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Method 1 – How To Get Into Ketosis | Thrive Market

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Method 2 – How To Get Into Ketosis Fast! #Kickstart2019

Hey munchies happy monday welcome if youre new im melissa it is the new year and i know a lot. Of people are trying out a ketogenic diet and while i do think its not for everyone it can be. A great tool depending on your needs and goals for weight loss it can be super helpful but it is. A commitment its restrictive youve got to do your research and really understand what your body is going through if.

You need to learn more i suggest watching my keto 101 video before this video or else youll be pretty. Confused and im not going to answer all of your basic keto questions in the comments here when they are. Likely answered in the first video today we are talking about getting into ketosis and really avoiding that keto flu. Which is so real first its important to note that experiencing the keto flu and the symptoms that come along. With it while uncomfortable are normal you are changing fuel sources when you go from burning sugar to fat and.

Your body needs to adjust symptoms of the keto flu can include tiredness cramping mood swings brain fog dizziness and. Just general flu-like symptoms it is not fun and it can last days to weeks depending on the person but. There are some things you can do to make it pass more quickly im going to talk about six of. Them today now these are not quick fixes but details that you can focus on to help with the process. Everyone is different and it will take different amounts of time to get into ketosis because we all have unique.

Metabolisms carb tolerance levels and insulin resistance and of course our previous diets will also affect how we metabolize glucose. So i wont say these will get you into ketosis in 24 hours or whatever but they might it depends. On you it usually takes me about 48 hours or a little less but i do have friends who need. A solid week to get into ketosis so if thats you first of all im sorry but if so you. Definitely want to implement some of these tips asap the most obvious and most important is to keep your macros.

In check keep carbs down keep fat up and keep protein adequate when getting into ketosis focus extra on the. Carb count the closer to zero is a better less than 20 grams for sure less than 5 percent of. Your total intake but in that transition period the less you can consume the faster you will get into ketosis. And thats the less time for those saki kitto flu symptoms to stick around once you are in ketosis and. Feeling good you can adjust your carb intake and find your tolerance by testing your huge on levels appropriately the.

Same goes for protein you can really take in less protein for that transition period a few days isnt going. To affect your muscle mass and it will help you get over the flu more quickly because remember too much. Protein can lead to gluconeogenesis which is when protein converts to glucose and we dont want that i talked about. That in my keto 101 video too so in that transition period you want less carbs and protein than you. Even usually have all in ketosis and youd probably want to up your fat by about 5 to 10 percent.

– next know what to eat more and less up or none of for that matter consume more coconut oil. It is totally a good thing coconut oil as is is great or mct oil mcts help with ketone production. And are really easily absorbed for instant energy so more coconut oil for sure less dairy in fact i recommend. Cutting the dairy completely while youre getting into ketosis milk still contains carbs which we want less of during this. Period for sure and dairy raises insulin levels which can of course impact ketosis i have read and talk to.

People and found that it really depends on the person for me when i am in ketosis and checking my. Blood ketone levels they are not as high when i eat dairy for some people thats not the case when. Youre transitioning why make the keto blue last longer than it has to just go without the dairy and eliminate. The risk less sweeteners obviously no sugar because that is pure carbs but even sweeteners can affect insulin levels depending. On the person and the type of sweetener again why take the risk if you need to sweeten your coffee.

You do you but if you are in the ms the keto flu and wanting it to be over i. Say go without the sweetener for a few days and expedite the process the next tip is to consider intermittent. Fasting or fasting in general intermittent fasting helps you burn fat as fuel because while youre fasting you arent putting. Any sugar or glucose into your body so your body can then turn to fat as its fuel source there. Is a lot of information to cover and i dont want to make this whole video an hour long but.

It could be valuable if you are interested in learning more and want a video on intermittent fasting or fasting. Let me know and ill get working on that but yes a can and does help you get into ketosis. Faster simply because think about it the only thing keeping you from ketosis is glucose and carbs if you cut. Out eating everything you cut out any possibility of getting carbs into your system and give your body a chance. To adjust to burning its stored fat as fuel you can also do whats called a back fast where for.

A period of time you eat upwards of 90% of your calories from fat as opposed to the typical 70. To 75 percent for the keto diet and that can help get over the hump of getting into ketosis as. Well next get moving increase your cardio a bit and it doesnt have to be anything crazy when youre in. The middle of that keto flu i know working out sounds and feels terrible but when you exercise you burn. Glycogen stores or excess glucose and if youre fasting then working out could drive up ketone levels even more even.

Walking can help so if you feel miserable if i can get out and take a stroll it may help. You get through the flu a little bit faster i also want to touch on water and electrolytes they are. Related but its sort of a two parter first water helps with digestion and eliminating toxins but it is especially. Important while getting into ketosis and really if youre doing a keto diet in general ketogenic diets are very dehydrating. And you want to make sure youre keeping your liver and kidneys functioning properly of course you want to do.

This for your own health first and foremost but also in terms of getting into ketosis so that your body. Can immobilize and burn fat and produce ketones quickly on low carb diets our kidneys flush out salt potassium calcium. Magnesium and of course water which is why people lose water weight during those first few weeks but that dumping. Can cause a electrolyte imbalances which is really what causes so many of the terrible kido flu symptoms at all. At the same time if you are drinking more water youre also flushing more out so you do want more.

Water but thats also why on a keto diet you may need more sodium or salt a lot of times. We hear that we should be consuming less sodium that is not typically going to be the case on a. Keto diet youll probably need more of sodium and youll likely need more in that transition into ketosis – to. Help you from feeling like crap if you are getting headaches try getting in some more salt that really helped. Me you also might need more potassium and magnesium if you get into ketosis and are still not feeling tip-top.

You may want to consider supplementing those and i guess last it is worth mentioning that exhaustion escy tones are. Also an option and if you dont know those are ketones that come from external sources like bhb salts and. Usually if you mix them into a drink or something like that i dont personally turn to them my logic. Is if my body can do it on its own with natural sources like regular food then i dont want. To use anything external but a lot of people swear by them and i guess i do use mct oil.

Which is technically a supplement and not a whole food but i dont use eggs anise ketones as a quick. Fix it takes me less than 48 hours to get into ketosis so i know they arent necessary but i. Am not going to lie to you and tell you that they arent an option either just make sure you. Do your own research because i know that a lot of companies arent always transparent about what youre getting in. That little packet as well as the ingredients and the amount and of course we still dont know the long-term.

Effects of these supplements theyre also very expensive and dont digest well for some people and thats also true for. Mct oil so those are my top functional tips for how to get into ketosis faster and minimize the effects. Of the keto flu remember that these tips are really for the transition and not advice for your time in. Ketosis necessarily i acknowledge that a keto diet is very restrictive so the less restrictive you have to be just. Ketosis the better that is long-term but the more restrictive you can be during that transition the less miserable youre.

Going to be for that time and the quicker youre gonna get to the good stuff right i hope you. Found this helpful let me know if you want more like this or like i mentioned that intermittent fasting or. General fasting video and remember with any diet but especially with something like the keto diet where youre taking your. Body through some pretty intense transitions you really want to know whats going on and do your own research dont. Just listen to anyone who says any one thing that works for them because its really very specific to the.

Individual and if you dont know whats going on in your body you will know how to properly navigate the. Diet or change it to work for you thanks so much for being here i will see you tomorrow for. A brand new episode and remember its all a matter of mind over munch.

Method 3 – Get Into Ketosis Really Fast With These 3 Science Backed Methods

Hey everyone its tom still our here and today were going to break down ways that you can get into. Ketosis a little bit faster some kind of fun hacks but honestly just some simple science that you can apply. No gimmicky stuff so were gonna be covering things like managing the timing okay timing it with your stressful life. Because stress can inhibit ketosis okay then were gonna talk about what you should be doing in the way of.

Your carbohydrate consumption where you talk about your fats and how you should modulate and increase and decrease certain fats. Then well move into specific kinds of fasting that can actually help you out with generating more ketones so you. Get there faster and then were going to talk about exercise what exercise is best okay were gonna talk about. The low intensity were talked about the high intensity and youll know exactly what to do so lets go ahead. And jump in please do hit the red subscribe button hit the bell icon so that you can turn on.

Notifications lets jump in so the number one thing i want to talk about is when youre going into ketosis. You should try to time it with a less stressful point in your life and i know thats hard to. Manage for people and you might be able to forego this one but what we have to remember is that. When you are stressed out cortisol levels increase and cortisol is the enemy of ketosis especially in the beginning when. Youre getting adapted cortisol triggers your blood sugar to rise which will inhibit ketone production when you are first going.

Into ketosis its already stressful on your body physiologically which means that your body is going to have a hard. Time producing ketone thats why you have to go through that hump okay you add stress from life to the. Mix at that point in time it gets even harder you have carbohydrates that are stored inside your muscles and. When you get stressed out and cortisol levels increase those muscles release those carbohydrates into the bloodstream and increase your. Blood glucose and your blood glucose increases and that stops ketones from forming and that increases insulin and thats kind.

Of a chain reaction but it also increases whats called gluconeogenesis which is where your body takes proteins and it. Takes tissues and and things like that to break down into carbohydrates for energy that increases a lot when youre. Stressed out so if youre not in ketosis yet you run the risk of losing muscle you run the risk. So you should just be calm now whats funny is ive done my own self experimentation when im stressed out. It takes me 1 2 3 days longer to get into ketosis if im on vacation and im relaxed i.

Can get into ketosis in like 24 hours its really wild and it has do with that so anyhow moving. On to number two which is going to be what you should do with your diet what you should eat. What you shouldnt eat first and foremost people will tell you to increase your fats a whole whole lot and. Thats all fine and dandy but one of the things that its a super important its keeping your net carbohydrates. Under 10 for that first week i dont care if you go to 20 30 40 later on but that.

First week you should be under 10 it should be strict and it will be difficult because the biggest biggest. Player that we have to keep in the equation is getting those carbohydrates out in the beginning now i also. Recommend something that ive played around with before ive been doing keto for 10 years and thats called fat surging. So i find that i can get into ketosis a little bit faster if i keep my fats high right. When im starting to go in like for the first day and then keep my fats really low the next.

Day now what that does for me in theory is its stimulating the liver to utilize those fats to create. Ketones and then im depriving the body of dietary fat for a moment so it has no choice but to. Start getting efficient at pulling it from my tissues very similar to fasting so its like i go high fat. Low fat so i recommend doing kind of alternate high fat low fat thats just kind of a tip from. Thomas if you are playing around with different fats to consume youre obviously probably looking at mct oils and things.

Like that go for straight c 8 m ct because c 8 m ct goes straight from the intestinal tract. Through the portal vein into the liver which means it can go straight into ketone production however its not going. To help you that much until your body is starting to produce ketones so that first day is all about. Just reducing carbohydrates not really worrying about the fats as much and then you can go to the c8 and. Play around mcts if you dont like mct oil thats fine goat cheese its actually really good too and goat.

Cheese gets broken down in your body you get ca you get mcts about 14% mct which is pretty decent. And then you look at coconut oil its only about 10% of the cmc t so you actually get a. Better effect from goat cheese in my opinion so have that goat cheese that first week its a great way. To keep it low inflammation but also enjoy it now were going to talk fasting for a minute its not. Quite as simple as just fasting i will say that if you were to go for a 24 48 72.

Hour fast yeah youd probably be in ketosis pretty quick but thats not always easy for people to do so. What i recommend is play around with alternate day fasting okay fast for 18 to 24 hours the first day. And then the second day dont fast at all and do the for a week prior to starting your ketogenic. Diet i find its easier for people to not eat than it is for people to actually start a keto. Diet a lot of times so what happens is the more that your body is accustomed to going without food.

The quicker it can get into ketosis so if your for example ive been on and off fasting for 10. Years right i can get into ketosis much faster because my bodys adapted to that you can quickly adapt yourself. If you know youre gonna start a ketogenic diet next week do some alternate day fasting say im gonna fast. For 18 hours today tomorrow im not gonna fast at all then im gonna fast for 18 hours the next. Day the next day im not gonna fast at all this does help your body sort of get in the.

Rhythm of utilizing its own stored energy therefore making it so that ketosis is a little bit easier people think. That you need to burn through all your bodys stored carbohydrates first thats not true you dont need to burn. Through your muscle glycogen you only need to burn through your liver so you burn through your liver glycogen then. Your body can start producing ketones now another thing that i recommend people do is play around with bone broth. Fasting now heres a little theory that i have i find that i can get into ketosis a little bit.

Faster when im fascinating with bone broth why is this well my thought process behind this is that its stimulating. Digestive processes without a lot of calories so the bone broth is giving you the amino acids give me the. Things that i need for recovery but its not necessarily putting me in a total fasting state its putting me. Close to it so its like my body is still ramping up metabolism a little bit but i dont have. The calories to support it so i tend to get into ketosis a little bit faster not everyones that way.

But i do find that people can usually go 24-48 hours of a bone broth fast a lot easier than. No broth or anything at all so i highly recommend that if youre looking to get into ketosis i put. A link down below for kettle and fire bone broth if youve watched my fasting videos before i always talk. About them thank you kettle and fire for making this video possible and for extending the pricing that you do. To all the viewers its super appreciated so theres a link down below you guys can check out kettle and.

Fire get your hands on the bone broth that i would typically recommend using and even if youre not using. This to get into a ketogenic state bone broth is still awesome to have on hand for breaking a fast. For just using in different soups that youre gonna make with keto and stuff like that so highly recommend you. Check them out special links special discount down below after you finish watching this video okay so if youre duta. Lysing the bone broth strategy yet you can also do it on your alternate day fasting you can do it.

Again two days straight of bone broth find a little bit easier you know getting the ketosis quicker in my. Opinion okay now lets talk exercise because this is a very big one low intensity steady-state low intensity long duration. Cardio is better for generating ketones than high intensity okay heres the thing if youre first getting into ketosis you. Want to do just easy steady-state cardio why because that utilizes fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates high-intensity activity utilizes. Carbohydrates the common misnomer out there is that you want to do high-intensity activity because you want to burn through.

All the carbohydrates so that your body can produce ketones well remember you dont need to burn through the muscle. Glycogen you dont need to burn through those carbohydrates thats fine give you an example if i were to end. Up in ketosis tomorrow i would still have plenty of carbohydrates stored in my muscles to fuel my workouts for. Probably a couple days okay i dont need to drain through those to get into ketosis what i need to. Do is condition my liver to be able to utilize fats for ketones and the best way that you can.

Do that is by going out and doing a little bit of low intensity cardio if theres one big caveat. And im gonna save you a bunch of time a bunch of energy here that low intensity cardio isnt gonna. Do you much good until your carbohydrates have already been kind of diminished out of your body so the first. Day that youre trying to get into ketosis youre better off just not even doing cardio its not if you. Look at the chart that im showing the graph for you science nerds out there youre gonna like this it.

Shows that low intensity steady-state cardio with carbohydrates are in the mix doesnt do anything to ketone production but as. Soon as the carbohydrates are gone it does a lot to ketone production so day 1 day 2 just honestly. Dont exercise or do a little bit of mild weight training but dont waste your time doing cardio this is. Not doing you much good that day and then once your carbohydrate levels are lower because youve been depleted for. A couple days then go and do 30 40 minutes of just simple walking simple jogging and its gonna condition.

That liver to move a little bit faster and generate those ketones its pretty powerful remember that if you were. To go in and you were to do some high-intensity work your ketone levels would drop okay your ketone levels. Would drop because youd burn through whats available and your body would have no choice but to give you a. Bunch of glucose from your stored glycogen which is actually going to stop ketone production so although that has a. Place later on if youre trying to get into ketosis the high-intensity work isnt not necessarily your friend okay it.

Can be if youre experienced but for the most part getting into aikido is a matter of intermittent fasting or. Alternate day fasting doing some bone broth fasting and doing some low intensity cardio and measuring that all out again. Doing the fad surging about all the different techniques here so just to recap dont be stressed out okay try. To be calm i know you cant always control that so thats a little bit of a variable there then. We have keep fats high and then keep fats low surge back and forth okay then we have alternate day.

Fasting the week prior or just fast with some bone broth to get into keto and then we have low. Intensity steady-state cardio for at least the first week and not really bringing in high-intensity work until youre in ketosis. So as always thank you for keeping it locked in here and just as a reminder we have videos every. Single day these days so if you never want to miss a beep you have to make sure you hit. The subscribe button then you hit that funny-looking bell icon and you want to make sure you select all notifications.

Thats very very very important because what that does is it makes us to that every time i post a. Video you get a notification so hopefully this has been helpful in tomorrows video were gonna break down more of. Just the overall metabolic health science behind what is gonna allow you to be the best possible version of yourself. So once again thank you for watching and i will see you tomorrow in the next video.

Method 4 – Dr. Stephen Phinney – ‘Achieving And Maintaining Nutritional Ketosis’

Okay well this isnt supposed to be brief and i will do my best although i do need to point. Out that one of my graduate students once with maybe a grain of truth in it gave me the nickname. Of dr. Digression so try not to live up to that one so the topic i was assigned for this.

Is okay we talked about the theory what about the practice and so the title is achieving and maintaining nutritional. Ketosis that and i want to point out that this is the the far end of the low-carb spectrum it. Doesnt mean that this has to be everybodys destination but as professor noakes pointed out in his is the presentation. This morning that the more insulin resistance the person is the farther he had they have to go down the. Carbohydrate intake scale to drop down towards the improved metabolic condition and to get out of the damaging zone from.

As a result of carb intake so this is not everyones destination but it is a destination that the more. Insulin resistant the person is the more likely they need to target that to achieve the best result so ill. Show you this diagram that you saw this morning you just point out that robot to point out that the. Goal here is to achieve ketone values above 0.5 millimolar and most people dont have to worry about going above. 3.0 if somebody does a period of a few days of fasting they will go above 3 but if your.

Enough protein to maintain lean body mass almost everybody stays under three so this is the the target range that. We defined as nutritional ketosis you dont have to be high in this range to get the benefits and ive. Had a lot of questions from people today who measure their ketones and they say well you know sometimes i. Mean below 0.5 and sometimes im in this range is that okay we all differ one from another and we. Still have a lot to learn about how high you you need to get up to change not just the.

Fuel flow but the gene expression things that i mentioned and if you get into that our suspicion is if. You get into that range of for say six hours a day you may trigger the benefits that then continue. On even if you slide back down into a lower zone so its sort of sticking your head up and. Looking around and know where you are you dont have to be looking for where you are all the time. And you still dont run into parked cars or parking meters and things like that so again the point here.

Is that the island of safety that were talking about for the most insulin-resistant people is nutritional ketosis here im. Not saying that paleo is not beneficial certainly coming from the standard american diet cutting coming down to the to. The paleo range will can cause considerable benefit but there are some people for whom the final destination needs to. Be lower and more moderate and protein in order to stay in this place where you will get those ketone. Values above 0.5 and hopefully above 1.0 millimolar so i want to share with you not just the the the.

Diet composition but how that changes as a person who initiates a low-carb diet how it that changes as they. Move down the weight-loss curve so what we show here is a diagram which you have four phases of weight-loss. Starting from the initial adaptation phase all the way down to maintenance and so for just this the kind of. A theoretical example we start with at say a woman who starts out wayne 200 pounds and over the course. Of many months losses down to 150 pounds when a overweight person first goes on a well-formulated ketogenic diet its.

Very common that they lose quite a bit of weight quickly and thats because they have markedly enhanced satiety and. Loss of cravings and they want to lose weight so they consciously restrict calories and or unconsciously restrict them and. Some people say its just effortless that weight came off for other people they have to pay attention to it. But that person weighing 200 pounds will initially probably have an energy expenditure of something like going on on the. Order of 2,800 calories per day but if youre eating 1400 calories a day the weight loss will average about.

2.8 pounds a week and then as the weight comes down the energy expenditure comes down associated to some degree. With that reduction in weight and people tend to eat more and so what we see is that weight loss. Is steep initially and then it tapers over time but the important point is that at this point where theyre. Eating 28 hours of boerne 2880 1,400 half of the body fat oxidation comes from body fat so the purple. Zone here is body fat contribution thats why theyre losing weight as one tapers the rate of weight loss increases.

The dietary fat so if you go from 14 to 18 order calor.

Conclusion – How To Achieve Ketosis

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