How To Ace A Test – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – 5 Rules (And One Secret Weapon) For Acing Multiple Choice Tests

When it comes to taking multiple-choice tests theres this common piece of advice that often gets thrown around when in. Doubt always choose c right or maybe for you it was b because this advice comes from everywhere maybe you. Heard it from your dad or your teacher or you read it on the internet im pretty sure that i. Heard it from some kid my eighth grade history class named jimmy but as abraham lincoln once didnt say always.

Independently verify advice given to you by eighth graders named jimmy sure words have never not been said so today. We are gonna go over some more well-founded and useful advice that you can use to make sure you ace. That next multiple-choice test you got coming up in the future and ive got five main strategies to go through. As well as one secret weapon of sorts so lets just get started first off when those test papers flutter. Down to your desk dont just start immediately going through the questions one by one in a linear fashion instead.

Take a few minutes to go through and skim the test and just get a general overview of the questions. Now as youre doing this you can answer any of the questions that stand out as really really easy or. That youre really really competent in but another thing youre doing by doing this whole little skim once over or. The test before you actually start in earnest is youre priming your brain for some of the questions and details. That are on the test as a whole and this can be really really useful for a couple of different.

Reasons one youre priming your brain to start thinking about some of the harder questions and were gonna get to. That in a minute but number two sometimes multiple-choice tests will have questions that hold details and hints or sometimes. Outright full answers to other questions on the test for example say youre taking a history test one day and. You come across a question like this which american presidents death caused napoleon to order 10 days of mourning in. France now as youre going over the answers you can eliminate one of them right off the bat but the.

Other ones thomas jefferson john adams george washington you dont know which of the three is the correct answer so. Maybe you skip it you go on into the test and then later you come across a question like true. Or false even though thomas jefferson and john adams were bitter political rivals during the heyday of their careers they. Eventually regained their friendship and kept it until both of their deaths in 1826 now that question just established that. Thomas jefferson and john adams both died in 1826 and say that you knew from some other source that napoleon.

Himself had died in 1821 if you knew that then that question and theres the previous question because both thomas. Jefferson and john adams are not possible answers therefore its washington these kind of details and questions arent always gonna. Crop up in your tests and in any case you probably shouldnt waste a whole ton of your test time. Digging around for them because you know preparation is a much better strategy you should hopefully come into the test. Prepared to answer most the questions in the first place but it can be helpful in certain occasions so just.

Prime your brain with a little bit of a preliminary pass before you start in earnest the second technique on. My list is what barbara oakleys book a mine for numbers calls the hard start jump – easy technique this. Is a technique where basically you jump into a difficult problem and you spend a couple of minutes thinking really. Deeply about it but if you cant get the answer that problem you move on now this is something your. Teachers have probably told you in the past just to save time on your tests but theres another benefit that.

They might not have told you about if you spend some time thinking about a hard problem youre engaging your. Brains focused mode and i know this focused and diffused dichotomy is something i talk about a lot in these. Videos but its really really important so while youre using focus mode you are concentrating on the problem and using. Your conscious resources to try to solve it but once you jump into a different problem your subconscious resources then. Were distributed parts of your brain work on that difficult problem in the background and then when you go back.

To the problem a little bit later you probably have a better chance of answering it oh and my apologies. To dr. Oakley but we have got to get a better name than hard start jump – easy technique so. Im gonna go ahead and recoil the tiny the tiger technique because its like that one boss battle and crash. Worked where you spend some time fighting the boss and then you switch over to avoiding these tigers and go.

Back and forth from there tip number three is to make sure that you read each question on your exam. Twice doing this is really really important because multiple choice questions can be tricky and because they have a limited. Number of answers and those answers are just written out for you it can be really tempting to simply skim. Over the question very quickly and then go to the answer that looks most familiar but professors can be pretty. Sneaky when theyre writing these kinds of questions so you need to watch out for a few things that can.

Trip you up for example some of the questions on your exams might ask you which of the following is. Not x y or z and it can be really easy to fail to see that word not if youre. Going to really fast and just skimming the questions other questions might actually have more than one correct answer and. Your job there will be to find the answers is most correct and of course in that vein there are. Also all sorts of questions that have all the above or nothing above as potential answers and i am not.

Too proud to admit that in several classes during my college career i took tests very quickly and failed to. See these types of answers on a few questions which i of course got wrong tip number four is a. Tactic that i found personally useful all throughout high school and college and its to double check your answers as. You get to the end of each page of your test instead of just waiting to do it all at. The end the reason this is so useful is that once you get to the end of a page on.

Your test you probably only have 5 or 10 questions to go over and because you have so few youre. Probably not gonna rush or get intimidated by the number of questions you have to check and thats gonna decrease. The likelihood that youll skip over a dumb mistake or something that just should glaringly stick out and thats gonna. Increase your scores now this is not a replacement for giving your test a good once-over once youve finished it. And i definitely think you should be budgeting time with the outset of the test to do that but by.

Adding this technique into your test-taking arsenal you can increase your scores even more all right lets move on to. Tip number five here so if you come across a question that you just cant get the answer to or. Maybe you feel like the answers on the tip of your tongue but you just cant quite get it try. To envision yourself in the room in which you learn that piece of information maybe it was your classroom maybe. It was your normal study spot but either way science has shown that if you can envision the area where.

You learn something it activates something called context-dependent memory basically humans are more able to remember things when theyre in. The context or location in which they learned them but research done a 1984 show that if people simply envision. The place in which they learn something they can sort of channel some of that ability even though theyre not. Physically in that room now if even that doesnt work or maybe you run across a question where you just. Absolutely have no clue what the answer is youve never seen it before or you just cant eliminate any of.

The choices whatsoever well its time to break out that secret weapon so remember our friend jimmy who gave us. That old advice you know when in doubt pick c well yeah jimmy was wrong but thats okay because instead. Of following some dumb rule or just randomly guessing you can actually use statistics to exploit the way in which. Human beings typically write multiple-choice tests and thats because as the author william poundstone points out in his book break. Scissors humans are pretty bad at creating actual random distributions of answers during his research poundstone collected over a hundred.

Multiple-choice tests from all sorts of different sources schools colleges drivers exams online quizzes you name it he got it. And that totaled over 2,400 questions and what he learned from doing statistical analysis on all those questions was pretty. Surprising first off he did discover biases for individual letter answers but those biases changed based on how many answers. Were available on the question for three answer questions you know abc there was no bias and for four answer. Questions the bias turned out to be b not c though it was a very statistically small advantage 28% versus.

The expected 25% and then when we go over to five answer questions you know a through e it was. Actually e that was the most common answer and c was the least commonly right answer those findings are just. The tip of the iceberg though and personally i find them far less interesting than all the other things he. Discovered including the fact that with true/false questions theyre the definite bias towards true answers being correct in his research. 56 percent of the time true was the correct answer and only 44 percent of time was false the correct.

Answer even more interesting and potentially useful to you is the fact that a question has a higher than average. Likelihood of not having the same answer as the question that came before it so if you have one question. On the test where you knew the answer was c youre definitely sure of that and then you move on. To the next question and youre stuck or maybe youve narrowed it down to c or d then its likely. That d is the answer not c and perhaps most astoundingly for questions ahead either in all the above or.

None of the above answer present that answer was correct 52% of the time which means that if youre stuck. On a question and you cant narrow it down that answers your best bet now even though i had fun. Calling these findings a secret weapon of sorts i really want to emphasize that you should only use them when. Youre completely at a loss and you have to take a shot in the dark you should use every other. Technique in the book to narrow things down to give yourself some space to use that kind of a type.

Or technique because at the end of the day all youre doing is exploiting the way that people write tests. Youre not actually learning anything and youre not actually using your mental faculties to work with the actual information and. Content of the exam anyway beyond the tips in this video the most important aspect your success on any multiple-choice. Test or kind of test at all is preparation and if you want to learn how to prepare for your. Tests more effectively i actually just put together a resource on my website called the ultimate guide to acing your.

Final exams and it collects everything that ive ever made related to exam so if you havent seen all those. Videos or youre looking for a specific tip you might want to check it out you can find it on. The card on the screen right now or in the description down below beyond that if you enjoyed this video. You can give it a like to support this channel too much appreciate it and if you have additional tips. On acing your multiple choice tests that i didnt talk about right here i would love to hear from you.

Down in the comments below you want to subscribe to this channel to get new videos on being a more. Effective student every single week you can click right there and you can also click right there if you want. To get a free copy of my book on earning better grades now the recommended video this week is actually. Something related to this because its about a technique called confidence tracking that can help you even further increase your. Scores on multiple-choice tests so check it out.

Method 2 – 5 Scientifically Proven Study Tips To Ace Your Exams

When i started college my go-to mode of studying was highlighting reading and repeating until the knowledge was drilled into. My head but after i got a few tests back i quickly realized that rereading notes is a terrible way. Of studying and its not just rereading thats the problem there are countless bad study habits that we develop through. The course of our life and with finals approaching i want to lay out five scientifically proven study methods to.

Ace your exams the main problem with rereading is it familiarizes you with the tempo in the rhythm of the. Text but not always the core ideas this is what we call the illusion of knowledge its when you can. Recite a passage word-for-word but you dont fully understand the key ideas so if the structure of the sentence is. Reworded or reorganized yeah i have no idea so for example say you were preparing for an exam on the. French revolution it would help your attention if you knew the historical context in which it took place 80 years.

Prior to the revolution king louis xiv served as frances most decadent king building for himself the incredible palace of. Versailles all the while accelerating the divide between rich and poor moreover the political aftermath of the revolution left a. Power vacuum which led to the rise of napoleon just six years later and if you want to further contextualize. This information you could try drawing parallels to our modern wealth inequality and our own populist movements of today doing. This helps your brain to develop a mental models where your brain can grab hold of new information by linking.

It to old knowledge and forming a permanent bond building these mental models allows your mind to continually form new. Connections this allows your potential for new information to become virtually endless from the moment weve learned new information our. Minds are almost immediately beginning the process of forgetting so if you delay reviewing material until a couple nights before. Your exam youll have already forgotten most of the key people thats why you want to stop forgetting as soon. As youve learned something new and the best way to do that is youre testing yourself in 2007 researchers in.

Columbia illinois took eighth grade students and quizzed them at the end of every science class refresh material that they. Just learned in just three semesters a class average went from a c-plus all the way to an aim most. Study textbooks are divided neatly into subject blocks and when most of us study we zero in on one single. Section or theory and try to learn the main points and then we move on to the next subject block. This would be equivalent to me going to a basketball court and shooting only corner jump shots until ive locked.

In my form the problem with this is that single repetition learning only produces quick results what research actually suggests. Is to mix up your shot selection while practicing and as a result make your practicing much more difficult doing. This means your short-term retention will be slower but as a result your long-term progress will be much more solidified. Make no mistake this will make your study efforts much more difficult to even frustrating at first but this increased. Difficulty increases the strength of your learning so youll be much better prepared when it comes time for exams in.

The late 1950s psychologist bf skinner began to popularize the theory of errorless learning skinner believed the act of making. Mistakes is counterintuitive to learning as it teaches you to remember the mistakes rather than the correct information and the. Basics of skinners theory are still present in many classrooms today even though it goes against everything we now know. About how our minds take in information working through problems and making mistakes is an essential part of learning so. If you find yourself struggling in a math physics or language class try pushing yourself to work one section ahead.

In your curriculum struggling through these theories and illusions before you have all the steps is far more challenging but. Each class will become a review of the work youve already completed and whether or not you got the questions. Right having already attempted the material will make you much better prepared to learn and help the information stick as. You move forward if youre faced with the subject that requires long-form memorization try using a memory technique known as. The memory palace to help you remember large volumes of information the human brain isnt designed to remember long stretches.

Of text most of us will struggle to retain a number of combinations longer than seven digits but when it. Comes to remembering things like images and directions our mind is actually very good at holding on to mental imagery. The trick of the memory palace is to take a space youre familiar with and imagine a series of characters. Around it that will remind you of what youre trying to remember using a memory palace vastly increases your capacity. For holding new information so much so that the current guinness world record holder utilized the memory palace to recite.

Sixty seven thousand eight hundred and ninety digits of pi that is it for todays video guys if you liked. It make sure to hit that like button and subscribe if you want to see more content from us here. At goal guys happy studying and we will catch you in next weeks video cheers.

Method 3 – Incredibly Helpful Tips To Ace The Casper Test (And Casper Snapshot)

Hows it going guys welcome back to the channel my name is jen luca and im a second year medical. Student studying in canada but today were just gonna cut straight to the chase were talking about the casper test. But more specifically were talking about some quick tips that you guys could take with you and hopefully help you. Just crush this thing whats really awesome today is that im also joined by two fellow medical students but not.

Just fellow medical students fellow medical student youtubers i have thiago and molly that are coming on today um we. Each go to a different canadian medical school that does require the casper test and in that way i think. This is going to be really helpful because ive been talking about the casper test myself for a while now. But sometimes having that difference in opinion between people different tips from different places is really going to help out. And i mean beyond that collaboration is one of the things that is being assessed on the casper test so.

At least our theme matches the topic at the end of the video were also going to be talking about. Two tips for the casper snapshot which is brand new for 2020 so stick around to the very end if. Youre interested in that also feel free to drop the video a like if you found it helpful and if. You have any questions or comments about any of the tips that were given here today or if you have. Any questions about how to prepare for the casper test feel free to leave those in the comments section below.

Because we are going to be answering all of those so my very first tip when it comes to the. Casper test is called banking time and i actually developed this tip when i was studying for the mcat car. Section but it works just as well here one of the most common questions that i get from students is. Just how much they should be writing for each of the three questions per section on their test but i. Never really thought about it like that when i was writing the test instead what i did was i knew.

That there was five minutes allowed to answer three questions so the very first thing that i did when i. Got to a new section was read all three of the questions first and then i divided that five minutes. So that i was allowed to spend two minutes for that first question two minutes for that second question and. Then finally one minute for that third question the whole idea is to write as much as you possibly can. For that first question within that two minutes that you allowed yourself but as soon as you go over two.

Minutes you have to stop writing right away and move on to the second question but you dont necessarily need. To use all two minutes so lets say for example i was happy with my answer at the end of. The first minute and 30 seconds that i had spent for question one what i would do then is take. That remaining 30 seconds that i had allocated for myself and add it to my question bank what that meant. Is that later on if i needed a minute and a half for example to answer the third question instead.

Of the original one minute that i had given myself i now had an additional 30 seconds in my bank. That i could use to spend writing for that section there a big part about being successful on the casper. Test is learning time management and learning how to move on from previous questions so its very important that no. Matter what amount of time you have set for yourself no matter how much time you have in your bank. As soon as thats out you move on to the next question without thinking about the one that you were.

Just working on anymore hey guys i hope youve been enjoying the video so far so my tips i have. Two of them for you and the first one is uh try to start every answer to each scenario the. 12 scenarios with a phrase that goes something like this i dont want to make any assumptions without all the. Pieces of information however if this were to happen and then lay out what you which road you want to. Take right theres always multiple options if this were to happen then i would do the result what your final.

Uh reaction is gonna be right because it shows that you understand your limitations and that you dont really want. To make an assumption but given this scenario that you really dont have too much to work with you have. To make an assumption so as you lay out all the possibilities uh youre they want to see you get. To the kind of a conclusion and you just want to state though so what i do is i have. A handout and ill show you that in a bit and i have that written out on the top so.

That i know exactly what to write in every scenario and the nice thing is because uh theres multiple graders. It nobody really sees the repetitiveness of it my next tip is to grab a piece of paper and write. Down four things so right here you can see the first one is going to be your roll the second. Is type of scenario third is those involved and then the most pressing issue and on the very top i. Have that i dont want to make an assumption statement and the really nice thing is about this is that.

I had 12 sheets of these printed out so that every scenario that came up i would write down what. My role is so im a friend im a co-worker employer because that anchors in your mind who you are. And what perspective you should be viewing the scenario from and when you go to answer the questions you might. Forget your role and you dont want to do that so by writing it down it leaves your head goes. Onto the piece of paper thats one less thing you have to worry about and it helped me tremendously to.

Be honest i actually ended up not really doing the last three its kind of like if youre if you. Have that extra time or your brain process is fast then go for it my next tip is going to. Be about point form answers versus the whole sentence structured answers and really i dont think that it matters when. I wrote the casper test myself i chose to answer all of my questions in full sentences versus point form. But i do have a lot of my friends that were really successful and did get into medical school just.

By answering all of the questions in point form the tip here is that when you are practicing make sure. That you pick one method and then stick with it even on testing the last thing that you want to. Do is practice doing point form and then switch that up last second on the test day because thats another. Variable that you add in terms of things that youre uncertain about whatever youre using to practice whether thats point. Form or full sentences i really dont think that it matters ive seen both ways be successful pick one way.

And use it on the actual test as well reflect on your personal experiences so there are some casper questions. That will require you to reflect on your life experience i think its really important to spend some time reflecting. On these life experiences before you write casper so that when you do write it youre not trying to remember. The details of the experience nor are you trying to remember an experience as relevant to the question my best. Advice is to go on the internet and just search a personal interview questions and start working through them eventually.

Youll find a theme and its fine that a lot of them are similar so youll be really well prepared. For when you do the actual casper for example some questions that i prepared for include times that ive had. A conflict times that ive had to be a leader or time that ive worked in a team and my. Last tip is going to be to always collaborate with other people no matter what dont forget that above all. Else these situational judgment tests are used in the selection process for helping these institutions figure out which students are.

Going to work well with others in either medicine dentistry nursing veterinary school but it is just a test of. How youre going to interact and work with other people now there are 12 different competencies the casper is going. To be assessing for when you write the test i will have those up on screen but collaboration is just. Such an easy one to throw into every single one of your answers score a few more points no matter. The situation so if youre given an example where youre an employee lets say you could always go ahead and.

Collaborate with other employees ask them what they would do in the situation that youre in you could also go. Ahead and talk to your manager or maybe just a supervisor and really consider some other viewpoints outside of your. Own the most important thing here is that youre at least demonstrating that youre making an effort to consider every. Single possible viewpoint or as many as you can and thats going to be one of the most important things. That you could do on the entire casper test now the second part about this video is just to talk.

A little bit about casper snapshot which i said before its brand new for 2020. So none of us three. Have written or really done the casper snapshot before but thankfully molly has actually done something very similar so shes. Going to talk about that in a second my biggest tip forecast for snapshot after looking it up myself is. That i came across on the casper website that you dont need to do the snapshot on the same day.

That you write the regular casper test so after seeing that my biggest tip is to not do snapshot on. The same day that you write casper the reason being is because i remember when.

Conclusion – How To Ace A Test

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