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Method 1 – Advice On Taking The Lsat From An Lsat Prep Course Instructor (Who Got 3 Perfect Scores!)

As an expert all about that outside to give any tips for internationals what are some mistakes that students make. While studying for the lsat hi everyone welcome back to my channel in todays video im going to be doing. In ask an expert all about that lsat so if youre new here my name is brittany and im a. Lawyer living in the bay area or specifically silicon valley i have graduated from law school back in 2014 so.

Its been about five or six years i took the lsat in 2009 so it was ten years ago so. I dont remember a lot about the actual lsat and thats why i thought it would be great to talk. To an actual expert and so i spoke with dave hall who is the founder of velocity test prep its. An online lsat course hes taking the lsat nine times and hes gone a perfect 180 score three of those. Times so i think he knows a little bit about what hes talking about and of course if you guys.

Are interested in taking his online course ill leave my discount code below that way you get a discount if. You want to take his course i also want to have a disclaimer that all the information i have is. Me summarizing the information that he gave to me and so if i misrepresented anything you know thats on me. And not on him so i just want to make that disclaimer before we get started so in this video. Im going to break up the questions into three categories the first category will be general questions about the lsat.

And then questions about how to study and then the last category are more about resources that you can use. If youre studying for the lsat so lets get started the first category of questions is general questions about the. Lsat the first question that was asked is whats the difference between the lsat or the gre and is one. Better than the other so if you guys dont know some law schools actually accept the gre as well as. The lsat and so a lot of people think because the gre you might be a little easier or because.

You can take from multiple grad programs its better to take the gre so daves answer was that yes although. Both arent accepted at law schools really the lsat is more beneficial because you can set yourself apart more if. You take the lsat since its more difficult if you think about it if two tests are not created equally. And ones easier than the other even though you do well the other one if you dont take the other. One almost like they dont know if you would have done well on a more difficult test plus the lsat.

Is more well tested its been around for longer and not all law schools take the gre why would you. Want to limit her options and you could take the lsat and be able to apply to all the law. Schools that you would like dave also thinks that law schools feel that the lsat is a better predictor of. If you will do well in law school and really thats what theyre looking for the next question is how. Many times is it okay to take the lsat so a days opinion is that you can take it as.

Many times as youre able and i know it changes and it just changed recently but i believe its three. Times in a test year or five times within five consecutive years or seven times total in your lifetime of. Course you want to aim to take it once and do your best and thats why a prep course is. Recommended but if you take it once and you dont get a great score dont be afraid to take it. Again and law schools understand that the lsat is difficult and taking it again just shows you how much you.

Can improve basically dont take the lsat as a test run you want to make sure you are completely prepared. Before you take it for the first time now we can try and do your best but if something happens. Or you feel like you can improve definitely taking in a second time is perfectly fine and if law school. Is trying to decide between you and someone else but youve got a higher test score and even though you. Took it twice obviously you will probably have a leg up so next i asked him what are the top.

Three false assumptions about the lsat his first one is that all you have to do is take a lot. Of lsat questions now of course the more you do things the better youll get but its not the most. Efficient way of studying he said that while you do want to do a lot of questions you want to. Make sure youre doing them with an eye towards figuring out the right answer so i dont ive talked about. This in my other lsat video but basically looking over your the questions that you got wrong or even the.

Questions that you got right and ill talk a little bit about that later as well but you dont want. To just do a lot of questions you want to make sure you are reviewing your answers and figuring out. Why you got it right or wrong the next false assumption is that to succeed in the game section you. Need to be good with deductive leaps he said thats actually not true really what youre looking for our patterns. So you want to follow the rules in a pattern and visual way the last false assumption is that the.

Lsat is only for smart people and its a testament telogen now well of course smart people do well on. The lsat theres also plenty of people who arent traditionally smart that also do well and thats because its a. Test that really tests your pattern recognition and patterns youre going to hear this term over and over again throughout. This video but if you learn how to spot the patterns you can do well even though you may not. Be a traditional smart or intelligent person in your eyes so dont feel like this is a test to test.

Your intelligence or make you feel bad if you dont do well the first time because anyone can do well. On the lsat so the next question is is it better to take a prep course or do self-study so. Of course days answer was that a prep course is better but i actually agree because unless youre very disciplined. Even if youre disciplined in order to set up your schedule and study well the benefit of a prep course. Is that youre learning from someone thats already done it the arty knows everything and in daves courses case you.

Could take it on your own pace and you can do it online from the comfort of your own home. So you dont have to go out somewhere for example like i did a kathleen course i had to go. To a class like several times a week and when youre learning about it from someone whos an expert theyre. Able to explain things to you and explain patterns to you in a way thats more easily understandable so why. Wouldnt you wanna prepare yourself by learning from an expert so i know a lot of you guys are international.

Students and a question was do you have any tips for international students and in terms of law school admissions. Daves answer was to always write a diversity statement and not only if youre an international student but for everyone. In general because everyones diverse in some way or another and you really want to show how youre different and. How you can attribute yourself and contribute to your law school for the actual lsat he said that although there. Is a high level of vocabulary and obviously english as a second language might inhibit you some in terms of.

Some of the readings or reading the words it might also be an advantage because a lot of the readings. Are very highly structured and that means that sometimes native english speakers get caught up in the semantics of the. Words or the paragraphs or the reading excerpts but people who may have english as a second language actually our. Better out of in the patterns and reading in a more structured way so i think it could be an. Advantage but you definitely have to be able to read english well and understand the vocabulary because thats a large.

Part of lsat so the next category of questions will be all about how to study for the lsat the. First question is what are some mistakes that students make while studying for the lsat so the first is that. Theyre not reviewing their answers correctly so when you take a practice course or when you do practice tests practice. Questions there are three types of answers that youve given one is an answer where you were 85 or percent. Or higher sure that you got the right answer and you probably do get the right answer and you most.

Likely dont need to review that question because you are very confident and you are right in the end then. Theres the questions that you got wrong so when you look at these types of questions you want to see. First of all were you trying to decide between two different answers if so is there a reason why you. Went with one answer or the other and if it came down to two and the other answer that you. Didnt choose was actually the correct one you should really figure out why you decide not to go with that.

Answer because that will help you in answering further questions that are similar that way you really understand the concepts. And this is essential because you want to try to get as many questions as right as possible obviously on. The test and so by understanding your incorrect answers you can get more questions right and the third category are. Questions that youve got right but you werent sure about them and dave said a good way to indicate this. Is that while youre going through the test just circle the ones that youre not sure about and that way.

When you go back and create yourself you can tell which ones you werent sure about and for example if. You answered a question and it came down to answers and you chose one that happened to be the right. One you still want to review why you got that one right because obviously it wasnt clear to you which. One was the right answer and you may have just gotten lucky by choosing the correct one so you not. Only want to review the incorrect answers you also want to review the correct answers that you werent sure about.

This is a mistake that a lot of students make the second mistake is sort of related to what weve. Talked about before but its the students just just take a lot of lsat tests do a lot of questions. But they dont review their answers so just make sure you review your answers excessively so the next question is. How long should i study for the lsat so dave said that it for most and the majority of people. Three months to actually pretty adequate his course is an eight month course that way you can take the lsat.

Twice if you need to so you would study for the first three months take the test and then if. You want to say it again you study again and then take a second test but really three months is. Sort of the sweet spot because its enough time for you to learn all the material and practice but its. Not too long because its true if youre studying for a six month period and you sort of dont have. That sense of urgency and you feel like you have a lot of time you might put off your studying.

But a three month time frame feels a little tight so that you will do all of your work within. The time frame and not put it off so really three muscles gonna work for the majority of people of. Course you know your own study schedule you know if you need more time maybe youre a highly structured learner. And study here and youre okay with doing six months or maybe you dont have as much time really tailor. It to your own schedule but just to note that three months is about a good time frame so the.

Next question is how can you get faster at reading logical reasoning questions and so weve said this before but. Its all about understanding patterns and know that its a structured reading and just know that its structural reading so. Eighty percent of the time they are like other questions that youve already answered so if you have done enough. Questions to understand and recognize patterns then you can quickly find the answers more easily without maybe even reading the. Whole question because the lsat is so patterned recognizable once you sort of see what sort of answers theyre looking.

For youre gonna be able to spot it quickly so the next question is what can you do to make. The most out of your lsat prep course so the first is that when youre doing your homework do it. In a very reflective way and this means lets say you do your homework for the day and at the. End of it you should really be able to explain it to your orthodontist i mean of course you dont. Have to go out and talk to your orthodontist but try to explain what you just learned to a friend.

Or a family member or maybe just to yourself and see if you can explain it if you cant explain. It that probably means that you dont understand it and this makes sense because when youre reading something and doing. Questions like oh yeah i think i understand that but then if for you to actually have to explain it. Back that really solidifies in your mind whether or not you truly understood and internalized it so do this test. For each of the homeworks that you do and that way you know if you need to go back and.

Learn it again next is scheduling so you really want to make sure you set aside time to do to. Adults at homework or it also prep work for example if youre doing an online course you say that every. Day from this time to this time im going to do all sound work if you dont schedule it out. Youre always gonna put it off or things might come in the way and so i think to have a. Very structured schedule thats the best way you can make the most out of your prep course or really studying.

In general all right so were now down to our very last category and thats about resources or prep books. So dave didnt really have any specific prep books that he had in mind for you guys but he did. Say if your college or wherever youre attending school has a class in informal logic its probably worth taking he. Said that this course will help you in understanding how the lsat works and how to answer the questions if. They only have a formal launch a class you could still take it but he said its probably a little.

Too in-depth so i think if you have an extra slot and you want to really prepare yourself take an. Informal logic course and i think itll help you to repair your brain to understand the lsat because it also. Is really unlike any other saturdays test it really tests different sections of your brain that i dont think a. Lot of people use and so it takes getting used to and that is why prep courses are so important. And thats why studying is important to understand the patterns and know how to answer the questions so thats all.

Of the answers i had today thank you so much today for helping me to understand more about the lsat. I hope you guys found it helpful if you have any follow-up questions dont forget to comment below and ill. Try my best to answer them or i can always email dave and if youre interested in checking out his. Prep course check out the link below and my discount code i think its a great alternative for those of. You who may not want to go personally into a course or maybe youre studying internationally or you have geographical.

Restraints this is a great way to learn everything online and he said he really breaks them down in these. Theory videos theres different plans but even every plan you get the theory video so youll learn about how to. Take the test the difference is really how many questions explanations there are and how many prep tests you get. So he gives you these giant books with all the prep tests because again not only do you need to. Learn the concepts you need to be able to take the tests and then analyze your answers and thats really.

Important so if you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for more content and ill. See you guys in my next video.

Method 2 – Lsat Prep Tips | How To Study For The Lsat | The Lsat Trainer

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Method 3 – 5 Tips To Ace The Lsat Writing Sample

Hi this is kevin lynn with magoosh and in this video ill give you five tips on the lsat writing. Section and just to make sure youre up to speed on the basics the lsat writing section is an unscored. 35 minute section that is taken separately from the multiple choice scored portion of the lsat its available up to. Eight days before you take the multiple choice section of the lsat and although its unscored the writing section is.

Still important first because you need to have a writing sample on record in order to see your lsat score. And second because its going to be part of your law school application so law school admissions committees will get. A chance to see what you wrote for the writing section so because it is a part of your law. School application youll want to do as good a job on lsat writing as you can and to that end. Here are my five tips tip number one organization and clarity are the keys to good writing so make sure.

That you spend about 10 to 15 minutes of your time just reading and thinking about what youre going to. Say planning out your points if you dont do that what youll find is youre likely to start writing in. A stream of consciousness mode you might start making up arguments making up facts that arent really tethered to the. Criteria that youre given if you take time up front to organize your thoughts then thats going to make for. A more structured essay its going to give the reader a sense that you know what youre doing tip number.

Two is to make sure that your arguments are based only on the criteria and the facts that are given. If you start making up concerns making up facts that were not part of the prompt then no matter how. Brilliantly written your essay is it is not going to be persuasive so for example lets say that the prompt. Is about an architect who is deciding whether to stick with his own solo regional architecture firm or whether to. Join a larger more nationally known architecture firm and lets say the prompt tells you that this architect cares about.

Two things first his professional reputation and second the quality of his work whether its interesting if those are the. Criteria that the architect cares about then you shouldnt be making arguments about the increased potential for income at the. National firm the only circumstance where you could make that kind of argument is if you could tie that back. To one of the criteria for example maybe you could say that the increased income will allow the architect to. Invest in professional development classes or advertising that might enhance his professional reputation or perhaps the increased income would allow.

The architect to be more choosy about the projects that he works on and so because he can pick and. Choose what kinds of projects to work on he can pick maybe the only the more interesting projects you have. To say something like that in order to have income be relevant to the architects concerns if you dont do. That and you just say he can make more money and thats one of the reasons he should join the. National firm then you are ignoring the criteria that youre given and you are not going to write an effective.

Essay tip number three is to make sure to address counter arguments every single prompt is going to have facts. That are favorable to your side as well as facts that go against you and your job as an advocate. Is not to hide the counter arguments to hide the unfavorable facts your job is to actually bring them up. To make sure that the reader is aware that you are aware of those counter arguments so that you can. Rebut those counter arguments and even if youre not able to completely rebut certain points its completely fine to concede.

Certain points because thatll give you credibility as an advocate so on the lsat writing essay make sure to use. As many of the facts that are given including the facts that dont seem to be in your favor sometimes. Youll find a way to argue how they really are in your favor but sometimes they really just are not. In your favor and its okay to admit that my fourth tip for lsat writing is to make sure that. You do a couple of practice essays before the real thing now that sounds like a really basic idea but.

Youd be surprised at how many test takers just kind of wing it when they do lsat writing theyve never. Done it before theyve never done a practice essay before and they find that its really difficult to write an. Essay in 35 minutes based on a decision prompt its probably the first time that youre being asked to do. Something like that and so you do want to get in a couple of practice essays before the real thing. My final tip for lsat writing is to make sure you use the get lsacs with lsat writing tool on.

Their website this will allow you to see the exact process and program that youll be using on the lsat. Writing section and its always good to familiarize yourself with that ahead of time in addition make sure that you. Review the rules for lsat writing ahead of time the materials that are prohibited the materials that are required you. Want to make sure to get all of those administrative logistical things settled early enough so that youre not stressed. About those things on the actual day you have to write your essay so those are my five tips for.

Lsat writing and if you follow them im sure that you will produce a beautifully persuasive essay make sure to. Like and subscribe to magoosh lsat for more free content and notifications when our next video comes out.

Method 4 – How I Self-Studied For The Lsat And Got A 172! Tips + Tricks So You Can Do It Too 🙂

Hi my name is caroline welcome to my channel this video is going to be about how i self-study for. The lsat i scored a hundred and seventy two on my lsat and its a score that im very happy. With it started me into a lot of great schools and a swedish earth everyone how i approached it as. Well as an resources center out there i think i should all be taking advantage of all size classes can.

Get pretty expensive everything about lost going its pretty expensive and i just wanted to make things a little bit. More accessible for everyone and hopefully this video helps you ive broken it down into five main parts so lets. Get into it so before you start standing for the elsa i cant really figure out what youre going on. Sets gortons how you do that if you search up the scrolls that youre interested in attending so for me. That was u of t colombia and were you and what you do is if you go to their websites.

Where they publish all sort of data about their incoming classes and theyll say what their median lsat from last. Year ones seven stages actually compiled a spreadsheet with all this lost coast medians their gpa medium theyre all sapiens. And a bunch of other information and ive linked it in the description below he wants to be aiming for. A score thats after median or higher so for example you excuse me get sad for thatchers income class was. In 168 i think and so i was aiming for a 168th or higher something you should consider is berner.

Gpa stands in terms of their medians so your gpa is little stronger if its above their immediate you have. A little bit more room to have a law or else a store but if your gpa speaker like mine. Ones – significantly below most medians but i knew that i really need to make up for that on my. Lsat so although york sees me getting upset 168 because my gp was lower i was aiming for a score. In the 170s so once youve figured out what your goals ask for is that kind of control is how.

You approach these yeah so if youre aiming for in the 170s youre essentially aiming to get every question right. You dont really have as much as much room to be student questions or having questions that youre kind of. New here add that you dont know if youre going to get for sure versus if youre any forest doors. Open 60s and one 50s you have a little bit more room be much strategic with how you approach needs. On you can stick a few questions you can kind of leave the harder questions to the end and its.

Okay if you dont want to get to them but if youre aiming for 170 your attentions have to master. All parts of the exam so something is going to do before standing for the outside is take a diagnostic. Test and you must do that before you do any kind of setting because this is your baseline score so. On my first diagnostic oscar to 156 so i knew that i needed to improve my score by about 15. Points futures crude oil offset deterministic or if you have some study tests process at home you can just take.

One it should be fully timed and a full-length test and this kind of gives you and ideal what youre. Working with second khan academy is going to be your best friend so ill sack the company that actually administers. The lsat as well as how you apply them all sorts of mistakes theyve partnered with khan academy to create. An lsat prep course that is free for everyone and it basically has everything you need it has videos explaining. How to approach different questions whether its block your game questions whether its analytical reasoning whether its reading comp its.

Plenty you how to do those questions it also has 10 free practice tests that after you do though im. Going to tell you what areas you need to work on and then the strengths and weaknesses and actually have. Practice pressure with a split up in two types of questions so you can really focus on an area that. Youre perhaps where we get so i know personally i struck over three pop science passages so i was able. To practice just those questions on khan academy its a great resource and its completely free so third and if.

You take anything from this video i really hope its this so the third main thing that i wanna share. Is just practice there is no easy way of preparing for the lsat you really have to train your brain. To think unless youre know why you have to bring to think that way fast and easy and the only. Way to do that is practicing so i had access to 80 practice assets and they way through most of. Them i was doing two to three upset today i was doing separate process of khan academy i was doing.

Individual you dont have to do full tests at a time you break it on two sections but you should. Be consistently doing practice questions and making sure you really understand them and the thing is you want to be. Practice testing an average of two points higher than where your girl started so i was aiming for 170 open. 72 and going into mine upset i was process testing sicilian at 175 176 and so i just have to. Take me on sets and practicing and using khan academy until i was able its instantly consistently score of a.

75 on my house that you can access free practice tests online you can buy them forth when you are. Practicing richard by reviewing so what is blind review when you do process s when youre doing presses russians you. Probably want to check the answers as soon as you finish the question i realize you want to know whether. Youve got against him right but if you check your answers it right after doing a question or a section. Youre actually kind of erasing all the progress youve made because for example if you have 25 questions and you.

Check your answe.

Conclusion – How To Ace The Lsat

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