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Method 1 – What Does It Take To Reach Enlightenment? | Sadhguru

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Method 2 – 5 Steps To Achieve Enlightenment — All Supported By Science, With Andrew Newberg | Big Think

When we look at all of the data that we now have when we look at the several thousand descriptions. That people have of the enlightenment experiences when we look at over two hundred and fifty brain scans that weve. Done of people engaged in different types of prayer and meditation practices i think one of the things that we. Can ultimately distill out of this on a very practical level is how do we actually help people down their.

Own path to enlightenment what are the what are the steps that people need to think about taking so that. They can find their own path i think one of the important aspects of all of this is that on. One hand we can talk about this in generalities there are certain basic elements there are certain basic approaches that. People can take certain basic aspects of the experience that people are going to have but it ultimately is also. A unique phenomenon and for each person part of what we need to try to encourage them to do is.

To find their own pathway to find that own uniqueness that makes it an experience thats meaningful for them so. We start to think about the actual steps that people take weve been able to to define that into the. Five different specific steps that we think are relevant for this process the first step we usually talk about is. The desire to make this kind of change in your life did the desire to have enlightenment now on one. Hand that may sound like a silly thing to say because on one hand why wouldnt everybody want to have.

It and to some degree thats true i mean i think almost if you went up to anybody on the. Street and say hey would you like to have the most incredible experience you could ever have change your life. Change the way you think about the world and youre happy for the rest of your life i think most. People would say yeah sure that sounds great sign me up but the bottom line is is that they are. Difficult experiences to get to theyre certainly not impossible but they are difficult and they are a little scary when.

You think about it because its rearranging the normal way youve thought about the world so up to up till. Now which for the most part has worked for you and when you think about how our brain works our. Brain usually doesnt like change very much so when you say well were going to radically change your brain your. Brain is thinking wait a minute you know things are going pretty okay so far i dont really want to. Have these kinds of big changes going on in my life so i think part of the whole process to.

Start with is yes you know i really would like to have this kind of an experience id like to. Change id like to experience something thats different than the way i have normally thought about things one of the. Exercises that we often ask people to do is to go home to take out a piece of paper and. Just sit at the table or sit at your desk take a few deep breaths get yourself into a nice. Relaxed state and what we what we suggest is that you write down a couple of reasons why you would.

Like to have an enlightenment experience maybe write down two or three reasons why you would like to feel this. Enlightenment experience and another related exercise is to sit down and write down what you think enlightenment means to you. What is it that you are thinking about what what is it that you would ultimately like to achieve through. This type of process these can be very good ways of beginning to get the mind open and engaged in. The process it helps the brain to say okay yes this is something that i really want this is what.

I think it is this is what im working towards and this is what begins us down that path towards. Enlightenment the next step that we usually talk about is the idea of preparing for this experience and what we. Mean by that is not only do you have to desire it but you have to start to get ready. To do this kind of practice do the kinds of practices you may need to do get yourself ready for. This kind of an experience part of what we talked about in this context are relaxation techniques because as you.

Start to go down this path sometimes it can be scary sometimes theres a lot of different issues that come. Up for a person it can raise a lot of problems for the person and so being prepared being ready. Thinking it through a little bit trying to get yourself into a kind of mood thats ready for this kind. Of an experience becomes very important very helpful relaxation exercises that can be as simple as just sitting there quietly. And taking deep breaths over a period of several minutes to five minutes or so there are many different kinds.

Of mantra based meditation practices where you can start to focus on a particular image or a phrase that you. Can say over and over again those are the kinds of practices that people can do another very popular one. Is progressive muscle relaxation where you tense and then relax each of the muscle groups starting with your the top. Of your head and your neck your body your are arms your legs and you just as you tighten them. Very intensely and then release them that starts to induce a greater greater feeling of relaxation so all of these.

Any of these can work very well for the individual again each person has to kind of come up with. The ones that work best for them that they like that they feel good with and this is part of. That process of what prepares them for the experience of enlightenment now the third step to me is really the. Critical one in many ways and the one that that people really have to think about what makes it kind. Of most unique for them and that has to do with the particular practice rituals the process itself that will.

Lead them down that path now this is where it does become highly individualized because some people may like to. Do prayer and some people may like to walk around some people may take drugs some people may do transcranial. Magnetic stimulation of the brain there are many different approaches that people can take but trying to find the one. Or ones that work best for you that is that individualized approach that will help to lead you down that. Path most effectively sometimes you have to try different things you know sometimes people i have so many people come.

Up to me and say well you know i tried this meditation and it didnt do very much for me. But boy once i started to do this other practice it really it was amazing sometimes people try all different. Kinds of meditation practices and they say i dont know whats wrong with me its not working for me i. Say well maybe you know you need to think about a different kind of practice or a different kind of. Ritual but part of it is something that you can kind of keep coming back to that you can utilize.

One of the key elements is frequently at some type of rhythmic process and thats why we talk about rituals. And whether that rhythmicity is part of meditation singing creativity you know whatever it is just thought processes challenging yourself. With different questions which is part of what i did in my own in my own pathway these are the. Kinds of things that really helped bring a person down their own personal path the fourth step is ultimately this. Kind of feeling of letting it all go this feeling of surrendering to the experience itself to say that is.

Is simple to actually let that happen in a profound way is not always the easiest thing for an individual. Sometimes it has to be that you kind of keep challenging and revving and revving up the brain to such. An extent that when you finally do say you know what okay im just going to let this happen now. Thats what really just kind of pulls the rug out from under the whole process and that very sudden change. In the way your brain goes through the whole process that feeling of surrender radically changes the way your brain.

Works at that particular moment one of the areas of our brain that seems to be particularly involved in this. Whole process of the rituals and the feeling of surrender is our frontal lobe located behind the far head and. What we have found is is that during practices like meditation or prayer that frontal lobe activity gets ramped up. To a very very high level but then when you have this feeling of surrender it drops down to a. Very low level in fact since the frontal lobe is involved in helping us do purposeful things when we ultimately.

Give our purposefulness over to the process that frontal lobe activity starts to decrease very substantially and part of what. Were determining here is that its not just being high and being low its the the difference itself its the. Change from that peak to that very low level that really rearranges the way the brain works and sets up. That very powerful experience if you think about flying in an airplane when youre on the ground you dont feel. Very much and when youre up in the air you dont feel very much even though youre going four or.

Five hundred miles an hour but its the take-off or the landing where you really feel the change occurring and. Thats kind of whats going on in the brain its not being in one state or the other its the. Change that occurs that really sets up the dramatic experience that people can have and that drop of activity from. That very high level in the frontal lobe to the very low level in the frontal lobe is i think. A very important driving force of these biologically behind the aspect of that experience but that feeling of surrender and.

Giving oneself over to the experience is a very critical element down this process and then the last step is. Really what we talked about is reflecting on what this experience is for you and what that really means is. That its not just enough to have the experience but how you then incorporate it back into your thought processes. Your beliefs your experiences of the world the ways in which you you think about the world and and being. Able to come back and reflect on that whether its just throw up thought processes or practice like meditation this.

Is this is a critical element because its what ultimately brings that experience into your life and makes it real. For you and makes it something that changes the way you think about the world for the rest of your. Life so that that ability to reflect is very very critical and part of this process can also be that. People can have more of the the smally enlightenment experiences these sort of little mini epiphanies that as they kind. Of build up and as you keep bringing them back into your life that can set you up also for.

That very big enlightenment experience as well so so going down all these different paths to kind of keep coming. Back to them to keep experiencing them and keep working on it that to me is probably the most effective. Way of trying to get to the enlightenment experience of course the bottom line is is that i can never. Guarantee to anyone that youre going to have enlightenment there is no button to push that just suddenly and magically. Transforms your brain or gives you that experience and again if we look at our survey some people went through.

Many many years of meditation before they had their experience some people that happened while they were walking down the. Street so we never really know how or when its going to happen but these steps i think at least. For people who want to try to pursue that path and work towards it that can be a very those. Five steps can be a very important way in a very powerful way of helping to get to that experience. Of enlightenment theres a very large amount of data including data from our survey that talk about the the downstream.

Effects of all of this when we asked people who had these experiences in our survey about how it changed. Their life overwhelmingly these were positive experiences 95 percent of people basically had something positive to say about this experience. And it could and it inundated almost every aspect of their life so when we asked them did it improve. Your relationships with people they said yes it did because they felt more compassionate more loved more open with the. People that they were interacting with when we asked them about their sense of meaning and purpose in life they.

All said yes we have more great are greater sense of meaning and purpose in life i know what i. Need to do i know why were here i understand it i get it you know and now i know. What i need to do in my life and it puts their job in perspective it puts all the things. That they know how they interact with their family and perspective so those are changes that are very very important. When we ask people about their psychological and physical health they almost all say yes it was improved they felt.

Reductions in the stresses that they faced and their and their everyday life they dont think about stress the same. Way they dont think about all the things that they were worried about that stress them out in the same. Way you know obviously if you go down the path towards the buddhist perspective of enlightenment the whole point of. Enlightenment is to end suffering and to a large extent thats borne out in the the way people describe what. These experiences do for them that it reduces their sense of distress their sense of anxiety their sense of depression.

It helps to improve all of those issues that people deal with and even their physical health they felt better. Overall when we ask people about their fear of death people no longer fear death in the same way that. We typically do so that seems to be something that people experience as an improvement from these experiences and then. Ultimately when we ask people about their religious and spiritual beliefs again almost uniformly almost everyone says that they did. That those experiences were also improved now interestingly more people said that their spirituality was improved than their religiousness was.

Improved so these experiences tend to be considered to be more spiritual than religious but still there was a substantial. Chunk of people who said that they felt that their religious beliefs were also improved and i think it probably. Comes down a little bit to the nature of the experience if somebody feels as part of their enlightenment experience. That they have now intimately connected to god and maybe thats based on their their catholic tradition for example or. Their jewish tradition then then they feel like that has been an experience which is deep in their religious beliefs.

Themselves but for a lot of people they have this experience and it almost seems to blow away the religious. Beliefs or at least the religious doctrines and they feel that that the religion itself is sort of too limited. In terms of helping them to experience and explain what that feeling was when they feel that experience of enlightenment. So almost everybody feels more spiritual but many people also feel more religious and the bottom line is is that. Almost regardless of what aspect of a persons life youre talking about these experiences change it dramatically change it for.

The better and clearly change the brain itself as well so we see all of these kinds of changes reflected. In the person after they have this kind of experience.

Method 3 – The Simplest Way To Enlightenment – Sadhguru Spot Of 10 Jan 2019

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Method 4 – How To Reach Enlightenment

Enlightenment people commonly say they have enlightened but there is no one in this world who truly did if someone. Had truly enlightened that person would have enabled others to also enlighten the human consciousness should not be tied to. The human mind which is the delusion formed by ones life lived after discarding that one will enlighten as much. As one changes from the self-centered mind to the great universe mind that is true complete enlightenment is having gone.

Within ones mind one who is born in heaven is a completely enlightened person one who has achieved human completion. Is a person who has enlightened all what the human mind changes to the universe mind which is gone one. Will have many many enlightenments how can i enlighten truth god heaven the first memory i can recall is seeing. My grandfather being buried at the cemetery while everyone was crying that event triggered huge questions in my mind why. Are people born into the world what happens to people when they die i attended a catholic elementary school where.

I was taught i had to believe in god and pray every night to go to heaven i was scared. To die like my grandfather so i prayed hard hoping to go to heaven but i never had full confidence. Whether that would happen or not another vivid memory is from 1997 i was in fifth grade and our teacher. Anan was teaching us about the promised second coming of jesus 2000 years after his death i sat at my. Desk thinking that it was almost time and wondered how can i recognize the second coming would he really come.

Down on a cloud in an 11 year olds imagination that is possible later i studied different religions from all. Around the world and learned they all talk about the second coming of truth or say that the maitreya will. Come interestingly i learned that around the year 2000 many books prophesying the apocalypse poured into bookstores people in the. World even in christianity made a huge commotion about the rapture and the end of the world and the idea. That the maitreya is coming each religion thought that the savior would come forth from its own religion but each.

Religious scripture uniformly states that the savior will come from outside the conventional norm although i live my life with. These many subconscious worries and questions i still had to study hard play music sports and make friends to try. And live the american dream but deep in my heart i felt there was always something missing so upon graduating. From high school when i learned about a place that would allow me to get rid of my stress while. Also enlightening to the principles of the world i was thrilled and i went once i got there the meditation.

Guide taught me a method to start discarding everything in my mind and the construct of my mind itself to. Really enlighten to truth what was exciting was that the more i threw away and cleaned up my mind the. More and more enlightenments i had so for the next 16 years through meditation i cleaned and eliminated my karma. Habits and body which were the falseness of my mind my guide taught me that people live trapped in an. Illusionary world made of their own perceptions and therefore people are incomplete with their five senses people capture pictures or.

Perceptions of what belongs to the world into their brains people live inside the pictures of their minds this is. Why people are referred to as fake as people live their lives from childhood until now they captured pictures of. What belongs to the world into their mind world and live as those pictures in the picture world the pictures. Are illusions and people have never once been able to live in the true world what people refer to as. Sin is the fact that people turn their backs on the world which is god and live inside their own.

World within their minds they live within their own mind world of illusions discarding all of this construct of me. And this false world is what repentance is the false world and faults me has karma habits and body if. These karma habits and body are eliminated one will arrive at gods world which is a land of truth when. Reborn from that true world that land is heaven i thought it was brilliant that there was an actual step-by-step. Method that the guide taught clean all of the human mind which is the karma all those perceptions from the.

Life i lived clean all the habits the illusionary things that come out from my mind and clean the construct. Of this body after i discarded all of that and the false self completely died there was absolutely nothing only. God remained god could be seen and confirmed i was reborn in heaven which is the true world it was. The resurrection of truth within so now i live with no more stress suffering or sadness knowing this eternal mind. And true self that lives forever is like an incredible dream because my mind has this truth within i enlightened.

The principles of that true world and also enlightened the true meaning of the bible and the buddhist sutras through. This method i was able to enlighten countlessly through completely cleansing my mind i have attained true wisdom and now. Understand that people came to this world to have god and heaven in their minds as much as the falseness. Is eliminated truth is revealed i enlightened all the answers to my questions i realized everyone should try this inspiring. Method to have god in heaven in their minds since then i have been guiding others in the hopes that.

They too can resolve all the questions that religions do not have the answers to and find true peace and. Happiness once someone asked me how can i enlighten that god and truth is within me how can i have. God within me first there must be a method to see and know god buddha allah universe that is the. Emptiness which is true heaven nirvana and paradise is gods world it is the world of truth so if the. Construct of me which is fake disappears when your mind becomes a true world you can see and know god.

Buddha allah your mind is truth and you have become this existence of truth if the human mind world that. Is an illusion which overlaps the true world is eliminated the universe truth becomes your mind those who have truth. Within them know what is true and what is false but those who are living inside their illusionary world are. Unable to know neither what is true nor what is false i was also asked how can i know and. Go to heaven humans live only speaking and behaving according to the minds they have within them according to their.

Eyes nose ears mouth and body humans take pictures of what belongs to the world they took pictures of the. Things that happened throughout their lives and live inside of those pictures as a picture in other words people are. Sinners because they are the camera the film they captured only exists in the mind so it is not actuality. It is fake because people live dictated by what is fake people live dreaming false dreams doing false things in. A false world people possess only these false things inside of their minds that is why god buddha allah does.

Not exist there and neither does that true world when god heaven and paradise exist within peoples minds they can. Know god and be born in heaven nirvana paradise and live only those who have gone there while living have. That true world and so are able to live thats why when the life lived in karma along with the. Habits inherited from your parents as well as this body are eliminated you return to the original foundation which is. The origin and truth when you are born from there god buddha allah exists within you and you are able.

To go to heaven nirvana paradise while living and live eternally it is not such that you go to that. True world after this physical body dies instead what you must do is go there while you are alive god. Buddha allah must exist at all times within you and that world which is truth must exist within you those. Who do not have this truth within at all times will not be able to go those who are not. Truth and living in this true world which is the enlightened world will not be able to go its because.

They are not true or righteous people and live inside of their own minds those who have gone from the. False world to the true world are enlightened and righteous people get excited about this hopeful message and often ask. How long does it take to accomplish this one analogy is comparing religion to a computer with time technology has. Advanced so now we have computers equipped with ai making it more convenient to use if religion is a computer. Meditation for human completion is the ai meditation is the advanced way to have a complete mind and body through.

This method anyone can reach completion typically in six months to a year now is the era of enlightenment when. Anyone can enlighten the final enlightenment is knowing god being born in heaven and living there then you have enlightened. Everything for anyone who is interested in enlightening as well please email me at ucanenlighten thanks so much for. Watching.

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Conclusion – How To Achieve Enlightenment

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