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Method 1 – Alan Watts ~ How To Attain Nirvana

The next thing that comes up the second of the noble truths is about the cause of suffering and this. In sanskrit is called krishna krishna is related to our word first its very often translated desire that will do. Better perhaps is craving clinging grasping or even to use our modern psychological word blocking when for example somebody is. Blocked and differs and hesitates and doesnt know what to do he is in the strictest buddhist sense attached hes.

Stuck but a buddha cant be stuck he cannot be phased he always flows just as water always flows even. If you damn it the river just keeps on getting higher and higher and higher until it flows over the. Death its unstoppable now buddha said then use all suffer because you cling to the world so then try if. You can not the grasp well do you see that that immediately poses a problem because the student who has. Started off this dialogue with the buddha then makes various efforts to give up desire upon which he very rapidly.

Discovers that he is desiring not to desire and he takes that back to the teacher who says well well. Well he said of course you are desiring not desire and thats of course excessive all i want you to. Do is to give up desiring as much as you can dont want to go beyond the point of which. Youre capable and for this reason buddhism is called a little way not only is it the middle way between. The extremes of ascetic discipline and pleasure seeking but its also the middle way in a very subtle sense yes.

Dont desire to give up more desire than you can and if you find that a problem dont desire to. Be successful in giving up more desire than you can you see whats happening at every time hes returned to. The middle way he is moved out of an extreme situation the next truth in the list is concerned with. The nature of release from dukkha and so number three is nirvanas nirvana is the goal of buddhism the word. Means blow out me and it comes from the root neve gritty now some people think that what it means.

Is blowing out the flame of desire i dont believe this i believe that it means breathe out rather than. Blow out because if you try to hold your breath and in in indian thought prana breath is the life. Principle if you try to hold on to life you lose it you cant hold your breath and stay alive. It becomes extremely uncomfortable to hold on to your breath and so in exactly the same way it becomes extremely. Uncomfortable to spend all your time holding on to life what are the devil is the point of surviving going.

On living when its a drag but you see thats what people do they spend enormous efforts on maintaining a. Certain standard of living which is a great deal of trouble you know you get a nice house in the. Suburbs and the first thing you do is you plant a long youve got to get out and mow the. Damn thing all the time and you buy expensive this that and soon youre all involved in mortgages and instead. Of being able to walk out in the garden enjoy you sit at your desk looking at all the books.

And filling out this that and the other of paying bills and answering letters what im not in rut but. You see that is holding on to life so translated into colloquial american near vana is cause if you let. Your breath go itll come back so nirvana is not anihilation its not disappearance into a sort of undifferentiated void. Nirvana is the state of being let go it is a state of consciousness and a state of you might. Call it being here and now in this life you.

Method 2 – What Does It Take To Reach Enlightenment? | Sadhguru

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Method 3 – The Ultimate Life Goal Of Buddhists. What Are Nirvana And Enlightenment?

When it comes to the ultimate life goal as a buddhist a lot of people would say nirvana a number. Of people would say enlightenment are they the same or are they different to be honest it has to go. Back whats actually buddhist belief the buddhist belief in something called the cycle of rebirth or samsara this cycle that. We are living in right now called us to be reborn again and again and again so after we born.

We grow up we started to develop desire from desire it becomes attachment become lamentation we grow into sufferings we. Go aging sickness and death and depends on what karma that we have accumulate in that particular life which will. Result into how we are going to be reborn again better or worse but eventually we can i have to. Go to the same thing again from growing up growing desire love fear never its different thing aging sickness and. That again so this is actually the cycle that we have we originally compared this cycle of rebirth to a.

Prison this prison that we live in we cant escape we born and we die here we born in this. Prison again and we die in this prison again and again and again so if you talk about what is. The ultimate life goal of a buddhist life that ultimate goal is to break out of this prison of rebirth. So when we break out of that prison we no longer be reborn again we end sufferings from the course. Of it so thats what people called reaching attainment of nirvana or attained enlightenment basically all you know is all.

About to end rebirth the word nirvana come from the word nirvana which mean without biding or no longer being. Buying to this to this cycle of rebirth and that it comes to this concept of enlightenment because when the. Person enlightenment we have to go back into the concept that everyone has body and mind the body made composed. Of the four elements earth wind water fire they are contaminated they are not pierrot aroma is called vijnana tato. Or knowing element of consciousness this element is also not pure it is contaminated with something called a laser or.

Defilements from van hi-low patos at maja desire craving greed hatred jealousy ego delusion so this thing kept missing i. Borrowed my and generate negative thoughts and from negative thoughts become negative words i become negative actions so because of. That it gives negative outcome which make our life in the prison a lot worse and we continue to live. In this vicious cycle so the concept of enlightenment is when being able to keep the mind stand still what. Is standstill is being purified automatically over and over until it reach to the absolute state of purity or basically.

The original state and that is the moment it can really reach enlightenment and become one with the dhamma that. We have it in ourselves that true knowledge that true nature also called dhamma its already exist within ourselves but. It is so pure and in order to reach it aroma has to be as pure as the dhamma and. We become one with each other so thats what it means my attainment of enlightenment and because when the my. With the dhamma and stay there permanently there is no more contaminations there is no more defilement because its like.

Light always on so there is no place for shadow to appear and that when a person pass from this. Body then it goes to the state of nevada so thats why this is the ultimate life goal of a. Buddhist how do we attain it to attain this part of the enlightenment it comes from practice of good deeds. Basically start from dona silvana or generosity keeping self-discipline i pray this practicing mental development or meditation the first two. Is all about life everything that we do generate positive and negative outcome so at least in this life we.

Try to cultivate as many good karma as we can because at least it will help our life in the. Future to be a lot better and make our life for the practice become a lot easier at the same. Time why we developing these positive action from generosity from refraining ourselves to services to discipline we are keeping our. Defilements on all the negative contamination contamination under control at least it no longer has influence over my mind and. My decision-making at least when i buy something because i need it not because i i wanted so thats the.

Difference so when we started to take control of the mind and then we are able to also reduce the. Amount of the farmers that we manifested and then when we started to practice more meditation or practice mental development. It gets purer and purer over time but of course normally after we open our eyes we started yell at. Each other because it be hyper how bad we started do something bad again and that is normal so thats. Why a person who is the state of enlightenment is been there there permanently so generosity keeping precept and practice.

Of meditation all of this has to be practiced with endeavor with perseverance with determination its not like all lets. Say every birthday i will be generous i do the charity ones and another 364 days of the year i. Believe so mess up it doesnt really work that way if a person aim to reach that goal to be. Jewish to read like life goal of enlightenment at least i should start by cultivating latest one by one however. We may not be able to reach a light but in this life and what should i do what can.

I do so that is also coming from an application which can be summarized and break broken down into that. They are three life coat that we can pursue number one lets call it go on earth when we are. Born we want to be wealthy we want to look we want to look good we want to be strong. And healthy we want to have lots of good friends and we want to be famous right we and they. Have all these good things you want to be beautiful we all want this this doesnt come easily it depends.

On past karma or past action and that means at least i want to achieve this this go on earth. This basic goes that i have in this life and future life in this way the physical goal so it. Means at least i can keep my self discipline i can be generous and it helped me to secure this. Goal on earth or this physical goal a lot easier the second part when i die i dont want to. Go to hell i want to go to heaven then you want to go to hell after you die of.

Course you dont nobody wants to go to hell everybody wants to go to heaven so at least the second. Goal is that if i die i will reached the state of heaven of course even though heaven is just. A temporary state but its good and its a lot better than going to hell for temporarily so to go. To heaven its also come from the practice as a person as a human being that what do we do. How what cannot be cultivated and that will be the accumulation of energy that will help us to be in.

Heaven so that is the second goal a lot of time people tend to focus only on these two goals. Go on earth and go in the sky or go to heaven but the last one and the most important. One is to go in the outer space which is to n rebirth permanently so at least right now each. Day that you live in your life take a little look reflection on your life how do you spend your. Time to achieve the three codes because now that we know we have to go to pursue then is the.

Matter of how do we achieve that goal the we will do we really devote ourselves put an effort into. Achieving those goals or i still playing games all day shaking facebook and get jealous over people post the whole. Time get depressed about life that i dont achieve as good as others or we emphasize on how i can. Improve myself to pursue one goal at a time whether its going to be cool on earth in the sky. Or in the outer space and thats its important of setting goal now that if now that everybody said they.

Go already is a matter of doing it commitment one thing at a time that we develop that sense of. Commitment if you can do that little task it will help you to achieve the major tasks you.

Method 4 – Ask A Monk: Nirvana And Karma

So welcome back to ask a monk now i have two questions that were asked together the first question is. Whether after realizing nirvana nibbana which means freedom or release or emancipation or whatever you want to translate it and. Is there anything left to do or is nibbana it i mean is that all you have to do thats. The first question so i answered this question first the answer is its easy nibbana and nirvana is the the.

Last thing that we ever have to do once you realize nirvana theres nothing left theres nothing left that from. A buddhist point of view you need to do the point is at that point youre free from suffering so. What does this mean nirvana is is the cessation of suffering this is what the the definition of it is. There its possible for a person to you know not not easy but its possible for a human being to. Realize freedom from suffering to come to be even temporarily to be free from the arising of stress the arising.

Of any any impermanent phenomenon that at that point the mind is perfectly free its possible to enter into or. To touch that state to to experience or to see or to realize that state without being free from suffering. That without being that way forever this is the first thing to point out and this this person we have. Names for the minnesota bond that someone who has entered the stream because though they still have to suffer and. They still have more to do its they theyve already cracked the shell the shell toted so to speak and.

And its only a matter of time or they become totally free from suffering so this is one understanding of. Nirvana its a its an experience that someone has and at that point ones life starts to go in the. Direction towards freedom from suffering but what we mean by nirvana or byron even our swan is the complete freedom. From suffering so though a person might still live they have no more greed no more anger no more delusion. These things cant arrives theres perfect understanding of reality of the experiences around oneself when you see hear smell taste.

Feel think theres only the awareness of the object theres no attachment to it so they say this is nirvana. This is god this comes from realizing this state of ultimate freedom when you realize it again and again you. Start to see that theres nothing that lasts that all of the experiences that we have simply arise in season. Theyre there theres nothing lasting theres nothing permanent theres nothing stable and so one loses all of ones attachments at. That point one isnt subject to future rebirth and theres this this physical reality that weve somehow built up that.

Has to last out its its lifetime but at the end of that cycle that revolution at death theres nothing. So and that theres no more arising and and at that point theres freedom from suffering freedom from from impermanence. From the from birth from having to come back again so this i think this is clear that the answer. Is from a buddhist point of a doctrinal point of view is is quite clear that after that theres nothing. Left to do the buddha said cut down cornea done is what needs to be done theres nothing left to.

Do theres nothing more here but i think an important point to make that is often missed is that you. Dont somehow fall into this state this is the ultimate the summum bonum that they the final emancipation it comes. To someone who has had enough who doesnt see any benefit in coming back and doesnt see any benefit in. Recreating this human state or or any state again and again and again most of us are not there most. Of us think that theres still something to be done we want this we want that weve been taught that.

Its good to have a partner to have a family to have a job to help people and so on. And we think that theres somehow some benefit in this on the other hand we see that in ourselves there. Are certain attachments that we have that are causing our suffering so this is this is where were at were. At the point where we we want to hold on to certain things but we want to let go of. Whether certain things so this just shows that were somewhere along the path were somewhere between you know a useless.

Person and an enlightened person and its up to us which way were going to go if we take the. Side of letting go we dont have to let go of those things we dont want to let go of. We let go of those things that we want to let go and this is how the path works people. Who are afraid of things like nirvana afraid of letting go and afraid of practicing meditation because they think if. I practice meditation im gonna let go of all these things i love and and i love them and i.

You know i want those things i dont want to let go of them and the truth is if you. Want it if youre if its something youre holding on to youre never going to let it go thats the. Point but the what you have to realize is that the more you understand the more mature you become the. More you realize that youre not benefiting anyone or anything by yourself or or others by holding on to anything. By clinging to others by you know by wanting things to be a certain way its its not of a.

Benefit to you and its not of a benefit to other people that true happiness doesnt come from these things. You know people when they hear about not coming back to think well the great thing about buddhism is that. There is coming back and remember talking with some with a catholic woman and she said oh its so great. To hear about how in buddhism youve got a chance to come back because of course in the religion she. Had been brought up with thats it when you die inside there heaven or hell forever but she was thinking.

Wow you know to be able to come back and have another chance so for westerners i think this is. Common we think gods great ill be able to come back and try again like like this that movie groundhog. Day you know until you get it right and thats really the point is until you get it right and. Youre going to keep coming back but whether this should be looked at seen as a good thing or not. Is debatable i mean ask yourself dont ask yourself how are you feeling now because most people think well im.

Okay and ive got plans you know if i can just this and this and this theres a chance that. Ill be stable and and happy and living a good life but then you know i dont ask you dont. Look at that ask yourself what its taken to get even to the point that youre at now and think. Of all the lessons youve had to learn and if its true that you come back again and again and. Again and youre going to have to learn all of those if you dont learn anything now and change anything.

About this state you dont somehow increase your level of maturity in a way that youve never done before you. Know your your lives then youre just gonna have to learn these lessons again and go through all its a. Suffering that we had to go through as a as children as teens as young adults as adults and so. On and wait until you get old sicken and die i mean see how thats going to be and then. Dont stop there look at the people around you and in the world around us whos to say next life.

You wont be one of the people who suffer terribly in this life so its its not as simple a. Thing as some people might think they didnt go great ill come back ill get to do this again and. Ill do this differently and ill learn more and so no its not like that if youre not careful you. Know some lifetimes down the road its very very possible that youll end up in a terrible situation in a. Situation of an intense sufferer and why do people suffer in such horrible ways that they do it is to.

Say you wont end up like them so there is some where we can see some benefit in at least. You know bringing ourselves somewhere somewhat out of this state to a state where we dont lose all of our. Memories every fifty to a hundred years where were able to keep them and to continue developing that thats at. The very least a good thing to do and and so you know the development of the mind shouldnt scare. People the practice of buddhism shouldnt be a scary thing that youre going to let go of things you hold.

On to buddhism is about learning is about coming to grow is growing up and coming to learn things and. Understand react more about reality its not to brainwash us or to force some kind of detached state its to. Help us to to learn whats causing us suffering because all of us can tell if if were not you. Know terribly blind we can verify that that there is a lot of suffering in this world and and the. Truth of the buddhist teaching is that the suffering is unnecessary we dont have to suffer in this way the.

Reason we do is because we dont understand and because we dont understand we therefore do things that cause us. Suffering and that cause other peoples suffering so slowly we learn how to overcome those things how to be free. From them and eventually we learn how to be free from all suffering how to never cause suffering for others. Or for ourselves how to act in such a way that is not contradictory to our wishes where we wish. To be happy we wish to live in and yet we find ourselves acting and speaking and thinking in ways.

That cause us and suffering and cause disharmony in in the world around us so this is the i think. Sort of a detailed answer of why freedom would be the last thing because once you once you have no. Clinging once you have nope no attachment and no delusion you will not cause any suffering for yourself and you. Know as a result you will not have to you dont have to come back and and you know theres. No more creating no more no more forming no more building building up you realize that theres nothing worth clinging.

To the true happiness doesnt come from the objects of the sense or or any of the objects that is. Inside of us or in the world around us true happiness comes from freedom and you come to see that. This freedom is the ultimate openness so thats the answer to that question the second question im gonna have to. Deal with it here so this video is gonna be a little bit longer the second question is whether karma. Has physical results only or affects the mind as well and you know this is another these questions are actually.

Fairly easy because theyre just simple doctrinal questions but theyre interesting as well karma first we have to understand that. Karma is not a thing it doesnt exist in the world you cant show me karma karma means action so. Technically speaking you can show me an action when you dont show me the karma of killing so you can. Kill something there theres karma for you but the problem is that we come to take karma is this substance. That exists like something youre carrying around like a weight over your shoulder or thats somehow tattooed on your skin.

Or something like that that you carry around and youre just waiting for it to drop on your head or. Something and thats not the case karma is a law its a law that says that there is there is. An effect to to our actions and and not just our not our actions actually to our intentions to our. State of mind that the mind is able to affect the world around us its not a doctrine of determinism. You know if it were this substance or this thing that you could measure then there might be some determinism.

But it doesnt say that karma just says that your your it doesnt say either way that there is free. Will or determinism that thats not the point of karma karma says that when there is action when you do. Kill or steal or lie or when when in your mind you develop these unwholesome tendencies – – you know. These ideas for the creation of disharmony and suffering and stress and then there isnt the effect the effect is. That the stress is created when you have the intention to help people as well theres another sort of stress.

Created its not an unpleasant stress but its a stress of source that creates pleasure its a vibration when you. Its like a vibration when you want to help people when you have the intention to do good things to. Give to help to support to teach to even to just be kind and and when you study when you. Learn when you practice meditation all of these things have an effect they change who we are and so so. Thats its important to understand that aspect of karma the but the the the short answer your question then is.

Is that karma our actions will affect both the body and the mind technically speaking karma gives rise to experiences. It gives rise to seeing hearing smelling tasting feeling thinking this is the technical explanation that its going to give. Rise to sensual experience in the future if you if you do something and you intend to do something thats. Going to change the experiences that you have youre not going to see the same things as if you hadnt. Done that right if you kill someone theyre going to see the inside of a jail and so on yes.

A hearing smelling tasting feeling thinking but from a technical point of view thats what happens is there are different. Experiences that you have and those experiences are both physical and mental so all it means is that our we. Are affecting our destiny whether this is based on free will or determinism isnt really the question the point is. That when we do do something theres a result and so rather than worrying about such such questions and whether. Its free will or determining some more or what does karma affect is it a physical or a mental thing.

We should stop which a train ourselves to to stop give up the unwholesome tendencies that cause our suffering in. The end the interesting thing is that you give up both kinds of karma because you have no intention to. Create happiness either to create happiness since the sense of happy experiences you come to see that even pleasurable experiences. Are temporary even if you create harmony in the world even if i were able to with my great karma. Create peace and harmony in the world do it through some great act of minor series of acts its temporary.

And unless theres wisdom and understanding that allows people to let go theyre just going to ruin it when im. Gone this is for instance the buddhas teaching when when the buddha was around there was a lot of good. In india and you know it lasted for some time and then indy went back and now its an ordinary. Country again but for some time in india it was a special place and it was very buddhist and there. Was very little killing and so i won my from what we understand thats just an example but the point.

Is that its impermanent and no matter what good things you do even the buddhist teaching is impermanent its not. Going to last forever and this is a teaching of a perfectly enlightened buddha as we understand so the most. Important is to become free and to become free from karma as well to not have any attachments and that. Things should turn out in a certain way not to be expecting or have expectations about the future to simply. Be content and in tune with reality to see reality for what it is and to be at peace with.

That and do not cling them to not want and to not hope and care and worry and so on. But to live ones life in a dynamic way where you where you can accept and react and respond appropriately. For every situation doesnt mean that you live in one place and do nothing sit around and do nothing it. Means that youre able to live dynamically youre not a stick-in-the-mud and when its time to move cant move youre. A person your your mind is able to respond appropriately to all ex.

Conclusion – How To Achieve Nirvana

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