How To Achieve Glass Skin – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to achieve glass skin, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to achieve glass skin,

Method 1 – *Affordable* Glass Skin Skincare Under $20!

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Method 2 – *New* Glass Skin Skincare Routine & Glass Skin Makeup

Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is karen today were going to talk all about skin so. Ever since my pregnancy my skin has been changing so so much but i finally found a routine that works. For my sensitive skin and also helps me look much younger than i really am so this whole routine is. Going to show you how i get my clear glass skin look before i jump into this video i want.

To thank donghinbi for sponsoring this video you guys dont be has been around in korea since 1899. Most of. Us actually all of us were not even born yet they are one of the first pioneers to use ginseng. And skin care im going to start off my face with just cleaning it with this reusable round cotton round. It actually i already washed it with soap and everything so were just gonna wipe everything off from this morning.

I always do my skincare day and night but i want to start fresh with you guys on camera so. My cleansing routine is with then i met you i always start off with the living cleansing balm it looks. Like this i love using this cleansing balm because it does not get oily into my eyes and makes my. Contact lenses all foggy and stuff it also removes my waterproof makeup without like burning my eyes and then the. Second step is i use their licorice root green tea rice ferment pha gentle facial cleanser this is my skin.

After ive just cleansed it and when i start off my skincare routine i always always start off with an. Essence the first item im using is the donkey 1899 single essence there are not a lot of products that. Uses a hundred percent ginseng extract this one does if you smell it it smells so so good it smells. Like the root itself if you guys dont know ginseng is anti-inflammatory so if you are acne prone this product. Will really help you calm down any redness and make your skin feel really really nice you want to take.

Three to four droplets and pour it onto the palm of your hand and what i like to do is. Just kind of like press it between my palms like this take a deep breath of this product because it. Just smells so refreshing it really calms me every time i do my skincare routine it makes me feel so. So relaxed the reason why you want to start off with an essence is because it will balance the ph. Of your skin after youve just washed your face and it makes it so that your pores will receive any.

Next product that youre putting on like serums and creams so much better i never ever do my skincare without. Essence it is that important and it really just changes the quality of my skincare routine it helps everything soaks. In so much better okay i took a couple more drops and now im going to press it into my. Neck what i also really love about this product is that it keeps my skin moist all day long there. Are antioxidant water properties in this essence and it helps create this shiny look to the skin like you see.

Right now like there is a natural glow to it already one of my favorite things about this packaging too. Is that this bottle has an intake at the top so that it doesnt spill you can actually take very. Precise droplets every single time you pour it out you know exactly how many drops are being poured onto your. Palm so all you need is about three to four drops of this product and you just press it into. Your skin like how i did it one of the most important things about having glass skin is exfoliation so.

This is a product that i use about two to three times a week this is the kate somerville exfoliate. I love this product because one it smells so good it smells like an expensive spa you just kind of. Leave it onto your skin for about two to three minutes two to three times a week once you wash. It off your skin feels like baby but soft but if you have sensitive skin dont leave it on for. Two to three minutes leave it on for one minute okay now were gonna jump into my whole skincare routine.

So another thing thats super important for me for glass skin is having moisturized skin like that buoyancy looks like. You have a juicy peach is how i think of glass skin and in order to have like intensive moisture. Into your skin serums is the way to go there are two serums that i kind of like juggle in. Between i really really love these guys so donkey has one called the red ginseng daily defense essence it is. Basically a serum they call it an essence typically serums come like in a smaller bottle like this because theyre.

Super concentrated and you typically only need like two pumps for your whole face and even partially your neck i. Really love this one because dojinbees product just smells so good it smells like ginseng another product i really really. Love is glow recipes plum plump hyaluronic serum ive used so many so many different types of serums and you. Can tell when a serum doesnt do its job well and you can tell when it really sinks deep into. Your skin and this one also as soon as i used it i was like wow night and day to.

Like some more budget serums there is a difference in why some products are so much more expensive than others. And once again im just gonna pat it into my skin like this also dont forget your neck because your. Face is connected to your neck and it looks so weird if you have like an old looking face i. Mean old looking neck and a super youthful face so serums always go on kind of wet and then when. It dries it has this like sort of tacky texture to it it has a little bit of a bounce.

And thats how you know it works really well another ingredient thats in my must-have routine are i swear by. This retinol retinol retinol retinol i could not use retinol when i was pregnant but now that im not pregnant. Anymore im like yes i can use it again my husband loves to steal my skincare hes been stealing my. Skincare for the past five years now and he probably has one of like the better skin of the men. Ive seen around he stole my retinol products one day and i looked at him and i was like you.

Look so young right now like what what what did you take from my medicine cabinet and its retinol so. If you can put retinol into your skincare routine i highly recommend having a retinol um this is one of. My favorite ones from mirad it is quite pricey so this is definitely more of a luxury skincare routine there. Are not as expensive retinols out there and i believe the ordinary have some paulas choice have some im mentioning. These products is because they actually work despite it being more on the luxury price point theyre not just price.

Pointing at that point because they just want to be a money grab like these things actually work and they. Make me look so good i am 30 years old but my skin i want to say it looks like. I could still be like in my early 20s because ive been keeping up with retinols and hyaluronic acids also. Resurfacing my skin and also essence the essence is so silky were getting closer and closer to the glass skin. The next product is the glass skin porcelain product it is the donkey 1899 signature oil first of all the.

Packaging is phenomenal it came in a wooden box it just gives such an experience when youre opening up the. Package ive never seen a more luxurious packaging than this donkey 1899 signature oil the second thing i want to. Point out is it has a leather knob up here it literally looks like im buying a luxury handbag but. For skin care its so so nice im a packaging snob and when i got this i was like drooling. I was like wow this is so so pretty another thing i wanted to point out about the packaging is.

That it also has the same intake as the essence bottle it has this nub at the top so you. Only get one drop at a time it uses red ginseng oil to give you that deep hydration if you. Have any wrinkles or if youre trying just to prevent wrinkles like i am it does an amazing job at. That another thing is that it just smells so so good its so expensive because its made with six-year-old red. Ginseng ginseng like i mentioned earlier helps with anti-inflammatory it repairs texture on your skin if you are acne prone.

Again this is really good for you and moisturizing your skin and just calming it offers me really really deep. Hydration and you want to apply this product before any creams too so another thing about antioxidants if you dont. Know is that it helps with boosting your collagen reproduction this product really helps give me that glass skin look. In my whole skincare routine i freaking love it so so much the next product i like to use now. That i have the oils on my face is i take my massager this is a face massager it vibrates.

A little bit and i kind of just like massage my face facial massages are really good because it recirculates. Your blood on your face and it definitely helps with youthfulness too and the buoyancy and bounciness of your skin. I also like to do my eyelids and just kind of pull it up so after this i would put. On some type of cream at night time i would use a cream to close off everything but because it. Is daytime right now i actually like to put on a sunscreen that is moisturizing this is the beet shield.

Antioxidant day fluid it has beetroot it has vitamin c and it is just really really nice like for underneath. The makeup this is actually a a cushion compact its meant for your full face but what i like to. Do with this product is just i like to squeeze my sponge and just apply it on the areas that. I need it which is just my under eyes and on my eyelids and i dont take it too far. Out of my face because i want to keep it i just want to freshen up and brighten my face.

And thats pretty much it and if you want to maintain and keep the dewiness your glass skin look cushion. Compacts are the way to go foundations i feel like sometimes it gives too much coverage but cushioned compacts give. Just the right amount of dewiness and it still allows your skin to peek through so thats pretty much it. For my skin and i dont even need any concealer because this basically is a two in one situation the. Cushion just allows your skin to still look like youve just done your skin care you woke up like this.

But you dont have any blemishes or dark circles isnt it amazing so ill link this in the description box. Below because it is definitely my go-to i always recommend it to my family and friends at this point im. Just going to do something really simple with my brows like filling them in making them a little fuller and. Im using my elf cosmetics ultra precision brow pencil okay my brows are done now im going to do blush. Because its one of my favorite parts of a no makeup makeup kind of look the perfect blush for a.

Glass skin no makeup makeup look is the m cosmetics blush serums im going to be using the color pink. Nectar because i want to be very very flush and this is one of their more like bolder colors you. Know my favorite thing to do is actually place it underneath closest to the outer corner of my eye because. It looks like im really blushing a lot a lot some people dont like that application but for me i. Love it and then applying it to my the apples of my cheeks and also the bridge of my nose.

Next im taking my cream contour from fenty beauty and im in the shade butter biscuit right under where my. Cheekbones is at and these two cream products will blend seamlessly together and now im going to add a little. Bit of contour to my nose just my nose bridge now im tight lining with the tattoo liner from maybelline. And i like to use the color bold brown and then im taking a brush tip eyeliner and on my. Bottom lash line im drawing these fake eyelashes next im taking my favorite artist color pencil from makeup forever and.

This is in the shade wherever walnut i already have lip balm on my lips but im going to just. Outline my lips a little bit now im taking my lip injection from too faced i think it was last. Year they like did a whole line of all the different shades like red pinks fuchsia but i love how. This makes my lips look it looks its always like super plump the next item im gonna use is from. Rare beauty this is their blotting puff and im just going to blot a little bit where my forehead is.

Because its extra shiny there and we dont want a shiny forehead when we have like the glass skin look. You know around my nose im leaving my nose bridge shiny because we want it to look highlighted and then. What im going to do is also actually take a blotting sheet in this set and im just going to. Blot this area down a little bit and around my nose if you want i would put on mascara but. I have such a little eyelashes it doesnt even matter if i have mascara on but if you have blessed.

Lashes pop on mascara and you look so pretty and so cute this is just me being extra but i. Love being extra so im just gonna pop on these demi wispies from ardell super small and this is my. Completed look this is my updated glass skin routine and makeup this is perfect for being at home if you. Just need to run errands to the grocery store or something like that or you want to look like you. Woke up like this to your significant other or for yourself whatever it is so if you guys enjoyed this.

Video um feel free to give it a thumbs up if you didnt like it feel free to give it. A thumbs down and in the comment section below can you tell me what is the most important thing that. You look for when you look at a skincare product for me its whether or not it actually moisturizes my. Skin and actually stays moisturized because sometimes products they do its job the first five minutes and then my face. Is all dry again and i hate that feeling like i gotta keep replying and applying applying these products are.

Top notched um and once again i wanna thank donkey b for sponsoring this video without these two key ingredient. Products with red ginseng i would not be able to achieve my glass skin face make sure you guys check. Out these two products in the description box below i absolutely absolutely love the single essence i cannot rave enough. About this one and if you want to create this glass skin look that i have going on right now. The signature oil is a must-have and thats it thank you so much for watching if you have not subscribed.

To my youtube channel please subscribe it will really help me create more content for you guys and i will. See you guys in my next one bye uh you.

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Conclusion – How To Achieve Glass Skin

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