to a net for really big goldfish you.

Can also use a net – it depends on what kind of fish you have and what youre most comfortable. With so you just transfer the fish directly from the shipping bag into your aquarium then youre going to want. To discard the shipping water and you want to try not to get any of it in your aquarium its. Not really a good idea to do that even mind the fish has been in that bag excreting waste and. Co2 for the past upwards of 12 hours so you really dont want to get that in your aquarium if.

At all possible and thats it its that simple some people like to insist on doing drip acclimation of their. New fish which means that they open the bag and they start a siphon from their aquarium into the shipping. Bag over the course of minutes or sometimes even hours alternatively what some people will do is just scoop water. Out of the aquarium and put it into the bank over the courses again minutes or hours at first glance. These methods can actually seem like a good idea but they can actually do a lot more harm than good.

And i dont recommend them and heres why its important to understand whats going on with the water chemistry inside. The shipping bag so you can make really good decisions about how to best acclimate your fish your fish was. Likely packaged in a little bit of water with the rest of the bay being filled up with pure oxygen. During transit your fish is of course breathing which is using up the oxygen in the bag and replacing it. With co2 and also excreting ammonia at the same time because of this theres going to be a bit of.

A buildup of co2 in the water which normally would not be a very good thing but in this case. It actually helped more co2 in the water means that the ph is kept low in water with a lower. Ph ammonia is much less toxic than the same amount of ammonia would be in a higher ph environment so. During transit anyways this buildup of co2 in the shipping bag is actually a good thing because it helps to. Keep the ammonia in the bag a lot less toxic for the fish all of that is completely off the.

Table though as soon as you open the shipping bag as soon as you open that shipping bag the co2. Begins escaping into the atmosphere which drives the ph way way up and makes the ammonia extremely toxic to the. Fish where is that same exact amount of ammonia before you open the bag was a lot less toxic for. The fish so for this reason if you open the bag and attempt to gradually acclimate the fish to your. Water parameters via drip acclimation or some other similar method youre actually doing a lot more harm than good and.

You are exposing your fish to potentially irreparable gill damage either from a ph spike or the ammonia spike or. Both some people try to address this issue by adding an ammonia neutralizer to the bag as soon as they. Open it and while it will help with the ammonia spike it wont do anything to address the ph spike. Thats going to happen so i know it may seem too simple to be true and usually things that sound. Too good to be true are too good to be true but not in this case all you need to.

Do is float the bag for about 10 to 20 minutes to match the temperatures open the bag and quickly. Transfer the fish from the bag to your aquarium discard the shipping water and youre done thats it thats all. You have to do ive had some people ask me yeah but what about the other water parameters dont you. Have to ask me to those i usually respond by trying to get them to think about what other water. Parameters they may be talking about if theyre asking about ammonia yes theres going to be ammonia in the shipping.

Bagging is going to be pretty high and your ammonia in your aquarium is going to be different than that. I hope the ammonia in your aquarium is zero at least it should be so if youre talking about ammonia. As far as other parameters go you really dont want to slowly acclimate your fish from an ammonia level of. Like four or six or eight down to zero any amount of ammonia is very very toxic and especially at. The high levels were talking about once you open that shipping bay there immediately deadly in some cases you dont.

Want to slowly acclimate your fish from a very very toxic environment down to a non toxic environment you want. To get your fish out of that toxic environment immediately as soon as possible and if youre talking about nitrite. Which is another water parameter you may be referring to that shouldnt be an issue either if the fish was. Packaged in fresh clean water the nitrite should be zero in your aquarium it should also be zero at least. I hope it is same with nitrate nitrate should be zero in the shipping water and in your aquarium it.

Should be very close to zero if your adding a new fish ph would be the only other one especially. If you have a fish that is really really sensitive to any kind of ph change for me personally goldfish. Are not extremely sensitive i just had really good lots just doing the temperature reclamation by floating the bay for. 10 to 20 minutes and then plopping the fish right into the aquarium i havent had any issues doing it. That way i have however heard many many stories where people had complete die offs of their fish because they.

Tried to drip acclimate the fish and they really shouldnt have i think of it this way theres already going. To be a slight ph change during travel theres nothing you can do about that because the co2 is going. To build up bringing the ph low but as we talked about already thats actually beneficial in this case so. Thats one ph change that youre going to have no matter what i personally would rather take the fish from. That situation and put it directly into the aquarium because i feel like thats less changes in ph as opposed.

To drip acclimation where the fish will go through that slight drop in ph over time during transit and then. When you open the bag and leave the fish in the bag the ph is going to rise dramatically so. That is a big shot to the fish and then youre going to over time try to acclimate the fish. Back down probably to whatever your query mph is thats going to be just adding another step another change in. Ph thats completely unnecessary the less change the less stressed out your fish will be and the better it will.

Be in the long run if youre really concerned about ph something else you can do is just ask your. Seller what their water parameters are like a specifically ph if youre really concerned about it and if you have. The option try to buy from a seller who has a similar ph to what you have over the years. Ive had a lot of questions about the way that i a climate my goldfish to my aquariums because ive. Done a lot of unboxing videos where you guys can see that i simply just take the fish out of.

The bag and put it in the aquarium a lot of people seem to be stuck in this mindset which. I think is kind of an old school way of thinking to where they think that you have to drip. Acclimate your fish or in some other way do basically the same thing where youre gradually acclimating the fish to. Your water parameter the course of ours which actually the drip acclimation method may be just fine if you were. Purchasing a fish locally and driving it a very very short distance to your house and the fish was only.

In the bag for that really short time the co2 wouldnt have a chance to build up and none of. This would be an issue at all i also want to note that some fish are being shipped with whats. Called breathing bags they allow you to package the fish without any oxygen in the bag because the bag membrane. Itself is breathable with fish that are packaged in breathing bags you do not want to acclimate them in this. Way because floating the bag in the tank water will actually cause the membrane to no longer be breathable so.

The fish could suffer a lack of oxygen if you do it that way i do have instructions on my. Website that show you how to acclimate fish properly if they were sent to you in the breathing bag so. Check that out and also if the seller that you are working with sold you a fish and sent it. To you in a breathing bag just ask them for their acclamation instructions too so i hope this answered some. Of your questions and hopefully youve learned something ive been acclimated my fish this way for many many years and.

Ive had very good success with it remember also to pay close attention to the way the fish was packaged. If the fish was clearly packaged with care it probably lets you know that the seller cares about the well-being. Of the fish that theyre sending you and i think its always important as consumers to do what we can. To purchase from people that are treating their animals in a humane and ethical way if you want to find. Out more about how you can tell if your fish was packaged with care click on this video here dont.

Forget to subscribe i make new videos every single week to help you better understand your pet so you can. Care for them better also if you are subscribed hit that bell button too to become part of the solid. Gold notification squad and youll be notified every single time i make a new video thanks for watching guys and. Until next time stay gold.

Method 3 – Beginners Guide To The Aquarium Hobby Part 4: How To Add New Fish (Science-Based)

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Method 4 – Acclimate For Success! 9 Easy Steps For Drip Acclimating New Saltwater Fish! Ep. 34A

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Method 5 – How To Acclimate New Fish In The Aquarium | 3 Different Methods Of Safely Acclimating Fish

Hey everyone how are you doing he got mike here and today were going to talk about three different ways. To acclimate your fish so what i have here is because i dont have a new fish going into my. Tank ive got robo fish so robo fish is my digital fish and what im going to do is im. Gonna put him in my tank so the first method i want to talk about is a bed method now.

Theres two bank methods we will go over them both the first one is simply youre just worrying about temperature. So you just want to match your temperatures to the water in there a lot of people use this method. 15 minutes to a half hour floating the bag theyll take it out never want to put the bed water. In your tank so you will either scoop it oh with a net you can grab it with your hand. Over the bag you could dump this over a bucket into a net so you catch the fish all great.

Ways of taking it out never put the water into your tank so the next method that i have still. A bad method we are going to take every id say about ten minutes after the first ten minutes so. Your bags already been there floating im going to take a half scoop of water dry there and im going. To pour this into my bag im going to repeat this process oops im sorry im going to repeat this. Process every ten to fifteen minutes im gonna do this however long i feel that the water in the bag.

Is very close to whats in the tank so same way with this we do you want to take this. Off you take of your bag take it with the finish and you grab them or you taking that to. Dump it in the bucket the other ways we just guys talked about and well put them in a tank. So the next method of want to talk about is a little bit different this here is the direct method. Now the drift method i made a little tool like this this is basically a piece of water and arrows.

This sits in the tank and i have a valve on it so this allows me to drip now i. Have a middle bucket that i use i find a middle bucket the drift through smaller fish works great i. Use a twenty gallon tote for bigger or larger cichlids oh right so this heres the drip method as you. Seen for my little clip ive got my robo fish swimming around in here so depending on how long you. Actually want to do this for i always recommend if youre gonna do it for like an hour i definitely.

Recommend having an air hose also put a heater in there and make sure that i have heat and basically. How i want to do this just have a steady drip so im gonna turn my value thats closing it. I think about this here is about right i might adjust it just a little bit faster but well see. How it goes i will do this for about an hour then im happy that the water in that bucket. Is close to about the same thats in the tank i will then easily take out the fish and with.

The middle bucket liquor was saying theres an advantage here because i can easily pull them air stone full of. My drip and now i can very easily take out my middle bucket pour it to the side my fish. Is here i can put them in the tank alright so roboshark is now in the tank hes swimming actually. By the filter back there no major changes to putting him in there he wasnt going from a warmer temperature. Water or anything like that with the drip acclimation i find that as the ultimate best way to go so.

Other than that we have a contest going on a lot of you guys probably every noble the contest we. Have a few entries so far really happy about that we definitely love to see more you can enter as. Well by going to our blood parrots on hybrid fish group on facebook so i would like to thank you. Guys once again and you guys have yourself a great day.

Conclusion – How To Acclimate Fish

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