How To Acid Wash Concrete – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Acid Wash Concrete

How do you acid wash concrete to clean it you dont stop look at me stop it you do not. Use muriatic acid for cleaning concrete professionals use muriatic acid for cleaning concrete its like i dont know if you. Know what it is and i think it goes under another a couple other names that you might know a. Little bit better but its acid its like bubbling and hissing and spitting and if you got one drop of.

It on you you got a problem you dont want to be breathing it you definitely dont want it in. Your eyes you need special equipment in order to handle it most places dont even sell it look when they. Sell it in the bag they got it like on a hannibal lecter dolly and they wheel it out to. You dont use it you shouldnt be doing this theres a reason why concrete pool professionals exist or concrete professionals. Swimming pool professionals anybody who works with concrete theyre trained to work with this stuff theyre supposed to be at.

The very least and you know theres a lot of stuff you got to know like you cant just use. A bunch of it and then just pump it into the closest pond like theres a process and you probably. Dont know it so i mean of all of the things that youre looking up on youtube i may be. Able to do this myself we might have found it we might have found the very worst thing that you. Shouldnt be looking up on youtube how to do but it is a thing and it does exist and something.

That we use regularly for concrete and i am in the process of explaining how to bond new concrete to. Old concrete through a series of videos and that is something that we work with and when im cleaning concrete. Because theres portland like no matter how much i brush this it brushes to death and theres still dust that. Comes up off of it and theres calcium that forms and other impurities that could be on there and i. Need to get those off and thats why i use an a a mix of approximately seven parts water in.

One part muriatic acid and you put that into something like a sprinkling can like this a plastic sprinkling can. And you know apply it to the area that youre working and itll foam and hiss a little bit its. Not overly so because its a little bit diluted its strong but its not full strength and that will eat. Up all those little bits of portland and calcium things that might prevent you from bonding the new concrete to. Old concrete and its important to note that when youre doing something like an acid wash to clean concrete afterwards.

Your concrete is very acidic and thats actually one of the things that would cause the bond to fail most. Readily is having uh improperly ph balanced concrete that youre trying to apply new concrete to so if you do. An acid wash after you do an acid wash you can neutralize the concrete and the way that you would. Do that or the way that i would do that i should say is using something like tsp where i. Would make a slurry out of tsp and i kind of clean the whole area down and then i rinse.

It very thoroughly and thats the way that i go about cleaning concrete properly so that i can get a. Secure mechanical and chemical bond with a new application of mortar concrete or something along those lines if you found. This information helpful please be sure to like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel and dont acid wash.

Method 2 – How To Acid Stain Concrete | Diy Acid Stained Concrete Patio

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Method 3 – Garage Build – Acid Staining Concrete

You can talk you can be seen and heard no hello my friends its jeff welcome back to another episode. Today is going to be a huge day we are preparing to do the concrete floor we are going to. Stain and seal this weekend it is a glorious day out today i am so excited im gonna let you. Know how it unfolds step one im going to use the broom and im going to clean up all of.

This big debris get it as clean as possible with just dry materials step two is going to consist of. Using easy prep and my pressure washer to do a wet clean of the whole surface concrete coatings makes easy. Prep this is a detergent its a cleanser its also an etching agent that will open up the pores the. Instructions on this say everything from you is full strength for extra tough stains all the way down to dilute. Ten parts water to one part easy prep for normal edging so i feel like its kind of hard to.

Mess up what im gonna do is use my soap suction hose here with my pressure washer im gonna use. The washer nozzle and im just gonna soak down this whole surface that way ill let it dilute however much. The pressure wash it dilutes and then im going to use this deck brush and im gonna scrub it in. Get some of the more difficult spots and then im just gonna pressure wash it off with high pressure one. Final note here theres this interesting pattern this was from our plastic covering when we covered it that first night.

So it didnt freeze and where the plastic was laying against it it made these little patterns now im not. Gonna lie guys im kind of excited if you are familiar with staining concrete its all about the uniform imperfection. You know every pore is different and i think this is gonna look like marble this is gonna be absolutely. Cool to see what that stain does over here step three of course is the actual application of the acid. Stain this is vivid acid stain its made by concrete coatings the color im using is walnut that is their.

Darkest brown the next product is for the neutralization i picked up clear ammonia that is a two quart bottle. Its a couple bucks at walmart you can use multiple different things to neutralize your asset ive heard baking soda. Works as well i did find on one forum that baking soda will mix with water and it will leave. A blue crunchy residue on top of the acid i dont think it would be a problem with the pressure. Washer but just be aware of that the clear ammonia is a little smellier but it is clear it doesnt.

Leave any residues its easier to wash off the next product youll see i have some nitrile gloves i dont. Want any of these chemicals on our hands while we do this step in order to apply the product im. Using a scotts two gallon pump sprayer now this scotts had a lot of really good reviews it pumps up. Well the nozzles excellent and it absolutely is not dripping if you do decide to go with a cheap pump. Sprayer make sure you fill it with some water pump it up and try it out make sure it doesnt.

Drip make sure its crazy even you really do want to have a nice pump sprayer for this right behind. The spraying process youre gonna see kayla has a deck brush and youre just gonna do some light agitation on. The surface and thats pretty much just to disperse any dirt or any star anything that has settled and it. Just gets it out of the way so the stain can still soak in behind it it really doesnt have. To be perfect you guys if you look up other tutorials youll see that this whole process can be done.

Indoors with a mop you know youre not gonna get perfect clean surfaces and then finally youll see the big. Brush im gonna use that as a squeegee and im gonna push all the excess water and ammonia and product. Out of the big garage door and let it dry once its all cleaned and neutralized oh my gosh im. So nervous that i should be be nervous this is supposed to be a very easy process very diy friendly. And im gonna do a little test fit here so im gonna use the man door concrete pad here as.

My test zone i have diluted this 50/50 with water if you look at amazon reviews for this product and. Again i have those links in the description youll see that a lot of people kind of settle on the. 50/50 mix oh look at that again just kind of go random you want lots of different patterns sunk it. Down little pooled areas will help the stain show up more random im gonna get my edges as well okay. So the reaction has begun you definitely get overspray be aware of that okay can you use the broom here.

Oh so fast so this is cut fifty-fifty with water and that is getting really dark its almost black along. Some of these edges it does say on the instructions let it continue to burn for at least a couple. Hours it says for this is nowhere near going to need four hours it has been two hours since that. Initial spraying it is completely dry the sun and the wind have completely dried it out that reaction is still. Taking place though lets be very clear about that and this is absolutely not what its going to look like.

When it is sealed with acrylic sealer to get that effect im gonna soak it down with just some water. And that will not neutralize it the reaction will still continue to take effect but itll get some of this. Residue off and will darken itll glossa phy and well see or at least have an idea of what its. Going to look like when its finished and see that is much darker than it appeared to be when it. Was dry so im gonna get the ammonia we are absolutely going to neutralize this and then pressure wash everything.

Off the residue the ammonia after it sits for a few minutes so the pressure washer is set it does. Have the soap nozzle this is just the clear ammonia this is the low pressure nozzle thatll pull the soap. Or in this case of the ammonia and it dilutes about 50/50 which i like so im going to soak. This down with ammonia give it a few minutes we are going to scrub it with the brush unfortunately this. Is way darker than i thought it would be neutralized it early and i did wait for two hours this.

Is definitely darker than i would like yeah if you guys are gonna be doing 5050 watch this carefully an. Hour is all you need well this is definitely why you always do a test section first this is absolutely. Darker than i was hoping im not concerned its just part of the learning experience two hours is absolutely too. Long if i am gonna do 5050 so i think im gonna do two parts water to one part acid. And probably get it all rinsed and get an idea within one hour lets be clear on the bottle it.

Says it is intended for full strength use and so halfway cut with water and spending only two hours on. That little pad i cant believe how dark it is its too dark it is almost black when its wet. Im gonna take all this knowledge and apply it to the main pores here im gonna stick with 50/50 im. Gonna spray a little bit lighter let michaela brush it with the brush behind me then were definitely only gonna. Let it sit about an hour and im gonna soak it down and get an idea of what it looks.

Like and then we will neutralize and seal accordingly are you ready to go you ready no yeah i give. It a go now you gave her a little wetter here we go again soak it down a little more. Hes okay just walk back and forth you know just go anywhere thats nice and yellow you can see its. Thicker and foaming give it a scrub there yep okay we just hit it im doing immediately make sure you. Get those rough spots that thats what you need the brush border work it in so i kid you not.

It took about 10 minutes to spray all this and brush it and im thinking thats already as dark as. I want it were gonna hit it with water just to rinse not neutralized yet to get an idea thats. A pretty chocolate marble brown its absolutely beautiful and thats kind of the nature of acid stain you guys is. That you know you just add more for darker let it sit longer for darker thats where you want it. Cut it off with ammonia yeah so thats it for the initial staining it is getting dark and chocolatey back.

There okay the stain is down now just make a note here it is incredibly helpful to have someone working. With you right behind you with the deck brush scrubbing all of that acid into the concrete pores now once. It burns to the color youd like its time for step four were going to neutralize it or the ammonia. Water works its okay yeah its all soaked down its not gonna youre not going to get the foot prints. Now that would be pretty cool what do you think just an fyi when you neutralize with pure clear ammonia.

And water it smells like about 423 cats live in that garage now so thats fun all the windows are. Open its very well ventilated it got strong at the end but it wasnt bad okay the ammonia water mixture. Has sat on the concrete neutralizing that acid alkalizing it to stop the color reaction with the lime in the. Concrete so were gonna come take a look here and i think its time to start sealing oh no oh.

Method 4 – How To Acid Stain Concrete – Step By Step

Apply the surf prep water mixture the plastic pump up sprayer mixture is three parts water to one part circuit. Ill work in circular motions using the broom agitate the surf prep into the concrete with figure-eight movements this essential. Chemical process opens the pores the concrete to fully accept the acid stone immediately after brewing in politely spray the. Surface with sir to alleviate remarks keep moving make sure to leave a wet edge and overlapping like a broom.

To ensure you do not leave any wallet do not allow the surf craft to drive next well rinse the. Surface with water several items in her all facades funny sir drug had been removed allow area to draw apply. The acid stain diluted at least one to one with water theory is wall youll be using the same technique. To apply the acid stain spray broom and spray again here we also use an optional secondary color aqua blue. When using secondary colors apply them while the first coat stain is still wet once we apply all of your.

Stain allow a minimum of four hours to react after letting the stain sit for four hours youre ready to. Neutralize a mixture of eight ounces of ammonia to five gallons water will be used to stop the reaction stain. Spray the treatment on the surf then you can agitate with a broom to help bring the residue from the. Stain up you will do this one time then you will rinse with water several times until all residue from. The stain has been removed if the cloth is dirty you need to keep rinsing if the cloth is clean.

You need to allow the surface to dry overnight with the surface dry youre now ready to apply your sealer. Solvent based sealers are best used when using a sustained make sure you cross rail to avoid rollin allow your. First coat to dry for two to six hours once its dry to your touch you can apply your second. Coat thank you for watching.

Method 5 – See How To Apply And Seal Concrete Acid Stain

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Conclusion – How To Acid Wash Concrete

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