How To Accurately Measure Height – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to accurately measure height, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to accurately measure height,

Method 1 – How To Accurately Measure Your Height At Home

How to accurately measure your own height at home when your height is measured at the doctors office you usually. Stand next to a device called stadium eater a stadium heater is a long ruler attached to the wall it. Has a sliding horizontal head piece that is adjusted to rest on top of your head its the quickest way. Of accurately measuring your height but what if you need to measure your own height at home is there a.

Way to do so thats easy and accurate yes there is and you can measure your height even if you. Dont have anyone to help you first how to measure your height if you have someone to help you to. Accurately measure your height with someones help first find a flat uncarpeted section of floor in a flat section of. Wall take off your shoes remove braids headbands or anything else on your head that may get in the way. Of an accurate measurement remove any bulky clothing that may make it difficult to stand flat against the wall stand.

With your feet flat on the floor with your heels against the corner where the wall and floor meet make. Sure your head shoulders and buttocks are touching the wall stand up straight with your eyes looking straight ahead your. Line of sight and chin should be parallel to the floor have someone place a flat object like a ruler. Or hardcover book against the wall at a right angle then have them lower it until it rests gently on. Top of your head keeping it at a right angle to the wall lightly mark the wall with a pencil.

At the point where the ruler or book or other flat object meets your head use a tape measure ideally. A metal one that will remain straight to measure the distance from the floor to the mark on the wall. Take note of the measurement to the nearest 1 8 of an inch or 0.1 centimeter its that simple second. How to measure your height on your own if you dont have someone to help you measure your height you. Can still follow the same steps with a few modifications use a cereal box or similar object to measure the.

Height of your head against the wall a ruler or book may be more difficult to keep straight and flat. On top of your head if youre doing it on your own if possible stand facing a mirror to make. Sure the cereal box or whatever headpiece youre using is parallel to the floor with one hand holding the box. Use your other hand to mark on the wall where the bottom of the box meets the top of your. Head or if you can hold the box steady step out from underneath it and mark the wall with one.

Hand while holding the box in place with the other use a tape measure to measure the distance from the. Floor to where you marked the wall.

Method 2 – How To Measure Yourself Without Stadiometer

First you will need a flat wall or surface make sure to remove any carpet or anything thats gonna give. You any additional height if you were standing on it next you going to need to find a box or. Can that is longer than your foot length heres one i found earlier and also a pencil so put the. Box above your head bring it all the way down till it feels like its touching your head and then.

Leave the box against the wall and then make a mark with the pencil were going to use this mark. Is our foundation as something to beat because what we will be doing is actually facing the wall next time. We take the next measurement when we had our back to the wall its very difficult to grasp whether you. Are actually reaching your peak height so you could be doing yourself a disservice by not actually attempting to beat. The first measurement so using the same box again we are going to face the wall where we made the.

Mark and what were going to try and do is still make sure that it touches our head but try. And get it to its maximum potential against the reference from the first measurement so we are actually getting a. True reflection of our actual height now youll see how significant the difference can be this was actually filmed probably. After being awake for almost 16 to 18 hours and i think it was filmed about half-past eight to nine. Oclock at night so it is my evening height the shocking thing is that i actually lose about an inch.

Over the course of one day or it could have been a lot more had i taken the first measurement. As gospel so as you can see its six foot one but it could have been almost one and a. Half centimeters shorter than that so just remember dont do yourselves a disservice even if it takes more than two. Or three attempts always try to get an accurate reflection of your actual heart by trying to beat the first. Measurements the good thing is when you do turn around you can actually see where the first measurement is and.

Youll know whether or not the next measurement that you take is actually shorter or taller than that first result. So thats it for this week guys dont forget to like comment and also subscribe as it really helps me. Out as a content creator and let me ask you a question how do you measure yourself please leave a. Comment below do you believe that this method is the best way if you dont have a stereo meter let. Me know below see you next time.

Method 3 – How To Accurately Measure A Child’S Height And Weight

This instructional video will demonstrate how to accurately measure a childs height and weight using an all-in-one steady ometer and. Scales the equipment you use may differ from this example but the technique remains the same theyll just get you. To take a seat over there for me and if you could please remove your shoes and socks and your. Jacket you can pop it up there and if you could empty your pockets just up there thatd be great.

Before the child stands on the scales adjust the height stick to be just above the height of the child. Turn on the equipment the scales are ready to use when they display zero zero to measure weight ask the. Child to stand in the middle of the scales and look straight ahead and stand still check the child is. Not holding on to a wall or a table and that their arms are by their side wait until the. Scales settle at a reading they may beep then record weight to the nearest 100 grams to measure height the.

Child should stand barefoot with their heels together leg straight and shoulders relaxed heels buttocks and if possible the scapular. Should be against the height stick check theyre looking straight ahead with the lower margin of their eyes in the. Same horizontal plane as their ear canal you with the headboard in contact with the top of their head read. The childs height to the nearest one millimeter for taller children read the red line on the height stick for. Smaller children read off the bottom of the headboard record and plot the results on the appropriate bmi for age.

And sex chart you can use the bmi calculator on the scales paper charts those in your clinical software or. The healthy weight for kids calculator.

Method 4 – Back To Front Measurement: Any Difference?

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Method 5 – Learningtools: Reading Height Measurements On A Physician Mechanical Beam Scale With Height Rod

Hi im josh ferguson and this is reading height measurements on a physician mechanical beam scale with adjustable height rod. By the end of this lesson you will interpret the calibration markings on the adjustable height rod of a physician. Mechanical beam scale and determine the height indicated on height rods width and without the number of feet indicated on. The rod lets begin here are the parts of the height rod that we will focus on today the lower.

Rod with the indicator line and the upper rod with the headpiece the lower rod also called the outer rod. Is stationary and cannot be adjusted the upper rod also called the inner rod is the adjustable portion of the. Height rod it can be raised and lowered as needed the headpiece which is currently in its resting position extends. And is placed on top of the patients head during height measurement the indicated line is also called the read. Line some rods also include a read arrow you will determine the patients height by observing the indicator line and.

Calibration markings heres a general overview of how the height rod works the patient steps on the platform raise the. Height rod so the headpiece is above the patients head lower the headpiece on to the patients head make sure. The headpiece is flat if it is slanted downward or upward you will produce an inaccurate result remember make sure. The headpiece lays flat on top of the patients head now that you have a general concept of how the. Height rod works we will now focus on interpreting the calibration markings on the height rod the logo rod is.

Generally used for those who have a standing height of less than three feet four and three-quarter inches lets look. At each of the calibration markings on the lower rod closely we will focus only on the right side of. The rod since our concentration is in feet and inches and not in centimeters notice that you have lines for. Feet inches and fractional inches the fractional lines represent quarter half and three quarters on the lower rod the numbers. Increase from bottom to top for example here is a three foot line this line represents three feet and a.

Quarter inch this line represents three feet and a half inch in this line represents three feet and three quarters. Of an inch and this line represents a height of three foot one inch lets practice a few state the. Height and feet and inches according to the marker if you stated three foot three inches you are correct heres. Another if you stated three foot four and a quarter inches then you understand the calibrations on the bottom rod. Completely lets see if you can master the upper rod as well remember with the bottom rod the numbers increase.

From bottom to top well on the upper rod the numbers increase from top to bottom lets see why this. Makes a difference we will compare the fractional lines between two and three inches on the bottom right and the. Top rod on the bottom bar on the left image the fractional line that represents the two and a quarter. Inch mark is here the two and a half inch mark is here and a two and three quarters of. An inch mark is here now on the opera r and the right image the fractional line that represents two.

And a quarter inches mark is here the two and a half inch mark is he and a two and. Three quarters of an inch mark is here remember the bottom rod numbers increase from bottom to top the upper. Rod numbers increase from top to bottom the simplest way to interpret the calibration markings correctly is to observe the. Direction that the whole numbers are increasing then you will be able to interpret the fractional markings correctly now heres. Some good news if youre measuring someone who is taller than the height of the bottom rod you can ignore.

The numbers on the bottom right completely and focus on the upper rod and indicator line for the rest of. This lesson we will focus on using the upper rod and reading from the indicator line now that you have. Learned the basics lets determine a patients height and feet and inches in this image the patients height is five. Foot three and a half inches heres how this was determined once the patient is on the platform with the. Headpiece flat on their head follow these steps step one find the number of feet nearest to the indicator line.

In this case it is five feet step to find the nearest whole number in inches in this case it. Is 3 inches step 3 find the fractional inch closes – or on the indicator line in this case it. Is in half an inch and step 4 document the final result in this case you will document the height. As five foot three and a half inches its your turn what is the height indicated on the height rod. Ill lead the steps there for you for the first one pause the video then play it when youre ready.

For the answer if you stated five foot four and a quarter inches you are correct now try it without. The steps in view what is the height indicated on the high rod if you stated six foot four and. Three-quarters of an inch you are correct great job next we will examine a hydride that only has the number. Of inches you will notice that there are no feet calibration markings on this hydride for this type of rod. You must know how to correctly convert the number of inches to feet and inches to do this you must.

Know your multiples of 12 i strongly suggest that you know at least up to 12 times 7 without having. To even think about it as you see a person who is 36 inches is 3 feet tall 48 inches. Is 4 feet tall 60 inches is 5 feet tall and so on quickly whats 12 times 7 if you. Stated the answer before it appeared great job if not dont worry you just have some studying to do remember. Commit to knowing that multiples of 12 up to 12 times 7 to memory i say up to 7 because.

Very few people are above 7 feet tall lets practice applying the multiples of 12 to measure a patients height. Correctly in this image the height indicated is 4/5 7 and 3/4 of an inch how was this determined heres. How step 1 find the whole number inches nearest to the indicator line in this case it is 55 inches. Step 2 convert the whole number of inches to feet if the patient is 55 inches tall that means there. Are at least 4 feet tall we will document the number of feet as 4 feet step 3 determine the.

Remaining whole number of inches since the patient is 55 inches and 48 inches equals 4 feet there is a. Remainder of 7 inches document this in your answer so far we know that the patients height is at least. 4 feet 7 inches now lets add the fractional inches to complete the patients height step 4 find the fractional. Inch closest to the indicator line in this case it is 3/4 of an inch step 5 finally add the. Fractional lines to your answer in this case the patients height is 4 foot seven and three quarters of an.

Inch now its your turn determine the height indicated on the height rod ill leave the steps there for you. For the first one you may pause the video and play when youre ready for the answer if you stated. 4 foot nine and a quarter of an inch you are correct now try it without the steps in view. What is the height indicated on the height rod if you stated five feet and a half an inch you. Are correct as you have noticed knowing the multiples of 12 is very important dont get caught counting on your.

Fingers document the patients height quickly and accurately and there you have it you have learned to interpret the calibration. Markings on the adjustable height rod of a physician mechanical beam scale and determine the height indicated on the height. Rods with and without the number of feet indicated on the rod if you found this video helpful please make. Sure to click the like button to stay up to date on other great allied health learning tools subscribe to. My youtube channel and follow me on twitter at aah tools 1 this is josh ferguson and thank you for.

Viewing this video.

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