How To Acknowledge – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how to acknowledge, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods to acknowledge,

Method 1 – How To Acknowledge Customer Concern- And Why You Must

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Method 2 – The Art And Power Of Acknowledgement- Learn To Acknowledge Others

Do you know what it means to be truly acknowledged were gonna talk about acknowledgement today on tell the truth. Tuesday good morning im trista polo i woke up this way and its awesome to be who you want to. Be you must first accept who you are if you havent seen any of my videos before today is tell. The truth tuesday where we explore topics around finding success with authenticity and self-love and if thats something that you.

Want more of in your life please subscribe if i cover anything where there might be more in-depth reading research. Or knowledge that you can get ill make sure to put the information in the description for you so lets. Get started i took a course on communication years ago i went into the course with a lot of resistance. I know how to communicate it was my major in college the thing was i was having some trouble in. Some of my relationships my favorite part about the course was the very final session which was on acknowledgment it.

Turns out that we communicate from a place of whats wrong and whats missing what if none of that crap. Was in the way whats possible the definition of acknowledgment is to appreciate or show gratitude for something or someone. But it is so much more than that because if were communicating and the way we all do with all. Of the stuff in this big sac that we lug into every conversation when we show appreciation or gratitude for. Someone how often do we do that because were hoping that they give us something in return i realized when.

I learned this form of acknowledgment that i have always been a stingy acknowledge er now i am sure that. You are way more generous and way less stingy than me but if you really look really be honest with. Yourself is there really nothing in the space think back to the last time you acknowledge someone when you did. It what motivated you to do so no judgments here just inviting you to look so heres what i learned. About acknowledgment acknowledgement is an opportunity to allow someone to be truly and fully seen its a gift to be.

Given unconditionally and without want of a response in return see i have these things about me that i hope. And wish are true i hope and wish that im strong that im beautiful that im powerful that im an. Amazing leader that i make a difference that i touch people profoundly that im impacting the world in a positive. Way but then all the crap comes in that reminds me that theres no way any of that is true. Because im too gross too shitty too crabby too mean to defensive – fat so acknowledgement is a way for.

Me to show another that they are truly seen in the beautiful fantastical unique and amazing soul that they are. Youre perfect just as you are you are not a work in progress the first time i ever experienced this. Process of acknowledgment was after i had volunteered for a weekend and i was so frustrated by the end it. Was not the best experience for me and the woman that i reported to took me outside on my way. Out and she asked me what do you want to be acknowledged for and i thought back to all of.

The things that had just rated me and annoyed me and pissed me off the last couple of days and. I realized that i was so angry because i had worked really hard and i didnt really feel like anybody. Even noticed it didnt feel like any of the things i did even made a difference so i told her. What i wanted to be acknowledged for and in two minutes she transformed my entire experience of the weekend she. Turned everything that i had felt frustrated about into an opportunity for me to see how i made a difference.

I use acknowledgement as much as i can now most recently i had the opportunity at a 25th anniversary party. I dont know what i was thinking its a roomful of people that i dont even know i get everybodys. Attention and i say excuse me i have something to say i acknowledged her and it brought her to tears. Because she was able to hear the beauty of her love it was funny because someone in the party told. Me that she thought i was brave for having done that is it brave well if it is then i.

Am proud to be brave and i am inviting you to be brave what would you like to be acknowledged. For put what you would like to be acknowledged for it in the comments below and i will make a. Special acknowledgement video just for you if you like this video please give it a thumbs up dont forget to. Subscribe and hit that notification valve so you get all of my new videos every tuesday heres another video i. Think you might enjoy im trista polo i woke up this way i acknowledge you for who you are because.

You are awesome have a great day.

Method 3 – How To Acknowledge Customers Part 2 Of 2 Phrases

In part one we learned that it is important to complete the communication chain by acknowledging customers acknowledging customers when. They are clearly angry in part two i want to give you phrases that you can use as is or. Even better adapt to your own style into the situation to acknowledge a customers concern be that anger or frustration. Here are some phrases that i hope you will use and customize for the best fit situation i realize you.

Are upset this phrase is simple but it really does acknowledge concern when you pick up concern in a tone. Of voice or in the words you have to address it head-on and this will do exactly that or how. About this one i realize how complicated it is to i came up with this phrase in response to one. Of my clients they are in a situation where customers have to file a complaint in writing they can either. Go to the companys website and download a little packet and fill out the complaint or they can get the.

Packet via snail mail either way its another step for the customer its frustrating its time-consuming and the representatives found. Themselves in situations every single day having to apologize for the inconvenience so i came up with this phrase for. The representatives to use i realize how complicated it is for you to have to hang up and go to. Our website download and print the forms so they would lead with that so they started with an acknowledgement of. Customer concern oh that sounds frustrating lets take a look and see whats going on this is really good when.

The customer is going into their story of how they were put out or inconvenience this lets you i was. That concerned and then kind of keep of a conversation going what you have experienced is no more acceptable to. Us than it is to you this is a wonderful response to a customer who is clearly angry they are. Upset you hear it in their words and in their tone likely they are going on and on and on. Acknowledge them by letting them know were not happy with this situation either and finally we want to get to.

The bottom of this just as much as you do let the customer know that we are on the same. Page we both want a resolution to the problem that you have experienced now how about you acknowledge customer concern. I love the phrases that ive shared with you but you know your customers and your business and your situation. Far better than i ever could know before you walk away from this module i want you to brainstorm two. Or three phrases that you can use to acknowledge the concern of your customer.

Method 4 – How To Acknowledge A Trouble Alert On Your 2Gig Go!Control Panel

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To-Acknowledge People.

Do you know how you like to be acknowledged i do hi im lisa marie welcome to my channel living. My best life i hope youre living your best life too if youre new here i invite you to subscribe. And if youve been here before welcome back people like to be acknowledged but not everyone receives acknowledgement the same. Way if you do the same thing for everybody to acknowledge them only some of them will feel acknowledged or.

Appreciate it people want their contributions to be noticed and appreciated so its really important that we know how they. Feel most appreciated its also important for you to figure out how you feel most appreciated so you can share. That with others if you dont know how someone feels acknowledged the best way you may not actually ever make. Them feel that way and i know that youll want to if someone does something wonderful its really important to. Try to figure that out and not everyone is fully aware of what it is they just know when they.

Feel it or if they dont its important to ask people and you can even give them these examples if. They really dont know how to answer the question you know off the top of their head im going to. Share with you five ways that people tend to feel appreciated and acknowledged as i do this try to figure. Out which one means the most to you its really important to know this for some people being acknowledged or. Congratulated or appreciated in front of others is what really makes them feel valued they want everyone that was involved.

To be around and they want their accolades in front of everyone now thats not a bad thing actually thats. A very nice thing and for people to feel appreciated sometimes thats what has to happen for some people one. On one acknowledgement means the most when someones looking at them directly in their eyes and theyre telling them how. Valued and appreciated they are for what they did and how much it meant to you that really speaks to. Some people and thats the way they most feel valued and acknowledged for some people they would like something in.

Writing so they they can look back on and remind themselves that really felt good i was being acknowledged and. Appreciated or it might be a plaque a letter of acknowledgement or congratulations or a thank-you card depending on what. It is there are people that thats the only way theyre gonna really feel as though they were acknowledged for. Some people its promotion to a higher position or being called a different title of importance for those people that. Makes them feel like they accomplished something that they were acknowledged by being given that next level of response ability.

And for some people money or gifts is how they feel most appreciated or acknowledged here at work a race. I know for me when i used to work id rather have the raise than all the accolades in the. World for me it was all about getting more money that was just what motivated me to do a better. Job i wanted a race its its someone personally and you want to acknowledge them for helping you or doing. Something a gift of some kind would be nice or a gift card or something that makes them feel like.

They put in that time and you appreciated them and thats poke to them its really important in all kinds. Of relationships so whether its at work or its your spouse or partner its your kids or your friends and. Family or youre in a volunteer situation you know all of those different situations you will find moments where you. Need to acknowledge and appreciate someone or you would like to be acknowledged or appreciated thats why its important to. Identify the best way to do that for yourself and for others a lot of times you have to ask.

People how do they feel the most acknowledged and if no one is asking you you need to tell people. Because they dont know and a lot of people dont know to ask but in the end theyll be so. Glad that they did know because they really want you to feel acknowledged and theyll put all this time and. Effort into something that isnt actually speaking to you and i highly recommend that you learn this about the important. People in your life and make sure they know it about you you wont be sorry twinning when you have.

Identical thoughts or behavior its just brilliant when youre 20 now you know and you can be part of the. Conversation thanks bye get ready for vlogmas 2019 coming to my channel starting december 11th for 14 days going to. December 24th hope to see you there.

Conclusion – How To Acknowledge

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