How To Achieve Financial Freedom – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to achieve financial freedom, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to achieve financial freedom,

Method 1 – Simple Steps To Financial Freedom

You may have heard that money doesnt buy happiness and the person that told you that probably had a lot. Of money but they arent exactly wrong i think whats closer to the truth is that having moneys not everything. Not having it is kanye west said that and while i dont always take financial advice from rappers kanyes got. A pretty good point when you dont have money it becomes the source of a lot of pain frustration and.

Anger it consumes your life and becomes the lens with which you see the world hey how much did that. Cost oh that must have been expensive hey i think you owe me 20 bucks you can you can pay. Me later thats venmo when we dont have it every problem seems to revolve around money and while being rich. Wont fix every problem in your life stacking up some money seems like a worthwhile pursuit when you become financially. Free you will no longer make every decision solely based on money you dont take the job just because it.

Pays better you dont have to look at the price of organic groceries to make sure you can afford them. Hell you can take uber black to the airport every once in a while imagine being at a place where. You never had to worry about money again and maybe not even that far imagine a place where money wasnt. The major stressor in your life and on your relationships the steps to get there are simple but its not. Gonna happen overnight so lets get started step 1 create an emergency fund save $1,000 and put it into an.

Emergency fund that youll only use in dire circumstances i remember reading a story from dave ramsey from someone who. Literally put their emergency fund inside a frame with the words break glass in case of emergency hold up though. Emergencies dont include beer money vacations or even an engagement ring its a its a minimalist ring this money should. Only be used if and when hits the fan when your car breaks down when you need to replace your. Water heater basically when your life would otherwise become completely derailed thats when you go to the emergency fund why.

Create an emergency fund because everything that can go wrong will go wrong and instead of borrowing money from your. Family again or pulling out your credit card pushing yourself further into debt youll have something to fall back on. The great thing about the emergency fund is that it starts to give you that feeling of financial freedom for. The first time maybe in your adult life you have some room to breathe this step is the quickest way. To finally start to gain some control back in your life step 2 pay off your debt about 80 percent.

Of american adults are in debt and weve just accepted this as the status quo maybe we bought we didnt. Need to furnish an apartment that we couldnt afford or purchased a new car when we could have bought used. For me one of the biggest problems with debt is that it restricts your monthly income so when youre paying. Five to seven hundred dollars even more on your mortgage or student loans your car payment it severely restricts the. Amount of money you can save the other thing ill say is that youre going to be saving thousands of.

Dollars in interest if youre able to pay off your loans quicker forget about cutting back on your daily lattes. This is where youre gonna take the biggest step towards financial freedom lets say you have a hundred thousand dollars. In student loans at five percent interest for a 20-year term if you only pay the minimum for the entire. Period of the loan youll end up giving the bank over a hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars this kind. Of feels like an emergency so whats the best way to pay off your debt early there are a couple.

Takes on how to do this you could tackle the high interest loans first each loan is a different amount. With a different interest rate by the numbers the smartest decision is to attack the highest interest rate first then. Take them out one by one another option is called the debt snowball it takes into account human behavior by. Tackling the smallest loan first were able to knock it out quicker which helps build momentum and motivates us to. Pay off other loans so when i first got really serious about paying off my debt early i brought everything.

And organized it into a spreadsheet like this and i would log in a couple of times a week sometimes. I would log in every single day and just visualize what it would be like to pay off some of. These loans and i would just delete them one by one like a madman like somebody whos completely delusional and. I would keep an eye on my monthly payments because i knew that if i could get them low enough. Then id be able to move out of my its house so this is what drove me i started to.

Have hope again i started to feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel and i. Would actually eventually be able to pay all this off step 3 create a runway what would it feel like. To have six to twelve months worth of expenses in your bank account at all times imagine the kind of. Freedom and stability youd have knowing that if you ever got injured lost your job or you couldnt find any. More clients that youd be taken care of for the foreseeable future this is why having runway is so important.

Open up a spreadsheet and take account of all your monthly expenses rent groceries internet insurance netflix your phone bill. Etc so pulling all this information into my spreadsheet was an amazing way for me to start to see whats. The absolute minimum that i needed to survive on and as a freelance filmmaker with my income varying widely this. Was a really powerful number to have okay now for some tough math multiply that number by six months to. Get your first target runway goal the next goal after that would be to get twelve months of runway this.

Number now becomes your baseline its like an extended emergency fund except i wouldnt put $22,000 in a frame above. Your bed i think the bank might be a little bit safer step four start a retirement fund retirement funds. Are one of those things that you know you should do but you havent done yet but eventually youll get. To it but you probably never will retirement funds are those things that your friends talk about sometimes and whenever. They do you just smile and nod but really youre thinking you brian youre a piece of i dont care.

What your stocks are and then you think to yourself whats a 401k im going to look that up personal. Finance is often about making short-term sacrifices for long-term gain by saving a little bit each year youll be able. To set yourself up for a dignified retirement first compound interest is the and heres why so you have a. Lot of money like you have $10,000 and then over the course of a year that money is making money. Because youre investing it into the insiste ox and stuff and then that money you have more money at the.

End of the year so then the next year youre making money on top of that money and then that. Money is making even more money then the next year youre making even more money im just gonna do a. Quick illustration so its not as confusing so you put $10,000 into a 401k receiving a 10% annual return at. The age of 20 if you never touch that money until you turn 70 years old youll have over 1.1. Million dollars in the bank all that simply from putting away $10,000 use a compound interest calculator online to see.

How much you could retire with based on your yearly savings all right so for me personally i invest at. Vanguard vanguard com i invest primarily in low-cost mutual funds about 90 percent stocks 10 percent bonds now i chose. This fund because its essentially a snapshot of the us economy so since 1923 when the s&p started it has. Produced a return of around 10 to 12 percent and thats basically what this fund is giving me now thats. Over the long run were not talking about 5 year period so when you invest in the long run youre.

Not checking your vanguard account every day every other day youre putting your money in youre making sure that you. Have everything set and then youre checking it maybe in six months maybe in a year but youre not stressing. Out every time to the stock markets shaky when 2008 hit a lot of people lost money but if youre. Investing in the long term thats not going to matter at all because in 30 years youre gonna eventually make. Your money back now there are many many variables that will factor into your own investment strategy like your age.

Your income how much money youll think youll need when you retire how much risk youre willing to tolerate please. Do your research before investing im not your financial manager investor or fiduciary read up and make a decision based. On your life circumstances this is not a definitive blueprint if youre a freelancer and you cant stomach that much. Risk or youd feel safer if you had $5,000 emergency fund from the very beginning then do that or maybe. You can actually handle the extra risk and you decide i dont want to build six months of runway i.

Want to actually start investing in my future in my retirement right now then do that i personally like the. Idea of paying off my debt first and then moving to my retirement fund but for a lot of people. If youre not able to pay off your debt that quickly you may want to actually start your retirement fun. Now especially if you have a 401k match with your company because then youre gonna be able to take advantage. Of the compound interest i wouldnt have been able to pay off my debt if it wasnt for reading books.

Like dave ramseys total money makeover or roommates ades i will teach you to be rich i recommend reading one. Personal finance book a year or listen to one of a hundred podcasts on the topic this will help you. Reset your priorities every year as we can sometimes get distracted by shiny objects once youve got a solid emergency. Fund pay off your debt padded your bank account with runway and youve got your retirement fund started youre on. Your way to financial freedom and it wont take finishing your retirement fund to finally realize that having money is.

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Method 2 – How To Achieve Financial Freedom Quickly

Financial freedom does not come quickly or at least it didnt for me it actually took me four and a. Half years of following a specific system before i had graduated college i said goodbye to my job and i. Never needed a job in the corporate world again and now that ive done it im showing people how to. Do it faster than ever before so hang tight coming up next im gonna show you how to achieve financial.

Freedom as quickly as possible so what i want to start with right now is i want to give you. A blueprint im gonna give you the three things that i did that helped me achieve financial freedom and i. Know that if you watch and take notes on this that its gonna help you on your journey its gonna. Accelerate things and i want to tell you about a special bonus i have at the end of the video. I actually have created an entire blueprint for people that are poor with no money people that are old with.

No money for individuals that have been putting money in 401ks and iras but dont have any residual income dont. Have enough to retire and if you fall into any of those boats this blueprint thatll give you at the. End of the video is actually going to show you exactly how to get there and ill even give it. To you for free so lets jump in lets talk about financial freedom and let me create some context what. Really is financial freedom for me its a function of time for most people as a function of money the.

Reality is you got to get super in tune with what you want out of your life and so what. Is your ultimate financial destiny 20 years from now when you wake up where do you want to wake up. What do you want your lifestyle to be like what do you want to drive is your life all about. Impact and your charitable foundation or is it time with your family you got to know what that looks like. Because if you know the destination then you have a greater understanding your destiny and what im going to do.

Is im going to reverse engineer what that looks like for all intents and purposes were going to define financial. Freedom is simply having enough residual income money that comes in on its own accord no matter what that exceeds. Your expenses and some you got expenses right now if 2,000 a month and some of you its 20 thousand. A month so whatever that is thats where were gonna start that first level of financial freedom if you come. Out to one of my live events were gonna supersede that and im going to show you how to live.

The life of your dreams in the beginning we just got to get you free from your job we got. To get you free from whats not working so a little bit about me as i give you these three. Steps im gonna tell you my context and my background because im gonna give you my game plan you have. Your own game plan on this blueprint you get at the end for me i was in college i was. Studying and training to become a doctor i want to be a surgeon and because i failed out in my.

Chemistry class is so fast it became very apparent that 10 years of science was gonna probably kill me why. Wasnt it wasnt gonna be good for me and so i needed to find an alternative path at that point. I actually only had an expenses of maybe a few thousand dollars a month but my wife and i had. To find financial freedom is 10 grand a month 10 grand a month residual ii would mean i dont need. A job i dont need to work for someone else and i can be free to do what i want.

And we were so we had so few expenses to us tangrams like posh mahal i was like dude it. Would have been it would have been it would have felt like being able to buy anything that we could. I probably was young and dumb enough to think i could afford a jet if i was making 10 grand. A month okay which we all know its not a whole lot of money but you know what its a. Mile marker and its a good place to get to so the three things that i want you to understand.

Right here with where i was at is i had little money so im gonna do this game plan for. You based on someone that doesnt feel like they have enough money you might be watching this to thinking chris. Thats definitely not me i have more than enough money maybe you do but if you dont check this out. If youve got very little money the second thing that im going to be talking about is taking the little. You got to build something so that number two you can develop a track record im gonna tell you right.

Now theres something to me far more valuable than money and its track record having moneys great but being able. To duplicate it over and over and over again i can have as much money as i want and i. Can build as much wealth as i want when i have a track record regardless of whats in my bank. Account and then the third thing im going to be talking about is how do you access free money because. Heres the cool thing about money when you can get your hands on as much as you need because you.

Have an amazing track record because you took the little you had and you did something productive with it friends. Thats that was the blueprint that helped me in four and a half years create a net worth of 1.6. Million dollars at the time i thought it was a lot but what that equated to was $12,000 a month. Residually and thats what led me to quit my job even then i was still scared and then everything just. Started flourishing because of what im sharing with you right now so let me break this down for you i.

Had so little money that my wife and i invented this little game we called it kp ppm and i. Tell you what that means my wife she came from from parents who were super frugal financially growing up they. Had no money to and so when we had no money were like we should do what they do which. Is they would pinch every penny so kp peepee immense cleanse parents penny-pinching month which mints that we were not. Going to splurge anything on anything and we saved up our little bit of money until i had five thousand.

Dollars thats a small amount of money but truth be told i turned that into 1.6 million dollars how did. I do it for me it meant buying im gonna write p r stands for primary residence meant that i. Bought a home for me to live in except i wasnt buying it for me i was actually buying this. House as an investment i was gonna live in it but check it out i bought this name 40,000 under. Market and then it had $40,000 of equity meaning if i sold it i was gonna get a pile of.

Cash i thought that was cool because how many how many of us can put 5 grand into something and. Then turn it into 40 grand well i turned it into a lot more than that so pay attention had. A basement apartment that we rented out and it covered a mortgage which was crazy to me because the basement. Was one bedroom and the upstairs had three bedrooms and im living upstairs im like you kidding me im living. In this house for free isnt a house supposed to be your biggest expense and in one deal i wiped.

It out had this equity and when i moved out of it guess what this home did for me it. Provided a five hundred and fifty dollar month positive cash flow im gonna tell you something when youre a young. Dumb college kid and money is hard to come by and youre living for free and then you move out. To another house because you duplicated it and youre living for free again and youre now making this cash flow. Telling you what eliminating your mortgage and having that extra money for me meant that i could roll that into.

More properties so i went from one primary residence to another primary residence between those two i built up a. Net worth of over $100,000 and then i was he able to pull some of that out with the help. Of the bank and i bought a third property so here i am with three properties now im gonna tell. You right now thats a track record it is not an extensive track record its not my track record today. Of 3,500 homes but three homes back then was enough track record where my father-in-law who was crazy skeptical about.

What the heck is his brand new son-in-law doing with my daughter why is he buying houses shouldnt he be. Going to shouldnt he be going to college and like getting some degree and learned something useful but after i. Had a track record of three homes he came and said okay chris you got to show me what youre. Doing and when he calculated my roi return on investment it meant that i put very little in and i. Was getting crazy amounts of money back and he had been old school trained like well chris im putting money.

For own ks and iras and savings and he came up with this proposition which it was his idea so. I blame him for my wealth he said chris how about i give you money and we do this forth. Deal together and well split it 50/50 i got to be honest i pounced on it i was like are. You kidding me i dont have to come up with the dough this time so based on that track record. I did my first deal with my father-in-law we sold it a short while later we both made he made.

About 50% on his money and i made an infinite return because i put no money in i did put. In a little bit of time and because that house went well i had another track record you know my. Father-in-law said he said chris that was yummy he would actually never say that but thats thats my creative license. On the dialogue i think chris thats yummy lets do it again right so we went and we actually did. This like 40 more times well along the way i now had by the time i got to i was.

A senior college i had 10 homes and all of a sudden i was sit in college one day annas. Thinking dang i got so lucky i mean think about it it was pure luck that i got this father-in-law. That has some 401k money stashed away wanted to put some trust in me i wish i had more father-in-laws. As a big smile on my face cuz im im not into that whatever youre thinking but there were three. Other men four other men in my world that had been kind of tracking my results i decided to take.

Him on lunch i showed him my track record on my ten homes in all four of them again in. My dialogue said this kids kicking the trash out of my 401k guess what they all did they all decided. To partner with me that track record has led to thousands of properties and friends i am not reinventing any. System here and im gonna give you this whole system for free in the blueprint end of this video so. Number one take a little money turn it into something number two build a track record number three how do.

You access free money well didnt i just show you that my friend is what i call partnering and a. Partner is someone that says well you have some track record you have skill set you have time you know. How to do this stuff you can find these deals i got the money but im busy with my career. I actually dont want to be putting my money in this and the two of us come together and we. Get married in a business called an llc thats our business entity and we start doing business together friends this.

Little guy right here your game plan is going to look different but if we extrapolate some of these principles. The goal is simple your first steps gonna be different than mine more than likely maybe not but building a. Track record and learning how to access other wealth to simply do over and over again what youve already done. Thats what has given me this financial freedom its whats giving me the opportunity to live life on my terms. My way and ten thousand a month at one point i thought that that was a lot of money but.

You know what happens when youre more successful your goals grow your goals expand my wife and i now every. Month our charity our foundation puts on a huge service project somewhere in the world and that like that lights. Me up but like i look at my whole life and im like the most meaningful parts of my life. Is not my multi-million dollar houses its not the cars that i drive super cars for me the most meaningful. Has been one for the last eight years ive been taking care of my parents cover all their expenses centum.

On trips love them take care of them like taking care of my father and mother has been the most. Probably one the most meaningful things ive ever done and the second has been the work of taking all of. This beautiful excess and sharing it you know the rich people hang out with their givers their shares no one. Likes to be at the top of the mountain alone which ive made this youtube video for you and which. Is why i got to forget for you first of all i want to thank you for watching thank you.

For connecting with me i hope this has been useful to show you heck i can get to financial freedom. Way faster than chris now that i have his blueprint and i would like to make that easier for you. The link below im giving you access to a brand new book i wrote called unstoppable and that book will. Tell you wherever youre at whatever your personal financial situations the exact blueprint to how you create wealth and you. Know what its entirely for free all you got to do is click it ill get the book in the.

Mail to you im going to ask that you cover the shipping and other than that that gift is yours. Thank you so much for watching the video if youre not a subscriber stop being so foolish make sure that. You subscribe were friends by now arent we this was useful and tomorrow and the next day and a decade. From now im going to be giving you videos of insight and power to live life on your terms your. Dreams your way.

Method 3 – How To Achieve Financial Freedom Quickly (From £0 In 5 Years – Step By Step Plan)

So i received an email this week now normally i get a few of these and i have in the. Past but this one really caught my attention and i wanted to solve it through a video so this is. What it said it said i am 42 i have no pension and no savings and i feel like im. Stuck doomed to live a life of a nine-to-five job with no exit until i die and basically i want.

To say that this is not the case this is nowhere the case that youre stuck doing what youre doing. So perhaps youre seeing videos about time freedom financial freedom people talking to you about investing and you know you. Do it for five to ten years and thatll be you and you feel like i have nothing ive got. My mid-forties or even later and im just not going to achieve that so whats the point this video is. For you im going to share with you how we started at zero with debt in the space of three.

Years it paid off that day but also in five years we were able to build freedom from our jobs. We built a business and investments that allowed us to leave those nine to five jobs and have time freedom. So if that sounds like the video for you stay all the way to the end so before we get. Even looking at computers and calculations we need to work on our mindset first of all so the email came. Across as this desperate attitude and i get that theres a couple of things we need to realize the moment.

That i actually realized that money was something we could create thats when our journey actually got quicker and quicker. Towards the goal of leaving our jobs and then creating time freedom and having a business that supports life so. The first thing you have to do before we crunch any numbers and get onto the computer is you have. To realize that money is unlimited you can create it we get stuck in the mindset that we earn a. Living and its fixed thats all were worth but thats not the case at all the print money for goodness.

Sakes its always unlimited supply its all about then creating ways to get money for our talents and were going. To cover that in this video as well the second thing you h.

Conclusion – How To Achieve Financial Freedom

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