How To Acid Wash Black Jeans – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to acid wash black jeans, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to acid wash black jeans,

Method 1 – “Acid Wash” Black Denim | Tutorial | Metalhead Threads

All right welcome back to the asylum of both inspiration and its said i hear you want to learn how. To acid wash black denim and heres how to do it blunt and brutal baby since the denim is the. Only thing you want to bleach wear either white or something you dont mind ruining black is an option but. Bleach will stain it however you can always read i black other shirts arent so lucky therefore wearing your favorite.

Shirt is out of the question for workspace youre gonna want to clear open and well-ventilated environment shade is optional. But i prefer it because its easier to see your work in the shade versus indirect sunlight use a piece. Of cardboard and or towel to use as your work surface again use white or something you dont mind ruining. Youll need bleach a spray bottle gloves and eye protection since youre not splashing or soaking your hands in the. Bleach you technically dont need the gloves or the eye protection so its your call for highest black to white.

Contrast using a hundred percent bleach is best on denim other materials may need a 50/50 bleach to water solution. Always test on scrap material before working on your final product once you have your materials ready go ahead and. Rinse the denim in cool water you want to make sure the material is damp but not dripping away or. Else the bleach will bleed into undesirable spots on the denim keep your project in the shade to avoid premature. Drying scrunch the material into a loose ball to achieve the arbitrary acid-wash design when youre ready youre going to.

Spray the bleach over the scrunched material so be sure to spray an even amount of bleach throughout your project. Just remember the higher concentrated bleach youd use the starker white the denim will become wait five minutes then repeat. Three times for a total of 15 minutes of bleaching time dont forget to rotate the project or else the. Acid wash wont be balanced after 15 minutes rinse the denim in cool water remember the longer the material sits. Without being rinsed the less black to white contrast youll get thoroughly rinse the object until you no longer see.

An orangish brown water if youre paranoid like i am then throw the denim alone in the washing machine and. Put it through the rinse cycle two times without soap rinsing the bleached out dye is the most important step. To achieve the black and white look so i wasnt a hundred percent satisfied with the final design as you. Can see the front is not nearly as covered as the back so i decided just to do it one. More time and see if it would work i used a more heavily concentrated bleach this time and the effects.

Were much better a lot whiter and a bigger contrast so again it really just depends on the bleach that. You use and you should always practice on scrap material so you know what youre doing once you move on. To your final project thanks guys for listening and good luck and have fun.

Method 2 – How To Fade Black Jeans | Acid Wash Jeans Outfit

Hi everyone its denise reed and welcome back to my youtube channel bramble read do you want to learn how. To fade black denim or how to acid wash a denim outfit in todays tutorial i will show you how. To acid wash jeans and how to lighten denim jeans by the end of this acid wash tutorial you will. Know how to bleach splash denim and how to make an acid wash t-shirt or sweater i will teach you.

The proper and safe way how to get your bleach jean design and how to wear proper fit clothing for. The best diy and fashion content subscribe to my channel and hit the bell to be notified when i post. A video every tuesday i have a facebook page that is dedicated to diy crafts and fashion that youre able. To join now its your turn so for this weeks tutorial were going to start first with bleach and water. In the white bucket and then were going to just do plain water in the blue bucket but before we.

Start i wanted to just go over some safety precautions so make sure that if youre using straight bleach youre. Using gloves also have some rubber bands make sure you have a mask on and a stick i use the. Scissors to poke your your fabric now heres a tip if you want dimension use a variety of sizes of. Elastic band widths now what i did was i only wanted the bottom of my pants so i used a. Smaller elastic and i made little knots or bump ups as we would call them in the islands and because.

I wanted kind of a different effect a circle effect but then i still wanted the lines so i went. Through only the bottom of the pants at first because thats where i wanted it so that it would trail. Upwards and im going to do both legs and i did not do it the exact same way i kind. Of wanted to create something funky just to see what it was going to look like now and im also. Not fading the entire pants i want the top part to be black and then the bottom part to be.

Faded and stone washed now what i did was i did a test with dry bleaching meaning that the fabric. Is not wet i just put bleach on top of the fabric and i noticed instantaneously the color started changing. So i continued doing it until i saw that most of the the spots that i wanted was changing colors. Then once it changed colors i actually soaked it in a solution of bleach and i it was like a. Strong beige mount and dipped it around now this water was used for the demon denim i did the denim.

Jeans first and then did the black and so thats why the water is yellow the first bleach will make. It purple or burgundy and then as you leave it it would go white so once i finished taking off. All the elastic bands i still had it soaking in the solution i went and i rinsed it out in. The sink and then ringed it out so that all the water was out oh so now i did rinse. It out in the sink and now im just putting it in a quick load for the washing machine no.

Soap or anything i just want to stop the activation of the bleach so it doesnt eat away at my. Fabric and that is the design now youre going to see little thin lines and then youll see thick lines. And thats because i went back and changed the elastic now i did get bleach up at the top of. The pants so then i went back and did the knot comment down below if this video interests you and. You want to go about making the acid wash jeans now for the denim and the stone wash that i.

Wanted to do this was a complete fail but what i wanted to do was have i this was the. First one that i did so i was going to do the whole entire thing and then once i introduced. The black i switched it out now what im doing here is just i just did a plain style and. Then i put use the thick and thin elastics on here but later on youll notice that i ended up. Taking it off and i only dipped the bottom portion of it because i figured this is my sample these.

Pants were going out in the garbage so what i did with this one was i soaked it in water. And i left it in water for about i think about an hour maybe a little less maybe a little. Less than an hour and just to get it soaking and then went and soaked it in the bleach water. And its a high concentration of bleach but remember be safe i had the fan on in the bathroom when. I did it in the bathroom and then we have a purifier that sucks all the smell into the bucket.

And and purifies the air so i also had that going but i did not like the way this denim. Looked i dont know if they used a cheap denim some blotch parts were yellow it didnt even fade the. Way that it should fade like normal denim would and im wondering if its because of the color of the. Denim now i wanted to do the t-shirt i actually wanted to put a string in the t-shirt and do. A cool design and thats why you see me doing an accordion fold at the side and then pinching it.

In the middle and turning around because i wanted to have a three-dimensional look and then make it into kind. Of a t-shirt with a drawstr a drawstring t-shirt now the funny thing about this shirt is that it did. Not bleach at all theres one portion of it where it went a little red but the color didnt take. It doesnt even look like if the gray the gray change color and this is a hundred percent cotton so. I dont know if they lied about it and its a different type of material that they use because you.

Cant its a little bit hard for me to tell and i bleached it i bleached it i bleached it. So what im going to do is im going to take the denim pants and this shirt and im going. To move it to next weeks next weeks tutorial and see what i can do if im able to use. It i will if not i do have another pair of pants for the shorts for distressing shorts so here. We go look at that this is after like two and a half hours it didnt even like it didnt.

Turn you see the red portion but thats it so i was like okay lets scrap that and then i. Introduced the black sweater now this is this shirt here is a shirt that i that i ripped up so. That i can clean the house and what i did was i took the armpit part which has the elastic. And i wrapped it around the portion that i wanted to bleach so that the bottom half of it does. Not get affected so that the bottom half doesnt get bleached like what happened with the pants and then i.

Had to carry the bleach all the way out now this wasnt turning quick enough and i was wondering if. I had put water in that bleach solution that i was spraying so i went and i just put the. Raw bleach from the bucket into the container and this is what we have now i did want to have. Like a distressed kind of look but i thought this was really beautiful i wanted to tear i wanted it. To rip like the bleach to bleach through it and it started but it didnt do it a lot so.

What im going to do is im going to do it over at the top over by the shoulder and. Just do it on one side just so that i see what it looks like and i think it turned. Out really cool i did about four cuts and not too far up to the seam i didnt measure it. I just kind of like gave it an eyeball and then to just stress it more i just wringed it. Like if i was washing my clothes and it made it look really nice it pulled the fabric just enough.

And if you wanted to do this too you can literally go in and pull that fabric and guys we. Are done that is it just as simple as that i think this is so beautiful one thing remember that. You if your blacks are not the same the color is not going to come out the same so heres. My little lala modeling she loves the shirt its too big for her i was going to style it for. Her and properly fit it but she said no she just wants it this way and then yeah she went.

And did the modeling so my husbands wearing the bottom pants and then my daughters wearing the top and thats. The outfit it looks really cool so i now that you know how to fade black jeans and how to. Make an acid wash outfit i have written a guideline on different designing platforms that will help you get your. Creative juices out of your head and onto a digital platform i have included tutorial links to help you understand. The platform better you can download the guide at the link in the description box also do you want to.

Join a community of like-minded individuals like yourself i do have my facebook page where we will go over different. Tips and tricks on fashion and diy craft check out the link in the description box check out these videos. Next on scrunchie headband and how to make the perfect scrunchie if you like this video hit the like button. Be sure to subscribe and dont forget to share it with your family and friends.

Method 3 – How To Lighten Denim | Levi Jeans

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so for todays video im gonna be showing how i light in my. Jeans these are a pair of levis jeans that i recently bought but i just wasnt happy with the color. So im gonna show you guys what i do to fix them so youre gonna need a bucket thats big. Enough to fit your jeans in with two gallons of water inside it then youre gonna need two and a.

Half cups of bleach and youre just gonna go ahead and mix those two together so now im putting in. My jeans inside the bucket and i left mine for five minutes you can decide if you want to leave. Them from one minute to seven minutes depending on how light youd like your jeans to come out once i. Was done waiting i just threw them in the washer and this is holly came up guys i really really. Loved the results theyre the perfect color that i wanted my jeans to be and i just love them so.

Much so i really hope that this video was helpful if you guys enjoyed please give it a big thumbs. Up and subscribe down below if youd like to see more videos of me ill see you guys in my. Next one five.

Method 4 – How To Bleach Denim | Asap Rocky, Jaden Smith, Fear Of God Vibe

Whats up you guys and welcome back to the channel my name is jc and for this video were gonna. Be running down how to bleach denim now the reason for this video its super simple i just really wanted. That bleach sort of effect on a black pair of denim and i didnt want to go out of my. Way to buy a pair so i thought hey wanna do a diy and make it myself so i want.

To be using this bleach that i got from sainsburys this was about 70 p so no idea this is. Gonna work or not i have no idea this is strong enough but im hoping it is cuz i dont. Want to go out and buy another one so this is the bleach wanna be using hopefully it works and. Then im be using this denim from mint crew very nice pretty skinny fit i would say im hoping it. Goes well if not then i mean i probably wont post this video but if you are watching it then.

Turns out probably came up pretty well so with that being said lets get into this video now the very. Last thing before we move on to the actual process of bleaching the denim i do want to give a. Special special shot to rose gonna black for sponsoring this particular video now ive recently received a few goodies from. Them and im super excited to own these because i you guys know how i feel about accessories they really. Elevate a look like right now wearing a simple all-black outfit and im wearing a brand new watch that comes.

In silver now i have no idea this is out yet but im super excited they sent it over and. I also have a few rings that came with it and the one im wearing right now is a silver. One this is very very nice i mean its very hefty looks super premium as well super basic i guess. This really goes well with an outfit so if you guys interested in picking up any bracelets rings watches wherever. You want in terms of mens accessories they have it and i also believe in a special discount code down.

Below so be sure to check it out again links would be in the description below but with that being. Said now lets get into the process of bleaching the denim so i am taking this process to the floor. And i was gonna do in my kitchen table i was gonna do this outside but you know what im. Just gonna be lazy ive got good lighting here so i thought why not just do it over here now. Im gonna try and avoid getting it all over my carpet and of course im wearing gloves and i could.

Only find one so lucky to this one but well that being said i thought we should just start off. And you get on the actual denim now im not sure exactly how for how long it would take for. It to start reacting with the actual denim but you know im just gonna start going for it applying it. On some areas turns out we didnt have another pair of gloves so im just gonna be using these blue. Ones instead but as you guys can already see its already reacting very very quickly were surprised about how fast.

It already is changing color so as you guys can see i changed it and put a plastic bag underneath. The denim because it actually bleeding on the other side as you guys can see now the bleach is a. Lot stronger than i thought it was so definitely bleaching so i would recommend right off the bat adding a. Plastic bag and now finally the reveal time of showing you guys how the bleach denim turned out now just. Want to say that im actually really excited to see the way it turned out i cant wait to actually.

Stylee on comfort on josiya because its pretty wet but nonetheless this is the bleach denim that ive been doing. Now you guys saw the whole process it was pretty quick pretty simple nothing too complicated it just depends of. How you kind of want it to turn out now i didnt really have a clear image to say the. Least i just wanted it to be bleached and im actually pretty happy with it i kind of like this. Side a little bit more for like towards this but it goes a bit crazy but nonetheless very very nice.

And im looking at the back put my handprint there and then yeah i tried to keep a bit more. So towards the back but nonetheless again this is something im super excited to have now a calm way to. Wear my fur would once and pull out outfits with this so if you guys are follow me on instagram. You will see them there now if you guys interested in checking more videos maybe i should do a denim. Jacket let me know in the comment section down below but with that being said dont forget to check out.

Roars gonna black again they sponsor this video and ill catch you on the next one.

Method 5 – Dark Wash Jeans To Light Wash Jeans – How To Bleach Denim

Ok so i have this jeans its a perfect jeans only i dont like the color i want to make. It a bit lighter lets find some bleach first wear some old clothes because bleach can be dirty and also. Some protection for your hands mix the water a bit with the bleach cut your jeans and submerge it into. The water i let it sit for about 5 hours but keep an eye on it and turn it now.

And then the longer you let it sit the lighter it gets when the waiting is done rinse it and. Then throw it in washing machine keep in mind that wet clothes look darker so the final result will be. Lighter thats it here you can see the difference as always thank you for watching and if you liked please. Subscribe.

Conclusion – How To Acid Wash Black Jeans

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