How To Beat Great Tiger In Punch Out – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Nes Punch Out : Defeat Great Tiger With This Speedy Strategy!

Great tiger can be a tough opponent if you dont know his weakness but most players can eventually figure out. How to block his series of magic punches which leaves him wide open for a knockout punch but did you. Know that you can defeat great tiger even before he gets a chance to unleash his flurry from the start. Of the match dont give him any time to think throw a jab and hell block it but every time.

He blocks the jab it prompts him to counter punch so block his punch and counter his counter with a. Series of 5 high punches then immediately throw another jab and repeat the process youll soon knock him down for. His first count when he gets up hell start trying to throw his big uppercuts give him a quick body. Blow when he ducks down to stop the punch and get a superstar punch do this three times get three. Stars then dodge jab and use the super punches to send him to the mat rinse and repeat and youll.

Get the tko before he can even attempt to use his cheating magic teleportation punches dont give him a chance. To catch his breath and youll finish him off in record time hey check out my metroid tutorial if youre. Interested in trying out that classic game heres a link also aqualung game reviews has done a great review and. Walkthrough of the underappreciated gem jackal so heres a link to his video in the description too anyway happy punching. Until next time.

Method 2 – How To Beat Great Tiger In Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

Alright guys welcome back to the mike tyson punchout tutorials here and were up against the great tiger from india. Hes very simple and systematic to be if you just know its tough they are confusing to people youll notice. That you got a little jen thing round his forehead and its a little flashy so youll just notice when. It flashes flash dodge its going to flash watch the flash dodge punch punching once each time so its going.

To keep going you dodging it flashes until he does his side uppercuts things and you just pretty much do. This until he uses his whirlwind and thats how you killing even though seems like hes going to kill you. Oh there it is dodge punch him four times torch punch it four times to continue until you knock them. Down for one – oh – dang it for oh wow so now he will get up and im pretty. Sure to use this tiger rage after the second knockdown or might be after his lifes almost out so hes.

Going to oh do this thing four one two three four so once he gets to his rage thing you. Cant the block block and block well here comes she can start blocking let go im blocking a buckle again. Block again block again punch him in the face and hes out cold so this one will definitely last two. Rounds then at least because doesnt give me the opportunity to do it oh rounds up i was going dodge. Anyway so youll notice that you have to well you might not notice it but every time he punches you.

You have to click block again you cant just keep blocking the whole time or else hell get punished and. Die every time he just comes in for his wave hole punch he hits you let go and block again. So you could use your a enter tap thing here to gain energy but he hasnt hit me at all. Really how you singling click select or air whatever if youre on the wrong computer or anything so uh and. Ill push start okay a little life because he did get me on those little blocks so well just keep.

Using systematic system every time what where he comes so block block again blocking in block again lock in punch. Them in the face he is out every time occasionally he gets knocked out but its pretty rare so hopefully. These might be all darn it so keep using systemic system look for the eye flash to the up code. Flash punch flash dodge punch every time very simple if you just know whats coming oh here comes oh block. Plugin plugin plugin it punch in the face boom baby let them count it up oh darn only three alright.

Let him do it one more time one two three four one two three four one two three four and. He is out cold tko using that tiger power against him just block block block its down every time systematic. Approach blinky your uppercut and you got him tk out every time so thats how you beat the great tiger. Then guys for watching dont forget to subscribe you havent already and see you next time.

Method 3 – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Tutorial (Part 8 Of 17) – Great Tiger

Great tiger is our next opponent and this is a strategy that i came up with back in the year. Like 1990 very simple strategy to use so at the very beginning what hes going to do is hes just. Going to wait and then throw some jabs now you can dodge it and punch him but it only gives. You one punch so this is not good but theres something i discovered when i was a kid take a.

Look at this if you try to punch him first he punches quickly and since he punches quickly that gives. You another opportunity to punch him so you can keep on going back and forth like this and just keep. On punching like that but you know what theres an even better strategy to use so instead of dodging lets. Block punch block now i can hit him five times this is the most effective strategy you can use that. Is extremely simple 1 2 3 4 5 punch block 1 2 3 4 5 punch block 1 2 3.

4 5 he blocks you block 1 2 3 4 5 and then you get him down right at the. 1-minute mark and when you do hes gonna change things up for phase 2 remember how vaughn kaiser was ducking. And we had to punch him in the stomach were gonna do the same thing here with him although hes. Gonna go on both sides watch this left right left and see that gave us 3 stars right there so. Watch again once again left right left right as he crouches down thats when you have to hit him in.

The stomach he always goes to the left first left right left now that we have three stars we can. Dodge punch and super punch him dodge punch super punch dodge punch super punch and then he goes down at. 129 so a very simple strategy to use phase three is exactly like phase two phase three is exactly the. Same let me show you real quickly one two three dodge punch super dodge punch super dodge punch super and. Thats it thats all you have to do youll beat youll defeat him just under two minutes thats all you.

Have to do to defeat great tiger however you know what your first couple of times fighting him you will. Probably mess up you probably will and thats okay so lets take a look real quickly lets say phase three. Or this is phase two actually okay so you get your stars and lets say its something where it happens. And lets say oh oh man you get hit no big deal okay youre just trying to recover a little. Bit maybe i remembered i need to hit him right there okay okay hes gonna go down so thats fine.

Okay so were still doing okay right here hes gonna get up and when he gets up were gonna were. Gonna pretend to mess up a little bit more so lets say he starts oh man i forgot to know. Im forgetting again okay so i gotta remember to do this okay so then i can continue this right here. And i just kind of forgets a little bit up i dont really know what im doing well hes gonna. Do something tricky his tiger punch at two minutes and thirty seconds lets watch it real quickly hes gonna back.

Up and hes going to magically fly around the room and then just destroy him like that so we need. To figure out exactly what to do during the tiger punch he goes so fast what in the world can. We do well its very simple when he backs up for that tiger punch just hold down and hes gonna. Hit you at each time after he hits you got to hold down again okay and after five times he. Gets dizzy see and when he gets dizzy just give him a swift punch to the face and he goes.

Right down and hes out so once again lets look at that tiger punch okay so at two minutes and. Thirty seconds is when he backs up take a look at the clock right there hes gonna back up at. Two minutes and thirty seconds in round one he backs up you just crouch down one two three four five. And then you just punch him in the stomach i mean hes punch him in the face i dont think. You could punch him in the stomach can you punch him in the stomach you know what lets try it.

Lets see real quick like we can punch him in the stomach 1 2 3 4 5 you cannot punch. Him in the stomach so dont try to do that just punch him in the face once again as he. Backs up start to block hold down 1 2 3 4 5 right after he blocks you right after he. Tries to punch you and you block it i mean youre gonna stop block you so you think you just. Have to let go up down and push it again real quickly alright so then thats how you defeat great.

Tiger lets defeat him from the very beginning and were just going to use the basic strategy without screwing up. Block block 1 2 3 4 5 block block 1 2 3 4 5 and just continue this pattern for. Phase 1 were just gonna run right through great tiger phases 1 2 & 3 as long as you dont. Mess up you dont have to worry about the tiger punch at all and this this is such a rhythm. Based fight right here that its its so consistent and so rhythm based that its you get used to it.

Pretty quickly and once you used to it you become so easy ok just like that get those 3 star. Punches dodge punch to stun him and they give him an uppercut then hell get up again when he does. Once again we did the same thing in phase 3 as we didnt face 2/3 gut punches as he goes. Down to the africa and there you have it that is how you defeat great tiger so if you have. Any questions about the great tiger feel free to leave them in the comment section ill be glad to answer.

Them for you were gonna come back next time in our next video discussing how to beat bald bull so. Well see you then thanks for watching.

Method 4 – Punch Out Wii: Video Walkthrough: Great Tiger

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Tutorial For Speedrunning – Great Tiger

Hello everybody we g we here with a great tiger portion of this tutorial great tiger is the sixth fighter. In the game and the third fighter youll encounter in the major circuit and one great thing about great tiger. Is he has no randomness so as long as you pull off the speedrun strats effectively youre gonna get him. At 48 seconds or there abouts in round one every single time the fastest you can possibly get them using.

These strats is a forty seven point nine nine which is really hard to do ive only seen it done. A handful of times so youre really aiming for a low to mid forty-eight time or at least if youre. Starting out somewhere around forty nine or just under forty nine now what were gonna do to start the fight. Is were gonna hold up in a one thing i like about this fight is i never use the b. Button ever i just use the a button then hold up an a and hes gonna block and retaliate and.

Youre gonna do a slow right dodge now one reason i like to do this slow right dodge is because. Its its easy you know some people like the quick dodge but i think that complicates things honestly just do. A slow right dodge and it allows you to concentrate on what you have to do next which is the. Timeout it gut punch with your right hand to gain a star another reason i like the right dodge is. Because its it sort of moved mac sort of moves in sync with the great tiger like when the great.

Tiger is coming forward mac is moving right when the great tiger is moving back mac is moving back to. The left so after you dodged the punch youve got to wait about a second before you throw a right. Gut punch and youll be able to get a star boom just like that now theres about an eight frame. Window i believe to get that star its its pretty big youll get a feel for it with some practice. But um you do that three times to open the fight and hopefully you dont miss one if you do.

You just keep going like you didnt ill show you what that looks like later but you start the fight. By doing this three times now after you get the third star you can see already im buffering start im. Gonna use one right now what youre gonna do is youre going to use two of those three stars so. The way i like to think of this fight is three two one you gain three stars you use two. Stars then you gain one star and it makes it easy to remember what to do to open this fight.

So im gonna use two right here just buffering start twice now im holding up an a in another star. Okay now this is the only really tricky punch of the fight coming up youd have to delay this next. Punch to the face about one stride if you if you watch his feet it does vary depending on how. Much how many frames were wasted or gained in between getting the star punches from the gut the four star. Punches from the gut but um with practice again you can feel this one out theres also a buffer that.

Can help with this which ill show you after this fight but you have to wait for his the jewel. And his turban to start blinking once that starts blinking then you can punch him in the face and get. A free star so watch his jewel itll blink for a half a second maybe before i punch him and. Boom i get a star and you saw me do a buffer right there after you get that star you. Want to do a buffer its a perfect buffer its one that you should definitely do its a slow right.

Dodge and a quick right dodge and then for a start punch now what youre really doing is a max. Damage uppercut by doing that and a max damage i forgot against tiger happens when you throw a star punch. Into his blinking jewel if you throw a star punch when is jewel isnt blinking youre not gonna get a. Max damage but it just so happens that the time between blinks where you gain the star when it was. Blinking with that punch before so the next time it starts to blink the time in between is exactly the.

Amount of time it takes you to do a slow right dodge and a quick right dodge and a star. Punch so this is gonna be a max damage star punch thats actually going to knock him down and thats. Phase one and thats pretty much the whole fight to if you gotten to this point you pretty much won. Cuz hes gonna get up on the count of one both times and you have two stars so you just. Have to hold start for the next two knockdowns and you win and thats the whole fight really thats great.

Tiger so were gonna end up with the 48 0.25 times which is excellent absolutely awesome now im gonna show. You something else you can do after you do the three to one where you gain three starts used to. Gain one star after you do the three to one opening theres a buffer you can do if you dont. Want to guess when as joules going to start blinking and its just a quick left dodge and punch to. The face and then after that quick left dodge and punch to the face youre gonna do that slow right.

Dodge quick right dodge star punch and then phase one is done the fight is over pretty much thats it. Its the whole fight so gain three stars use two stars gain one star quick left dodge punch the face. Right slow right quick punch and done game over you get two stars and knocking down two more times and. Thats great tiger man thats thats all there is to it now when youre learning this fight theres a very. Good chance that youre gonna mess up one of the cut punches early on trying to gain a star and.

If you do that if you make one mistake i think even if you make two mistakes even if you. Make two mistakes i think you still have enough time to be great tiger in about a minute as long. As you knock great tiger down in under a minute oh he blocked one punch so im gonna keep going. Until i get three stars like nothing happened hes to gain one quick left punch quick rights slow right quick. Right you know and you lost some time because he blocked but as long as you knock the great tiger.

Down in under a minute and you have full health hes gonna get up on one so i could have. Knocked him down here at 59 seconds hell still get up on one so again this fight has no randomness. At all and it even allows you to make a couple mistakes using these strats these strats are very easy. Theyre not complicated theyre fairly easy to remember – may take you a little bit of practice to pull off. The timing of the gut punches the quick left dodge and the slow right dodge quick right dodge can be.

A little tricky but with some practice this is one of the easier fights in the game and thats all. There is to it.

Conclusion – How To Beat Great Tiger In Punch Out

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