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Method 1 – How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals | Stephen Duneier | Tedxtucson

By show of hands how many of you believe you could replicate this image of brad pitt with just a. Pencil and piece of paper well im going to show you how to do this and in so doing im. Going to give you the skill necessary to become a world-class artist and it shouldnt take more than about 15. Seconds but before i do that how many of you believe you could replicate this image of a solid gray.

Square every one of us and if you can make one gray square you can make two three nine truth. Of the matter is if you could make just one gray square itd be very difficult to argue that you. Couldnt make every gray square necessary to replicate the image in its entirety and there you have it ive just. Given you the skill necessary to become a world-class artist i know what youre thinking thats not real art certainly. Wouldnt make me a world-class artist so let me introduce you to chuck close so in the highest-earning artists in.

The entire world for decades and he creates his art using this exact technique you see what stands between us. And achieving even our most ambitious dreams has far less to do with possessing some magical skill or talent and. Far more to do with how we approach problems and make decisions to solve them and because of the continuous. And compounding nature of all those millions of decisions that we face on a regular basis even a marginal improvement. In our process can have a huge impact on our end results and ill prove this to you by taking.

A look at the career of novak djokovic back in 2004 when he first became a professional tennis player whos. Ranked six hundred and eightieth in the world wasnt until the end of his third year that he jumped up. To be ranked third third in the world he went for making 250,000 a year to 5 million a year. In prize money alone and of course he did this by winning more matches in 2011 he became the number. One ranked mens tennis player in the world started earning an average of 14 million a year in prize money.

Alone and winning it dominating 90% of his matches now heres whats really interesting about all of these very impressive. Statistics novak doesnt control any of them what he does control are all the tiny little decisions that he needs. To make correctly along the way in order to move the the probability in favor of him achieving these types. Of results and we can quantify and track his progress in this area by taking a look at the percentage. Of points that he wins because in tennis the typical point involves one two maybe three decisions i like to.

Refer to this as his decision success rate so back when he was winning about 49 percent of the point. The matches he was playing he was winning about 49 percent of the points he played then to jump up. Become number three in the world and actually earned five million dollars a year for swinging a racquet he had. To improve his decision success rate to just 52 percent then to become not just number one but maybe one. Of the greatest players to ever play the game he had to improve his decision success rate to just 55.

Percent and i keep using this word just i dont want to imply this is easy to do clearly its. Not but the type of marginal improvements that im talking about are easily achievable by every single one of us. In this room and ill show you what i mean from kindergarten all the way through to my high school. Graduation yes thats high school graduation for me every one of my report cards basically said the same thing stevens. A very bright young boy if only he would just settle down and focus what they didnt realize was i.

Wanted that even more than they wanted it for me i just couldnt and so from kindergarten straight through the. Second year of college i was a really consistent cc- student but then going into my junior year id had. Enough i thought i want to make a change im gonna make a marginal adjustment and im going to stop. Being a spectator of my decision-making and start becoming an active part and so that year instead of pretending again. That i would suddenly be able to settle down and focus on things for more than five or ten minutes.

At a time i decided to assume i wouldnt and so if i wanted to achieve the type of outcome. That i desired doing well in school i was going to actually have to change my approach and so i. Made a marginal adjustment if i would get an assignment lets say read five chapters in a book i wouldnt. Think of it as five chapters i wouldnt even think of it as one chapter i would break it down. Into these tasks that i could achieve that would require me to focus for just five or ten minutes at.

A time so maybe three or four paragraphs thats it i would do that when i was done with those. Five or ten minutes i would get up id go shoot some hoops do a little drawing maybe play video. Games for a few minutes and then i come back not necessarily the same assignment not even necessarily to the. Same subject but just to another task that required just 5 to 10 minutes of my attention from that point. Forward all the way through to graduation i was a straight-a student deans list presidents honor roll every semester i.

Then went on to one of the top graduate programs in the world for finance and economics same approach same. Results so then i graduate i start my career and im thinking this worked really well for me you know. You take these big concepts these complex ideas these big assignments you break them down to much more manageable tasks. And then along the way you make a marginal improvement to the process you know the odds of success in. Your favor im gonna try and do this in my career so i did i started out as an exotic.

Derivatives trader or credit swiss it then led me to be global head of currency option trading for bank of. America global head of emerging markets for aig international it helped me deliver top-tier returns as a global macro hedge. Fund manager for 12 years and to become founder and cio of two award-winning hedge funds so it gets the. 2001 and im thinking this whole idea it worked really well in school its been served well as professional why. Arent i applying this in my personal life like to all those big ambitious goals i have for myself so.

One day im walking to work and at the time my my commute was a walk from one end of. Hyde park to the other in london it took me about 45 minutes each way hour and a half a. Day seven and a half hours a week 30 hours a month three hundred and sixty hours a year when. I was awake aware basically wasting time listening to music on my ipod so my way home from work that. Day i stopped at the store i picked up the first 33 cds in the pimsleur german language program ripped.

Them and put them onto my ipod but i didnt stop there because the truth of the matter is im. An undisciplined person and i knew that at some point id switch away from the language and go back to. The music so i removed that temptation by removing all of the music they left me with just one option. Listen to the language tapes so 10 months later id listened to all 99 cds in the german language program. Listened to each one three times each they went to berlin for a 16 day intensive german course when i.

Was done i invited my wife and kids to meet me we walked around the city i spoke german to. The germans they spoke german back to me my kids were amazed i mean that couldnt close their jaws but. You and i we know theres actually nothing amazing about what i just done i made this marginal adjustment to. My daily routine this marginal adjustment to my process which gets expression im missi indulge and now i could speak. Some german and so in that moment im thinking its not supposed to be this easy for a guy like.

Me an old guy to learn a new language is supposed to have to do that when youre a kid. And yet here i had done it this marginal adjustment so what other big ambitious goals have been holding on. To putting off until retirement that i could potentially achieve if i just made a marginal adjustment to my routine. So i started doing i earned my auto racing license i learned how to fly a helicopter the rock-climbing skydiving. I learned how to fly planes aerobatic ly well if youre like me back in 2007 you might have the.

Same goal i had i was just moving back from london it was about 25 pounds overweight and out of. Shape and i wanted to rectify that so i could go to the typical route you know i could write. A check to a gym id never go to or i could swear to myself that i will never again. Eat those foods that i love but are doing all the damage and i knew that going that route rarely. Results in the outcome you desire so i decided to become an active participant and i thought about the habits.

And passions that ive developed over the course of my life and i thought can i make just a marginal. Adjustment to them so that they work in my favor as opposed to against me and so i did ive. Got this habit where ive been walking an hour and a half a day for the last seven years and. Ive got this passion for being in the outdoors and so that year i didnt actually set the new years. Resolution to lose 25 pounds i said a resolution to hike all 33 trails in the front country of santa.

Barbaras mountains and id never been on a hike before in my life but the truth in matter is its. Not about the 33 trails you have to break this big ambitious goal down into these more manageable decisions the. Types of decisions that need to be made correctly along the way in order to improve the odds of achieving. The type of outcome you desire its not about even one trail its about those tiny little decisions you know. Like when youre sitting at your desk putting in just a little extra time at the end of a day.

Or youre lying on your couch and youre clicking through the channels on your remote control or scrolling through your. Facebook feed and in that moment you make the decision to put it down you go put on your hiking. Clothes you go walk outside your front door and you shut it behind you you walk to your car you. Get in your car you drive to the trailhead you get out of the car at the trailhead and you. Take one step you take two steps three steps every one of those steps that have just described is a.

Tiny little decision that needs to be made correctly along the way order to achieve the ultimate outcome now when. I say i want to hike 33 trails in the funk country people think about the decisions at the top. Of the mountain thats not what its about because if you dont make the right decision when youre on the. Couch there is no decision that occurs at the top of the mountain so by the end of the year. I had hiked all 33 trails in the front country i did him a couple of times each i even.

Did a few in the back country i lost the 25 pounds when i capped the year off by doing. The hardest half marathon in the world the pr2 peak in 2009 i got really ambitious ambitious for a guy. Who still to this day cannot settle down and focus on anything for more than five or ten minutes at. A time and that was to read 50 books but again its not about reading 50 books its not even. About reading one book its not about reading a chapter a paragraph a sentence its about that decision when youre.

Sitting at your desk at the end of the day or when youre lying on the couch or flicking through. Your facebook feed and you put down the phone you pick up a book and you read one word if. You read one word youll read two words three words youll read a sentence a paragraph a page a chapter. A book youll read ten books thirty books fifty books in 2012 i got really ambitious i said 24 new. Years resolutions 12 of them were to wear what i call giving resolutions where i did 12 charitable things that.

Didnt involve writing a check but its not without its failures i tried to donate blood and they rejected me. Because id lived in the uk i tried to donate my sperm they rejected me because i was too old. I tried to donate my hair and they turns out nobody wants grey hair so here i was trying to. Do something to make myself feel good and it was having the opposite effect so anyway ive also had these. Twelve learning resolutions to learn twelve new skills and when i was done with unicycling parkour slacklining jumping stilts and.

Drumming my wife suggested i learned how to knit and ill be honest i wasnt all that passionate about knitting. But one day im sitting under this forty foot tall eucalyptus tree thats 2.6 miles up the cold spring trail. In santa barbara and im thinking that tree would look really cool if it were covered in yarn and so. I went home and i googled this and it turns out this is a thing people do its called yarn. Bombing you wrap these public structures with the yarn and the second annual international yarn bombing day was just 82.

Days away so for the next 82 days no matter where i was if i was in a board meeting. On the trading floor in an airplane or in the hospital i was knitting one stitch at a time in. 82 days later i had done my first ever yarn bomb and the response to it lumi away so i. Kept going with bigger more ambitious projects that required more engineering skills and in 2014 i set the goal to. Wrap six massive boulders in los padres national forest at the top of the mountains but if i was going.

To pull this off id need help so at this point that had a few thousand followers on social media. As the yarn bomber and i started getting packages lots of packages 388 contributors from 36 countries in all 50. States in the end i didnt wrap one massive boulder i wrap 18 so i kept going with bigger more. Ambitious projects that would required me to work with new materials like fiberglass and wood and metals which culminates in. A project that is currently at tmc here in tucson where i wrapped the childrens hospital along the way i.

Stopped knitting i never really liked it but i like crocheting so i started making these seven inch screen ii. Squares because thats the standard granny square and i thought along the way why am i stopping at 7 inches. I need big stuff so i started making bigger frannie squares one day i come home from a business trip. And ive got this really large granny and i went to the web site of guinness i was curious whats. The worlds largest granny square and it turns out theres no category for it so i applied and they rejected.

Me so i appealed and they rejected me i appealed again and they said fine if you make it 10. Meters by 10 meters well create a new category and you will be a guinness world record holder so for. The next two years 7 months 17 days one stitch of the time i finally reached more than half a. Million stitches incorporated more than 30 miles of yarn and i am now the official guinness world record holder for. The largest crocheted grannys along the way ive garnered an awful lot of attention for my escapades ive been featured.

In newsweek magazine eric news which kind of the bible for artists but what i want you to realize when. You hear these things im still that c- student im still that kid who cant settle down or focus for. More than five or ten minutes at a time and i remain a guy who possesses no special gift of. Talent or skill all i do is take really big ambitious projects that people seem to marvel at break them. Down to their simplest form and then just make marginal improvements along the way to improve my odds of achieving.

Them and so the whole reason im giving this talk is im hoping to inspire several of you to pull. Some of those ambitious dreams that you have for yourself off the bookshelf and start pursuing them by making that. Marginal adjustment to your routine thank you.

Method 2 – How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals In Life – Jordan Peterson Motivation

Hey man if things arent laying themselves in front of you out in front of you the way that is. Necessary for you to live a full and engaged life and not be cynical and bitter and twisted and cruel. And vengeful and and disappointed in all of that its just possible that youre not aiming at the right thing. And man that is a question that is a question worth asking well its the question people do ask its.

Like well whats the purpose of life well its the same question what should i aim at those are the. Same questions and you know if if what youre aiming at is producing nothing but unrequited misery for you and. Everyone else and its a downhill bloody spiral into something approximating hell then there is some possibility that you should. Think that perhaps your aim is off so and and i dont want to overplay my hand on that either. Too because i know perfectly well that you know people if youre suffering if youre depressed if youre miserable there.

Might you might be you might just it might be a consequence of really bad luck you know like people. Get sick and good people get sick right everyone knows that you know good people they get sick and they. Die and so you cant say well if youre miserable and sick its because theres something you know bad about. You because then that would be the case for everyone always whenever they get ill and you could just blame. The old people its like well its seriously right that youre sick because youre a bad person it happens a.

Lot actually with ill people you know and its an unfortunate thing so i know theres an element of chance. To all this and i dont want to downplay that you know we are dust in the wind to use. A terrible cliche from a 70s rock song were blowing hither and feather by events that are somewhat beyond our. Control but thats still not the point the point is that to a large degree you can determine the manner. In which the world manifests itself to you by changing your aim and so then that opens up that opens.

Up the entire domain of philosophy think what good is philosophy and people think that all the time what good. Is philosophy its like hey philosophy is about value well what uses value well value determines your aim well who. Cares what your aim is well your aim determines the manner in which the world lays itself out to you. Emotionally well who cares about that no one says that the argument stops there because no one especially no one. Whos been seriously hurt or seriously depressed like in pain no one ever says oh well who cares about that.

Because if you can say that about your pain all that means is you actually havent been in pain because. If youre in enough pain you will not say that thats for sure so you need to know what to. Aim at so now you aim at something youve got a goal and then you see that youre making progress. Towards the goal thats a good thing that makes you happy it actually technically theres a system dopamine system neurochemical. System same system by the way that cocaine and methamphetamine and and opiates activate which is why people like to.

Take those drugs and it tells you that youre youre moving forward in the manner that you should be according. To the dictates of your plan doesnt necessarily tell you whether you have a good plan thats a more complicated. Problem because who knows if you have a good plan but but one thing that you could know is that. A plan is better than no plan thats a really useful thing to know especially if youre kind of drifting. Its like well im going to find myself its like no just pick something and and move towards it and.

As you move towards it youre going to succeed and fail specifically and then youre going to learn something about. Success specifically and youre going to learn something about failure specifically and then you can learn what you use to. Fix your plan so so a stupid plan is way better than no plan and youre likely to have a. Stupid plan or at least to be able to make one so thats good news for everybody you can make. A stupid plan and so i would say make a stupid plan and then implement it not any stupider than.

It has to be you know you could think about it a little bit but then implement it and have. Your successes and failures along the way and learn from them and then you can rig you can read jake. The goal you can move the target that thats fine thats thats thats part of the game it doesnt have. To be fixed its a movable target and maybe what youre trying to do is to move the target to. An ever better place so so youre moving towards a target and at the same time youre moving the target.

Right and and and youre trying to move the target towards something like an ultimate ideal youre trying to find. Out what that ultimate ideal is and part of the way you figure that out is by moving towards a. Target and by learning about success and failure along the way because then you can inform yourself with regards to. What might constitute a reasonable aim and so thats the reason to go out in the world and like make. Some mistakes you know and then youre going to and so its okay because its okay to make the mistakes.

Its not so okay not to learn from them because then you make the mistakes again that seems pointless and. So youre moving towards wherever youre going and its working and so you get some positive emotion you get some. Motivation from this dopaminergic system that adds zest to life it adds interest and engagement and meaning to life it. Pulls you into life and so and thats worth thinking about i would say because if you think about it. You know you have might wonder about whether or not you should be engaged in life and then if all.

Of a sudden youre doing something and because youre doing it you get engaged in life then it seems like. That might be the very definition of a good thing its evidence the engagement is evidence that youre actually doing. A good thing a worthwhile thing in life with all its suffering and misery and brutality its like youve got. A pathway youve got an aim youre moving forward youre engaged excellent your nervous system very deep down this dopaminergic. System its associated with a part of the brain called the hypothalamus its a really really old part of the.

Brain its not some new thing that popped up like 15 000 years ago its ancient its there to orient. You in the world its its part of the instinct for meaning that i talked about in chapter i think. Its chapter seven do what is meaningful and not what is expedient its a deep deep instinct and way down. And way down in your psychophysiological structure not as far down as the serotonin system but like next level up. And so if its saying hey man youre on the right track its like thats worth noticing its worth noticing.

Now you can criticize it out of existence you can question your your aim continually its one of the what. Would you call it dangers of our capacity to abstract but you know if youre a smart person who doubts. You also might be smart enough now and then to doubt your doubt and just to notice and to pay. Attention thats what you need to do because you need to have a meaning in your life a name a. Value structure thats of sufficient potency and magnitude to justify the limitations and the trouble that life constitutes right its.

Not this is no trivial business that were involved in right were all in this up to our necks literally. Its a its a mortal game youre all in and and theres and and and to play it wrong is. Is is to risk suffering in hell and and im not talking about afterlife im not talking about something metaphysical. You can generate plenty of hell right here around you plenty an unlimited amount and so you can move towards. That direction or you can move towards a positive direction and you can orient yourself and you know you can.

Know you can learn this is why the postmodernists are so incorrect its like look you need a name you. Need a name you cannot organize the way you look at the world without a name its not optional and. Then the question is well what should the aim be well probably not to radically increase the amount of misery. And suffering that you experience in everyone else i mean maybe you want to go that route but and people. Do but i think they only do when they become bitter and they give up you know they and they.

Make mistakes they know theyre making right its its conscious decision to go down that route its not like they. Think thats okay to begin with their aims wrong its like straighten out your aim so theres an old idea. This idea of sin sin is a word that was derived from a greek word hamartia and hamartia is an. Archery term and it means to miss the target and so you think well how can you miss the target. Well you have no weapon well then you miss the target you you have no target you have no aim.

Well then then you miss the target you dont pick up your bow well then you miss the target you. Dont draw it back then you miss the target you dont practice and and miss many times right because you. Have to do that to develop the skill to hit the target so youre not willing to take the risk. To miss you you do none of that and so you miss the target and thats the sin and then. You miss your life and then what happens around you is that well theres far more hell than there has.

To be and theres much less heaven than there could be and its on you you.

Method 3 – How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals | Sadhguru

Just go on the street and watch people just watch those people who are driving bmws master days and whatever. Else okay successful people just carefully watch them how many of them are joyfully driving their bmw hello how many. Of them are joyfully driving their dream car that they worked for you will see hardly anybody hardly anybody unless. Its a stolen car sadhguru all of us sitting in this hall have some goals and as most of us.

Are students our goals are at the maximum level we would like to know we are very eager to know. When you were of our age what it what was that thing which you wanted to become what was your. Goal frankly i had no goal of any kind to such a point that my father used to what will. This boy do hes not interested in anything but it was completely wrong because i was interested in so many. Things i was not interested in the things that he was interested i was absolutely interested in many many things.

See when we say goals we must understand this from where you are if you set a goal for your. Life you can only set a goal according to your present level of understanding and knowledge isnt it you think. Youve reached a point where you know everything in the universe so if you set a goal what kind of. Goal will you set a very meager goal and if you grow rapidly you will be terribly disappointed with your. Own goal but this has been taught to you in the recent years that you must be goal oriented if.

You lets say you want mangoes in your house if you want mangoes you dont have to think of mangoes. You have to think of soil you have to think of manure you have to think of water you have. To think of sunlight none of them look or taste like mangoes but if you take care of those things. Mangoes will come but suppose you have a strong desire for mango but you did nothing about growing a mango. Tree in your home you will want to steal it from him if he has yes or no so if.

Conclusion – How To Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

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