How To Acid Etch A Knife – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – “Epic Blade Finish!” Diy Acid Etch And Stone Wash | How To Knife

Have you ever wondered how to acid etch and stone wash your knife at home weve got you covered welcome. To the shop today were gonna teach you how to acid etch and stone wash your knife at home heres. What you need ferric chloride acid for your acid bath solution widemouth empty bottle for stone washing medium to put. In your stone washing bottle nail polish container for your acid solution water for rinsing acetone string pencil your favorite.

Sharpening system knife loop the knife youre going to acid wash and finally personal protective equipment acid etching works by. Using a dilute acid solution to create a thin black oxide layer on the surface of the steel the longer. You leave your blade in the solution the darker the steel will get stainless steels will etch slower and high. Carbon steels faster edging not only looks great but can also offer mild corrosion protection for acid washing project well. Be using the benchmade bug-out and s30v lets start by taking the knife apart were gonna be using our handy.

Dandy whee-ha tool and were gonna be making sure that we pay attention to how the knife came apart so. We can put it back together the same way you may find with your knife that you need two tools. To take it apart since were dipping the whole blade you want to make sure if theres anything attached to. The blade that you dont want to acid wash you remove it like these thumb studs on the book out. All right now that we have our blade completely taken apart and all the parts on the blade that we.

Dont want acid edged removed its time to clean it so were gonna be cleaning it with some acetone so. Now is the time to put on our ppe you want to make sure you have some gloves on eye. Protection make sure youre in a well-ventilated area you want to make sure that you clean your blade or your. Piece really well any imperfections that you leave here will show up after the acid etch all right now that. We have our blade nice and clean we want to use some nail polish to paint off all the areas.

Where our knife will be contacting either bearings defense lock bars anything of that nature a brighter color is better. That way you can see where youve applied the nail polish and make sure that you are protecting those places. Where tolerances are important all right now that we have all the contact points on our blade protected were going. To mix our ferric chloride acid and water together so you can find a ferric chloride acid online or on. Amazon theres a bunch of different places you can get it now with your container you want to make sure.

Your container is deep enough and wide enough to hold your blade so its advantageous to use a container that. Seals and that will last a long time that doesnt have any metal because your acid will eat the metal. And the reason is is once you mix this mixture the mixture is good for a really long time so. If you wanted to do a blade you know in a few months down the road your mixture would still. Be good we will be mixing our mixture three parts water one part ferric chloride acid as a note when.

Youre diluting acid in water always add your water first and then your acid this is where youre going to. Use your pencil and string so youll attach one part of your string to your pencil the other part of. Your string to your blade and then youll use that set up to suspend your blade inside of the acidic. Solution right the acid bath is all mixed up and ready to go the blade is suspended and ready to. Be dipped so now well dip it and get a timer going to get the finish that we want make.

Sure to rinse your blade really well to neutralize all the acid on it so that actually turned out really. Nice and dark now that theres a nice dark finish on the blade you could stop here it is a. Nice look but were gonna go on to doing some tumbling to give it that awesome stone watch to finish. Just dont wash our blade were gonna be using a plastic bottle filled with medium for medium we just got. Some rocks from the backyard youre gonna fill your plastic bottle up about half way put just a little bit.

Of water a little bit of dish soap to make it easier to retrieve your blade after stone washing attach. A string to it before putting it in the bottle so now that you have everything mixed up and ready. To go you want to shake it in a gentle circular fashion we shook our blade for about five minutes. Depending on your medium and blade finish your results will vary make sure to check your blade about every minute. That turned out really good were gonna use acetone to clean the nail polish off the blade reassemble the knife.

Add some lubrication and sharpen it we chose to use the spyderco sharp maker if you want to know how. To use the sharpening system we have a video on our channel about it you may be asking yourself about. Other blade steels dont worry weve got you covered you want to make sure you dont stone wash your blade. For too long otherwise youll remove your protective nail-polish make sure not to shake too hard or you could damage. Your blade we cant stress enough how important properly painting on your nail polishes if you over paint your blade.

Well end up with an uneven finish for a lighter blade finish you can stone wash longer this will also. Hide imperfections in your acid edge we tried stone washing a titanium scale using this method and did not get. Great results with our chosen medium do so at your own risk finally to see the true color of your. Edged blade you may need to rinse and wipe it off and it really is that easy to acid wash. Your knife at home let us know down in the comments what you guys did and how it turned out.

And thanks for stopping by the shop if you like knives consider hitting subscribe to blade hq over here on. This side weve got some sweet how-to knife playlists over here if you want to do more knife mods and. As always check out blade itaku calm for any of your knife needs.

Method 2 – Customize Your Knife – How To Acid Etch And Stone Wash Knives – It’s Sooo Easy

Its monday or potentially early tuesday based on my current track record of getting these videos out on time nevertheless. You know what that means hello there everyone welcome to another episode of mansion monday im happy to see all. Of you tuned in today to see whats going on with me so today were in the garage and you. Guys better appreciate this crap because i want you to look at something 102 degrees 102 damn degrees out here.

Today it is hot so if you see me sweating like a pig please excuse all the sweat its hot. As the pits of hell out here today today were gonna be talking about is how to acid etch and. Then were gonna also go into stone washing knife blades its a really popular finish right now that a lot. Of knife manufacturers use they use it on knife blades well as knife scales pretty popular right now i really. Like it its a very durable finish because of the nature of it being stone washed it kind of looks.

A little aged so as you use your knife if its an edc or hard juice knife and it gets. Some wear on it its not really as visible or as bad because your knifes already stone washed which i. Kind of like and it just looks dope too i really just like the way the whole acid etching and. Stone washing looks i started doing this on my own knives and when i realized how easy and inexpensive this. Was to do yourself at home i thought i had to share this with my peeps you guys would love.

This crap so today were gonna be taking this spyderco tenacious right here this dude nice little knife the plain. Blade on this guy though and were gonna be turning it into looking like this big dawg this is a. Spyderco resilience i always get the resilience and the persistence mixed up but i think this is the resilience and. I put a stone wash finish on this back a while ago so were gonna put this finish right here. On that knife right here so thats what were gonna do today lets get going its hot as hell out.

Here i dont want to be out here any longer than i have to be yeah all right telling you. Youre gonna hear me complain about this a lot today you could cook a damn egg out here anyway enough. Em up before we get going lets go over some of the items are going to need to make this. Happen first thing youre gonna need is some well i mean i guess the first thing youre in t is. A knife you definitely need a knife do this too but other than a knife youre gonna need probably the.

Second most important ingredient is this ferric chloride right here ive seen lots of other people do apple cider vinegar. Baths and theres some other solutions you can use to kind of achieve the same thing but from what ive. Seen it takes a lot longer to get the same dark result and this stuff i found on amazon for. Like 12 bucks so it was pretty cheap if you cant find it on amazon area opposed allah they sell. Ferric chloride in like electrical supply shop the main use for this is etching copper circuit boards that you might.

Have to find in places like that i know somebody had mentioned radioshack we dont have any more radio shacks. Around here so i dont know where the hell i just ordered it off amazon but anyway ferric chloride is. Your first ingredient this stuff is danger danger it is corrosive so be careful which leads us to the next. Thing you need ppe personal protection equipment youre gonna need to like make sure you have some like latex gloves. I you know i glass you dont want this stuff splashing in your eyes when youre using anything like thats.

This is corrosive so guys be careful when youre using it you know i mean its its relatively safe i. Mean were not dealing with nuclear waste or anything nevertheless be responsible and be careful use the appropriate safety wear. An optional thing that might come in handy is a tumbler of some nature i will go over to different. Ways you can achieve the stone wash effect im gonna go over the super budget diy way im also gonna. Go over using a laboratory tumbler or even one of those roll tumblers youre also gonna need some nail polish.

So if youve got a girlfriend or a wife or maybe you just like to paint your nails or if. Youre a girl watching this video youre also going to need some kind of wire i just use a coat. Hanger youre gonna need some cleaner now when i said cleaner i mean some form of something to degrease things. I usually use denatured alcohol or acetone also youre probably gonna need a sharpener you dont need a knife sharpener. To create the stone wash acid-etched effect but creating this effect does completely destroy your knifes edge so you are.

Going to need to sharpen your knife after you get done and last but certainly not least ive mentioned this. Before and tell them in the garage a cigar i mean i hope this doesnt get deep on its eyes. For me bringing this up but its definitely not needed anytime im in the garage like a smoke cigar while. Im out here working if youre over 18 kids dont smoke its bad for you maybe that disclamer will help. With the youtube people all right for this next step were gonna want to move your cigar if youre smoking.

One far away because were gonna be dealing with like highly flammable stuff so having a cigar hanging out of. Your mouth although it probably would be okay i do it all the time for safety reasons i cant say. That on a video because somebody catches on fire then im gonna get in trouble so get any flammable objects. Far away because were gonna do some decreasing as you saw i didnt go in with detail but you want. To disassemble your knife i didnt go over the details of that everybodys knife is gonna disassemble a little different.

Nevertheless you want to get your knife taking part down to just the blade youre gonna wanna glove up because. You dont want your greasy hands getting stuff on it either oh party foul in it no youre not giving. An exam you dont want your greasy little mitts getting stuff on the knife so after your gloved up youre. Gonna take some denatured alcohol some acetone something of that nature and youre gonna want to degrease this blade really. Really well were gonna be putting some finger nail polish on parts of this knife we dont want to get.

Etched it really makes the fingernail polish stick better if you dont have any oils or grease or anything like. That on the knife all im doing handy-dandy blue shop towels everybody should have these in their garage these are. The best things ever get some healthy amount of acetone do you nature to alcohol and im just rubbing down. The whole surface of the knife really really well to make sure ive got all the grease off after youve. Given it a good thorough scrub a dub and youre confident all the grease is off youre just gonna give.

It a minute or two to dry then were gonna move to the fingernail polish any fingernail polish will work. Just whatever this is gel effect i dont know something on my wifes thing the whole area where around your. Pivot point where your washers are on both sides youre gonna wanna make sure you cover that whole area your. Detent and then the track that your detent goes on any surface that engages another metal surface so i usually. Go along i get the locking surface i even get back here where the stop pin hits itching removes material.

And makes it rougher you dont want this to remove any material here where youre locking point youre going to. Have blade play you dont anything in here to affect the washers how smooth that operates how smooth your detent. Moves and you dont want anything on your lockup area so basically you just want to coat with fingernail polish. All the areas that interact the knife and not etch that and nows a good a time as any to. Take a break me im gonna smoke a little to the cigar maybe drink a little water to hydrate cuz.

Eight thousand degrees outside you do need to give this some time to dry before you move on to the. Next step fingernail polish is not good and dry then it could come off in the acid wash and then. Youre going to end up acid etching parts you dont want to so make sure this is good and dry. Before you move to the next step at this point were gonna start working with the chloride youre gonna want. To make sure you have on the appropriate ppe totally kidding okay see too hot out here to be joking.

Around like that yeah yeah i just lost five pounds doing this little joke huh college parking aside though we. Are gonna be working with chemicals at this point where some pd you dont wanna get this stuff on your. Skin you definitely get in your eyes youre gonna probably want to wear some kind of eye protection just in. Case you splash in your eyes some gloves to protect your hands so forth and so on just be careful. The stuffs dangerous and keep it out of the reach of the kiddos and all that obvious stuff that comes.

Along with working with chemicals i mean look its got scary warnings on it with skulls and hands that are. Next were gonna actually dip this in the ferric chloride i keep mine in a mason jar its just easier. To dip you dont want to keep this stuff in anything that is metal obviously i know the lid this. Is metal but it really doesnt get on the lid a lot of people keep it in full plastic containers. Point is dont put it metal itll eat through it and before we get dipping im gonna do one last.

Wipe down because i have touched this with my fingers obviously dont get any of the cleaner on your parts. That you painted because it might remove some of the paint okay so were ready to put it in the. Acid solution now as far as this goes the ferric chloride that ive been using is this stuff from amazon. Ill link it below ive just been using it straight i dont dilute it with anything there are multiple recipes. Online of people using different concoctions of ferric chloride diluted with apple cider vinegar or fifty-fifty water to fit theres.

A lot of different ways to do it i just go with the straight ferric chloride ive had good results. With that it gives a good nice even edge its quick and its cheap enough so thats what ive been. Doing this is where your wire or your coat hanger comes in you want to go to suspend this little. Guy off some form of wire and dip it down in the solution i use like a little pencil or. Something a little carpenters pencil will work just fine and were just gonna dip it down in the solution but.

This guy across here and there you go completely submerge the amount of time youre gonna leave it in here. Is going to depend on how exactly dark of an etch you want if you want it really light maybe. A couple minutes if you want a real dark etch maybe five to ten best thing to do put it. In there after a few minutes pull it out check it see if you like how dark it is you. Dont want to leave in there too long because it can degrade your steel and give it a weird texture.

Until you figure out the kind of steel youre working with and how long and how dark that you want. I would check it every few minutes but for me generally its been about five or ten minutes so im. Gonna leave this dude sit and were gonna come back so it has been right about 10 minutes beautiful thing. About this is if its not dark enough you can always drop it back in there for longer but rinse. It off real good with some water check the color and when we go from there this is where were.

At at ten minutes thats a pretty good dark edge theres a fine line between getting it as dark as. You want and going too far and then your book my neighbor decided to do his lawn now we eater. I think sorry about that or doesnt have to deal with that noise theres a fine line though between getting. It as dark as you want and going too far and then making the steel kind of rough not quite. As dark as my other one i think im actually gonna put this back in there for maybe two or.

Three more minutes to see if we can darken it up just a little more the neighbor is now at. Full rpm okay you gotta mow your lawn you gotta do your lawn i get it all right were at. 4:00 thats probably about dark enough ill give that a few more seconds and then were going to take it. Out take it inside rinse it off real good now far as that goes theres a couple ways you can. Go about neutralizing this to make sure it stops the etch feel like every time i start talking he gets.

Closer and really just read that thing up well talk about it inside thats probably better jesus all right so. Thats good and washed off now that is about the color nice and dark theres several ways you can neutralize. The acid to stop the edge you can come in and give it a good thorough rinsing with water you. Could put it in a baking soda bath thatll do it ammonia will also neutralize it regardless of how you. Do it you want to stop the edge so it doesnt go any further you could leave it just like.

This at this point if you just want an acid etched blade you could go here and then just get. To sharpening and put your knife back together theres a lot of different things you could do at this point. But in this video were gonna stone wash it so were gonna go back out there and ill show you. How to do the stone wash all right the homestretch this is where if you watch other videos on youtube. A lot of people have varying ways they stone and wash blades the cheapest way to do it basically free.

Is get some type and ive done it this way this is why i have this thing here you get. Some kind of plastic container go in your backyard grab a bunch of rocks put a little water some people. Use wd-40 put your blade in there and shake the piss out of it for about five minutes that absolutely. Works ive done it it produces fine results no problems whatsoever however harbor freight has these vibratory tumbler jobs for. Like 50 bucks it was worth the investment to me because you can do more than just stone washed blades.

With one of these you can stone wash blades if youre into reloading you can clean your brass using one. Of these you can get rust off parts and stuff to me it was worth the fifty dollar investment which. Isnt that much money to have this it makes stone washing nice and easy and theres a lot of other. Purposes for it so you can absolutely use a vibratory tumbler theres also the rotating tumblers they sell at harbor. Freight theyre about the same price you could also use one of those point is you want to put this.

In with some rocks get it shook around to put scratches in the middle what i have in mind the. Harbor freight sells these ceramic jobs comes in container like such that being said you could actually go to harbor. Freight and buy one of these i think these are like five or ten no fifteen ten fifteen ten or. Fifteen bucks you could probably just buy one of these if you half the stuff out put your knife in. There with a little water and shake it in this container and that would probably work since i but in.

Any event i have some of these little ceramic jobs from harbor freight and i also have various rocks that. Ive thrown in here from my backyard so this is another one situations where depending on the type of look. Youre going for youre gonna want to just check it frequently if youre doing it by hand with this guy. Here id say probably around five minutes i found is a good amount and here it doesnt take mirrors long. Maybe just a couple minutes you want to give it a couple minutes check it and if it needs longer.

Make it longer you can always put it in longer but once its gone too far you cant get it. Back another note if youre using one of these a lot of people have complained that this doesnt shake it. Around enough you want to leave the top off and you leave the top off it actually vibrates harder when. You put the lid this little guy when you mash that down on there it kind of dampens everything a. Little bit so you actually put more agitation by just leaving the lid off and let it run you put.

Your media in there you add a little wd-40 or water something to give it a little lubrication and youll. Want to wear some hearing protection because these damn things are loud as hell hearing protection on blade and tumbler. On alright that was about a minute a half youre gonna lets just get you off here give you a. Close-up that is what youre left with i think thats pretty good now like i said depending on the media. You use how long you let it tumble whether you use a tumbler one of those rolling tumblers or you.

Do the handshake method youre gonna get different results with all those so my suggestion is try them all out. See which one you like best next thing were gonna do use some acetone some fingernail polish remover whatever to. Get this fingernail polish off then were gonna put this baby back together touch up this edge see what we. Get in the end oh whoo it was a hot one today and i still got a lot of editing. To do so this is gonna be a fun evening normally at this point ill be having a cigar and.

A bourbon doubling down on the coffee today though because its gonna be a late night so thats it that. Is your result that is an acid etched in stone wash blade i really enjoy doing this i think its. A really cool inexpensive way to put a nice custom flair on your knife you could take a pretty inexpensive. Knife like this tenacious and put this finish on the blade and it really gives it a much more expensive. Kind of custom look really customize any of your knives just kind of give it your own a little touch.

And like we talked about with the different ways you can acid etch these things with different kinds of media. Getting different effects scales clips pretty much anything thats steel you can do it too and its kind of endless. The amount of cool stuff you can do and really customize your knife and make it drone ive seen guys. Out there in the edc where ill do some really really cool stuff as always i will link everything below. That we talked about today so if you guys are looking to do this yourself you can find all the.

Goodies that it takes to get this baby done but zedd edge on there that is a sharp dude boy. The old paper test yep thats its a sharp knife folks yeah i made a damn mess no i gotta. Thats all she wrote that is another man monday in the books ladies and gentlemen hopefully you guys got some. Good information now this one you enjoyed hanging out with me for a little while today if you did feel. Free to smash that like button you better smooth im just getting this really aggressive completely up to you im.

Just getting very non aggressively saying if you enjoyed this feel free if the true thing smash that like button. If youre not a subscriber please consider doing so wed love to have you on board hope everybody is having. A great week and we will see you in the next im playing with knives never to sit down plight. Watch tv and just flick – spidey flick all that stuff no theres just me.

Method 3 – Acid Etching Your Knives – Knife Maker’s Daily Vlog

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Acid Etch A Knife Blade Tutorial – Crkt Doug Ritter Rsk

Okay here we are ive got my supplies set up and ive got my knife and im gonna do my. First edging job gotta my radio shack pcb etching solution here cost me like fourteen bucks out there ive already. Got it poured into the jar kind of measured up i put a little bit more than i needed to. Obviously for this little guy im only gonna im only gonna get up to the blade just around there i.

Dont have to be too clean with it since im never going to put scales on this little guy but. Thats all i plan to do i might work it up a little higher well see ive got my jar. Of water to stop the itching process of course have nail polish that i pillaged from my girlfriends nail polish. Collection and nail polish remover and ive got some paper towels oh in just in case i do have a. Vinyl glove case i do need to put the gloves on at any point probably done but so the first.

Step is to polish up the blade nail polish up the blade that is oh the camera not the blade. Good cutting edge well im gonna put it down for this part and of course the reason for this being. You dont want the acid to eat into the cutting edge of the blade because well then you have to. Repro file your italy blade and that would suck and because its my first time doing this im going to. Totally probably overdo this but you know i want to be safe even though this is not a very expensive.

Knife still i dont want to end up screwing it up so hmm okay and actually as im doing this. Ill probably let the nail polish drip down if it begins to drip down sorry not paying attention to how. This looks in the camera of course if youre doing a folding knife as i havent done one before but. The other thing about folding knives is you want to make sure – if this were the pivot hole you. Want to get all and the pivot hole make sure the acid doesnt itch away that that pivot hole or.

Any locking surfaces gotta make sure its good and protected let me just refocus you guys and see a little. Better detail of what im doing here okay im gonna try to kind of glop on some more because i. Wan.

Conclusion – How To Acid Etch A Knife

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