How To Ace The Sat – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Acing The Sat

Well hello welcome back to another video guys if youre new to this channel my name is iris im an. Incoming freshman at stanford studying who knows what in this video were going to be talking about the sat n. A c t so personally i got a 1550 on the sat and a ct on the acp 35 on. The act and i took the sat once and the act twice honestly should not have taken the act at.

All because i took the sat but i was a little bit extra you dont have to be extra like. That just take it once guys standardized tests do not matter as much as you think they matter just take. Them get in the 99th percentile and forget about it like literally just forget about it okay but also the. Other thing is you should be thinking about sat subject tests so i think these are really really overlooked by. A lot of students but statistically speaking the more sat subject tests you take the higher your chance of admission.

Into ivy leagues and really selective schools are so its usually recommended by college consultants that you take at least. Three sat subject tests to maximize your chance of acceptance so start thinking about this early actually i think that. Is kind of an unknown piece of advice that a lot of people dont get but i think it is. Really important during high school i took four sat subject tests i submitted four as long as you get like. A 750 70 or above you you should be good to go oh so as youre studying for the satar.

Sat subject tests be sure to follow the tips that ill be giving throughout this video but also remember to. Get help whenever you need it so this video is sponsored by parks academy and ive talked extensively with the. Director to make sure that their services are actually a good fit for you guys my audience or subscribers so. They have really really cool tech integrated into the satay class where its very personalized to you the technology is. Able to identify what types of questions are your weakest spots and then itll be able to generate more questions.

That is aimed at your weakest question type and because of this tech students have been able to improve hundreds. Of points in as little as four weeks through their sat act class program so i would highly recommend you. Check that out if youre interested and you can use the code iris iris for 25 off all purchases and. That also includes their individual tutoring packages taught by very qualified tutors its all online because corona but i think. The tutoring also looks like a great option and go check that out everything 25 off with code iris without.

Further ado lets actually talk about these tests so this video is going to be pretty general if there is. A high demand i will be making more specific videos on like every section of the test but this is. Just going to be a general overview of how you can ace these exams or do the very best you. Can on the sat or the act but these really apply to any standardized test so sct act is just. Like what were going to use in this video so there are three main pieces of advice in this video.

One is from my friend who got a 1600 on the sat a perfect score one is from another friend. Who got a 36 on the act oh so perfect score and then the last one is from me who. Unfortunately did not get any perfect scores but still scored in the 99th percentile and i think i just have. Something to say so here are the three biggest tips for acing and doing really well on any standardized tests. Ever okay so the first one is timing this is something people dont talk about enough i think but this.

Is what my friend who got a perfect score on the sat said he said the most important factor that. Contributed to his perfect score was the timing of when he took the test so i think this piece of. Advice is more for underclassmen who do have the luxury to like pick when they take the test and less. So for seniors or juniors who are kind of like crunching for time and just need to take it and. Get it over with so what my friend said is to take the sat the fall of your sophomore year.

This is because during the fall of your sophomore year you get to take the psat and if you value. The sat more then you should take it after the psat because the psat will be like a real life. Practice exam for the sat and if you value the psat more then you can take the sat first as. A practice for the psat now for those of you who dont know the psat is like a test that. Is its like the preliminary sat i dont think thats what it stands for but it is basically like the.

Child or like the lighter version of the sat but its very similar also designed by college board and what. Its used for primarily is getting you the national merit scholarship which is this fully funded scholarship to a lot. Of state schools so if youre interested in getting this full scholarship to a lot of state schools in the. United states then you should definitely be taking the psat and trying to score as high as possible so for. My friend he really cared about the sat more but he also cared about the psat so he ended up.

Taking those back to back with the sat after the psat and he just thought that the practice from the. Psat was invaluable and that really pushed him to get that perfect score another boost for taking it fall of. Your sophomore year is that youll have plenty of time to retake the exam in case the first time you. Took it its not ideal and this is because by the time youre a junior and even a senior your. Academics in terms of the classes youre taking at school the ap or ib curriculum that youre taking as well.

As like subject tests and everything its just gonna really really ramp up and also your extracurriculars so just kind. Of keep in mind that junior and senior year will be really busy times for you so its kind of. Better to just get these standardized tests like the sat over with in sophomore year so in case you dont. Do well that first november or december sitting in your sophomore year you can always take it later sophomore year. And even into the summer until you get the score you want all right the second piece of advice from.

My friend who got a perfect score on the act is to take practice tests so he said the only. Prep he did for these exams was practice tests and actually the friend who got a perfect score on the. Sat also just took practice tests only prep he did so there are some great resources out there including the. Subreddit act and slash sat and on those subreddits youll find like literally so many practice tests some of the. Acts i remember were like literally from real exams from like previous sittings and they just have them on the.

Website so its a really great resource for the sat the college board has eight free exams on their website. For you to take i would recommend taking at least all eight of those sat exams if you want to. Get a high score so for my friend who got the 1600 he took all eight tests went and confident. Got a 1600. So really the standardized tests are just really testing your ability to master the test so the.

Only way to master the test is to do a bunch of practice problems and do the test itself so. Thats why im recommending that if youre shooting for the 99th percentile or a perfect score take at least eight. Practice tests before you take the real exam and youll be able to ace it i promise you and lastly. Its really important to review your answers after you take the practice test so the practice tests wont do anything. For you unless you review your answers okay like if you dont that makes the whole process worthless because the.

Whole point of taking the practice test is to see what you get wrong and see how you can reiterate. Upon your wrong answers to get the right answers the next time such that when you actually take the real. Exam youll be able to get every single question correct so its really a process of learning about the exam. And the only way youll learn how the exam works is if you check your answers and see what you. Got wrong what you got right and why you got them wrong or right all right so lastly this piece.

Of advice comes from the one and only just kidding im not this is sarcasm right here okay i think. A lot of people dont get my sarcasm but its basically me bragging about myself or me being like really. What is like whats the word of opposite sarcastic i think that is what sarcastic means but im just like. Yeah i just say like the opposite of what i mean but i think my tone of voice just doesnt. Come across anyway the last the last piece of advice i have for you guys is mindset so this is.

A theoretical piece of advice but i think it is actually the most important piece of advice because without the. Right mindset you cannot accomplish anything so when i was preparing for these standardized tests i would have a notebook. And at the front of the notebook i would write out my goal so i would have the score that. I want and usually you want to shoot higher you want to shoot for the stars and land on the. Moon so i would i said i wanted to get a perfect score and i ended up getting a really.

Close score to a perfect score but its not perfect so you know i landed on the moon um anyway. You want to have that goal in mind and you can almost manifest that score by like looking at yourself. In the mirror and say i am a perfect sat scorer or i am a perfect act scorer i ace. My exams so literally say that to yourself every single day in the mirror and that will gradually become part. Of your identity such that when youre doing these practice tests when youre in the exam room you think of.

That as your identity and you will act accordingly and what happens is you actually get a really high score. So that manifestation the mindset is really important and another thing is to understand your motivations behind what youre doing. So i know a lot of you guys dont like standardized tests i do not endorse them either i hated. Them but the way that i kind of got over that was i talked about or i wrote down the. Reasons why i was taking the test so my motivations for getting a perfect score on the sat was so.

That i could go to a great university and meet the type of people who i vibe with or go. To an academically challenging place such that i can thrive intellectually such that i can learn what i want to. Learn so so i can get the best education in the world so these were like the motivations behind why. I was taking the test and i knew the test was just a means to an end and i just. Wrote down my end goal right like this is what i want this is why i have to get that.

Perfect score so i recommend you guys just on one piece of paper that you can see every single day. Write your target score say that to yourself in the mirror and also really dig behind the motivations you have. For getting that score and i mean it can also be like oh i want to impress my mom or. I want to make my family proud or something like that so anything that gets you going that gets you. Super motivated maybe its you want to beat your best friend at the sat whatever it is you know write.

That down and have that as your feel as you go through this process as always guys let me know. If you have questions or any feedback on this video in the comments below give it a thumbs up if. You enjoyed it and i will see you in the next video bye subscribe asmr subscribe subscribe hello ladies and. Germs back at it again just wanted to let you guys know that ill be also making a follow-up video. To this one on the best books that i have personally used and would recommend to anybody taking the sat.

Or the act so subscribe to stay tuned for that video see you next time.

Method 2 – How I Got A 1530 On The Sat Without Studying (Part 1)

Okay so some of you in my video last week asked for a video about the sat and uh some. Tips for that so thats what this video is gonna be on today so i got a 15 30 on. The sat this was in march of my junior year and the funny thing is i actually like didnt really. Study for the sat um partially because i was uh kind of lazy but also because um i had already.

Taken the act at that point so i didnt really feel like i needed the sat maybe some of the. Studying for the act like kind of carried over but i didnt really do any special studying for the sat. No practice no uh you know prep books nothing like that uh so basically this video is going to be. About how i was able to do that get that 15 30 on the act without really studying at all. Now of course uh please study dont do what i did i mean studying will only make you do even.

Better than what i did okay so anyways today were gonna be talking about the reading and writing sections um. Im gonna have another part two i guess coming out next week about the math section and some more general. Tips today lets start off with the reading section so the reading section um i feel like was the hardest. Section for me because i mean come on those passages are so boring but i still somehow got through it. Uh so my first tip for you guys is before you even you know start the reading section i would.

Recommend reading through the questions first just given a quick skim for that passage um just so you can kind. Of get a good idea of what youre gonna be asked for that passage right so once you just kind. Of skim through the questions really quickly then you can go ahead and read the passage this comes to my. Second tip which is actually read the passage like i know some people like to you know kind of skim. Through the passage really quickly to save time but in my experience its much better to you know read through.

The passage carefully once and get a good understanding of the passage than to you know kind of skim it. Through get a partial understanding and then have to go like back and forth between the question and the passage. To answer each question that not only wastes a lot of time but also you dont get the full context. Of the passage if youre kind of just skimming through it really quickly okay so now youre on the questions. Um so for the questions theres a few different kinds of questions that i want to go through so the.

First kind of question that youre gonna see is kind of like the main theme question this is gonna be. Asking you like what was the purpose of this passage or like what is the theme of this passage and. Usually i save this question for last because thats kind of asking for the overall picture you want to like. Actually get into some of the details first then maybe you can answer the that whole main passage question so. Lets put that aside for now now another type of question youre going to see is like these vocab based.

Questions so theyre either gonna ask you uh some kind of vocab word or theyre gonna have a bunch of. Like words as a choices and sometimes you like might not know what every one of those words means and. As somebody who didnt study i mean that definitely happened to me a lot but what helped me through that. Uh was you know seeing the words that i did know and then kind of using a process of elimination. To see whether the words that i do know and recognize would be possible answers and if they arent possible.

Answers then i can just go ahead and cross them out and at that point i can go to that. Word that i dont know and kind of you know pick that one if i dont think the words that. I do know are the right answer so definitely dont go ahead and just like cross out that uh hard. Word immediately because that could be the answer but at the same time dont assume that the hardest word is. Automatically the right answer and actually go through those choices okay so the third type of question youre gonna have.

Is these paired questions and what i mean by that is theres two questions in this pair the first question. Asks something about the passage and the second question in the pair asks for line evidence for the answer to. The first question uh so my tip for these types of questions is always take advantage of the fact that. Theyre pairs so what i mean by that is you can just basically go through the each of the choices. In the second question of the pair uh go to the lines in the passage and then kind of pair.

It up with the choices from the first question in this paired question right so lets say a goes with. A like that kind of thing and you can kind of you know write this on the side of your. Booklet now if a certain answer doesnt have a corresponding pair in the other question then you know that that. Choice can be thrown out because you know that the answer to the first question must have corresponding line evidence. As one of the choices in the second question if theres no match then its not a possible answer so.

Using this method i can really narrow down those choices and actually find something that fits well okay so now. Youve answered the paired questions youve answered the vocab based questions and now youre finally on those questions where they. Ask you like i said before for the whole theme of the passage or like the main uh purpose of. The passage and here you can actually use everything that youve just read maybe use the questions that they asked. You as hints because theyre obviously going to ask you questions that they think are significant so maybe use those.

Questions as hints and try to come up with your answers for these questions so overall with the reading passage. I guess the most important thing to remember is that uh you know these questions are meant to have a. Single answer and sometimes it might be confusing like it might seem like all the answers could be possible but. Youre looking for the best answer and remember that there is only one answer so remember that remember the types. Of questions youre going to be asked and remember to actually read through the passage well uh so that youre.

Not you know wasting time going back and forth okay so now were gonna quickly uh talk about the writing. Section so i said the reading session was my hardest section for me i felt like the writing section was. Probably one of the easiest sections i mean ive just always been i guess um like pretty good at grammar. So it kind of comes naturally to me um but i guess my general tips for you guys is first. Uh i would recommend underlining this main subject and the main verb in each sentence a ton of questions involve.

This where there has to be subject verb agreement and sometimes they try to make it confusing with all these. Prepositions and all these different verbs that arent the main verb so you want the main subject whether its a. Single subject or a compound subject and you want the main verb and knowing these two things can really help. You out with a lot of questions my second quick tip for you guys is that semicolons and periods are. Generally interchangeable and sometimes colons as well so if you see like a semicolon a period and a colon all.

As choices in a single question then you know that none of them can be correct because only one can. Be the correct answer and since these are generally interchangeable you cant pick both of them or all three of. Them so then you know those arent the answer this can really help you use that process of elimination to. Get the right answer and my final tip for you guys for the writing section is to read through the. Whole paragraph before you answer the questions that ask you to add a sentence or change the order of sentences.

Or change the whole sentence because you want to get that full context and you know a lot of the. Times the sentences are grammatically correct so you cant just rely on simple grammar you actually have to read the. Passage to find out whether you know the sentence would actually make sense in the passage okay so those were. My tips for the reading and writing sections of the sat i designed these tips that theyre generic so that. Um even if in the worst case scenario you dont get to study at all for your sat now you.

Can still use these tips and apply these tips and get the best score that you can on the sat. Like i said at the beginning of this video were going to be doing the math section the essay section. And some more general tips in next weeks video so make sure you guys are stay tuned to this channel. By subscribing and liking this video so you dont miss a single upload alright guys so good luck on your. Sat if youre taking it soon make sure to stay tuned for next week and i will see you guys.

Next time peace you.

Method 3 – How To Get A Perfect Score On The Sat Reading Section: Tips From A 1600 Scorer

Hey guys if youre new here im anna and i somehow scored a 1600 on my sat a few months. Back im making this video series to just share all my tips with the world and help people out in. This video ill be covering the reading section but i also have videos on the math writing and essay sections. So lets just get into it the reading section was by far the most challenging section for me and in.

All my practice tests i dont think i ever aced it but i somehow got really lucky on test day. I used to think it was so subjective and ridiculous but thats only partially true the thing is college board. Has to make it standardized so that someone who doesnt have any background knowledge on the passages can still get. The right answer this means that everything you need will be in the passages so dont infer anything this can. Be really hard and ill get into the specifics of how inferring things can backfire but thats the biggest tip.

So keep this in mind when youre watching the rest of this video and taking your own test so for. My main strategy i usually start off skimming the questions before each passage really quick just to see if there. Were any summary questions or overarching themes that i need to be looking out for and i went ahead and. Underlined all the vocab and sometimes answered those before even reading the whole thing to boost my confidence a little. Bit then definitely dont skip reading the little intro they give here this can be really important in providing context.

And usually with the science passages or the two that debate each other it could even occasionally help you answer. Some of the summary questions without even reading the passage for example this question asks whats the purpose of this. Passage looking at the title why birds fly in a v formation thats like verbatim one of our answer choices. So its very likely to be that one obviously you still need to read it afterwards to confirm this but. It helps you get in the right framework of what youre supposed to be getting out of the passage otherwise.

If youre like me youll end up reading the whole thing but not absorbing any of it and its a. Bonus if you recognize the author or authors and already know a little bit about them take the two debating. Passages and i swear when i say half the time these are about women suffrage im not even exaggerating so. We can see that these passages are pretty old and passage one was written by a man passage two was. Written by a woman they also give us a little tidbit about how this is gonna be probably a debate.

On equality for women here so we cant outright assume anything here because of this but without reading the paragraphs. I at least expect passage two to vouch a little bit more for womens equality than passage one this expectation. Along with reading some of the questions ahead of time makes it a bit easier to slog through all the. Fancy old language and it saves time now my vocabulary in the real world is not very great despite my. Weird obsession with reading the dictionary in fifth grade but the good news is the sat vocab is mostly limited.

To easier words put into harder contexts start by underlining the vocab term that the question wants to replace then. Read the sentence as it is and maybe a few sentences before and after it for context as well after. You come up with your own idea of what its supposed to mean plug in each answer choice into the. Full sentence and read it in your head most of the choices should feel kinda clumsy even without more context. Even if they all look similar on their own so you can immediately cross those off heres an example even.

Though i honestly probably couldnt give you a definition of dominion out of context of this paragraph i have a. General idea of what its supposed to mean here because of the surrounding sentence mankind have outgrown the state and. All things now tend to substitute as the general principle of human relations adjust equality instead of dominion of the. Strongest so mankind is substituting equality for this overwhelming power that the strongest had before if we go to our. Answer choices and do a quick plug-in ownership of the strongest or territory of the strongest sound like theyre controlling.

The strongest instead of having the strongest doing the controlling or that the strongest have some kind of physical land. Instead of just the hypothetical power omnipotence i know ive heard in a more religious sense and it might suggest. Something too powerful than whats here supremacy of the strongest is the way to go it sounds the least bad. When its plugged in occasionally if its a trickier vocab question youll have to read the whole passage and keep. In mind exactly what each one is suggesting compared to what the paragraph was suggesting before because sometimes the correct.

Answer is something that you would never think the word would mean in an out of context situation okay now. Heres my favorite technique ever and yes i did steal this from prep scholar but its really good okay i. Used to die a bit inside every time i saw the two part questions where youd have to provide evidence. For your answer but once i started doing this i would be so relieved because it makes them even easier. Than the normal summary ones heres what you do circle each of the quotes in the passage for each of.

The questions like this you can differentiate the quotes of different questions by drawing little symbols on the ones that. Go together for the same questions so you dont get confused later this can be a cathartic process to do. In the beginning before you read a passage or you can spend the time doing it whenever you need a. Little brain break next read the question to the first part but not the answer choices now read your circled. Sentences one after the other and notice which ones dont seem to answer that at all make sure every part.

Of the original question is addressed in whatever quote you choose now once you feel like you already know the. Correct answer from this predict what the answer to the first question will be if these match up its a. Good chance you got both of them right lets walk through an example to see how this works this one. Asks what this dudes attitude is towards todays digital technologies so were looking for both some opinion from cats this. Dude and it has to be about current technology now we look at each of the quotes this one is.

Just describing how hes done some research and stuff and it also talks about 19th century technology so thats a. Nope this says well never run out of jobs even though it may take time to deve.

Conclusion – How To Ace The Sat

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