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Method 1 – How To Ace The Act | Tips & Advice!

Hi everyone so today we have an exciting video with one of my friends george why dont you give us. A little intro about yourself sure hi everyone my name is george ellie addis im a senior i go to. Newburgh free academy newburgh new york thats like an hour north of the city i took both the sat and. A ct i will be attending actually i havent technically committed yet but i got into yale university university of.

Michigan georgia tech a local school as well as university of pennsylvanias jerome fisher m&t management technology program ill tell. You a little bit about my background with like the sat and a ct i took both tests twice i. Got a 1470 the first time that sat in a 1580 the second time and then on the a ct. I got a 30 for the first time in a 36 straight through the second time so uh im here. Today to tell you about like how i how i did it and just some things i would recommend sweet.

So actually im gonna start with our first question about how you can ensure that you hit your optimal score. On your next sitting with these tests so it seems like with both tests you did a lot better your. Second time so what did you do differently so honestly this i can tell you around i kind of knew. What was coming at me so i kind of knew instead of trying to go through like the traditional sat. Study methods everyone talks about i just knew since the questions are so repetitive im just gonna go straight through.

And take exam so i kind of just brute forced it and i think if you just work on taking. The exams themself because really it youre just its testing your ability to take an exam and its a known. Format i think if you really focus on the exam itself and taking a bunch of the exam like in. The practice situation i think that will set you up to do well your second or third time around awesome. Thanks so like what resources and materials did you use or where did you find these find these practice tests.

So i went on reddit theres a lot of stuff on reddit if you gotta like reddit a ct or. Read a ace sat youll find a lot of like resources for like just whole folders full of tests so. I just like hit those i did a lot of yeah i just did tests offer reddit to be honest. With you and how many did you take thank you for the first time around say t i took like. You know those eight that come in the book and i think that was about it in the second time.

Around it took like three or four and then for the a ct i did i came in the practice. Book and then like one or two more off or reddit before that because i kind of took my sat. And a ct the second time around like august of senior year like that this past year so i took. August sat and then september a ct so theyre like two weeks apart i didnt really have any issues because. I kind of just used my prep for this eighty to help me with a ct i followed like right.

After it okay great it seems like the sat and the acs were pretty similar to you yeah for me. I would say the a ct has much more straightforward questions as just more of them so if youre able. To like work quickly and practice actually taking the a ct for the style of questions you should be able. To to get it down pretty nicely and then what was your study strategy like when you took these tests. As you always do them time and then after you finish taking this has how do you create your answer.

And make sure that you do better the next time uh so i i took them time base yeah for. All of them i just did like the time they allow you and the way i take the tests is. Like i kind of work quickly through them so ill get the whole test down really fast and then ill. Spend the rest of the time just checking everything as far as like correcting wrong answers i kind of just. Mark them and then i told myself im gonna go see why i got it wrong and i kind of.

Never did i figured i really dont want to keep track of all this to be honest with you because. Theres a lot of different types of questions i thought my time was better spent if i just like took. More tests okay that worked i would not recommend that like that worked for me but i guess like you. Dont maybe thats not a good strategy looking back i mean i work but its not not that guaranteed not. That safe to share my what i did was after i finished taking a test i would like get mark.

The ones that i did got wrong and then i will need the answer explanation and then i think the. More explanations you read the more of like a pattern recognition you get and then you just realize i like. All of the questions fit under like one of eight categories and then you just like kind of pick up. On that the next time and you know how to pick the right answer so yeah yeah i mean i. Agree with that i didnt really like deepen like seeing what the categories were but i did kind of see.

That repetitive nature i agree 100% with that its just like learning the styles of questions okay how did you. Decide if you were gonna take the tests with or without si ah so i took the sat the first. Time around with the si i dont really remember what i got either like i may be an 18 im. Not too positive on what that number was and then like i heard that theyre not really looked at so. I kind of didnt take it on anything else sat or a ct after that so i would say like.

You could take it but a lot of colleges are taking an emphasis away from the essays oh honestly if. You really want to just focus on grinding out the multiple-choice part and hitting those hard i would say thats. A solid strategy if youre shooting for schools that dont require it so obviously just go go check to see. What the schools individual requirements are and if like a certain school i think like ucla does want it my. Friend was telling me i dont really know but uh if your school requires it then obviously you should take.

It thats what id say yeah at all but do take at least one sitting with the si so i. Did that and my sat score was literally so bad it was like fifty percent of what the full score. Is but then i ended up applying to all the ucs which require the si and i applied with that. Or and i got into all of them so i really dont think that yeah sweet okay thank you so. Much george for your time yeah not a problem thank you.

Method 2 – Score A 36 On The Act Math | 8 Easy Tips For A Perfect Score Without Studying

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Method 3 – 10 Act Prep Tips, Tricks, And Strategies To Skyrocket Your Act Score

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Method 4 – The Best Act Science Strategies And Tricks That Helped Me Improve 15 Points

Okay guys so today were gonna be talking about the a ct science section and how i was able to. Improve my science score from a 19 to a 34 so science is actually one section that many students have. A very hard time with when they start studying for the a ct when they start prepping like i did. I started out getting a 19 on the a ct science section but with a lot of practice in with.

Strategy development and some skill development as well which well discuss in this video you can improve your science score. By a lot and my experience with doing that is what im gonna be talking about in this video so. Ill outline what exactly this video is going to look like ill start out by giving you guys a few. Advanced strategies that i use in the process of improving my science score not just the regular strategies of you. Know skimming and you know that kind of stuff but some really in-depth advanced and easy to use things that.

You can start doing right now to start getting that improvement that youre looking for then ill show you how. You can apply those strategies to actual passages and see those strategies in action to you know get an idea. Of what the actual application of those strategies is going to be for you and how it was for me. And thatll help you get a better idea of the best way that you can use those strategies to get. Your improvement lastly ill go over some common acct science question types that show up a lot on the acct.

Science exam and that if you master and look out for youll be giving your score a huge boost because. These are very common question types on all a ct science exams for this coming year before we get into. The video make sure that you subscribe and hit the notification bell below so that next time we make an. A ct strategy prep or a view of video you get notified so before we get into the strategies and. The actual content ill give you guys a basic introduction into the a ct science section so the a ct.

Science section tests you on your ability to read analyze and report information presented to you in the form of. Scientific graphs figures tables just scientific passages in general so you have to read this information analyze it extrapolated manipulate. It and then report it through these questions that theyre gonna ask you youre gonna have 40 questions you have. To answer in 35 minutes and theres going to be about six or seven passages on any ect science exam. Moving on to strategies so the first strategy is to skim and skim as fast as possible so weve heard.

This before that skimming can really help on the a ct reading section as well as the a ct science. Section because you have a huge time crunch and you have a lot of content that you need to get. Through and read and analyze and answer about so theres a huge time crunch on the science section so skimming. Really helps but im not just gonna tell you to skim because you know thats a thats a kind of. A well-known tip that everyone uses already theres more that you can do more than just skimming you might even.

Be wondering what does that word skimming even mean so when i think of skimming i think of the term. Passage glancing thats the way i define skimming so if you have a passage right and you have all this. Content you need to read through instead of going through and reading everything in depth just look at all of. The components of the passage look at the tables look at the graphs look at the text that youre provided. With and dont try to interpret and understand all the little details just look at it and what this allows.

You to do is two things first youre not interpreting all those details that you dont need because theres a. Lot of details that are in the passage that are not going to be asked about in the questions you. Dont need to know every single detail on the passage to answer those questions so just get a basic understanding. And move on and the second thing that that glancing action allows you to do is get some understanding of. Whats going on glancing also helps you get a better understanding of the passages organization and where the main ideas.

And main relationships and variables are located so if you glanced over the passage and you skim over it quickly. And you focus on the right areas to glance over then youll be getting the perfect amount of understanding spending. Not too much time getting that understanding and giving yourself plenty of time to answer those questions so when youre. Doing this passage glancing thing just look over the main parts of the passage look over the graphs tables and. The texts now what exactly should you be looking for when youre doing this passage glancing thing thats what our.

Next two tips are about so the first thing that youre going to have to do when youre glancing through. These passages is you have to pick up relationships and variables in the passages now as we said you could. Just read all these passages in depth but in order to get the fastest understanding of the science texts just. Analyze and take note of relationships and variables that you see in those passages and how those variables are related. So when you see a line graph for example instead of trying to understand everything thats going on with the.

Line graph and how it works just take note of the x and y axis labels so you know what. The units are and move on from there thats the basic general understanding of that figure that you need so. That if youre asked about those two variables and how theyre related you know which figure to refer to so. Again just focus on getting a quick understanding of the relationships and variables in passages and this usually comes from. Just taking note of those variables within their respective figures the second thing you have to do when passage glancing.

Is if youre provided with multiple experiments trials or figures within the same passage you must find differences between different. Passage elements so what does this mean lets say that youre given a passage that has different experiments that are. Being done it says you know theres this is experiment one this is experiment two this is experiment three well. Youre going to be asked about what are the similarities and differences between those experiments because theyre not all going. To be the same theyre all gonna have certain variables or relationships that are a bit different so you need.

To take note of those differences because they will be asked about if we look at the last a ct. Practice exam that was released by the a ct writers a 2018-2019 version 10 out of the 40 questions were. Directly testing on differences between different passage elements so you can see that doing this is very very important to. Answering a large chunk of these questions correctly so when youre skimming when your passage glancing remember relationships and variables. And the second thing you need to look out for is differences between passage elements well discuss some examples of.

These and how you can look for them in the next part of the video all right now were gonna. Discuss the three main a ct science passage types as well as demonstrate how you can use these strategies that. We just discussed for the three passage types individually because they are a bit different and your approach for each. Of them is gonna have to be a little bit different as well lets start by discussing the three passage. Types so the first one is data representation this is the most simple of the three and youre just simply.

Given one or two tables or figures and you have to analyze that data and simply answer questions about it. Theres nothing too complicated here just remember that data representation passages are characterized by the fact that youre given data. From only one experiment or one observation and this is important because the next passage type which is research summaries. Is just about the exact same except in research summaries youre given more than one experiment or study within the. Same passage so this means that in research summaries youll have a passage that has different experiments that are similar.

That are being done within the same passage and relating to the same topic and this is where that finding. Differences strategy really really comes in youre going to use the same rules of skimming but in research summaries passages. Since there are different experiments that are similar but not the same youre absolutely absolutely going to be asked about. The differences between those experiments and what those differences mean so again when youre skimming through these passages take note. Of those differences because they will be asked about and usually those differences just come in the form of a.

Different independent variable or a different dependent variable and well discuss what this means when we go through an actual. Research summaries passage the last passage type is conflicting viewpoints in conflicting viewpoints passages youre given different viewpoints about a. Certain scientific topic each of these viewpoints will be at least a little bit different and youre gonna have to. Read through these viewpoints and find the similarities and differences and answer questions about those things so again its all. About reading in depth and finding those differences and i actually do not recommend that you skim for conflicting viewpoints.

Passages because getting an in-depth understanding of what each opinion is saying is very very important and there isnt too. Much text you can read through it fairly quickly and still have time to answer your questions but the strategy. Of finding differences is extremely important here more so than any other passage type all right now what were gonna. Do is go through each of these passages in real time and demonstrate how to use these strategies so well. Start with this passage that we have here this is a data representation passage and well just skim through it.

And get that basic understanding as quickly as possible so if you just skim the little passage at the top. Of the page you can pick up some key words such as concentration of methane i talks about earths surface. Over the last certain number of years solar radiation intensity so its talking about all these things and basically you. Get the idea that over a certain number of years you have this figure that demonstrates concentration of this gas. Methane in the earths atmosphere it also talks about solar radiation intensity over this time period and thats all that.

Figure one is so if we like a figure one we want to get an understanding of it just based. On the figure itself if we look at the units we have years at the bottom radiation intensity on the. Left and concentration of methane on the right and each of them has their own graph that you can see. From the key thats right there and then figure two it says that its about the exact same type of. Graph just over a shorter period of time so again we see the same exact units intensity on the left.

Concentration on the right and years on the bottom and we have our graphs there too so it just took. About a minute and we have a basic understanding of what this passage is saying you can see how we. Took note of the units that the figures are talking about and from there we derived that okay theres some. Sort of relationship between years and these two dependent variables of concentration and intensity so with data representation its pretty. Simple just get the basic gist of the passage at the top if there is one and when you look.

At the figures look at units take note of those and try to extrapolate any relationship that you see while. You are reading just get the general understanding of how that specific figure contributes to the passage in the passengers. Meaning so the next passage type will demonstrate is a research summaries passage so in this one right off the. Bat you can see that theres various experiments within the same passage itself so theres experiments 1 2 & 3. And theyre all going to be a little bit different so were gonna make sure we take note of those.

Differences when were reading so if you read their little description on the top just glance through it youll maybe. Pick up some things about what an acid-base indicator is what a transition range is and how it relates to. That it also talks about the ph values that are being used and how the well plates are being used. In the experiment not super critical information but its good to just look at it and take note of it. And remember where it is now in experiment one if we just skim through it we get different values that.

Its talking about and talks about the actual process and how theyre looking for these output colors bg opr and. Why based on these different indicators that they are using as inputs and theyre using ph values of 1 through. 7 so thats experiment 1 okay now lets we want to looking at experiments 2 & 3 and see if. There are any different or how they are different so experiment 2 says right off the bat experiment 1 was. Repeated with solutions that had a ph of 8 or higher so that explicitly tells you the difference between 2.

& 1 dont need to worry about finding any other differences you dont actually have to look at the results. Because its the exact same type of table you dont need to know what the results themselves are until youre. Asked about them through any of the questions so again as long as you have the basic understanding of what. The table is trying to say and what its significance is in the passage then youre fine you dont need. Any more understanding so an experiment 3 its kind of the same thing except you just dont know the ph.

Values so these colors these solutions 1 2 three and four kind of match up with one of these columns. Zero through 14 we just dont know which one it would be because the ph value has to be from. Zero to 14 and the passage is just saying we dont know what it is so thats the basic understanding. You need of this passage experiment one is the base experiment you have ph 137 experiment two is the same. Thing with ph eight or greater and experiment 3 is the third variation where you do not know the ph.

So thats all the understanding you need we know the inputs we know the outputs we know that the inputs. Are these different indicators we know the outputs are the color values that were getting the ph also can be. Considered an input so if you have an understanding of those main general things then youre fine to go on. And answer the questions so our last passage type is the conflicting viewpoints passage so in this one you can. See its a lot of text and we have these three hypotheses that we have to read through and find.

Differences between to answer the questions so lets just start by skimming through the first part of the passage the. Top paragraph so it tells us about these butterflies that migrate to mexico where they stay for the winter they. Accumulate lipids or fats to use as energy later the hypotheses are just about how exactly or one exactly the. Butterflies store their lipids and for what use so hypothesis one lets go and read what its about they require. Energy from stored lipids for migration during the overwintering period first or lipids at the beginning during migration they use.

Those lipids and their masks continuously decreases then they reach the overwintering sites and the migration and store lipids again. So thats hypothesis one and well use that as the base hypothesis for the next two will just look for. Anything thats different than that so hypothesis two starts out the exact same but then it says but not during. The overwintering period so thats immediately right off the bat one difference that we can take note of then it. Talks about the butterfly stored lipids before they begin their migration thats a similarity between the first and the second.

During migration as store the bits are converted energy lipid mass decreases thats a similarity because energy from stored lipids. Is not required during the overwintering period the butterflies do not store lipids while at the sites so the main. Difference between one and two is what happens at the sites what happens at the very end once the butterfly. Has reached the overwintering sites hypothesis one says they restore lipids and get more and hypothesis two says that they. Dont need them while theyre at the overwintering sites so they do not get more now lets go on to.

Hypothesis three cuz we have cleared up the differences between one and two monarch butterflies require energy from stored lipids. But not for migration so thats the main difference between three and two and one then it says the butterflies. Do not store lipids before they begin so thats another difference instead lipids are stored during migration as the migration. Happens lipid mass continues that increases from the beginning the butterflies arrive and they have enough to go through the. Over once you create so they need lipids over the overwintering period so they do not store lipids while at.

The overwintering sites so thats a completely different hypothesis from two and one to just had one difference between one. But three is completely flipped so thats the one that has the most differences between the others so thats really. All you have to do for the last passage type just take note of differences dont focus on getting the. Most in-depth understanding of what theyre trying to say because a lot of the times in these conflicting viewpoints passages. The information is going to be really advanced and its not testing you and understanding its testing you and your.

Ability to analyze what theyre saying and extrapolate information usually that information you have to extrapolate is differences or similarities. Between their viewpoints thats all it is so thats it for the three main passage types now what well do. Is go through some common question types to get you a better understanding of the kind of questions you can. Expect on test day and what to look for the first and most common question on the 2019 2020 a. Ct science exam is going to be that related to finding differences between one thing and another ive already talked.

About this a lot and it shows up a lot on these science exams im not gonna elaborate any further. Because ive talked about it too much so far but just find differences as many differences as you can between. Different passage elements whenever you have to so that means research summaries passages and conflicting viewpoints passages take note of. Differences because they are your best friend to answering these questions correctly and again like i said up to 25. Percent of these questions will likely be finding differences between one thing and another one passage element or another one.

Table one graph one experiment and another so watch out for differences because you will be asked about them as. For the rest of the question types now in the past there were more different question type patterns and question. Type forms that you could take note of and see but in this coming 2019 2020 a ct exam it. Seems as if most of the other questions are just basic content extrapolation manipulation and analysis its just basic understanding. Of the graphs and the only way to improve that skill that understanding is by practicing so theres really nothing.

Else you can do other than using these strategies besides practicing so make sure you take a lot of practice. Tests there are some link in the description below but those are your best friend when it comes to answering. These details questions correctly because the rest of the questions are basically just testing you on details different aspects of. The passage things that you have to go back and look up while youre answering questions the more familiar youll. Become with the kind of analysis that theyre asking you to do perhaps predicting some information based on a trend.

For example or doing something else like that and the more you practice it and the better youll get at. It so thats all we have for today guys thank you for watching through the whole video if you want. To see more a ct prep content like this just check out the rest of our videos on our channel. As well as the links below it from our website we have free practice exams a free dct skill study. Guide and a lot more stuff there on our website for you guys to check out if you want to.

See me solve through 15 really really hard ect math problems click the link in the description below and again. Theres.

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