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Method 1 – 790 On The Practice Gmat In Two Weeks

Hey guys whats up its brian here and today i wanted to take some time to talk about the gmat. So a few months ago i wanted to apply to graduate school i wanted to pursue an mba after getting. My degree in computer science and thought that it might be worth applying to some 2+2 programs in which i. Worked for two years and then i go to school for two years and get my degree in that process.

Of course one of the biggest first hurdles is taking the gmat the general management admissions test and i hadnt. Taken a standardized test since of course high school but i recall that standardized tests were pretty hackable in a. Way they followed some rigid routine structure the questions were all able to be studied for and you would see. Almost exactly what to expect on the test and as long as you mimic the testing conditions you could generally. Score decently and im not gonna test i had test anxiety all throughout college i failed a lot of tests.

And in general my grades only survived because of projects and homeworks so when it came time for the gmat. I knew that i needed to do my homework i needed to study well and i needed to make sure. That i felt as comfortable as possible in the testing environment whats interesting is that the gmat is a computer. Aided test in which you take it on the computer at the testing center everyone puts on you know noise. Canceling headphones you just have your screen everyones that kind of a private cubicle so its very different than a.

Lot of other testing environments that ive been in now in doing my research to prepare for the gmat some. Shocking things i found was a lot of people spend six months to a year studying for the single exam. I found that pretty ridiculous realistically most of us dont have six months to a year to quit our jobs. Or quit studying and focus on this one test and spend thousands of dollars for véra test prep gmat prep. Some private tutor and i think that theres a way to take the test in which that most of your.

Points can come from just understanding what the questions are asking for and applying some common sense to it largely. The tests especially like integrated reasoning and the essay is just common sense and the cookie cutter structure the other. Thing is that i decided to take it with only two weeks left to study so i basically spent a. Day just trying to min/max every possible way that i could study for the test where my effort abisco how. Will i best get point and and i think that actually paid off for me i went from i have.

The numbers here a 7/10 on my first practice tests after studying a little bit to a 750 760 and. Then i finished with a 790 on my practice test number for the highest possible score you can get on. A practice test gmat and even more so i did this without paying for any type of textbook tutoring online. Coaching online course anything i literally just did this with free answers from gmat prep for me and by just. Paying for that actual test the actual test comes with test one and two and then i paid an extra.

I think $60 for test three and four so this is basically the cheapest possible way you can study for. The gmat and still try to attain that high of a score now of course everyone comes in with different. Levels of knowledge different you know pacing ways of studying so this is just how i personally got a 790. On the practice gmat i dont think that this will work for everyone necessarily but hopefully theres some information that. People can take away as to how to study efficiently for the gmat because the gmat is you know not.

Your business course your cs course or your medical tests that you were studying for the gmat is just a. Short blip in your life ideally and not this one year $5,000 thing its literally just the entrance exam to. Be able to then write your essays which matter more and recommendations to get into graduate school so okay now. Lets kind of dive into what was going on in my life and my background and how i got the. 790 within two weeks so first off i was a student at uc berkeley so i already had that going.

For me that i had a decent understanding of english and math which is what everything around this test is. Based upon furthermore i was a computer science major in college which helps with the integrated reasoning understanding graphs and. Understanding some more of these kind of spatial math problems that are tricky on the gmat but i think that. Despite what the tests prep forms or test prep advisors might try to scare people into saying that theres these. Very hard complex math problems or language parts to understand ill just take months and months of solidifying and understanding.

There still is a way to tackle the gmat without even fully knowing what these questions are even about so. First the test will give you some order that you can take it in i always did integrated reasoning verbal. Quantitative and then i took my essay at the end but id actually like to start with the essay first. And breaking down how to ace the gmat so ive never scored less than the highest possible score in my. Essay in both the online practice essays which you can feed into a robot online some random free websites auto.

Grade and im the actual official grading so here ive written down what i found about the essay and how. To get that highest possible score without even thinking about writing an essay so first it will basically give you. The same generic style prompt which if youve done any prep before youll know what that is it will basically. Ask you to identify the topic summarize the evidence and respond to it you want to list the flaws about. The argument in almost every single scenario theres usually one to two major flaws which they expect you to find.

And three to five minor flaws which are helpful to write your essay with and these flaws are always of. Some form of this and these flaws always follow some sort of cause and effect and sorry for looking over. Here but im reading from my notes right now there will be some cause and effect so x causes y. When y occurs or x causes y when y causes x or another example of statistics another argument is that. You know a sample may not be representative of an entire population we see this a lot in politics business.

Anything in our lives another thing is an analogy sometimes the original question might try to draw a conclusion when. Theres not enough similarities and they just basically grasping for straws and they want you to call that out some. Of the random other things you might find are just a zhun stance ciated add subs assumptions vague words it. Ignores supply and demand fundamentals or they just drawing the authors drawing a strong conclusion on very weak evidence so. Once you find the flaw in the argument which should be pretty clear for example the prompt may go something.

Like this johnny drops his ice cream every day on the way home from school one day johnny doesnt draw. Up his ice cream a car crash occurs thus johnny dropping his ice cream every day on the way home. From school prevents car crashes is this argument valid or is there a flaw in the authors the gmat will. Want you to say there is a flaw in the authors assumption and lists the reasons why and now for. The actual essay you can make an outline and then begin writing from it within that 30-minute time frame that.

Will completely answer what the gmat wants to see in a very easy to memorize structure once youve drawn those. One or two major points out of the argument first you tell them what you plan to say you tell. Them you want to pray paraphrase argument you state that its flawed and you conclude that the argument says x. On y however it fails to x comma y but also something about z now that structure might sound confusing. But feel free to write it down and process it over a few times in your head basically what youre.

Saying is the author concludes x on some flawed assumption but they in fact forgot to include not just a. Proper evaluation of y but also some others existential factors z so the next step of the essays you want. To say it improve it to do that i would recommend two to three paragraphs and a strong conclusion so. What you do is in your first paragraph you literally so what you do in your first body paragraph you. Literally just call out the strongest flaw in the argument and then as you work your way down the essay.

They become more and more minor flaws until you finish with the conclusion summarizing at all so in the first. Paragraph second third anything talk tackling these arguments you might want to just say save the biggest flaw state the. Example state maybe a counter example indicate why thats a weak extrapolation and how that might relate the prompts will. Probably not be about donny in his ice cream but instead be about you know shipping logistics farming manufacturing scientific. Research some other type of flaw in the argument and then in the last paragraph you want to explain how.

To strengthen the argument and then evaluate the conclusion and i always every single time wrote this exact sentence i. Would recommend that you write this exact sentence too unless you think of some better way to write it this. Sentence is as it stands however the argument is flawed for the reasons indicated and then you can write either. More before after but somewhere in the conclusion i would include that last sentence that sentence is a strong way. Of basically stating that hey this argument by the author sucks and now as you type all of this in.

Both your practice tests or your actual exam note that i would spend maybe five to ten minutes on the. Discussion points 20 minutes actually writing it and then only two to five minutes proofreading so if you find that. Youre slow at reading or typing thats something that you actually want to focus on now as you study just. Whether its reading books online articles or proofreading other peoples essays that is something thats very crucial and something that. I personally have just written a lot of essays recently so im fine with another major note is there are.

Some glaring mistakes to an essay that arent grammar related necessarily such as commas or punctuation but rather dont use. I dont use i anywhere throughout the essay dont say i think i think they should do this or that. Or i think that the arguments author sucks you wont express it in a professional way as if you were. Writing some type of business or research document so feel free to use transition words feel free to say the. Author the argument the evidence but dont say i think anywhere throughout the essay so once again to reiterate on.

The essay basically the skeleton of the essay should look like an introduction thats three to four sentences long and. Paraphrase is the argument and states why its flawed and concludes x and wine z and then body paragraph one. Which should be the biggest flaw in the argument number two the second biggest flaw which will always exist and. Then paragraph three can be any a number of minor points that you find that may or may not exist. According to what the gmat wants to see and then the conclusion should include as it stands the argument is.

Flawed blah blah blah and whats interesting about this essay is why the structure works is it gives the greater. Something very easy to see only one person grades your essay and the second point of view grading it is. A robot actually so basically some type of optimized algorithm to see if the essay seems valid or not so. If you only have a person grading your essay for maybe 30 seconds to a minute and then going on. To the next paper they want to see very clear easy to read structure introduction first argument second argument third.

Argument conclusion as it stands argument is flawed this should basically be a guaranteed maximum score on the team for. You if you follow these points of course theres no guarantees but for me personally i worked on foreign practice. Tests plus an actual gmat so i think that this is a great way to basically compartmentalize the scariness of. That essay section know how youre gonna tackle it immediately and then just toss it aside and focus on the. Harder vocab grammar vocabulary words and mathematics portions of the exam so moving on to the quantitative section whats interesting.

Is its basically just problem-solving data fists efficiency and doing well on it basically involves pure practice problems you basically. Need to go to gmat form after you get every problem wrong and then go review that problem what the. Topic was about and see if it was about you know ratio problems scores of 1 through 20 divisibility rules. Rates of change overlapping sets of right triangles or inequalities and the way that gmat presents these questions is always. This one is right this is right both of them are right neither are right or none of the above.

And you have to classify if this problem falls into type one of those type of sets again i dont. Really have any specific examples and i could make a video diving into those specific examples later but what you. Want to do is do the tests do one official gmat practice test after you buy your admission to the. Exam you should go through it entirely blind see how you score every problem that you got right and wrong. See what you got right what seems to be strong in your knowledge what you got wrong and then go.

To some forum free forum dont pay for anything seriously dont pay for anything every question on some past gmat. Or practice test your textbook is online in an internet somewhere you can classify what you got wrong to what. Degree was it an easy medium or hard problem and then start quantifying it that way and then actually trying. To solidify your understanding so for example if ive got a problem wrong regarding rate of change i did maybe. Five to ten rate of change problems on the forum before i felt like i was ready to go on.

To the next step and i did this between every practice test so this is partially why my practice test. Score improves so rapidly within two weeks but before i get to that im going to touch on one last. Point about the verbal section which is the verbal section is basically high school english on steroids if youve taken. The sat its kind of like that its basically you know misplace modifiers dangling sentences squinting pronoun verb structures agreements. All of that beautiful jazz its really boring to me and i think that no matter what i say in.

This video what the best way to learn that is is to sit down try the problems yourself go to. A gmat forum like i said again and then if you dont know any part of an english sentence structure. Any part of you know the vocabulary or rare words you should learn that first do some practice problems before. You try to move one easy level problems will usually come at the first ten questions of your exam and. Then ill switch to medium and hard so the exam is very gamea belit will not throw you the hardest.

Problem initially you basically want to be consistently getting correct questions on the gmat getting a hard question doesnt mean. Any more correctness an exam as an easy question does as long as youre consistently scoring correct on the questions. Up until maybe the 20th question you will score well on the gmat i know for sure that i didnt. Score well in the last few questions of any section on the gmat and i still scored a 740 on. The actual exam so with that said lets move on to how to basically game the gmat to score as.

Was you can within two weeks in my case i only use for practice exams but i would recommend use. Anywhere from four to the maximum six on the website you can take each exam once through and then you. Can reset them all and then take each one again a second time so realize that every test youre taking. Only has two possible tries but once youve taken an exam you kind of know what to expect and what. You got right or wrong in the back of your head so i didnt redo it at all i just.

Took one two three and four and then i was done and when and took the live gmat two days. Later so how i view it is the first test you take is your diagnostics test take it in a. Controlled environment follow the time properly dont pause it at all dont google or look anything up seriously its not. About how well you want to see yourself score its about what you will actually score when you go to. The test center i have friends that have scored above 700 on that first section i had friends that score.

Below of 500 on that section they followed my advice and all of them got above a 600 at least. On the actual exam and a 600 may not even sound good you know a 700 may not sound good. But from just my advice they scored that much while test prep centers will only necessarily guarantee you 30 or. 50 points and youre paying two to three thousand dollars to guarantee 30 to 50 points while you can spend. Two weeks following this method and score like a hundred point increase so once youve taken your first diagnostics test.

Follow what i said earlier in the video go through every problem see what you did right or wrong quantify. Them write it down in some excel spreadsheet or some note document like i have here and really keep track. Of your progress every single day this should take about three hours a day to do test a prep on. Days that youre not taking the gmat practice exam online which should be i dont know every few days or. Whenever you feel comfortable you should be spending all of that time on just practice problems now i dont think.

I spent any really full day studying for this because i studied for this while i was taking a full. Load of college classes working a job as a teacher and managing the rest of my life but you need. A solid three hours a day for two weeks to actually feel solid about the material so after maybe six. To ten hours of prep after your first diagnostics test you should feel confident on the easy level questions for. Sure you dont have to worry so much about the medium or hard and if you dont understand some really.

Obscure problem with prime numbers or some obscure vocabulary where its fine its not the end of the world those. Questions wont kill your score but what will kill your score is not acing the easy level questions so as. You come into test number two realize that what matters is my consistency can i get my easy level questions. Out like that am i doing them on time well am i struggling with them or feeling unsure about myself. And if you are you need to focus on fixing that before you take three or four for sure from.

What i did with that method between test number one and two i saw a score increase of 40 points. I i went from a 36 on my verbal to 45 on my verbal that was the biggest jump because. I was questioning myself about basic concepts in english of course ive spoken english all my life i grew up. In the bay area i went to a good school but you dont really know the rules of english until. You explicitly try to look them up in a dictionary or are tested about them into some standardized test i.

Didnt even quite followed my own advice between test number two and three and i just kind of you know. Goofed around a little bit thought you know a 750 is good enough lets just study a little bit and. Try it again and what i ended up getting was i got a 760 my math improved a little bit. My english stayed the same and thats fine but a 760 on our practice tests will probably mean that you. Lose 40 to 50 points on the real exam from just you know the exam is different the committee that.

Runs the gmat will be on always changing the exam to try to make sure that its not as hackable. As i say it is so you will lose 40 to 50 points on an actual exam from stress you. Know using the bathroom just not being familiar the tests changed whatever thats fine but knowing that i would probably. Lose 40 to 50 points i didnt think a 760 was enough for me to feel comfortable with where i. Wanted to get in for college so i buckled down i followed my advice to myself again really hard and.

I spent maybe a week studying on gmat forms only and then i retook the test again for the last. Time again i took this all in a controlled environment noise cancelling headphones on in my apartment i didnt let. Anyone disturb me i didnt have any other tabs i just fullscreen the window and focus on this practice gmat. And what i ended up giving getting was funny enough a seven on the integrated reasoning so it actually dropped. One point but i scored a 49 on the verbal and a 51 on the quantitative which is extremely high.

I think you can only score one point higher on the quantitative and i scored a total for a 790. And as far as ive seen thats the highest possible score attainable on a gmat practice test people who say. They have got an eight hundreds have been disproven by the actual gmat committee as 800 shouldnt be a truly. Attainable score the intention of the exam is just to not be a hundred percent solvable and you should always. Get at least one question wrong otherwise the exam is too easy according to the committee knowing that i had.

A 790 i felt confident right i couldnt go higher i could just keep taking tests to see if i. Was consistent and if you have time i recommend you do that too but i just simply didnt have time. I had to focus on my classes that were staggering or my relationships are just working out so i decided. That that was enough i was happy with my score i felt confident enough and i want to take in. The test and i will talk about taking the tests and what it was actually like to take the test.

And why my score did drop 50 points between my practice at home and live at the test centre but. That will be my next video so stay tuned if anything in this video was confusing ill try to address. It in the comments or in a follow-up video maybe after this first video about practice tests my second video. About the live exam and ill probably do a third video about why i decided not to go pursue an. Mba in the end so if you have any questions comments concerns posts out an s or the subsequent videos.

And then ill make a q&a video or host some type of q&a session about this so thank you for. Watching i hope you have a good rest of your day and good luck with studying if youre watching this. Video peace.

Method 2 – 9 Tips For A 700+ Gmat Score

Erricka here with props caller jima if youre taking the gmat you might be aiming for a total score of. 700 or above a 700 plus score can open doors to many top schools distinguish you on applications to slightly. Less competitive programs and provide opportunities to earn mba funding from merit scholarships however according to data from gmat those. Are the makers of the gmat only 12% of gmat test takers score 700 or above so how can you.

Get that coveted 7 at the beginning of your score in this video ill go over the top 9 tips. For cracking 700 on the gmat including general strategies for every test taker and more specific strategies based on common. Issues tip number one be realistic if youre trying to boost your score by a hundred points the night before. The test you probably arent going to be successful good gmat study takes time similarly if youve done a lot. Of study so far and already improved your score by a significant margin youre going to have a harder time.

Improving your score even further than someone who just learned what data sufficiency know what a good score means for. You and for the schools that youre interested tip number two be consistent and intentional like i mentioned before you. Cant cram for the jena ten hours of study spaced out over five days is going to be much more. Effective than 20 hours of study in two days aim for consistency and repetition of concepts to help your brain. Make connections it means its also a really good idea to make study goals based on accomplishments rather than time.

Spent for example rather than saying im going to study for an hour a better goal would be im going. To take and review 20 data interpretation practice problems tip number three use the best materials there are a lot. Of gmat materials out there but not all of them are good you want to make sure that youre studying. The right skills the right traps the right difficulty and even the right phrasing for the real gmat test official. Gmac materials are the best for this i highly recommend using the free gmat prep software as practice tests if.

You need more practice be sure to pick material that is up-to-date and accurate to the test itself tip number. Four focus on high quality study over high-volume study taking a practice test or drilling practice problems is good prep. But the most effective prep comes afterward when you carefully review the problems you missed skipped or guessed on it. Really isnt useful to drill more problems if youre just going to make the same mistakes all over again if. You make a mistake in your study your next goal should be to figure out one why the correct answer.

Is right to why your answer is wrong three where you went wrong and four how to never make that. Mistake again individual tutoring with the jima expert can be incredibly helpful for doing this kind of analysis however if. Your self studying gmat focused forums and online communities are a great resource for explanations of problems that you are. Struggling with tip number five practice self-analysis pretty much everyone has patterns to study effectively you need to figure out. What your patterns are if you dont youll often end up focusing your time and memory on things that arent.

Important for you to study and missing things at all test study is not one-size-fits-all as you study keep track. Of what kinds of questions youre missing and why youre missing them a superficial analysis like critical reasoning is hard. Really isnt going to do you a lot of favors but something like i get tripped up by passages without. Obvious transition words or wrong answer choices that focus on miss readings of the text will actually get you somewhere. To do this you need to think like a test maker with a lot of effort and the support of.

Free resources you can often do this kind of diagnosis on yourself but if youre still struggling to pinpoint and. Improve your weaknesses get help tutoring and some personalized programs can help you build the kind of study plan that. Will work best for you and no one else tip number six prepare for test day not just the test. A really common thing that i hear from students is that they do well in practice tests but then on. Test day everything goes wrong and their score plummets so what happened students often neglect to prepare for test conditions.

In addition to test material its critical to get used to standard testing conditions for example in your practice you. Should have time yourself you should practice doing the whole test in one sitting do the test on a computer. Dont use a calculator etc this will make sure that nothing throws you off on tests at this kind of. Study can also help you practice managing your testing anxiety and keeping calm under test conditions be sure to take. Steps the morning of the test like doing a few practice problems eating a good breakfast taking a quick walk.<.>

Conclusion – How To Ace The Gmat

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