How To Get Visa Credit Card – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods to get visa credit card,

Method 1 – How To Get A Free Visa Card Without Any Bank Account – International Visa Card – Hdfc Payzapp

Hello everybody welcome to take it easy on your demand i am here with another method by which you can. Get a free visa card i will show you how to create your account the method is very simple and. Like all the other methods that i have shown you this card also does not have any kind of yearly. Maintenance charge and there are no transaction charges so keep watching at first we need to open the google play.

Store or the app store if you are in ios then search for page app so this is the app. And as you can see it comes from hdfc bank so we need to install the app and i will. Show you the remaining process so keep watching after installing the app we need to open this is the first. Screen after you open the app so if you are already having an account that is fine you just need. To login but we need to register here so lets click on register in this screen i need to put.

My mobile number and if you are having a referral code you need to put it here i will put. My referral code in the description below so if you are registering with this app you can use my referral. Code that will help me so now lets enter my mobile number and continue we need to click on allow. Lets click on ok now allow and here the date of birth needs to be selected now you need to. Select a security question so select any one question that you want and enter the answer for that selected question.

And finally now you have to enter a pin the pin needs to be anywhere between 4 to 12 digits. So lets enter the pin now lets click on proceed click allow so they have sent this otp or mvc. Now lets click on complete registration now our account has been registered now we need to login the m pin. That we had entered during the registration needs to be entered here after entering the mpin lets click on login. If you are having a dual sim phone it will ask you to select a sim in my case it.

Should be the sim one and you also need to select the number for the selected sim now you need. To click on continue click on proceed now they are asking you to enter your pan details if you are. Not having a pen you can enter the pan details of any of your family member but make sure that. You have taken the permission of the pan card owner you can also choose to skip this step but i. Will recommend that you proceed with this step and enter your pen details this will give you more features and.

Flexibility while operating this account or the virtual card so we are going to proceed here lets click on proceed. Here you need to enter your pan number and here you need to enter the name of the pan owner. And now finally you need to select the date of birth of the pan owner now lets click on i. Agree and then continue so the pan verification process has been successfully completed lets click on ok now to get. Our virtual card we need to click on this menu button that is on the top left of the screen.

And here you need to navigate to this space app card and lets click on the space app card option. So basically they are asking you to add money to the wallet to get your card so just to get. Our virtual card we need to add some money to this account but this is temporary so after getting your. Virtual card you can also withdraw the money or use it anywhere you want and for that we need to. Add a card that is an existing card but that is also temporary you can also delete the card details.

Later after adding if you dont have a card you can also use someone elses card but make sure you. Take the permission of the card owner so to add a card lets click on manage cards you will get. Your virtual card after we add money using this card so you can delete this card details later just enter. Any name for your card now you need to enter your card number and here you need to enter your. Valid through date or validity date of your card and finally you need to enter the name of the owner.

Now lets click on add card so our card has been added successfully lets go back and lets click on. Pay and send money again so we will add a small amount of money in this account for that we. Need to click on this plus button lets click on ok lets enter 10 rupees lets click on add money. This card has been already selected lets click on add money okay so the transaction has been completed and 10. Rupees has been added to this account lets click on ok so as you can see we have 10 rupees.

In this account so now we can get our virtual visa debit card lets go back to the page app. Card option so as you can see this is your virtual visa debit card so you can use this card. Anywhere you want to check the cvv number just click on this card and the card will flip towards the. Back and show you the cvv number so this is your cvv number as you can see and click on. The card again to flip it back towards the front so we already have 10 rupees in this account so.

Lets use this card to make a transaction lets do a mobile recharge of 10 rupees you can add any. Amount of money anytime you want in this account and use that amount of money with this card anywhere you. Want to prove that this card works we are using another app we are using a third-party app that is. Not associated with this app or the bank hdfc this is phone pay so with phone pay we are going. To use our newly generated virtual visa debit card lets click on recharge select any number that you want to.

Recharge and lets enter the amount of 10 rupees now lets click on debit card lets click on use another. Debit card and now lets enter the card details of our virtual card so after entering all the details lets. Click on recharge and here you need to use the same pin that you had entered during the registration process. Of the page app app so lets enter the pin lets click on submit so as you can see my. Current balance is zero and the transaction i made to recharge my phone is being shown here so this is.

The transaction i made to recharge my phone and the amount of 10 rupees is being shown at the right. Side if you click on this you will get to see more details about the transaction to check out all. Your recent transactions you need to click on this menu and then navigate to this recent transactions and click on. It and you will see all your recent transactions there are multiple offers and deals going on that you will. Be able to see on the top sliding animation kind of thing if i find any kind of interesting or.

Related details i will put all those information in the video descriptions so check the description out if you are. Going to get a virtual visa debit card with page app you can use my referral code that is down. There in the video descriptions so this is the page app app from hdfc bank if you have any questions. Or queries just drop them in the comment section below if you like the video dont forget to press the. Like button if you are not subscribed yet consider subscribing its free stay connected and hit the bell icon to.

Stay updated about all the upcoming videos others may find this video interesting and helpful so share this video with. Your friends and family thats it for this video have a great time and i will see you in the. Next video.

Method 2 – How To Apply For A Visa Credit Card

How to apply for a visa or a credit card or a diners club or american express theyre all about. The same real simple you can go online and you make an application online you can call any bank and. Theyll be happy to give you an application you fill it out theyll check your credit and give you a. Line of credit based on your credit worthiness so its not difficult to to find somebody that will help you.

Get a credit card these days theres certain things youre going to need when you apply for the card of. Course youre gonna be asked about your social security number are you you are you a us citizen then youre. Gonna have to sign a piece of paper that allows them to access your credit reports so they can check. You out in some cases theyre going to want to know that youve got a job and who you work. For and how long you been working there all of these go to establish your viability and ability to pay.

The card back and so maintaining a good credit history is essential for the ability to get a visa card. Or any kind of credit many times you can take and apply for a secured card or you put some. Money in the bank and then they go ahead and they loan you out a similar amount of money put. Five hundred in the bank they give you a $500 credit credit line and that way you can reestablish your. Credit if you if youve had a bankruptcy or some such thing as that.

Method 3 – $5000 Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Credit Card! Soft Pull Preapproval! Shopping Cart Trick!

Hey everyone i hope you guys are doing well i wanted to bring you a video on how you can. Get pre-qualified for this amazon prime visa signature credit card now if youre new to my channel i bring you. Content for wherever you are in your credit journey how to improve your credit score so if you are interested. In that kind of content make sure you subscribe to my channel also if you have questions if you also.

Are a person that have a ton of inquiries hard inquiries the reason why we bring you pre-qualifications or pre-approvals. If you dont know no matter how good your credit score is i had a client with a 740 credit. Score had 11 hard inquiries could not get approved for credit because too many hard inquiries will get you denied. We have a free heart inquiry removal downloaded package you can get at our website so i will leave the. Link in that description and if you have any private questions for me make sure you go to my website.

And send me your question and to go directly to your cell phone make sure you be careful in the. Comments section because there is someone using my pictures sending you an email address or whatsapp you already know that. Is not me make sure you click on the photo and see if the subscribers match whats on to the. Channel so lets get into this now you can get approved for this credit card but you have to be. An amazon prime member because it is the amazon prime visa signature credit card but if you are a prime.

Member you can go through the steps to get pre-qualified now if you are already logged in to your prime. Account i use my prime account all the time um you cant even google it google the visa signature prime. Credit card and you will see the link that comes up in the search engine and if you are logged. In already it will take you to the direct screen in order for you to pre-qualify but if you are. Not sure you can just go into your prime account and uh do a little what we call the shopping.

Cart trick if you dont know putting some merchandise in your shopping cart and proceed to checkout and you would. Get this prompt um this is very effective because if you are a person who is have a credit score. Under 700 and youve been following my information you know being uh qualified and adding unsecured lines of credit will. Increase your score on average about 49 points if youre under a 700 credit score now anybody over a 700. Credit score you would not employ that trick because it can have an opposite effect you would have to have.

Um you would have to have other strategies to employ to have your credit score to go up but i. Do have a webinar at my website if youre looking for other ways to increase your credit score if your. Score is under 700 or if its above to improve your credit score but this primarily if you have a. Credit score under 700 adding unsecured lines of credit and using uh a uh pre-qualification will minimize your hard inquiries. So understand pre-qualification does that mean youre guaranteed the card what it means that you fit in the category of.

What the company is looking for before you get denied they can give you a thumbs up and tell you. You look you look like the profile were looking for if you dont get the thumbs up if you get. The thumbs down you know not to apply for it at all so this is why i bring you videos. With a lot of pre-approvals so it can help you search for credit card accounts or companies thats looking for. Your credit profile so what you want to do you have an account a prime account put something in the.

Shopping cart and then youre going to go to proceed to check out you will have that to pop out. The next step which you will want to do youre going to go to the next screen and itll have. Your information i write it mines out but itll tell you where youre shipping to and youll notice here right. Where it says place your order at the top youre gonna look down here and you should see where you. Can get a hundred and fifty dollar gift card and what is saying upon approval for the amazon prime rewards.

Visa card so you will want to make sure you click on this area here for that car and im. Going to show you elongated screen this is if you come down you have your billing address and youll scroll. Down and you want to make sure you click here and youll see the information for the delivery date for. The product that you put in your shopping cart youre not gonna have to buy anything in order to do. This to get go to the screen so you just want to put something there in order for you to.

Get it okay then the next screen once you click on that card you will get this screen here and. Its telling you no annual fees for this prime visa signature rewards card also is letting you know you get. 150 amazon gift card instantly upon approval you do not want to apply now you want to go here or. This is so theres always somebody thats not going to follow the directions so lets be clear do not apply. Okay because that will uh strictly have you to apply for the card you want to go here you want.

To go to see if youre pre-qualified and youre gonna click check now okay do not apply for the card. You want to pre-qualify first and this is some of the features of the card this card number one you. Want to know um it gives you five percent cash back and so um also youll get five percent cash. Back not only at amazon but at whole foods market youll get two percent at restaurants gas stations and drug. Stores the cash back and one percent on uh utilities and rise shares and other purchases so this is not.

A bad credit card it has no annual fees but it does have an apr of 14.24 to 22.20 which. Is um it is its not the lowest interest rate but its not the worst especially if youre looking for. A card to help increase your credit score it will have no annual fees so that is the positive part. Of that card theres also no transaction fees with this credit card now one thing you want to keep in. Mind you must be a prime member in order to qualify for this card now when you go ahead and.

Click the check now youre going to come to this next screen and its going to say see if youre. Pre-qualified so its going to have your information as a prime member this is going to be your address here. And theyre gonna ask you for the last four digits of your social security number and youre gonna have to. Click this box here so in order for it to go through then when you scroll down youre gonna see. Here see if you pre qualify and youll get instant results in 15 seconds now heres just some details to.

Keep in mind this card is being issued uh by the bank is going to be uh chase bank so. If youre not familiar with chase understand chase do have a 5 24 rule what is the 524 rule chase. Rule is they dont want any five new accounts on your credit no five new accounts within 24 months or. Two years so you want to make sure that you havent had five new accounts in two years or 24. Months so they do have a 524 rule also they pull from experian so no before you apply for this.

Make sure you check your experian credit score theyre also going to use a fico 8 credit score model so. If youre not familiar theres different scoring models of fico fico 8 fico 9 fico 2 fico 4. If you. Want more information on that you can do your research or i talk about that in my course that i. Have where you can get more details and understand how to uh use those different scoring models to your advantage.

Depending on uh you know what what your score standings are also you want to make sure for this card. Theyre looking at chase a 670 credit score or higher so keep that in mind 670 and you want to. Look at your experian uh your experience score also chase is going to take into consideration when theyre reviewing this. Your income versus your debt so theyre going to ask you for your income so you want to make sure. That the debt thats reporting on your credit report or your credit profile uh that it balances out really well.

Okay so you dont want to have you know a debts of 30 000 but you only make 15 000. A year your your debt to income is not matching up so you want to keep that in mind but. If you fit into those requirements you can go ahead even if you dont see if you pre-qualify its not. Going to cost you anything and as long as you do the pre-qualification first you should be able to see. If you fit in the category of a credit profile theyre willing to work with now if your credit score.

Is below that thats 640 or in between 640 670 keep in mind amazon do have a store card that. Is offered by synchrony bank and that will be maybe more helpful if you have a lower credit score to. Uh have an easier entrance way for that versus the chase but the one thing about the store card they. Dont have a pre-qualification option like you have here with the amazon prime visa credit card okay so hopefully this. Information is helpful if you have any questions general questions just leave in the comment sections your questions if its.

General but if you need to contact me make sure you go to my website and submit your questions and. Ill get back to you as soon as possible all right enjoy your day see you on the next one. You.

Method 4 – Pre Approved For A $6000 Visa Credit Card Even With Bad Credit!

Hey guys welcome back so today im going to be doing a live demonstration of how a friend of mine. Was able to get pre-approved for a credit card using the shopping cart trick and she was able to get. Pre-approved for a 6 000 credit limit even though her credit score was not very good by using this simple. Shopping cart trick plus is an added bonus with the holidays coming up im feeling especially generous and im gonna.

Give one lucky viewer of this video thousand dollars thats right im giving away a thousand dollars so be sure. To stick around all the way to the end of the video and ill go over exactly how you can. Win this money the shopping cart trick is a great way to get pre-approved for a lot of store-branded credit. Cards when your credit score isnt really good enough to get approved for credit cards in a more traditional manner. I mean yeah everybody can go and apply for a secured credit card even if youve got terrible credit but.

Secured credit cards require you to post a security deposit usually 500 or a thousand dollars and nobodys got that. Kind of money laying around especially with kovit going around and everybody getting laid off and stuck at home so. A shopping cart trick like this one could be a fantastic way to get pre-approved for a credit card now. This is going to be an actual visa credit card unlike a lot of shopping cart credit cards that you. Can get this one is an actual visa credit card which means it can be used anywhere that visa is.

Accepted whereas a lot of the normal store branded credit cards you can only use that credit card at that. Particular store but this one you can use anywhere and another thing that makes this so amazing is not only. Are you getting pre-approved for a credit card but its got a very high limit and so this can be. A fantastic way to improve your credit score because a massive 30 of your credit score is based on your. Credit utilization and that is a ratio between how much credit do you have available and how much of that.

Credit are you currently using so heres the way this math breaks down so lets just say that you have. Only one credit card currently and that has a one thousand dollar credit limit and lets say hypothetically you maxed. That sucker out and you spent a thousand dollars on this credit card so you are using 100 of your. Available credit and as far as your credit score goes thats bad that is going to ruin your credit score. If instead of maxing this card out you would only spend 500 on this credit card well that would be.

A 50 utilization rate the lower your utilization rate the better your credit score is going to be a lot. Of places recommend no more than 30 utilization but realistically the lower the better if you can get it down. To 20 or under 10 thats even better and this can really help some people out because lets say that. You were in that scenario you did max out this 1 000 credit card and a lot of people are. Struggling so the normal way to lower your utilization rate would just be to pay down that credit card right.

But times are tough you might be struggling so the other option instead of paying down that credit card bill. Is just to simply increase your credit limit instead of one thousand dollars what if you went out and got. This other credit card that my friend got and increased your total limit by six thousand dollars so now you. Dont have just one thousand dollars available you have a total of seven thousand dollars available and youve only still. Spent one thousand of those dollars so you immediately just took your credit utilization from a hundred percent down to.

Roughly 15 just by having additional credit available now as a side note obviously we want to do this to. Benefit ourselves we want to help our credit score so as with any credit card do not get this credit. Card and then just keep on spending and spending and spending and then max out this credit card dont dig. Yourself further in debt use this credit card as a tool to lower your credit utilization rate or just to. Get access to a credit card in general if your credit score is not very good make sure you use.

These credit cards responsibly all right so enough of that lets get into a live demonstration and show you step. By step exactly how this process works all right guys so here we are at this is going to. Be the website that we are going to use to get pre-approved for our credit card usually it has multiple. Thousand dollar of a credit limit on here all right so the first thing that we got to realize is. In order for this shopping cart trick to work we actually need to turn off our pop-up blockers most people.

Surf the internet with some sort of a pop-up blocker enabled so the first thing we got to do is. Temporarily disable that im using google chrome if you are using microsoft edge firefox or something like that the next. Little bit is going to be a little bit different but ultimately youre going to come up here in google. Chrome to these three little dots click on that and were basically just going into your internet settings wherever that. Is located on whatever web browser you are using im just going to go ahead and search for pop for.

Pop-ups and here we go site settings were going to click on this scroll down and it says pop-ups and. Redirects we want to make sure that this is turned on now ive already turned this on for the purpose. Of this video but if you wasnt on you would just simply toggle it on and then once you have. Completed the shopping cart trick be sure to go ahead and re-enable your pop-up blocker because pop-ups suck so now. Were gonna click out of that close that and refresh this just in case all right so basically the way.

The shopping cart trick works is were gonna load up our shopping cart with a few hundred dollars worth of. Stuff and then were gonna act like we are going to check out now we do not actually need to. Go through and check out we do not need to actually purchase anything so it doesnt matter what we put. Into our shopping cart now with you actually do need to create an account with them so ive already. Created an account if you hadnt you would just hit create new account itll ask you for your name and.

Email address and some other bits of information ive already done that so im just going to go ahead and. Log in and ill be right back all right so here we go i have now logged in and now. We are going to load up our shopping cart with a few hundred dollars worth of stuff so lets just. Pick some uh camping gear uh camping chairs doesnt really matter because like i said were not actually going to. Buy anything we just need something thats relatively expensive so here we go 99 bucks a piece lets buy a.

Handful of these lets go ahead and put in i dont know five of them that should be plenty enough. Well go ahead and hit add to cart i guess we have to get a color in here all right. So now weve got about five hundred dollars worth of stuff in here were going to go ahead and hit. Check out all right so now this little splash page popped up and its asking me if i want to. Go ahead and become some sort of a member into a club for 10 bucks im going to go ahead.

And hit yes start my membership now keep in mind we are not actually checking out so we are not. Going to get charged ten dollars we just need to pretend we need to go through the motion so here. We go start my membership were going to go ahead and pick a delivery speed and here we go now. Its asking me saying congratulations give yourself some credit looks like ive been pre-approved for this sportsmans guide visa credit. Card it looks like this credit card does offer a little bit of perks it offers two and a half.

Percent back uh when youre buying here online and it does have a small little sign-on bonus if you read. The small small print down here it says youre going to get a 40 acceptance bonus uh if you spend. Five hundred dollars outside of sportsmans guide anywhere visa is accepted within the first 90 days so if you get. This credit card and you put 500 on this credit card theyre going to give you a 40 reward certificate. For any purchases at if thats useful cool if not the whole purpose was just to go ahead and.

Get this credit card all right now one thing to keep in mind with this particular credit card as opposed. To the vast majority of cards that you can get the store branded cards that you can get with the. Shopping cart trick this is an actual visa card which means that you can use this credit card anywhere that. Visa is accepted the majority of the store branded credit cards that the shopping cart trick works for can only. Be used at that particular store for example the victoria secrets credit card that you can get using the shopping.

Cart trick that is not a visa or mastercard or anything like that you can only use that credit card. At victorias secret but since this is a visa credit card you can use this card literally anywhere you want. So you would just hit yes i want to accept so thats it as you c.

Conclusion – How To Get Visa Credit Card

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