How To Accurately Measure Bra Size – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to accurately measure bra size,

Method 1 – Silvert’s Bra Size Measurement – How To Accurately Measure Your Bra Size

A good-quality well-adjusted bra in the right size can make all the difference both in comfort and appearance the first. Step to identifying your bra size is measuring around the bottom of the band directly under the bust using a. Measuring tape while not wearing a bra or this can be done wearing a non padded bra wrap the measuring. Tape firmly directly under your bust for the most accurate result it may help to get another person to measure.

You remember these measurements only serve as a guide since your size may vary depending on styles ensure to round. The number to the nearest whole number if the number is even add four inches to your measurement so if. You measured 32 inches your band size is 36 inches if the number is odd add five inches so if. You measure 33 inches your band size is 38 inches step 2 wrap the measuring tape someone loosely around the. Fullest part of your chest ensure to round the measurement to the nearest whole number just as you did in.

Step one step 3 the final step is calculating your cup size subtract your band size measurement from your bus. Measurement and refer to the chart size for example if your bus size is 37 inches and your band size. Is 34 inches 37 minus 34 equals three your bra size is 34 see you.

Method 2 – How To Measure Bra Size : Beginners Guide How To Measure Your Bra Size At Home

Hello and welcome thank you for tuning in in todays video i am going to be going through the basics. Of how to find your bra size from start to finish as a bra boutique owner online bra selling impesario. The number one question i get all the time is how do i know what my bra size is how. Do i measure my bra size so i thought i should go through this from start to finish now before.

We get started i have a little tiny favor to ask you if you dont mind please like and subscribe. It really helps the channel out and it really helps it with youtube and with the algorithm and also helping. Women to find their ideal bra sizes so lets get back to todays video as i said my number one. Question i get is how do i measure my bra size how do i know what size i am and. I am going to show you how to do this so if youve got kind of any knowledge of how.

This works this video might be a little slow going so i would suggest that you watch one of my. Previous videos on bra sizing this is for beginners this is for people that have no clue i think youve. Got the message so when it comes to measuring your bra size you want to be wearing a bra that. Fits you the best now i know that you come to this video to find your actual bra size but. We want to be its kind of chicken and egg we need a bra that kind of fits in order.

To be able to get a better fitting bra so there are certain bras that i do not want you. To use when it comes to measuring your brass eyes sports bras now a lot of people will use sports. Bras that use compression so basically with the compression method it smushes you to your breasts to your chest which. Therefore means its not going to give you an accurate measurement because your breasts are smushed so please dont use. A sports bra do not use a molded cut bra or anything with any padding now it stands to reason.

The reason being is that if you use padding its going to increase your size because theres padding in the. Cups so dont use this because were trying to get an as accurate a measurement as possible now no wire. Versus wire i would prefer you to use an underwire bra because with a no wire bra the bigger you. Get potentially the placement of your breasts may be lower so if we can get underwire bra because what were. Trying to do is get your breasts in the middle of your chest so were trying to get all that.

Breast tissue up and then somewhat of this central area because we want all the volume to be higher so. This is your ideal style of bra its unlined it is under wired and you can see theres no padding. In that cup this is what you want to be wearing when you take your measurements ideally so with bra. Fitting its theres still only one way of measuring brassites and its been the way that we have used or. Worked for decades and it involves needing the following items you will need a tape measure doesnt matter what tape.

Measure you use you just need one that measures in inches you will need a piece of paper now you. Can see ive got my whiteboard which is rather large you dont need anything this big its just for the. Purpose of the video but you do need a piece of paper and youre going to need a pen and. Youre going to need either your phone or a computer and this is going to become apparent later on in. The video so what do we need to do well first of all i would never want to measure in.

Something like this i also dont think you need to measure bare chested or just with your bra but its. Entirely up to you and for the purpose of this video im just going to take this little t-shirt off. And to jar ive got my tank top on which you can see and you can see my little bra. Poking out this is a non-lined and its my best fitting bra so far you can see that my boobs. Are in the center of my chest which is what were after you can see my boobs in the center.

Of my chest which is what were after this bra fits me reasonably well so what we need to do. First things first is were going to figure out the band size now the band size is this part its. The part your chest wall size thats a bit of a mouthful but its your this is your band size. Were going to work this first so we need our tape measure and take note of where the zero starts. On your tape measure this one has all of this spare before the numbers actually start and were measuring in.

Inches so we want to go around the ribcage and ideally if you have something to help you thats ideal. If not you can do this on your own it can be done dont worry so you want to measure. Around your rib cage and what you want to do before you take the initial measurement is breathe in and. Then breathe out because we dont want it to be too tight too loose so we measure our ribcage chest. Wall make sure its level now im hoping mine is level i dont have a mirror so normally you could.

Do this in front of the mirror or if you have something to help you they can say oh youre. A bit off or a bit wonky so if mine is a little wonky and a little off i apologize. But you get the idea its supposed to be straight all the way around so were going to use me. As an example so i am measuring 28. Can you see that i dont know if you can see that.

Let me get let go so i am measuring 28 im also going to be doing a measure and show. You what to do if your numbers are odd because evens really easy to work out but what happens if. You are so at this point i am 28 inches thats my band size i dont want you to add. Anything to the band i do not want you to add four inches to your band if youre even five. Inches if youre odd because that was the old way of doing it it doesnt work it means that the.

Band will be way too big and youre getting no support so my band is 28. I hope that made. Sense now were trying to work out our cup size so what we now do is we start again make. Taking a note of where the zero is i know this is im going really basic here but i really. Want you to get a full understanding of how this works and it should also make sense as to why.

I was asking you not to wear certain browser measuring because what we now need to do is measure around. The fullest part of the breast which usually tends to be your nipple line so especially if youve got your. Bra placed in a central spot so can you see where this is placed you see this is tracking around. And this is why you need your breasts to be in the center of your chest so that you can. Measure because this is where a bra would normally fit you and this is taking into account where that bra.

Fits now i am measuring 35 so we put 35 but before we get to calculating what the size is. I hear you saying well what happens if my bra doesnt my boobs feel like theyre sagging a little bit. Or theyre not in the center of my chest what do i do well theres a few options for you. Make sure youve tightened your straps to get your breasts to lift to where they need to be if youve. Tightened your straps and youll still experiencing a little bit of drooping and youre like well ive lifted them up.

But how do i measure this is where you need help with somebody else to do that because you really. Ideally need your breasts to be up front and center and by the end of this youll be finding brailles. That give you that front and center uplift and support but you might just need somebody to help you just. To lift them to here so that you can get them to measure or they can measure directly under to. Get your band size and then the fullest part of your breast so back to where were up to so.

Weve got the band size and weve got a measurement of the cup size now we all know that cut. Sizes start double a a b c d so how do we get this measurement this number to equal a. Letter well this is where your childhood school math if youre from the us or maths if youre from the. Uk come in because what im going to do is im going to take the 35 away from the 28. Which gives us seven so ive got seven inches of difference so what im trying to do is im trying.

To work out the difference between the balance size and the clutch size and you take the 35 away from. The 28 gives you that seven okay so now we have that seven inches how do we determine what the. Cup size is well this is where you need your phone and the reason you need your phone is because. Guess what i did as a website owner i thought you know what im going to do im going to. Put a chart on the website that you can easily access because ill leave the link down below and its.

Going to tell you simply what that difference is in a cup size does that make sense so weve got. That seven inches so ive gone through the website and according to the website i dont know if i can. Show you this the concert website you can see the difference in inches so mine was seven so you can. See that seven equals a g and this is a usg now i have it on as well for. People that are in the uk and seven inches would equal an f in the uk so we now have.

The cup size so im just gonna take this off my board so we now know that from this 35. Let me make this a little smaller lets move this up so we now know from the band size and. The cup size i should be wearing a g but what about my band size well ideally my bum size. Was 28 and i would always say to you you start your bra fitting journey with what your band measures. So i measure 28 if somebody came into my boutique feel like you have to live in san diego you.

Can come in and visit me if you dont then we can do a virtual fitting we can do all. This or if youre confident enough after this video which is the whole point you can do it yourself and. Let me know how you get on in the comments below anyway if you are measuring a g in the. Cup i would always say you should try a 28 band because this is what i was measuring so i. Would always always start somebody in store with the size that theyre measuring and that would be a 28.

So. This is what my ideal lets change this i feel like a teacher today this is what my ideal bra. Size would be 28g and thats the us size if it was the uk it would be a 28 f. Which is what ideally i would start at and with this with using a tape measure its not perfect it. Just gives you a guide i want you to use it as such now if its a 28 i might.

Think because im hitting right on that 28 a 28 might be a little bit too tight for me so. I would sister size up two up in the band and if youre wanting to know more about sister sizing. I will put a link down below to a video with regards to sister sizing but this is giving me. A starting point when you come into the shop or go to get bra fitted anywhere we always start with. A tape measure and then we start with a idea of what size you are because theres other things that.

Come into bra fitting such as your breast shape what youre looking for from a bra what youre using the. Bra for but this is where we go so as i said previously its really easy to work out what. Your band size is if its even but what happens if you measure your band and its not even its. Not an even number its actually an odd number so lets do that and well do one for ladies that. Measure an odd number in the band so we measure around the ribcage and weve gone round were taking into.

Account where the zero stops where the zero is because as i said mines got lots of white before that. Zero hits kicks in we breathe in and breathe out i feel like its a yoga class and we measure. Around here and for the the example for this video im gonna say im measuring 33. So the band this. Time is 33 so lets put that here 33 and then my cup measurement is measuring and this is just.

For the video this is just to give you a different alternative way of working out if you are getting. An odd number and on here im measuring say 40. So ive measured around the fullest part of my breast. As you know and im getting 40. So that number is going to be the cup size so weve got.

To work it back to work out what how this number becomes a cup size and how we do this. Is again we go to the phone and we go to braille and honey and we go to that page. That has a bra size calculator but so weve written the band size down its 33 or the band size. Measurement is 33. The cup size measurement is 40.

What we need to do now is take the 40 from. The 33 which is gonna give us a difference of seven and were going to need this number but were. Not going to do anything quite yet with regards to this number were just gonna put the difference so weve. Got a difference of seven now what we need to do is work out what our bond size is because. We have got an odd number of 33 so what i always tend to do when anybody comes in to.

See me and get fitted whether its in store or virtually i always round up never down because i always. Find if you go down it can be a little bit too small in the band or a little bit. Too tight so what i would do is i would round you up to a 34. Now weve already got. The measurements so weve already got this seven inches which is going to give us the cup size and what.

I want you to do is go to the link that i will put below again which takes you to. The brazen honey website page which takes you directly to this bra measuring chart so we then we look for. The difference and all of this is always in inches and its seven inches difference so seven inches equals a. G okay now it would mean that i would start you in a 34 g us or a 34 f. U k and that my dears my lovelies my ladies gentlemen whoever is watching that is how you measure bra.

Size that is how you calculate your brass ice and i hope by watching this video you now know how. To calculate your bra size remember though this is just the starting point you sometimes because all brands fit differently. You need to try there is some trial and error involved thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video. Please like and subscribe until next time thank you and goodbye.

Method 3 – Bra101-Pt 10: How Your Bras Should Fit 👙 & How To Measure At Home 📏| Inmyseams

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Method 4 – How To Measure Your Breasticles | What’s My Bra Size? Find Your Bra Size At Home! Ola Johnson

Hello hello hello everybody how are you doing welcome back to my channel today i am here with a video. And i am going to show you how to measure yourself or measure your breast course as i call this. Video it has come to my attention that a lot of people one do not know how to measure themselves. Which is absolutely fine its not like a commonly known thing were not being taught how to measure ourselves not.

Really sure why that seems like a good idea to be honest and however i actually worked in the lingerie. Industry therefore i know how to do it because i was taught by professionals and i actually havent measured myself. In quite a while so this is good practice for me also both online and offline a few people have. Come to me and said that they do not feel comfortable going into a store to get measured because one. They like they might not want to like undress yourself you do wear a bra by the way if you.

Were like i dont want to do that you you do still wear a bra like you dont go nude. Or anything like that however i can completely understand if you like dont want strangers touching you you dont feel. Comfortable like taking your shirt off or whatever the reason would be its absolutely fine to not want to not. Want to go get yourself measured in the shop so that is why im here today im going to show. You how you can measure yourself at home with no one else all youre going to need is a tape.

Measure isnt this the worlds smallest tape like thats it that is all there is but thats all we need. Which is great um a piece of paper this is a little uh pad and then a pen and thats. All we need to figure out um how to how to measure ourselves before we get started please make sure. You give this video a big thumbs up dont forget to subscribe as well if you havent yet please do. Subscribe were growing so so quickly were on over 16 000 subscribers already which blows my mind this time last.

Month i was on 4 000 yeah come come come and and join us here and help me grow and. Hopefully we can get to 20 000 in like no time its so exciting and also if you have any. Questions at all please leave them in the bar down below id be more than happy to respond to you. And give this video a thumbs up and lets get started okay so im gonna shuffle back so you can. See me now ideally you want to do this in a non-padded bra or a bralette but um im wearing.

A non-padded bra at the moment and obviously im wearing a top you cant wear something as long as its. Like really thin it doesnt really matter too much but yeah thats thats absolutely fine im going to do this. In inches because i live in the uk and this is how we measure um a brass hair heres my. Teeny tiny little tape my teeny tiny little purple tape and and what were going to do is were going. To start by measuring the underbust and the bust its basically the smallest point right below your bosom so you.

Dont want to go too high its not your waist it is just below your breast now what you want. To do is you want to get your tape all the way around but what you want to make sure. You do is you want to make sure that your tape is straight you dont want it like rising up. Or anything like that and then quite like you want to tuck it in a little bit so its okay. If its like a bit tighter and its better for it to be a little bit tighter than too loose.

In this particular one so well put it a little bit tighter ill put my finger on where the tape. Stops obviously i cant see the tape because my boobs are huge so im gonna take it up now and. It says it actually says its just over 30 inches so depending on um on how much what number you. Fall on you want to round it up to the nearest up number you always round it up to an. Even number so those would obviously be like 2 4 6 8 0 etc so um im just just over.

30 so i will go up to 32 so that is my band size the reason why um you go. Up is because obviously the bra has a clip anyway so you can adjust it a little bit at the. Back to make it to make it measure but you dont want it to be too tight and that will. Like create overspill all the way around and also discomfort as well so we dont want that so now that. We have the number were going to write it down so its a 32 that is my band number so.

Obviously band numbers usually start from like 26 30 30 to 34 36 oh this is just set of 26. 28 30 32 34 36 they do go up and they go lower down as well those are the most. Standard uh bra sizes and then were gonna measure were actually going to also in inches measure our were going. To measure our bust so that is the widest part the biggest part of your chest so im going to. Bring the tape around again making sure that it is at the right place and then it kind of there.

You go you want it at the i lost it you want it at the highest point so so when. It comes to the bust you actually want to give it a little bit more space so the other one. Its a bit more snug this one you want it a little bit you want it just to just sit. There you dont want it to be tight so that is me yes yes so mine shows the number 38. So im gonna write that down all right im sitting down now and now let me explain to you how.

Youre going to get your cup size its actually super simple all you have to do is subtract the smaller. Number from the bigger number obviously youre never gonna have like a chest thats smaller than your rib cage because. Thats physically impossible youll be like yeah thats not possible um and the way you work out your cup size. Is by the number that you get when you subtract those uh the number of your but the the inches. From your bust and from your waist so if you have zero to one inches left so for example if.

You get the first number is 30 and the other number is 31 you have one um and thats that. Would be a cup a so zero to one its an a two its a b three its a c. Four is a d five is a double d six is an e seven f eight double f 9g and. Then it obviously it goes on so as you remember my uh my weight my underbust was 31 which you. Rounded up to 32 and then my fullest part of my breast was 38 so when you subtract that you.

Get 6 which makes it an e now i know thats a little bit complicated so what im going to. Do is im going to pop this on screen now so you can you can see it really easily what. I mean and you dont have to like figure out in your head that means that my bra size is. 32e and as you would have seen in my previous videos those are the bras um that i get thats. The size so im still the same size but it is it is as simple as that and when you.

Go get measured professionally that is essentially what they do the difference is that they will help you pick a. The best kind of bra for your boob shape for your like a lifestyle etc etc i can also do. A video like that if you would like me to kind of best like best bras for different boob shapes. And different occasions and that sort of thing absolutely happily would do that um but yeah that is how you. Measure yourself so i really hope you guys have found this video helpful let me know if youve tried it.

Uh and what do you think or also something really important to keep in mind is that many people dont. Measure themselves so what they would have done in the past is they would have gone to the shop try. The bra on and go that sounds about right and theyre stuck with that and theyll and they will wear. That size which is why a very popular bra to wear is a 30 to 36 b now you may. Measure yourself and you might find that youre like a 32 double d and youre like what im not a.

Double d yes a lot of people have actually like this size is a lot bigger than what they think. And i dont know whether its in popular culture were like told that like double d are really big boobs. Theyre actually not that big like theyre theyre big but theyre not like huge and they are a lot more. Standard than people think so yeah your size may really surprise you but you it this would be really good. To be help better for your posture and also they will make your boobs look better and theyll make you.

Feel better when youre in the correct size bra so yeah i really hope you have found this video helpful. If you did give it a thumbs up subscribe if you havent yet and ill be back with another video. On thursday so yeah please also click the notification bell um if you havent yet as that way youll be. Notified every time i upload a new video which is usually on tuesday thursday and sunday sometimes i have an. Extra video uh but yeah its great to get notified ill see you guys in my next video bye.

Method 5 – How To Measure Your Bra Size With A Tape Measure! Bra Fitting Tips And Bra Fitting Hacks!

Hello and welcome to todays video were in todays video i am going to be showing you how to measure. Your bra size with a tape measure so what you need to do before you get started you will need. A few items and theyre not many you will need a tape measure you will need a pen and a. Little piece of paper because were going to write a couple of measurements down and we will be doing a.

Little tiny bit of math so you can either use a calculator or you can use that scrap of paper. So when we start with measuring your bra size this is just a guide and this is the very start. Of establishing what bra size you are you need to put on your best fitting bra now you need to. Make sure that theres no space in the cups and the reason for this is that you want to get. The most accurate measurement you also want to be wearing a bra that has no padding so you dont want.

Anything thats a molded cup or thats a t-shirt bra so anything you dont want to have anything thats like. This it needs to be like dollys wearing so the first measurement that were going to take and were going. To find out is the band size measurement so what we do is we get our tape measure and lets. Start it from zero youd be amazed at how many times they end up starting it at sixty getting round. Somebodys band and then realizing that ive started at the wrong place so start it at zero and then were.

Going to go all the way around just below where but donnys breaths are im going to go all the. Way around and we want to make sure that our tape measure is as level as possible so the measurement. I have for dolly under her for her band is 27 so im going to make a note that its. 27 to note in my head ive done this enough times i can keep the measurements fair for you though. Write it down so then we want to establish the cup size so how we do that is we take.

The measurement along the fullest part of her bust so we want to go all the way around making sure. That the tape measure is even all the way around so its not slanted which is where it can become. A little bit tricky so were taking that measurement round here and shes measuring 34 so around her bust shes. 34 her band is 27 third 27 minus 34 is 7 forgot that right first go in my head im. So im going to use the chart which will appear on-screen to calculate what the cup size is because we.

Have the difference of 7 inches it equals a g the chart will also be below so that youll have. It there and ill also leave some links to bra calculator so you dont have to use any maths whatsoever. That would mean that she measures a g cup and thats a u.s. G cup now just a little tiny. Caveat all countries have their own cup size measurements so were just talking about the u.s.

Conclusion – How To Accurately Measure Bra Size

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