How To Achieve Flow State – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to achieve flow state, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to achieve flow state,

Method 1 – How To Protect Your Focus And Reach ‘Flow State’

Focusing deeply on one task for hours in a row is one of the core skills for professional success however. In a world where distractions are available at our fingertips it becomes harder and harder to focus deeply for long. Periods the lack of focus is truly an epidemic most people havent even experienced the power of flow state the. Most productive state we can be in because of the continuous distractions and interruptions with this video however youll be.

Equipped with the right tools and habits to protect your focus and reach flow state more often distractions are the. Number one enemy of your focus and productivity thus to protect your focus and reach flow state more frequently you. Need to remove the main sources of distraction from your work environment specifically there are two forms of distractions 1. External distractions smartphone notifications social media news email and noise 2 internal distractions thoughts stress and mind racing when you. Remove these distractions from your environment youll be able to work with unbreakable focus and do meaningful deep work without.

Getting distracted every few minutes the first step to protecting your focus is to identify the biggest sources of external. Distractions that hijack your attention the most common forms of external distractions are smartphones social media food netflix email video. Games and instant messaging apps depending on whats easier either remove these distractions from your environment or remove yourself from. These sources the harder it is to access distractions the less likely youll get distracted if distractions are easily accessible. However you will get distracted thats because distractions such as smartphones social media news websites and netflix are designed to.

Get you addicted theyre designed to stimulate your brain in unnatural ways to get you hooked more specifically your brain. Releases a lot of dopamine when engaged in these distractions which is precisely why its so hard to resist their. Temptation the mind is always looking for the easiest way to get stimulated the most is looking for the path. Of least resistance things like netflix fast food and smart phones are the perfect sources to provide this most of. Our daily tasks cant beat the instant gratification that these distractions provide which is why we gravitate towards distractions when.

Were supposed to do our work most of our work offers stimulation but not nearly as much as social media. Youtube news or fun conversations most of our work also offers gratification but delayed gratification the rewards of our work. Are almost always somewhere in the future eg income impact a promotion while the rewards of distractions are instant eg. Entertainment stimulation fun its the battle of instant gratification versus delayed gratification the best way to win this battle is. By avoiding it as much as possible here are a few tips to do so put your smartphone on flight.

Mode and place it in a different room or in your bag download a website blocker to stop yourself from. Checking news websites social media etc turn off the notifications from social media email and instant messaging dont work with. Email or instant messaging tabs open only have tabs open that are necessary for your task at hand work in. A quiet space where you cant get distracted by noise or conversations put in noise cancelling earbuds and put on. Repetitive type music the key is to deprive yourself of all potential distractions so that your work is the most.

And stimulating thing left to do when there are zero distractions you create the space to enter flow state and. Do deep work you can block all external distractions and remove them from your environment but theres still one big. Source of distraction left the mind as humans we are always thinking many times this serves us well many times. It doesnt thinking is a double-edged sword it can lead to incredible breakthroughs or it can distract you from your. Work in goals to do deep work however you need to learn how to calm your mind and limit the.

Distracting inner chatter theres an interesting principle in buddhism that describes our mind as a monkey mind consider this analogy. Each thought is a branch and your mind is a monkey swinging from thought branch to thought branch all day. Long without stopping this sounds like it might be fun but the result of an untrained monkey mind is primarily. Mental and physical fatigue an untrained monkey mind distracts us from our work stalks us out of doing the things. We should be doing and seeks constant stimulation all in all to protect our focus and reach flow state we.

Need to tame the monkey mind one of the most effective ways to tame the monkey mind is by practicing. Regular meditation in my experience meditation is one of the most powerful habits for productivity and life in general my. Mind is racing much more when i havent been meditating for a few days on the other hand my mind. Is clear calm and focused when ive been meditating consistently it enables me to work with deep focus meditation isnt. Woowoo stuff its actually scientifically proven to improve your focus decrease in a chatter and improve your happiness all in.

All its one of the most effective ways to tame the monkey mind and to focus intensely on your work. Daily journaling is another habit id recommend to limit internal distractions when you write down your thoughts onto paper you. Capture them this helps the monkey mind let go of distracting thoughts and focus on your work instead whether its. To dues you still need to tackle things you shouldnt forget or stress youre dealing with write it down this. Frees up mental resources and protects your mental energy remember your mind shouldnt be a storage place for thoughts and.

Ideas it should be a generator of high-quality thoughts and ideas all in all by taming the monkey mind you. Automatically sharpen your focus as internal distractions are at a minimum this allows you to engage in deep work and. Enter flow state more frequently now do it knowing about how to protect your focus is not enough you must. Put your knowledge into action therefore as an action point for this video apply at least two of these suggestions. On how to limit external and internal distractions for your next work session.

Method 2 – How To Enter A State Of Flow With Ease | Steven Kotler

One of flos triggers is known as immediate feedback this is one of the reasons action-adventure sport athletes have such. An advantage because right immediate feedback to either set your ski edge on that hill or youre on a face-first. Death slide to the bottom lacroix right its immediate feedback so in writing what i discovered for example is editors. Dont do a whole hell of a lot of editing theyre really busy so you get them that once twice.

Youve written books you know what its like right they jump in five months in then they give you some. Notes and they do see them again in five months and maybe you know what i mean its not what. You need so i have i have a guy and my staff michael who youve met whos my editor and. He reads almost everything ive wrote usually two or three times a week and he gives me what i call. The minimal feedback for flow so i have discovered for me and my writing so my watch words are never.

Boring never confusing and never arrogant and ive discovered by the way when i make certain kinds of errors for. Example if my writing is really fancy im using lots of fancy language in my writing usually what that means. Is so that would be an example of my writing as arrogant right im using and what that means is. I havent done enough homework i havent done enough research so im trying to cover up what is a lack. Of knowledge with fancy writing and sometimes i dont even notice i dont know that i havent done enough research.

I only know it when the fancy writing shows up but and i have to usually have somebody pointed out. To me so i figured out that my form as a writer the minimal feedback and flow that i need. Is is it boring is it arrogant or is it confusing and so every couple of days michael reads whatever. It is that im working on it answers those questions for me thats the minimal feedback and flow so i. Tell people is in your work situations obviously you cant get that kind of feedback from bosses very often people.

Are too busy find a feedback buddy find somebody to work with in your life who can give you that. Kind of immediate feedback because if its quarterly reviews or yearly reviews its not enough to generate flow you want. To really shrink down those feedback cycles as much as possible im a big believer in exercise i dont i. Exercise at least six days a week and usually for a couple of hours minimum like ill go for an. Hour-long hike with my dogs in the morning then ill go to the gym in the afternoon or twice a.

Week.i for me i need action sports i have to hurl myself down mountains at high speeds i have so. Theres a recovery period recovery is really important for flow so i have a infrared sauna in my house that. I use and i do box breathing every every day in the infrared sauna and one is lean box breathe. Box breathing is just its a kind of mindfulness um its called box breathing because theres four sides to it. So you inhale its a its five seconds inhale for five seconds hold it for five seconds exhale for five.

Seconds hold it for five seconds and box breathing and then you do it for six seconds in seven seconds. And the reason i find box breathing with the navy seals train is the mindfulness technique they use and the. Reason is not only is it good so any kind of mindfulness training is training focus so its all gonna. Help with flow right all meditation training is gonna help drive flow in the end i like box breathing because. Its two things so when you exhale all the air from your lungs and you hold your breath which is.

What you do on one side of that of the box right you exhale and then you hold your breath. So if you do that for over seven seconds for most people it depends how good their lungs are it. Automatically induces a fight-or-flight response right your brain goes holy crap theres no air in your lungs panic and what. You have to do is you have to learn to focus through the panic right and which is one of. The secrets especially in action sports or some in the martial arts like learning to focus through the panic is.

How you achieve flow its a really good flow skill and it also so youre doubly downregulated in the nervous. System of box breathing the other thing is its a complicated up system that if youre even if you hate. Meditation and mindfulness anybody can learn to do it because theres enough going on heres some challenge that right so. I am a big believer in that and the last thing i do that the less kind of flipped if. Im gonna give you guys so another of flows triggers is a creativity flow not only amplifies creativity creativity triggers.

Flow and what really triggers flow is pattern recognition the linking of ideas together okay so if you want to. Create pattern recognition you actually have to the brain ideas and the problem in the modern world is that most. Of us tend to specialize and when you specialize right the ideas youre getting theres not enough distance between the. Incoming ideas and older idea is to create pattern recognition so i tell pete people who are really interested in. This you should read 25 to 50 pages a day preferably in a book and there are reasons im not.

Going to go into it here but nonfiction outside your core area in something that youre curious about and just. Interested about and what youre doing is youre loading the pattern recognition system youre giving yourself kind of the basic. Necessities for pattern recognition and if you dont do that you cant make those connections so youre denying yourself some. Of the flow that you can have you.

Method 3 – Super Focus: Flow State Music – Alpha Binaural Beats, Study Music For Focus And Concentration

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Method 4 – How To Enter The Flow State

This is a definitive guide to getting into them im brett winger im a neuroscientist biomedical engineer and athlete first. Of all lets talk about seeing in the zones what some people call a flow state basically youre in the. State of perfect focus where youre not even consciously thinking about things or processing moment by moment its a state. Of relaxed high performance thats the zone fact is anybody can be in the zone its not just sports its.

Anything where youre able to just do it and block out distractions repetition repetition is the language of the brain. And its the way you get better in anything heres one study the national institute of health put freestyle rappers. In an mri machine while they were freestyling there was less cognitive control because it didnt need to happen they. Were in flow they were in the zone they were practicing their craft when youre first learning something everything lights. Up here in the frontal lobes as you become an expert then that activity actually goes down all of that.

Gets moved into subconscious so the biggest misconception about getting in the zone is that its this magic thing that. Only happens couple times in a lifetime thats not the case you can prepare for it be well rested smart. Hard practice ignore distractions part of that could be meditation interestingly caffeine actually does improve performance you have to find. That happy medium a little good a lot too much true or false sports performance is all about genetics and. How big your muscles are absolutely false its about how well does your brain control them all those movements that.

Make you an elite basketball player with all sort of muscle memory one of the best is this guy tj. Cary he is a cornerback for the oakland raiders we work with pj with our product tailor sport the pair. Headphones it helps speed up firing neurons in the primary motor cortex which means the brain can take in more. Information really quickly and he added nine inches to his vertical leap 42 inch vertical leap thats amazing thats insane. His brain was optimizing the firing of every little part of that muscle and everything that goes into that strength.

Is specific lets say youre training on a bicycle machine then what youre really getting best at is just doing. That exact thing is doing that biceps curl because its not just about how big your muscle is its about. How your brain has learned to use it in exactly that context and thats why the best physical training is. The training that best approximates exactly what youre doing on game day the thing is this is relevant to all. Of us because we all have a brain we all have a body we all want to reach our potential.

Everybody can have this sensation of wow im male.

Method 5 – How To Get Into The Flow State | Steven Kotler

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Conclusion – How To Achieve Flow State

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