How To Accurately Measure Body Fat – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accurately measure body fat, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accurately measure body fat,

Method 1 – How To Measure Body Fat (In Home Method!)

Whats up guys jeff cavaliere today were going to talk all about body fat im going to help you. To learn how to accurately measure your body fat whether youre going to use maybe the more expensive route or. The more economical route either way you got to know how to measure and where to measure in order to. Get the right number and then the key is you should be focusing on that number you dont want to.

Be focusing on the scale in your body weight because its not going to tell you the complete picture the. More accurate picture is going to be revealed when you can figure out what your own body fat level is. And try to maximize your lean muscle mass while diminishing your levels and body fat you see thats i think. We specialize here at athlean-x athlean-x is all about creating bodies that are maximal muscle natural muscle gains or minimizing. Body fat so you can have that athletic and lean look now the more expensive brow okay you guys have.

Probably seen a skinned x before or body fat calipers these are good these are really these are more on. The expensive man these will cost you about 350 to 400 dollars however theyre really an important tool again if. Youre talking about how much youre gonna rely on them to dictate your progress again as opposed to how many. Times people buy new scales and continue to jump on their scales so when youre a man what you want. To do is you want to measure in three places okay your first location is gonna be your chest okay.

And from here what you want to do is you want to divide the line right here down the middle. Of the nipple and over here onto the corner of your shoulder so somewhere right in between which would be. Right here youre going to take this one on a diagonal okay now what you want to do is you. Want to pinch the muscle right there on that diagonal youre going to pull away from the muscle underneath you. Can ensure that youre actually grabbing just the body fat and not the muscle by contracting them near your pecs.

Underneath because if youre grabbing the muscle itself when you contract it its going to pull away its going to. Pull out from underneath so youre left with the pinch of what you want you grab just to the top. Of that like this okay and then you click the button here if youre using this or whatever calipers are. Using your register that mark the next market is again here and the abdomen to the left or right of. Your navel now its about one inch away youre gonna grab here in a vertical way and the same thing.

Youre gonna pull away contract the abs underneath to make sure youre getting just the muscle and then youre gonna. Register that mark and then lastly for the vine again its actually good to lift one leg up as high. As you can youre gonna activate the muscles underneath here the rectus so we do our pinch here with let. It settle and do that so now this came back at 4.9 now routinely im usually in the v range. To 6 range or so so the most important thing is that you continue to do your own testing and.

That youre consistent with it because the one thing you want to do is you want to engage this this. This progress right as always you doing the measurements that you can rely on that even if youre off a. Little bit its looking at the relative change between one measurement and the next now if youre at home and. You dont know you dont have access to this you dont even have access to a cheap pair of calipers. Theres actually an old-fashioned way to do this i just want to show it to you because theres a tool.

That im going to put a link to in the blog below that you can actually go use and input. The numbers all you have to do is get the numbers so what you do is youve probably bets off. Of you had something that can help you with this but theyll do the same three pinches okay theyll come. Here theyll pinch away like this and then what theyll do is theyll measure the thickness of that pinch because. Thats all the calipers are doing anyway all the calipers are doing theyre out of zero mark and then when.

You stick something in between theyre measuring how thick the thing that you stuck in between is in this case. Its the body fat fold so theyll take this and then theyll measure how thick that fold is and theyll. Go from there now lets say it was something like this just were gonna were gonna exaggerate a little bit. Then theyre measure how thick that fold is you can see thats sort of like an inch and a half. Or so okay from there to there now theyve actually come up with some rough estimates ive run them down.

Here and i can read the elephant darnot equation basically says its where that pinch an inch came from that. If you can pinch a rich in a location that youre basically looking at about five to eight percent body. Fat now what you would do is you pinch and measure pinch and measure and pinch and measure and then. Youd add them all up together and average them and that would give you your sort of body fat rough. By a fat idea again this is not an exact science here and neither are the calipers for the uh.

For that matter but theyre giving you a something at least you can use as a tool five to eight. Percent one-half inch of pitching nine to thirteen percent three quarters of an inch of a pinch thickness fourteen to. Eighteen percent body fat one-inch so if you can pinch an inch nineteen to twenty three percent body fat one. And a half inches 24 to 27 percent two inch pinch is twenty eight to thirty two percent and then. Two and a half inches you know thirty three percent and up so the key here again is focus on.

Your body fat over your weight but if youre adding plenty of lean muscle your weights going to go up. It better because its a much more dense tissue and thats what youre looking for youre not necessarily concerned about. What the body weight is on the scale is how you look how you feel and how much lean muscle. You can densely packed onto your physique so its the body fat thats gonna reveal the true picture and you. Want that number to go down of course different people have different goals some athletes might want to hover around.

The ten to fourteen percent body fat only because its going to help them in their sport and in felt. Players are gonna do better a little bit more cushioning to be able to withstand it either sometimes we may. Fighters to would be able to stand some of the impact of their sport so one numbers now is going. To be good for everybody but from an aesthetic standpoint some guys gonna want to get lower and lower the. Key is focus on that number if youre looking for a way to get yourself down as i said in.

The very beginning the athlean-x training system is all about maximizing lean muscle and minimizing the amount of body fat. That you have in your body thats the whole goal without having to go through this ridiculous bulking and cutting. Phases that i have ranted about here in the past if you want one other way that you can quickly. Scan for what you might be out right now so you know where you want to get to i did. Another video ill link it right here that was basically a visual scale that you can go you can look.

At can quickly compare what an example of a 13% 80% would look like you can compare yourself and see. Every want to go you get to alright so all that guys in that link below put them below and. Also like i said the athleanx training system the fastest way to get there you can get that at Hope you guys found this video helpful make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below this is a. Washboard wednesday because you aint gonna see your abs if you dont have a low enough body fat percentage so.

Let me know what else you want to see me cover on these videos and ill do it here once. A week every week on our channel alright guys ill see you back here soon.

Method 2 – How To Measure Body Fat At Home (No Equipment)

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Method 3 – How To Measure Body Fat With Calipers (Step By Step)

There are five common ways to measure body fat and if youre interested ill leave a link in the description. To an article that i wrote that does a much more detailed comparison of these different methods but in this. Video im going to show you the one that i recommend and the one that i personally use every week. Because it offers the best combination of time cost and accuracy if youre looking to measure your own body fat.

At home were going to use calipers to measure three points on the body the chest the thigh and the. Abdomen and these points are different for women so what im about to show you applies to men so before. We get started in this video im using calipers like these and if youre wondering yes you can also use. Calipers like these in fact you can also use a ruler or tape measure to take those skinfold measurements the. Problem with these other two techniques is that theyre not going to be as accurate your main goal is to.

Repeat the same measurement technique every week so that you can measure the changes in your body fat but with. These calipers its difficult to repeat the same method every week because you have to manually squeeze them together and. So one week you press a little bit harder the next week a little bit lighter and you lose a. Lot of accuracy because of that and the tape measure and ruler are an even more manual process so youre. Probably going to lose even more accuracy with these so if you can afford it i highly highly recommend this.

Style of calipers these are about seven dollars online and these are about 13. But for those six additional dollars. Youre getting a tremendous improvement in accuracy these calipers snap onto the skin fold and so they remove that human. Error of pressing too hard or too lightly but whatever method you use our process will be the same so. Lets measure our three points your first measurement point is the chest and all of these measurements that were about.

To take should be taken on the right side of the body for chest youre going to take the halfway. Point between your nipple and the corner of your armpit and just imagine that you have this line here connect. Those two points and find the middle of that line then use your forefingers and thumb to take a diagonal. Pinch of the layer of fat just above that halfway point pinch that line right in half then lift that. Layer of fat up and away from the body and you can flex that muscle underneath just to make sure.

Youre not pinching any muscle then about a half an inch beneath your thumb and pinky finger pinch the skin. With your calipers until they click and lock on the skin each tick on the calipers is one millimeter so. Go ahead and record that measurement for your chest next move down to your right thigh imagine your entire thigh. Is a big rectangle from left to right and from your knee up to the crease where your leg inserts. Into your torso now find that point directly in the center of that rectangle now elevate your leg and bend.

At the knee so your thigh is in front of you if you need to lean against something to keep. Your balance thats fine then use your right hand to grab a vertical skin fold between your four fingers and. Your thumb just above that center point that you marked pull the skin up and away and pinch the skin. Fold just beneath the center point you marked until they click and lock on the skin record that measurement for. Your thigh the third and final point is the abdomen find a point about three quarters of an inch directly.

To the right of your belly button use your right hand to grab a vertical skin fold just above that. Point use your calipers to pinch the layer of fat just beneath your pinky and thumb and record that measurement. For your abdomen and thats it now repeat that cycle one more time measure your chest your thigh and your. Abdomen and if you get two different numbers for any of the sites take an average of those two numbers. And thats your measurement for that body part now take your measurements for chest thigh and abdomen and plug them.

Into the calculator in the description along with your agent weight and click calculate to get your body fat do. This consistently every week and youll know if youre gaining or losing muscle or fat then you can make those. Minor adjustments to your nutrition and workouts to get you to your goal as fast as possible i hope you. Enjoyed this video if so drop me a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe and turn on notifications ill. Be creating a lot more videos to help you build muscle faster see you next time.

Method 4 – Why You Shouldn’t Buy An Expensive Body Fat Scale And How They Work

Hey whats up mindy whoa that cant be right so i weighed myself this morning and i was 185 with. Just straight waking up no liquids just you know doing my morning routine and then coming home from work after. A full day of drinking water coffee eating i weighed myself again five additional pounds and my body fat went. Up point seven percent i dont think thats correct so lets talk about it all right whats going on guys.

My name is wes and this is dirty its been on my bathroom floor what can i say this is. My bathroom scale and specifically this is the one that uses bia to give me body fat percentage or bioelectrical. Impedance analysis and specifically this one is a foot to foot because you stand on it with your feet and. It shoots one very undetectable minuscule amount of electricity up one foot goes up into your body back down and. Then the other and then the processor or the little computer in here measures the resistance levels and spits back.

Out the lean muscle mass the body water composition of your body and a body fat reading now what i. Just said there is it goes from foot to foot so this one specifically only measures the bottom half of. Your body because if we can try to remember from physics class electricity is lazy if you think about lightning. And lightning storm thats why the tallest buildings usually are always get struck if before anything else at the bottom. So what this is doing is going up one foot its not going to go all the way up and.

Measure all the resistance in your body its going to go back down through the other one in the shortest. Path possible and thats what makes these types of scales highly inaccurate and studies have shown as much as eight. Percent off i mean just this reading that i just showed this morning i measured at 13.5 percent body fat. I would say based on my progress i may even be under or around there to get a good reading. But for me to gain 0.7 percent from this morning to now is its just not possible thats because this.

Morning when i measured i was just completely empty and now after drinking water and coffee and eating three meals. Plus i have all of a sudden added extra and thats again because of the electricity being shot up into. The body and back down to the other foot now theres also issues of the accuracy because of all of. Our different ethnicities and how our bodies are composed for example myself i am half polynesian and half caucasian so. I dont necessarily have the same composition as someone else who is pure caucasian or african american or middle eastern.

Theres a study called is biological impedance accurate for use in large epidemiological studies and within that study they looked. At a huge amount of data from over 1600 studies who that used bia and from there they couldnt gain. Confidence that the bia information was accurate across all because in one study it would show yes you can use. It for pregnant caucasian women or you could use it over here for children or you know just anything across. The board because what these scales also have and some have patented proprietary algorithms that will take those readings and.

Perform their own interpretation of the data and unless they publish it or let you know or if you can. Go in the patent and understand what theyre saying youre not going to understand how theyre doing it so what. Im trying to get at with these scales is that numerous studies have shown theyre inaccuracy yet theyre still very. Popular consumer products i knew this going into it and i still bought one but i bought a cheap one. Because ill tell you the best way to use these studies now i believe my body fat is probably actually.

Around somewhere below 13 i went through a big cutting phase when the whole quarantine thing started initially according to. The readings which i took at the same time every day under the same conditions i started out at about. 205 pounds and 51 body fat when its quarantined started i knew it could go one of two ways it. Could go im gonna gain a lot of weight im not gonna exercise and im just gonna get bigger or. Im gonna use this time to challenge myself really narrow down my macros my calories monitor it continue working out.

And see how much i can cut within that time period and i ended up cutting according to the data. Of my scale about twenty pounds and two percent body fat now i cant confidently tell people that the reading. On this is my actual body fat like i could say you know im 13.5 body fat which is my. Lowest reading but what i can do is use it only as a tool to measure progression and thats what. I did so now that we know that these scales are inaccurate and shouldnt be trusted as far as a.

Confidence of this is my actual body composition we can look at the data for example my app shows me. My muscle mass my subcutaneous fat and my body fat percentage and those are the tools that i kept track. Of like i did not care about my weight so every morning i would measure at the same time i. Would do my morning routine i would make sure theres no water in my system and i would be completely. Naked before my shower because i didnt want anything to be on my person at which point the electric the.

Electricity would have some sort of negative effect on it now i dont think like clothing is going to have. An effect because again its staying within my system but you know i i wanted to keep all conditions the. Same and thats how i did it and thats how i kept the most accurate readings because from one day. The next i mean i just gained technically 0.7 body fat according to the scale however im gonna wake up. In the morning have my routine and i should be back to normal so when youre looking at these scales.

Unless youre going to buy a very expensive in-body machine for home use or go get a dexa scan this. Is something that you can use to measure progress and occasionally if you want to you can take a tape. Measure and measure your measure your waist measurements because thats not something you want to do every day if youre. Trying to measure progress so just something i wanted to share because ive used this as a very good tool. To cut and that my before and after photos look great at least in my opinion so i think they.

Have their use their home use but you got to be very careful on how youre using it and dont. Be discouraged if it doesnt seem like youre making progress because perhaps youre taking measurements at different times a day. Which can really have a negative effect on your motivation all right so if you like the review hit the. Like button comment if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions on what else i could review. Or have some input on until next time subscribe that way and hit that bell for some notifications because im.

Going to do more reviews and yeah get out there and do something awesome peace you.

Method 5 – Do Smart Scales Measure Body Fat Percentage Accurately? Best Smart Scale 2020

Got a body fat scale really tell you your body fat percentage everyone this subs its a little bit technical. But i think youll find it useful if you have a weight scale and youre trying to figure out how. Much can i actually rely on this s.

Conclusion – How To Accurately Measure Body Fat

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